Indie VS Corportate

I’m working on the line-up for my next few Indie VS Corp posts.  I have two questions :



2– What else should I send into battle?


12 Responses to “Indie VS Corportate”

  1. Concealer and eyeliner would be an interesting comparison.

    • I don’t know of many indie brands that make eyeliner… Cream concealers?

      • I’d prefer cream concealers or maybe some information on how the fuck powder ones work. Or if they work.

        And I mean, there’s the gel eyeliner everyone and their mum sells, or how well wet shadow works as liner vs others. I DUNNO.

  2. I voted for body scrub because I’m looking for an inexpensive, good smelling one. I love the Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper, but I just can’t justify the cost anymore.

  3. I voted eye primer, but on reflection – mineral foundation would be a good choice either.

    I don’t know, I’m so god damn useless!

  4. Since lipstick is my favorite beauty product I’d really like to see how indie lipsticks do against ‘normal’ ones. xxxx So I’d like to read more about those.

    Edited for content.

  5. Lipgloss and lipsticks would be very interesting, to me at least c:

  6. Grey uses “indie product”! It’s SUPER EFFECTIVE!

    Sorry, I had to get that out. I voted scrubs, as I’ve only ever used indie ones, and am curious as to whether I’m missing out on anything by doing so. My guess is, I’m not, but a comparison would be awseome to see 😉

    You could also consider comparing indie candies/ baked goods to big brand ones. I know you wrote up some etsy marshmallows once upon a time… Mmmm… Marshmallows…

    I’d also like to see a comparison of indie v corporate, or even just a plain old review of FACE lotion(s). Just out of curiosity, mostly. I’m kind of in love with my trader joes lotions, and this one I just picked up from c booth, but as someone who tries to buy handmade/small biz as much as possible, if someone out there makes an awesome face lotion I’d love to hear about it 🙂

  7. I’m going to have to say concealer. I have horrible dark circles under my eyes & I’m forever searching for something that covers them up good.

  8. I voted primer, since I can’t wear most lipsticks and foundations. 🙂

  9. I voted scented lotion, but I’d love to see lipsticks too 😀

    As for suggestions, perfumes! I love perfumes. I guess scented lotion is CLOSE-ish, but lots of places have their own perfume oil blends, and if you do get around to scented lotion, maybe it would be a good to at least cover indie perfumes in general as a side note.

    Indie (face)skin care might be interesting, but that’s something I personally wouldn’t want to mess around with too much. I can’t really think of anything else that can be compared easily to corporate stuff that you haven’t already done (like hair care).

    This sounds like it’ll be fun to read though!