There’s GOLD in them thar hills!

The other day Phyrra posted some swatches of a few things she got from Avon and I was instantly in love.  But I refuse to buy Avon.  So what do I do?

I duped the quad on my own!

Here is the original quad:

Here is my version:

Here are the original swatches:

Here are mine:

From top to bottom, left to right : Etoile, Lueur, Décadent, and Chocolat

Etoile is a blend of Velvet White, Soft Brown Oxide, Silken Gold, and Gold Hilite mixed with my base then pressed.

It’s a soft vanilla with a gold duchrome.

Lueur is a blend of Gleaming Gold, Silken Gold, and Gold Hilite mixed with my base and pressed.

It’s a glimmering gold with a subtle gold interference.

Decadent is a blend of Patagonia Purple, Swiss Chocolate, Starlight Gold, and Gold Hilite mixed with my base and pressed.

It’s a velvet purple with a bit of gold shimmer and duochrome.

Chocolat is a blend of Swiss Chocolate, Soft Brown Oxide, Silken Gold, and Gold Hilite mixed with my base and pressed.

It’s a rich brown with a gold duochrome.

As far as mixing goes, it was sort of a simple palette to dupe, none of the colors were all that complicated, and I did warm them up a little so they would suit my skintone.  I also used a more matte base to press them, so that they were not as ‘shimmery’ as the original, which makes them easier for me to wear.  Decadent and Chocolat are actually more of a plush finish.

All of my supplies where purchased from TKB.

Now that I’ve tackled that, I’m up for a challenge!  Anything else I should try my hand at duping?!


19 Responses to “There’s GOLD in them thar hills!”

  1. These look awesome! The red plum shade has a bit more red/pink to it than your purple, but otherwise, I think you did a fantastic job!

    Your pressing looks so perfect!

  2. Why do you refuse to buy Avon? I used to go Avon crazy when I was younger. Is there something bad about them I should know about??

    • I disagree with a lot of their corporate policies.

      • What would those be? I’m genuinely curious.

        Lovely shadows btw. I always want to try pressing shadow but I’m terrified that I’ll screw it up majorly and totally lose the eyeshadow I was working with.

  3. Dupe the NAKED palette. That would be amazing 😀

  4. The upper right hand corner one looks like it would make such a pretty highlight 😀

    I’d love to see a dupe of one of the L’Oréal bright Hip Duos. I haven’t ever tried one, but I’m wary of buying drugstore bright shadows because they’re never as bright as they look in the pot when I get it home. And they’re sealed at the store, so you can’t swatch them 😦

    (PS, why no Avon?)

    • Seconded! I admire those duos when I walk past them, but I never have any luck with drugstore eyeshadows so I just keep walking.

    • The only Hip duo I liked and used more than once was Flamboyant and only for the yellow. The purple sucked. But after finding all these indie companies, I’m beginning to think that yellow in the duo wasn’t so amazing after all!

  5. I’d love to see a dupe of UD’s Romp 🙂

  6. Dupe UD’s Midnight Cowboy Rides Again without the glitterbomb.

  7. Hee! I love that the comments are largely “Dupe this! Dupe that!” You has skills. 😀

  8. Since duping the UD Naked palette is too much, I humbly suggest that you dupe a Chanel quad or Dior quint. Duping Beiges de Chanel could have hordes pounding at the doors of G2.

  9. Hi! Where do you get you pressing supplies? I’ve been wanting to get some from TKB but they charge 12$ for shipping to Canada :S

  10. Not so much a dupe, but I’d love to see you do a sort of christmas themed palette with a golden/red duochrome and a green/silver.

    • That would be a gorgous set, except I would love the red e/s with a green duochrome.
      One of these days (while the american dollar is still the the dumps) I am going to buy up BIG at TKB – as it is its $1NZ to nearly 80centsUS which is absolutely ridiculous.