Coming Attractions


Sunday will kick off Reader’s Suggestion Week.  It’s going to be a week FULL of reviews and comparisons.

✯ Sunday – Madd Style Cosmetics review

✯ Monday – A Joey Named Roo review

✯ Tuesday – ELF Cosmetics introduction

✯ Wednesday – Pixie Epoxy review

✯ Thursday – Mattifiers overview, including Murad, Cosmedicine, and Urban Decay

✯ Friday – Ophelia’s Apothecary review

✯ Saturday – YSL Flash Radiance review


On Monday, November 1st, I’ll be kicking off a Very Thankful November month of giveaways featuring a HUGE prize pack from SoBe Botanicals including a custom blended eyeshadow inspired but something I’m particularly thankful for this November especially.

This afternoon I was at a Sephora event and was gifted a few things I’m curious to try out and review.  What is one product you’ve never tried that you plan on picking up this coming month?


6 Responses to “Coming Attractions”

  1. Just took at look at Madd Style Cosmetics – they appear to have some nice stuff! I’ll look forward to your review.

  2. That’s my favourite tag :3

  3. Hah! Glad you’re doing one on Madd style.. I took a look at their page a little while ago and I was super curious.. but I got this wary vibe about some of the descriptions and I couldn’t find any reviews. Looking forward to yours!

  4. Just checked out Madd Style’s etsy and hope that you find their stuff as good as it looks,

  5. Cosmedix Benefit Cleanser. I am almost out of my Philosophy Purity for my night time cleanser.

  6. I am going to pick up some moisturizer from Peter Thomas Roth. I am in love with the orange exfoliating jojoba bead facial cleanser, particularly because it is animal cruelty-free with ingredients I can pronounce.

    I have only been buying a moisturizer that is well over $150 for my face and I want to give his moisturizers a try. If they work great, I will be saving a lot of money.

    The cleanser exfoliates and has cleared up my big-pore problems and has left my skin smooth. I’ve been using it for a year now. It has left it to the point where I go without my mineral or liquid foundations!