Evil Shades – A Review, kind of.

There is a reason I don’t follow a lot of people on Twitter.  Lots of companies email me and ask me to ‘please follow them back’.  I don’t.  Why?  Because I only follow people I personally know on Twitter now (aside from the random fangirl crushes and news, etc etc).  If I follow you on Twitter I know about your family, your life.  I get to know YOU and then find it hard to write an impartial review.

Thus is the case with Evil Shades, which is why this is only going to be ‘sort of’ a review.  That being said, I do like to think I know Andrea well enough that she could take whatever criticism I handed her with grace, pull her big girl panties on, and deal with it.

I ordered first quite some time ago and got some amazing pinky, golden, and coral shades, along with the lipstick Primrose Path because I’d seen Pixie a la Mode talking about how much she liked it.  I loved everything I got, so much so I started using it all right away and then forgot I was going to write a review.

So many people SINCE then have written reviews it seems sometimes pointless, since it’s all been mentioned before.

So instead of a review, I’ve made a list of pros and cons.


✘ I’m not crazy about the website.  THERE, I said it.  But honestly it takes a lot to impress me.  In general I don’t like the black back-grounded websites/blogs/shops.  They are incredibly hard for me to read.  The photography could stand to be a little better (edited?  clearer?  something…), the site’s a little clunky, but it functions well.

✘ Shipping takes a little while.  Right now in the site it says that current processing times is 3-5 days, not including weekend and holidays.  Seems like it took a little while longer then that the last two times I ordered.


✔ The website has an integrated cart system and I can see my total from page to page, although payment is only via Paypal.

✔ A FULL list of ingredients are listed on the site, because the shadows and lipsticks just come labeled with the color.

✔ Lots of things are vegan.

✔ I’ve really loved all the shadows I’ve gotten.  The colors are great, well blended and unique.  They wear well and last all day on top of a primer.

✔ The lipsticks are very creamy and nicely pigmented without being TOO over the top packed with pigment.

✔ The little sample of the primer I got (in Opal) was great and I ordered a full sized in Naked, although I should have also gotten it in black.

✔ She makes a bunch of stuff!  Glosses and nail polishes, blushes and foiling medium, cuticle cream and now primer.

✔ She often has great sales!  Yesterday I ran into a ‘Buy 2 ,Get 1 Free’ sale.  She also offers free shipping often.

✔ You always get an little invoice and a couple of extras (which totally made me order again).

From top to bottom, left to right : China Doll Blush, Phyrra’s Fantasy, Neritic, and Panic over Opal Evileyes Primer

In conclusion, the pros far out weight the cons and I have every confidence in recommending Evil Shades.  Last night as I was looking up info to write this, I placed another order.  This time, as I mentioned, I’m trying the primer, another gloss (I have Loxensis) another blush (the one with the OMG blue duochrome) and a couple of amazing shadows.  Andrea is very down to earth, caring, and fun to talk to.  I love that she’s worked on new collections.  I would love to see a whole line of the duchrome blushes, like ones with purple duochrome and maybe one with an orange.

Have you ordered from Evil Shades?


13 Responses to “Evil Shades – A Review, kind of.”

  1. I’ve always gone to the site and wanted to place an order after various reviews.. but honestly, I have to agree, the website isn’t my favorite. I don’t feel like it flows very well, or is organized well. At some point, I need to get past my website hangup and just place an order because I know I’m missing out on great products.

  2. I don’t love the website either, but I want to order. My last opportunity shall be on december (I’ll stop ordering eyeshadows then), I have way too much make-up now.

    I want to order some lipsticks! The orange one seems nice! I like creamy better than metallic! 😀 Some dark red gloss would be nice, too.

    And I agree with the duocrome blush. I’d love a coral pink with green duo or a warm pink with orange!

    I did not know she sold eyelashes! I need some x.x’ I just have a very dull pair of blue ones I have yet to use.



  3. I am always happy to get feedback…the good the bad and the ugly! FGeedback helps me and Evil Shades grow and improve. So I certainly encourage it and honestly I appreciate it very much.

    I agree, my website is in need of improvement and over time it will get prettier and hopefully easier to navigate.

    My new camera will be here in March and I hope magic will happen for the pictures at that point.

    When you ordered the last 2 times my handling time was I think 10 days but I’m all caught up now and hope to keep it that way.

    I am so glad you like your pretties, that means a lot to me. I know you are always very honest in your opinion so it really does give me a lot of help to read your thoughts on ES.

    I will not tell you about the 6 new blushes coming very soon. :o)

    Thank you for your thoughts and I do hope anyone blogger or not will feel comfortable to send me theirs as well!

  4. Oooh, I think I need to try that primer!! Also, Wyvern= ❤
    You should get that one 🙂

  5. I ordered a bunch of lipstick samples from her. The shipping was fast for me, and the lipsticks are nicely pigmented/moisturizing/long lasting (from my minimal lipstick experience). The one sad bit for me is that I’m fairly scent-sensitive, and I had to air them our for 3-4 weeks before I could use them. If she were to occasionally make unscented batches of lipstick for highly picky people, that would make them perfect in my book. (No, I don’t expect it! The scent is her thing, most people love it, and it seems like it would be really difficult/annoying to set things up for a totally unscented run.)

  6. I have exactly the same problem, with exactly the same company re: reviewing.

    But I know Andrea’s a mature grown-up and I hope that constructive criticism can help the business grow. I admire you for posting honestly even when you feel a personal conflict – I know firsthand how hard that is.

  7. I’ve only ordered from ES once, but I adored everything I have and am planning a big order from them again soon. I agree with the website, but I know Andrea blogged about having trouble with it a while ago, and it’s not the worst. It’s easy enough to order from which for me is the main thing. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her lipsticks and to try the black primer.

  8. I ordered a bunch of lipgloss and lipstick samples. I really love the lipstick formula! Too bad the most flattering shade on me was just taken out fo the shop 😦 Hopefully she’ll manage to bring it back.

    Other than that, I’d be really interested in a comparison of the primer to other brands (or at least a more detailed review, maybe?). I have rather oily and hooded lids and it takes quite a lot to make stuff stay there. Right now I’m using the Artdeco primer, but it’s sort of harsh on my skin so I’m looking for alternatives that don’t break the bank.

    • Reign? Reign looked GORGEOUS and I’m gutted it had to be discontinued. I’ll be really happy if she finds a way to fix the formula, cause I was so excited about it.

      • Reign was just gorgeous. I was bummed as hell… I wanted to reorder it a day after it was taken down, boohoo.

  9. A blush with BLUE DUOCHROME!? That’s a need. I want any blush with a contrasting duochrome. I love Meow’s GAL blush because it’s a peach with GREEN!! At least I thought I saw green. Where’dthatdamnbaggygo…

  10. I also vote for the duochrome blush line! I love Ravishing and Gossamer!

  11. I love what I got from Evil Shades. I purchased a sample set of her Halloween shades in Oct. and I received 5-6 clamshells with a nice amount inside for 4.50. She also gave me a lipstick sample in Bane. I didn’t know it had Carmine in it, but realized it when I saw the ingredient list on the site, so I tossed it.

    I found the shadows well-blended, silky and stay put with a good primer. I didn’t need a base and they blended great together on my lid. I like the formula & I received quick shipping.

    I put in another order for two glosses without Carmine. I agree some revamping of the site is needed, but other than that I like the product!