Pixie Epoxy – A Review

RSW – Day 4

What is Pixie Epoxy?

Pixie Epoxy is miracle eyshadow glue.  It is NOT a primer and won’t work as one.  You use it on TOP of primer, either all over or just in certain places under certain areas to make your shadows pop and appear brighter and as if they were foiled.  Although it’s a little opaque in the tube it applies clearly.  You only need a VERY little bit.  I’ve read lots of reviews who say that it was goopy and never dried and made their shadows cake and smear.  Well, they were using it wrong, plain and simple.

This is a MUST HAVE product for everyone, even if you’re not wearing bright or intense shades, PE will make your shadows appear truer and have more depth.  It isn’t recommended for mattes, however I’ve used it with some success on many well done matte shades.

It’s vegan and water soluble, but makes your shadows water proof.  It’s a little miracle of science.

Fyrinnae themselves posted a great blog about how to use PE back in May of this year.

A full sized tube (in with a doe foot applicator) is 10ml and costs $7.

On the left is the color straight, in the center it’s swatched over TFSI, on the right it’s swatched over PE.

From top to bottom: Eternal Innocence, Victorian Vamp, and Carina Cabaret

I chose these three shades in particular from my most recent Fyrinnae order to show the differences in the shades over PE.

  • Eternal Innocence is a bright green with a lovely aura.  It became very opaque and deep over the PE.
  • Victorian Vamp is an amazing deep burgandy shot through with glitter.  Over the PE the glitter stands out!
  • Catrina Cabaret is such a unique and amazing shade. It’s a dusky greyish purple with a hint of a bright pinky purple duochrome that stands out amazingly over the PE.

Got some swatches of your favorite shadows over PE?  Post them!


27 Responses to “Pixie Epoxy – A Review”

  1. Yay! I’m so happy to see your review of this 🙂 Pixie Epoxy is a Holy Grail item for me.

    I used PE here with Shiro Midna & Veran

    Fyrinnae Shinigami, Dressed to Kill & Sleepy Hollow

  2. I mostly use PE for using mineral eyeshadow as liner – a dab on the back of my hand, then a little scoop of the eyeshadow, mix and apply with angled brush. Stays on FOREVER, and I haven’t ever had a problem with fallout.

  3. YES. If you HAVE A FACE you need to own this product. You don’t even need eyes because you can use it on lips/cheeks/hair too, hoorraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    • @Ana LOL. I guess I’ll be getting the full size then 😛

      Grey, thanks for the in-depth review. Of course everyone raves about it, I just haven’t made a Fyrinnae order yet. Something always seems to be out of stock when I go to their site, or the site itself is down, so I’ve just been sitting and waiting. Mostly to have money these days.

      This sentence “Well, they were using it wrong, plain and simple.” made me laugh 😀

  4. This is definitely a must have product for me too!
    I haven’t even done a review on my blog, but I think I need to. Everyone needs to know about this product! 🙂

  5. I’ve been dying to try PE (and all those gorgeous colors) out – everyone just RAVES about it! It always just so happens that whenever I have some spare cash, Fyrinnae has too many outstanding orders and disables checkout so they can catch up. And of course when they are open, I’m broke. I am determined to buy from them one day though. *PLOTS*

  6. I love this stuff! You most definitely only need a tiny bit. Kellyrie (on youtube) has a good tutorial for using Pixie Epoxy. It lasts forever as well, I bought a sample size in July and I still haven’t finished it. I need to buy a full size though.

  7. I’m still using a sample size I got from a loong time ago. I purchased one for me and a friend and then kept forgetting to give it to her. Now, because I’m lazy….it’s mine! I’ve been using only these 2 samples for almost a year. I can only imagine how long the full size lasts! I rave about this stuff to anyone who will listen. Seriously. I beat it verbally into people’s heads BUY THIS STUFF BUY THIS STUFF

    Might I add..it is also fantastic for adhereing straight up loose glitter to your face. Comes in handy when you want a little extra face bling.

  8. I love PE, even though sometimes it makes some colors crazy bright, which scares me, but in a positive way.

  9. I love that stuff! I did some comparison swatches with my first Fyrinnae order here:

    I’ve been hooked on them ever since.

  10. They’re devious liars on the site, my wee tiny sample certainly has lasted over 15-20 uses, it’s been months of near daily use!

    Love this, I need to invest in a full size

  11. So many sites mention Pixie Epoxy. The primer I use now seems to work fine for all the things PE should do, but after reading about it so much I might just have to try it.

  12. This is a holy grail item for me too. The foiled effect it gives is awesome and there’s no messing around with mixing mediums or anything. I love it!
    Seriously, for a measly $7, anyone who’s been thinking about trying it should go for it. I also dare you not to buy some eyeshadow from the Fyrinnae web site while you’re there.

  13. Pixie Epoxy is like Portal. If you don’t like it, there’s something wrong with you.

  14. and I quote “Well, they were using it wrong, plain and simple.” LOL love it!

  15. You reminded me, I need more. If I run out I shall cry.

  16. I never realized how amazing PE is until I was rushing to get ready for work one morning and didn’t feel like digging it out of my makeup bag. TFSI flew solo and it took me a minute to figure out why my eyeshadow didn’t look as good while I was standing in front of the mirror washing my hands after lunch.

    some swatches:

    PE+ shinigami:

    I had trouble with PE when I first tried to use it, it made my shadows gum up and get really gross. Fyrinnae said to let it dry for 30 seconds but I found waiting for 45-50 seconds yielded much better results.

    PE is amazing and makes my eyeshadow last hours and hours and hours. I rarely ever have to touch up my eyeshadow now.

  17. After seeing Phyrra’s looks, I had to get this stuff! I LOVE IT so much 😉

  18. Yay! I just ordered mine last week & can’t wait to receive it. I ordered some samples of shadows, blush & lip gloss. I hear great things. Thanks for the review. 🙂

  19. Grey,

    Can you review Candy’s Sweet Treats cosmetics on Etsy? http://www.etsy.com/shop/candyssweettreats

    I came across the shop from a friend and first thought it was going to be edible goods or cupcake jewelery because of the name & was apprehensive at first. I found she has cosmetics and ordered some. I wanted your review though!! 🙂

    • I’ll certainly take a look!

      • Interested in your review on the primer & shadow she has! I’m always looking for a less-expensive alternative to Urban Decay’s primer potion.

        • I see her shipping is only 50 cents! The lip scrubs are sold out..would like to pick one up. I just ordered a soap. The cotw looks good, but I have enough shadow to last me for a few decades.

  20. So glad to see proper reviews of it! I usually just bully people into buying it… :p

  21. Pixie Epoxy is one of my favorite products! 😀
    I use it almost every day! – And it does not work bad with all mattes! Some work quite well with it, though I feel they look a bit darker or something!

    Still, it is a must have for everyone who uses eyeshadow!

    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_8VoZDUtl7aQ/TKoq7qP7uUI/AAAAAAAAA8A/kxbqKe_bDu4/s1600/IMG_4279.JPG – this is one of my favorite looks and I used Pixie Epoxy. The red got much more intense.

    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_8VoZDUtl7aQ/TGR6j2ycu-I/AAAAAAAAApQ/C7Wz4U7SHsQ/s1600/fyr+(3).JPG – Some swatches with PE! Sugar Skulls and Immortality = LOVE!

    http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8VoZDUtl7aQ/THpo__k0CpI/AAAAAAAAAt4/tALmYlUWiXE/s1600/IMG_2572.JPG – and another look using PE to get really intense colors! Aqua Nightmare and Trilium look amazing over it! So intense! I love it! *-*

  22. While I love it I am finding I love Hifi’s Shadow fix. That stuff will not move until you ask it nicely with makeup remover!