A Joey Named Roo – A Review

RSW – Day 2


AJNR was suggested by Jules.  I have ordered from them in the past, but it was one of those companies that I never got around to reviewing.

The first time I ordered was back the end of March. Someone had suggested them as a replacement for the Aromaleight lipsticks that were being phased out at the time and I was in a panic to find a replacement. The listings were nice, they had a clear picture of the product (although no swatches for the glosses) and good descriptions, the scents and products where described clearly and everything is vegan.  The shop is simply styled, featuring a little kangaroo and traditional style sparrows (which I am exceedingly fond of).

I ordered:

Iced Roses – Confections Vegan Lip Balm
Jolie – Confections Vegan Lip Balm
Gimme Some Sugar, Cookie – Confections Vegan Lip Balm

Soon after I placed a second order for:

Birthday Cake – Confections Vegan Whipped Body Butter 2 oz
The Island – Confections Vegan Lip Balm
Cotton Candy Confections Vegan Body Scrub 2 oz

When I went back recently, the shop seemed to have a few more items. The listings were still clear and most importantly to me, included ingredients. AJNR’s prices are very competitive, the glosses and balms are only $2.25 and the body balms start at $3.50. They have a wide variety of products, including lip balms, solid soaps, body butters, scrubs, foot products, and lip scrubs. They also have a wide selection of shades, flavors, and scents.

This time I ordered:

Lemon Sugar Cuticle Cream
Rich Chocolate Exfoliating Lip Scrub
Tingling Tootsies Foot Cream 2 oz
Free Love Whipped Body Butter 4 oz
Chai Tea Vegan Lip Balm – Lip Plumping, Tinted


Shipping for my latest order was $4.50 for several heavy products, which I found quite fair.  I ordered on the 1st and my package was shipped on the 8th and arrived on the 12th.  It took a little while.  In the past I think my packaged arrived a little quicker, but they were for less items.


Each time I’ve gotten a package from AJNR it’s been carefully boxed and wrapped in bright tissue paper.  The first order contained several extras and samples that directly led to me ordering the second time, which is the purpose of samples.  They’re not just ‘bonuses’ that the customers expect, they are designed to prompt a sale, which in this case it did!  My most recent order was well packaged and brightly wrapped and included my invoice, a thank you, and several samples.


The Lip Balms

I have quite the collection of these now, so it’s safe to say that I love them.  I really like the ones that have the cinnamon oil in them, even though it’s just a balm, my lips look a bit fuller without having to wear gloss or anything.  They come in full sized tubes and are sealed.  They are labeled with the company name, the flavor/color, the weight, and the ingredients, although the labels of my older tubes have peeled off.  The seals actually perforate at the cap, so make sure you don’t actually rip the WHOLE seal off, since leaving it on makes your tube nice and sleek!

The formula is nice and non-oily, and all in all a great vegan formula that moisturizes.  The Island tastes amazing and leaves a very soft blush on your lips.  Chai Tea leaves a soft pink tint and is really spicy since it contains clove (which I love!).  Jolie leaves a very subtle shimmer.  Gimme Some Sugar tastes like cookies and is a simple balm.  Iced Roses is my favorite.  It’s a little rosy and leaves a pearly pink shimmer on your lips that’s natural and not over the top (like a lot of mica filled balms are).

These balms might be a little too much for someone looking for a mild balm.  Most of them were spicy and plumping.

The Body Butter

I’ve tried this in Birthday Cake and Free Love.  One is a soft sweet cake flavor and one is an herby patchouli based scent.  The body butter comes in simple white jars labeled with the company name, the scent, the weight, and the ingredients.  They are nothing fancy, but they are sealed.

The formula is wonderful.  It’s nongreasy and sinks into your skin right away.  I was just sticking my finger in it and I’m already typing with no oily mess on my keyboard.  It doesn’t just smell good, it actually moisturizes.  I actually went through my little jar of Birthday Cake in one week, which was sort of my fault (I was so dry) but that was all I needed, my skin softened up and for $3.50 the price was perfect!

The Scrubs

The scrubs come in the same white jars and are labeled the same, containing all the info you want.  They are also sealed!  The labels on these jars are laminated and held on with ribbon so that if they get wet the label doesn’t run of peel off.

The Cotton Candy body scrub smelled like candy, real almost juicy candy and it was yummy (to smell, I did not actually eat it).  It did a great job of exfoliating and the scent washed away cleanly.  I sort of wished it had lingered longer.

The Rich Chocolate lip scrub contains nothing toxic and would be edible if you ate it, but again, I didn’t.  I know I could easily make my own lip scrub, but this jar was only $4.50 and so much easier.  It works great and leaves my lips not only soft by conditioned.  This will defiantly be a ‘must have’ for me.

Foot Cream

Ok, I admit I rarely wear sensible shoes.  If I’m in something flat they are my checked Vans or one of my three dozen pair of Converse.  But you all know I have a penchant for high heels.  I’m honestly not sure if this lotion is anything beyond a really good peppermint lotion, but it’s nice.  It seems to be the same formula as the body butter but with peppermint oil instead of another fragrance.  It soothes my toes after being cramped into crazy points, which is all that I need to know.  It comes exactly like the body butter does, labeled much the same.

Cuticle Cream

This is pretty simple stuff, but it works great.  It’s packaged in a little sliding tin, so you’re not getting a ton of product, but it works really well.  Since I’ve been using it my nails have grown a little quicker, but this is no doubt from actually massaging my nail bed (the cuticle area) but my hands look great and very neat because the cuticles are smooth and not dry or ragged.


Would I order from A Joey Named Roo again?  Yes.

  • Although shipping took a while, everything was worth the wait.
  • I love the spicy, plumping balms and the tints are soft without any shimmer.
  • The body butter is a great formula which is easy to use on your hands, unlike many other formulas.
  • The lip scrub is great and a little goes a long way.
  • They have a nice variety of things.
  • Everything I ordered was well made.

Overall: 4/5


13 Responses to “A Joey Named Roo – A Review”

  1. I love their lip balm and lip scrub 🙂 Good stuff!

  2. Jules Noctambule November 1, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Yay! Aren’t those body butters addictive?
    I’m so glad that you like their products. Indie companies are doing a lot to help our state’s economy right now, and I’m so pleased that AJNR passes muster — a review from a site with a reputation like yours is sure to be a boost for them, and that’s something they can pass on to the community through business of their own.

  3. i’ve been eyeing this shop for months now but never pulled the trigger and bought anything. I looove lip tints since lipsticks are too high maintenance for me and i’m glad to hear these balms are worth it. And so reasonably priced! The cheapskate in me says buy buy buy

  4. Out of curiosity, for the body butters, does the scent linger on the skin long, or is it just nice as you apply and fades quickly?

    I ask because I’m trying to find good lotions that won’t overpower or alter my perfumes. I want to smell like perfume, not perfume plus other body stuff. I’d love a good, non-greasy, *unscented* lotion, but that’s probably unlikely. :-/

    And thank you for doing these reviews. You and Phyrra are how I find all the Etsy sellers I buy from these days!

    • Jules Noctambule November 2, 2010 at 10:28 am

      I don’t know if it’s true for all the scents, but when I put on the Lemon Meringue butter at night, I can still smell it in the morning. Not in a ‘WOAH, what smells like a perfume store blew up?’ way but in a ‘Ooh, what smells good? Oh — it’s me!’ way.

      • It’s like that with the patchouli sent I have, too. It’s nice and lasts through the night. The cake one is very soft to begin with and I’m not sure I remember it lasting.

        • Thank you both. Guess these don’t fit what I’m looking for, then. Although I’ll probably try them out at some point anyway. ^_^

  5. Ooo, thank you for posting this~ I’ve been looking for some flower-y lip balms, or atleast some not-so-ordinary flavors. I like the sound of their intoxicating flowers and the woods lip balms. I’ll definitely try em out at some point.

  6. They’ve put their prices up a little since I last ordered, but I welcome that in their case.
    Last time I ordered, I couldn’t understand how they were making any profit. And I like their stuff. So I want them to make a profit. =P

    Looking at those balm tubes, I think it’s time for me to order some more. I didn’t realise mine were getting so empty.

  7. Oooh, now I need to place an order with them. Maybe I should try and limit it to presents for others since it’s almost time for Yule shopping? 😐

    • … I should, but I probably won’t.

      • I LOVE their stuff I’ve tried so far. I never heard of a facial scrub with vodka until I ordered it. It’s bad ass too! It has grapefruit, rosemary infused vodka & salt. I thought that because of the vodka it may have an overpowering smell, but all I smell is the grapefruit. I love it, they weren’t lying at all when they said it helps get rid of greasies! With that I recieved a balm sample & bday cake butter sample. I had to go back for the bday cake! I will return again for some lip balm when my sample runs out too. It was a pretty generous amount! I would highly recommend them!!

  8. Phyrra actually recommended the Chocolate Lip Scrub to me. That stuff is SO awesome. It’s a little too sweet for me, if I accidentally get in in my mouth. However, the benefits that this scrub provides makes that sweetness worth it. I LOVED their lotion too, and I actually need to order more. It seemed to be the most moisturizing for me so far.