Black Baccara – An Introduction

While sifting through listing on Etsy looking for a nice rose and leather perfume I discovered Black Baccara.  They had a myriad of goth and steamy themed scents.  I was instantly hooked on a few, not knowing how to narrow it down I ended up ordering a themed sampler in Poetic Decadence featuring:

❇CABARET- Inspired by the romance and decadence of the cabaret. A sexy, feminine scent blending the aroma of vintage perfumes with rich merlot and the faintest hint of cigar smoke tempered with sandalwood. This perfume encapsulates the essence of an old time piano bar or cabaret theatre; decadent ladies and gentlemen, wisps of smoke and libations, and hints of romance.

❇DEBAUCHERY- The essence of indulgence. Sweet patchouli blends with oak moss, agarswood, and ripe plums to invoke a reverie of earthly delights. It is a deep, earthy scent with promises of fruit. It begins plummy and ends in deep earth tones. A wonderful unisex aroma.

❇MARQUIS DE SADE- A deep, decadent, masculine fragrance with many hints of danger and the perfect dose of debauchery. The primary notes are leather, tobacco, merlot, and dragonsbreath which blend with bay rum, cloves, opopanax, and oakmoss. A mysterious and timeless fragrance evoking visions of rebels and madmen.

❇ABSINTHE- The aromatic essence of the enchanted liquer Absinthe begins with anise and dries down to whispers of soft sugar, wormwood, vanilla, and a hint of lemon. A romantic, unique, nostalgic fragrance reminiscent of perfumes of the Edwardian era.

❇WILDE- An enchanting and timeless cologne for men. The base of this cologne is classic bay rum augmented by exotic cardamom, delicate cloves, and hints of smoke and leather. It is a wonderful dance between the timelessly classic, the exotic and the truly decadent.

~from the Etsy listing

It arrived quickly and I was charmed.  Included was a note, and some extras.  Somehow I we ended up talking back and forth, the owner Kalliope, and I.  I mentioned I was looking for a rose and leather scent.  She told me she’d been hoping to make one.  That weekend she whipped one up and sent me a sample with my order.  I loved it!  I tried, to no avail, to get her to name it after my favorite pirate, Anne Dieu-le-veut (who I dressed up like for Halloween more then once).  It’s called Leather Rose and is available in her shop.

I then placed a second order for the Vampire Romance set, which includes:

NOSFERATU- A deep, dark, earthy, sexy, perfume inspired by creatures of the night. It is at once luring and poisonous, mysterious and familiar. Deep, archaic patchouli blends with decadently rich red wine, freshly tilled soil, a wisp of tobacco flower, and a dash of clove. It may be a challenge to find an aroma richer, darker, and more archaic than this one. A wonderful unisex blend for all vampires or vampires-at-heart.

BATHORY: Inspired by the story of Countess Erzsebet Bathory, often dubbed “The Female Dracula”. This is an extremely dark yet undeniably feminine blend. It is intoxicating but extremely sinister at it’s core. The first hints are of deep red wine and flowers, which dry down to a dark amber, balsam, clover and clove bouquet. Faint hints of leather drift in the background as all of the notes combine to evoke an almost blood-like floral with strong diabolical tendencies.

VLAD- Dark, mysterious and perfectly sinister. Vlad conjures visions of the madman himself. A rich blend of allspice, cedar, leather, tobacco and bay rum, among others. This is perhaps the darkest brew among my men’s colognes.

ABSINTHE- The aromatic essence of the enchanted liqueur Absinthe begins with anise and dries down to whispers of soft sugar, wormwood, vanilla, and a hint of lemon. A romantic, unique, nostalgic fragrance reminiscent of perfumes of the Edwardian era.

BLACK ROSE-Perhaps the deepest, darkest, most brooding rose that rose fans can experience. This blend is the signature scent of Black Baccara, its namesake. A deep rose, but not too sweet, with a depth that lingers on the skin and grows deeper in time. Imagine a rose dying and coming back as a zombie, and you can start to imagine what is going on in this blend. It is extremely dark while at the same time being clearly rose. The faintest hints of two kinds of vanilla and sandalwood linger in the background to balance out the very deep rose aroma. This is a very unique, memorable rose blend.

~from the Etsy listing

I found all the scents to be very well described.  Although the prose is certainly flowery, it’s also accurate.  My favorites are Marquis De Sade, Absinthe, Vlad, and Black Rose.  I’m definitely going to try some other scents from the shop.

You can find them on the web – here!



16 Responses to “Black Baccara – An Introduction”

  1. Sounds like scents I’ll love too 😀 Thank you, I’ll check that shop!

  2. Oh I have so run across this shop and forgot about it! I initially found her via her Alice’s Tea party fragrance – can’t remember what I was searching for. Aphrodite sounds amazing but then again I love bright fruity scents. 🙂

  3. I love this shop, definitly in my top 3 for perfume (the first being the poison apple apothocary and the second is the misery/love company, both also on etsy). My only issue with this shop is the moon egg tins that used to hold all samples… so darn difficult to open them! haha! My faves from Black Baccara are Carnival of Ghosts and Boneyard.

  4. Have you tried solsticescent’s amber rose petals? If so, how similar is black rose to it? I really like amber rose petals, but I’d like something a little more rose-y.

    • I have not! I love SS though.

      Black Rose is realllly rosey and deep. You could always try a sample!

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  5. i’ve been dying to give a leather perfume a try, and was searching etsy for the perfect one and this shop kept coming up. I’m so pleased to hear they deliver. Now the only problem is picking some without blowing my whole budget!

    on a side note, did you try Paintbox soaps The Queen Is Dead scent? I think it’s seasonal, but I just ordered it and thought it sounded like something you’d fancy

  6. Jules Noctambule November 10, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    The perfumes sound nice, but $11 plus shipping for three tiny sample vials is a bit past my impulse buy threshold; try more than a few scents and it really adds up quickly!

  7. You make it insanely hard to not buy stuff. STOP IT WOMAN! 😀

  8. okay, personal promise. if i get all my homework done by Saturday.(god I hate school, it ruining my creativity. *angst*) I am going to order some samples, becuase this shop sounds amazing!

    I’ve been wanting to get into perfume for a while now, and this seems like a good place to start. I think i’ll also try to get some Morbid the Merrier.

    also the prices seam great. most perfume I see costs at least $40, and thats for the drugstore kind…

  9. I really love the scent descriptions.

  10. Thanks so much for reviewing my perfumery.
    I wanted to add a note regarding the egg tins. They were vintage tins from Switzerland that I had been using when my shop first opened. However, all sample sets have now switched over to flat square tins with art labels…and the “pick three” set comes in a small vintage yellow pansy tin! 🙂

  11. Ooh! Black Rose sounds amazing! Now, I’m tempted.

  12. The titles of the scents are very creative i would love to try this out!

  13. How would you rate the lasting power? I love Solstice Scents and I am currently wearing Conjure, but it never seems to last on me. 😦

    • On me they last a fairly long time. Then again, the SS scents I have do as well! In general, most oil based perfumes will have the same longevity, since most of it is based on body chemistry and how it relates to the specific notes. So if, for instance, rose scents fade, most of them by other companies would as well.