Putumayo Designs – An Introduction

I ordered these adorable earrings on Wednesday after reading about Putumayo Designs on a friend’s blog. They arrived today, shipping was lightening fast.  They were very carefully packaged and I was thrilled to open them and find such well made little earrings.  The acrylic, although very intricately cut, is sturdy and the cuts are sharp with no chips or rough edges.  The findings are well made and secure.   They were only $9 a pair and shipping was $2.50!

I really love them and I cannot wait to figure out how to wear them.


4 Responses to “Putumayo Designs – An Introduction”

  1. Yay! I love the baby bats I’ve been wearing, though with my new hair style they’re kinda hidden. I’m so glad you got some!

  2. AWW! The space invader ones are so cute! Shame that this kind of earing is so easily lost by me! They fall from my ears x.x
    I almost never use accessories, too…

  3. Ack! Those bats are fabulous! It made me realize I didn’t get to wear my Halloween bats this year. And they’re at home and I’m staying with friends. Sad.

  4. I may have to go get the skulls… the bats are cute, but I can see they might poke my neck with their sharp little wings.

    adorable 🙂