Ophelia’s Apothecary – A Review

RSW – Day 6


Ophelia’s Apothecary was suggested by Meghan, although it was on my list of places to eventually try!  What initially drew me to the shop was their lip tints.  The listings are nicely photographed and include clear pictures of the products and the colors.  The listings are also fairly comprehensive including enough ingredient info that I know their products are vegan.

They sell lip balms, tints, soaps, lotions, scrubs, you know, the usual B&B selections.  The prices are fair compared to similar products.  They do carry some more pricey items as well such as custom blended perfumes (you can also find this service elsewhere and cheaper on Etsy) and gift sets.  The feeling of the shop is really nice, instead of the INYOURFACEBOOYAH stuff I’ve been running more and more across, it’s calm and vintage.

I ordered :

24k Gold Lip Tint Lip Icing

Ultra Violet Double Color Lip Icing


Shipping for the two tubes was under $2.  It took eleven days for my package to ship.  Reading their shop announcement the turn around time was a minimum of eight business days.  It arrived two weeks after I ordered.  I placed a second order for an additional item on the 28th and I haven’t received it yet.


My order was packaged carefully in a bubble mailer.  Included was my balms, a business card, and a sample of their Blackberry Sage Tea perfume oil (in a very nice sized vial).  It was wrapped inside a little bag tied with a piece of string.


The balms come in full sized oval tubes (which I like) and the tube is fairly well filled.  I’ve noticed that some tubes are only half filled, the bottoms screwed up closer to the top so you get less product.  These tubes are very full.

They are labeled with the company, the shade or flavor, and the weight.

Ultra Violet is a wonderful wearable purple shade.  It’s certainly more of a tint then a shimmer, although it is nicely glossy.  I love the formula, it’s a very firm and non greasy vegan formula that wears well and moisturizes really well.  It doesn’t smear so the color stays on your lips.  I like the crisp peppermint flavor.

24kt Gold is a more shear and shimmery.  Even then, it’s not SUPER shimmery and full of mica, it’s subtle.  The flavor is wonderful, very soft and cake like!  I like it very much over my favorite stains to add a touch of depth and moisture.

A lot of times when companies write things like ‘just like a balm, but with color!’ the balm is actually sort of hard to wear ‘just as a balm’ but these are not.

The perfume oil that they sent wasn’t a scent I’d have picked myself.  I liked it, though.  It was sort of fruity, sort of earthy.  It’s quite an interesting blend.  I don’t always comment on what free samples I receive, but I liked this one enough to mention it!


Would I order from Ophelia’s Apothecary again?  Yes.

  • Shipping took a while, although it wasn’t unreasonable.
  • The balms are nice, smooth, and moisturizing.
  • The color was nice and clear and not packed with mica.

Overall : 4/5

As soon as my second order arrives, I’ll be sure to post an update!


13 Responses to “Ophelia’s Apothecary – A Review”

  1. Love the feel of the shop. Very calm, no overuse of superlatives. Pretty designs, good descriptions. Thanks for the review, Grey! I appreciate it so much that someone is willing to both be the test-bunny and also take all the bulls*it that’s bound to come your way when you say something someone doesn’t approve of.

  2. Thanks for the review, Grey! You have been “on fire” with the reviews lately and I love it. I was especially interested in this one. I am actually wondering how about the Bitten lip tint and how red it is, because I would love a great deep ruby red tinted balm.

  3. I have had my eye on this shop for a while now. Thanks for reviewing them! I like those labels, they rock. They have lots of stuff I’m looking into trying 🙂

  4. I would totally love to see a swatch of these to see their pigmentation. It’s nice that they actually work well as a balm though 🙂

  5. I love this shop! She has this morrocan red clay mask that I use that works like a miracle! This is a really classy shop indeed.

  6. This has been on my Etsy favorites list for a while. I’m personally drooling over the Bluberry muffin flavor and anything pumpkin since I am running out of my Gloi fall scents (booooo!). So excited to try this

  7. I love the cute packaging!

  8. The packaging looks really nice. Love the labels on the tinted lip balms. 7.50 for a tinted lip balm is a bit pricey to me though, but they do look tempting!

  9. I keep meaning to go back and try more from this seller. The only thing I’ve tried is the lip scrub and I love it.

  10. She even has some milk & honey baby wash and lotion that I’m dying to try with my little boy. 😉 That lip scrub I’ve been eyeing too, but the lip scrub from Ajoeynamedroo is going to last me forever, so it’ll wait.