Morgana’s Cryptoria!

Recently Morgana’s went under a major face lift and reopened as Morgana Cryptoria!  One of the first things I added to my cart was their new foundation!

I love Morgana’s eyeshadows, they are blended with a carnuba base that makes them so smooth and easy to work with.  The foundation is a blend of micas and waxes, so of course I assumed it would be the same amazing texture.  It comes in only a few shades and is designed specifically for the fairest of fair.  The shades are Phantom, Pale Yellow, Pale Neutral, Pale Cool, and two correcting shades, blue and lavender which add radiance to pale skintones.

I picked up Pale Yellow, since I’m quite pale and yet also quite yellow.  The product page is really sparse.  It doesn’t say what kind of finish or coverage the foundation offers.  I knew, though, that if it was from Morgana it was worth trying.  They make two of my HG items, once again I’m going to pimp the veils and the lipsticks, which are going to be fighting it out in a Lipstick Battle soon.


The finish is more natural then starkly matte.  It’s not shimmery, but it also doesn’t sit flat on your skin.  It’s got a nice soft focus look, although not a glow.  To get the best results, buff it onto your skin swirling one way, and then the other.  I recently discovered that going only one way doesn’t get your skin covered evenly.  So wax on, wax off!

It looked a little dusty when I first applied it, but I swear the longer I wore it, the more it seemed to ‘melt’ into my skin.


It provides a light to medium coverage that’s buildable.  I actually use a light dusting of it over just my primer or moisturizer over my problem spots for a quick cover.  It lasts all day with little touching up needed, and although it has a couple of waxes in it, it’s not oily.  I’m not sure how it would work on oily skin, though.

I did end up adding a touch of yellow oxide to mine (after I took the product picture) to make it a little more golden.  Otherwise I thought it was a great foundation!

Have you ordered Morgana’s Cryptoria yet?  Do you want to?

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105 Responses to “Morgana’s Cryptoria!”

  1. I did order twice but she was ‘Morgana Minerals’ then and it was some time ago. 🙂 I did really like her products, I got some very nice purple pigments. Don’t know if she still had them but I saw she does have many new and interesting colors 🙂

  2. Heh, I just placed my first Morgana order this week. I’d been wanting to try her lippies for awhile, I’ve heard so much good about them. I have Twinkling Rubies and Azalea Blue on their way to me. My lips are super-sensitive so it’s hard to find daily-wear lipsticks, and I’m really hoping Morgana’s will be what I’m looking for.

  3. HA! I totally want it! 😀 Does the foundation last long?

    I want to make an order this month. Still, I think she’ll be releasing new lippies soon, so I’m kind of waiting for it hahahaah!

  4. I haven’t ordered… yet. I’ve ordered from other stores based on your reviews (Concret Minerals, Latherati) and I’m really happy with those, so I’d probably go under Morgana’s spell soon. 🙂

  5. Morgana’s is definitely on my list of places I want to try – she’s got several shadows I want and a whole bunch of lipsticks that are OMG-Want for me.

  6. I’ve heard a lot of good things (mainly on twitter) about Morgana’s products, but I have yet to try any. Anyway, this powder sounds great, since I have pale skin and it’s hard to find makeup that suits it.

  7. YES I looove Morgana. I have a couple of eyeshadows and I really like them, but what I really love is their lipsticks. I’m excited for the new colors that are coming out! I’m hoping “Amethyst” will be my perfect purple as I’m currently on the hunt for that.

  8. I really would like to try some of her lipstick! All the colors are so beautiful!! The eyeshadows are also very pretty…
    But I’m waiting for the pastel lipsticks to place an order!
    Thanks for that giveway!

  9. I’ve only ordered once but I was extremely please with my order. Azalea lipstick just blew me away. As someone who rarley wears lipstick, i found it so amazingly rich in color without being heavy and always feeling “present” on my lips, which is something non-lipstick people really really hate.

    The shadows were gorgeous too! I’ve been dying to make another order.

  10. I love Morgana!
    I keep meaning to write a ‘Holy Grail’ about their lipsticks because of Azalea Blue.

    It’s really nice that you mention how smooth her shadows are. I thought the Medieval collection was pretty awesome. Not enough people seem to notice the texture or blendability.

  11. I haven’t ordered from them, but I would like to try their eyeshadows. I’m liking their 2010 Haunted Eyes Shadow Collection.

  12. I have recently discovered how much I love ordering these wonderful and unique eyeshadows online! I would love to try Morgana’s.

  13. I haven’t tried any of their stuff yet. Sounds good though. I’m still on the hunt for a perfect foundation.

  14. I’ve been wanting to try a bunch of lipsticks since everyone raves about them 🙂 I wish she still offered the .50 lipstick samples so I could try a bunch at once.

  15. Unfortunately, while this sounds like a fabulous foundation, it doesn’t sound like it will meet my needs. I’m looking forward to reading your post on the lipsticks though. I absolutely adore her colour selection, and am always on the hunt for a beautiful black.

  16. I have not ordered from her yet, though I had her website up yesterday. Shes on my wanna order from list.

  17. I haven’t ordered yet, but I’ve seen so many good reviews of the lipsticks, I would definitely like to. The colours look amazing.

  18. I think I’m going to have to give these foundations a try, I’m super unhappy with my current mineral foundation but the finish on these sounds perfect!

  19. I’ve been dying to try out their lipsticks since I’ve heard so much about them. I’m not really a lipstick person, more a gloss or balm girl but their lipsticks do have me intrigued.

  20. I’ve bought a handful of Morgana’s eyeshadows based on a review I saw.. and since I’ve seen pics & swatches of the new Cleopatra collection, I’m thinking I need to place another order. And definitely a pod of Twinkling Rubies is going to hop in my cart as well.

  21. I haven’t ordered anything yet but I’ve been eying the Azalea lipstick for such a long time, it just looks so gorgeous in the swatch! Dang my low buy

  22. Oh interesting! I really need to find a new foundation now that the one I use has been discontinued…

  23. Oh man, i need this! every foundation I have is wayyyyyyy too dark for me. Even when I was promised the lightest color available.

    My birthday is monday! so hopefully if I don’t win the drawing, I can buy it with any money i receive,

  24. I haven’t ordered from her yet… i stress yet lol

  25. I have been wanting to try Morgana’s for awhile now. I will defiantly have to look more into ordering soon! hopefully.. hehe

  26. Jules Noctambule November 12, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Pasty-gal mineral foundation with staying power? I am intrigued!

  27. I’ve always wanted to try her lipsticks since I’m a big fan of unusual lipstick shades.

  28. I’m still the only person who is not a fan of her lipsticks (I tried, really tried to like them, to no avail), but her eyeshadows are excellent. Love how pigmented they are and I love the colors. I’ve never tried any of her other products (like the veils), though.

  29. I’ve tried a couple of Morgana’s lipsticks: Mistress and Pumpkin Eater. I haven’t had a chance to proper test them out yet, as I’ve had some crazy windburned/chapped/etc lips going on, but I was very impressed when I swatched them. I love orange lipstick, so Pumpkin Eater is a huge win for me. I’m planning to pick up Azalea Blue next, because everyone seems to rave about it! Oh, and eye shadows too. Yep. Definitely eye shadows.

  30. I LOVE Morgana. I’m such a jerk for not even blogging about them yet.

    A while back I ordered a bunch of eyeshadow, glitter and lipstick samples. She made an error in my favour and sent me two full-size lipstick tubes by mistake, but was happy for me to keep them. I can’t even… Okay, they’re both very bold reds which I don’t normally wear, but sometimes I put them on when I’m alone in the house with no make-up on, just because they FEEL good to wear.

    Maybe that’s weird.
    Don’t pretend you don’t do it too.

    I’m glad that more shades are coming out cause I’m not that keen on wearing dark colours on my lips, but her lip formula is my FAVOURITE. Better than MAC by far. Killer. Love it. Amazing. Cannot be improved.

    The eyeshadows are stunning, too. Complex, beautiful, smooth. I put up some swatches on my FB but I really need to get on my ass and blog about them cause Morgana is the business. I want to try the veils, too! And more lipsticks! Wah >:

  31. I just got my Cleopatra eye shadow samples the other day and I can’t wait to try them! I’ve been itching to purchase their lipstick too. 😀

  32. i am dying to try azalia and azalia blue lipsticks and some of the shadows.

  33. I reeeaally want to try morgana’s lipsticks. They sound wonderful and she has such awsome, unique colors. I really want one of the dark purples or reds. Pumpkin eater looks awsome too. I haven’t been able to order from her yet though.

  34. I have heard so much about their lipsticks I have been wanting to try them for a while. I need to stop buying lipsticks. Its become a problem.

  35. I can’t wait to try out the colors from her new Cleopatra collection! and I want to order all the colors I don’t have from the Medieval collection, they’re all so awesome.

  36. I have ordered from her twice and have been very happy with everything. Concubine eyeshadow is really one of the best dark red eye shadows I’ve seen.

  37. I’ve heard so many good things about her lipsticks; I’m dying to try them! The color swatches I’ve seen are divine.

  38. Never tried Morgana’s but I’m very interested in the lavender corrector. I have had samples of purple corrector from Aromaleigh and loved how they made my yellowish skin look really porcelain.

  39. i’ve been wanting to order for a while now, but so far havent gotten around to it! I really want to try some of the face products, and this makes me want to even more!!

  40. Morgana’s has been on my to order from list. hopefully I will get a chance to do so soon!

  41. I love Morgana! It took me forever to try out her stuff but I’m so glad I did. Metallic Olivine and the new vegan Bloody Mary are two of my favorite eyeshadow shades ever.

  42. I own several of Morgana Cryptoria’s e/s & they’ve all been complex with touches of originality. Some of my favorites include Mutiny, Tavern Wench, Chivalry, Winifred, Brew Haha, and LE#10. I especially love the veils (Ethereal and Mysterious) because they can function as highlighters but with a light touch are subtle enough to add a soft focus glow to the whole face.

    I own 4 lippies & love all the colors (Gunmetal Blue, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, and Rose Plum). All are unique, which is a double edged sword because Gunmetal Blue and Watermelon are discontinued so I have to enjoy them sparingly. I love the long wearing and creamy formula. Cotton Candy’s texture is a little different and not as loved because even though the silver sparkles don’t make the lippie feel gritty or rough, they are so abundant that less lipstick base is transfered to the lips so the formula feels dryer(but not so dry that the formula migrates) & not as creamy but definitely lightweight. It’s just a matter of preference & I don’t know if the other sparkling lipsticks (like Twinkling Rubies and Cauldron) have a similar texture.

  43. I don’t own anything yet – its on my company list but I am on a no buy 😦 Sad yet true – saving up for a car! Yay

  44. Morgana’s definitely on my “to try” list, since I am questing for good lippies of any kind. These sound amazing!

  45. I’ve been wanting to try them for so long now! The name alone makes it worth trying…….I’d love to have some of the lipsticks!

  46. I haven’t been able to try Morgana’s yet. But that foundation sounds like a dream to me. I can never find foundation that is light enough for me. The blue & lavender corecting shades also sound amazing.

  47. I sampled the lipsticks before Morgana discontinued the baggies. I haven’t splurged on a full-sized lipstick yet because I’m afraid the molded bullet will oxidize before I can use it all. I favor twist-up lip balm tubes for all of my lip products regardless of their level of pigmentation.

  48. I love Morgana’s lipsticks! I got myself Watermelon, and it is SO pretty. I also get all my hair dye there since Melissa stocks Punky and Special Effects – both oh so very awesome 😀

  49. I have never ordered anything from Morgana but heard only good things about her and I’m always on the lookout for a great foundation.

  50. I really wish morgana would try her hand at more pink/peachy/nude-y lipsticks, I would be all over them!

  51. I’ve ordered 3 times I think. 1st was a looooong time ago for samples (I dont think any of those shades still exist now though) 2nd order had a few more samples and a jar or Harken (GREEEEN!) 3rd order was to get some of last years holiday colours and a lipstick of awesomeness.

  52. I’m trying not to order any makeup right now, but Morgana’s been on my “try out” list for quite a while! I always hear awesome things.

  53. I’ve never tried them but I’ve been dying too. The lipsticks are calling my name. Lol

    They?look freaking amazing. Especially because of the unique colors. ❤

  54. Morgana’s products are great! I heart Agincourt from the Medieval line.

    I NEED all the lipsticks too. I only have Silverwitch, a great gunmetal color. I may have to try their foundation now thanks to your review.

  55. I’ve never ordered from them before, but Im interested 🙂

  56. I have never ordered from her, but have heard great things about the lipstick. So, I was going to order one or two when the funds allow. 🙂

  57. Stupid no buys. =P

    I, ashamedly, never realised they did foundations. Whenever I visited the site, I would always get too distracted by the eyeshadow and lipsticks to notice anything else.

  58. They are one of my favourite makeup companies and Melissa is always so nice and helpful. Most of what she makes is of great quality and it’s not surprising that they are HG products for a lot of people! Can’t wait to see what she offers next!

  59. Oh, I was just looking at their hair dye selection earlier. I never ordered from there before but their eyeshadow collections really intrigue me. 😀

  60. I ordered twice back when it was still Morgana Minerals and I adored the Get Medieval collection, though I keep overlooking my samples in favour of other brands >_<

  61. DO WANT. Here’s hoping it doesn’t have to be a thoughtful comment!

  62. Oh! I didn’t know Morgana had foundation, this is useful since I’m nearly out of my Fyrinnae foundation. I like Morgana’s shadows but I’m never sure what to use them with. They seem to get a bit patchy with Pixie epoxy but with the nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils they aren’t as bright. Maybe a different base would work better. What do you use as a base/primer for your Morgana eyeshadows?

  63. Their lipsticks look so pretty. I really like some of the colours. However I wish they had some more pictures of them. I want to see the packaging and I want to see what the actual lipstick looks like, not just what I looks like when applied to the lips. So I sort of want to try them out but the site isn’t too convincing for me. However your review is!

  64. I haven’t ordered yet, but I really want to. The lipsticks look great!

  65. Being extremely pale, I’m thrilled to see Morgana’s offering pale foundation shades; I can’t wait to give it a try! Also, the lipsticks look to die for. I’ll definitely be placing an order as soon as I’m able.

  66. Morgana has been on my Must-try- list for ages, but for some reason I’ve never ordered anything. I’m always looking for the right kind of foundation ’cause I’m quite pale and my skin is very dry and sensitive.

  67. I haven’t ordered from Morgana, but I’ve been lusting over some of their eyeshadows for a while 🙂 .
    The Cleopatra collection looks gorgeous!

  68. I haven’t bought from them yet because being a new customer I can’t pay via Paypal, that’s the only one thing that puts me off from buying there, but I want to try their eyeshadows and NEED Azalea Blue lipstick to live, I’m dying to try it!

  69. I am super intrigued by the lipsticks.. but possibly more intrigued by the foundation..I wonder if it would knock the stuff I use atm off it’s perch as a hg.

  70. I have been dying to order from Morgana’s for a while now! I’m on a self imposed no-buy at the moment and it’s very sad.

  71. I have a *very* long wishlist of Morgana stuff. Problem is, she keeps ADDING more really great looking stuff, screwing up my whole plan, LOL. I plan to order from her someday soon- I heard on Twitter about a Black Friday sale, so that may be the day for me ^___^

  72. I want to try the lipsticks and pale foundation.

  73. i’m really excited for their lipsticks. I’ve been looking for some good opaque lipsticks that are more ethical than limecrime.

  74. I placed my first order at Morgana Cryptoria a few weeks ago and got some eyeshadow samples and two lipsticks. I love the lipsticks, but haven’t had time to try the shadows yet, but they look lovely!

  75. after reading this review I went and checked out the site. I’ve seen reviews and FOTDs with their products before.

    I think the foundation is a bit too light for me and I have eye shadows coming out my ears (thank you Aromaleigh Clearance!) BUT their lippys look fabulous. I think I’ll have to try a few of those. Especially Absinthe, Coraline’s Kiss and Rosy Plum. 🙂 Early Christmas present to myself???

  76. I have never tried Morgana, although I intend to. The raves over the lipsticks (especially Azalea Blue) should put me over the edge any day now! The Cleopatra collection looks very nice from the swatches I’ve seen.

    I never realized there is foundation there too, as a pale girl, I may need to check it out!

  77. I have a giant lipstick haul coming xD

    I’m not sure about the veils, I mean… Blue/violet/green on your face? I’m super-oily so I only use matte face products, and I don’t even like using shimmery blush

  78. Late to the party as usual, but YES. I love Melissa and her products. 🙂

    I like eyeshadows, but I’m a huge lipstick girl. Melissa has the BEST indie lipsticks ever. She also has one of the best lipstick formulas, period. 😀

    I can’t wait to see her new releases. I don’t have any business buying more makeup, but I”m all over her lipsticks. Oh, and I like her “mineral veil” powder with the green glimmer, too. 🙂

  79. I’m so glad I found this review! I don’t think that I’m necessarily super pale, but whenever I’ve tried mineral foundations in the past I just get the lightest shade and it’s way too yellow and a bit too dark. Thanks for the rec!

  80. I haven’t tried them, but some of the darker red lipsticks look tempting. Always on the lookout for a perfect red that goes with my coloring.

  81. I’ve seen a few favorite bloggers (Phyrra, Blix) talk about how much they adore Morgana’s lipsticks. I only just received my first order not too long ago. The site layout was too annoying on the old store. This new one is a little better though, and I finally managed to order. I really want Azalea and/or Azalea Blue 🙂

  82. The Azalea Blue lipstick has been on my wishlist for a long time! Will ask Santa if he can get it for me if I don’t win this giveaway 😉

  83. I would love to try some of her lipsticks. I am set for life for eye shadows, now I need to expand my lipstick collection. I am interested in four colors, Azalea, Azalea Blue, Valentine, and one I can’t think of off the top of my head.

  84. Thanks for the review. That foundation looks intriguing – I wonder if it’ll hold up in the humid summers here in Taiwan!

  85. Sterling Morgenstern November 14, 2010 at 4:25 am

    Morgana’s on my short list to try once Aromaleigh breaks my heart and disappears forever, would love to have some $$ to spend on them before then! ❤

  86. Made my first order there today! I’m so excited and am dying to see the lipsticks I ordered (All the “non-traditional” colours). I wanted to try the foundation but I’m not sure how it would work on me since I would be trying to lighten my skin quite a few shades.

  87. It looks awesome! I like when brands re-invent themselves.

  88. I have only heard about them on Twitter. I been waiting to check out her lip glosses..

  89. I love her lipsticks. there were times when i didn’t have lip balm to wear before bed so i put some of her lipstick on… my lips did not dry out over the night nor did it smear all over.

    i am waiting impatiently for the new ones to come out so i can place another order.

  90. i’m intrigued…

  91. I haven’t tried the foundation yet but I’m really curious after reading this! I absolutely love the lipsticks though! Will have to try this out! 🙂

  92. Wow, everyone seems to love her lipsticks! I’ve never tried, and am supposed to be on a no-buy (ish) but I may have to at least take a peek!

  93. I have been wanting to order from Morgana’s for a while now – this blog will be the kick I need!

  94. I’m new to mineral foundation but I’d love to give this a try!

  95. I have not ordered from her, but she’s on the list to try the magic day that ‘income’ arrives! I’ve heard amazing things about her lipstick, thought the colors I like I don’t know that I would be brave enough to try.

  96. I haven’t had the chance to order since she changed the name. I have her foundation in Pale C and I was using it daily until I decided I needed more coverage. Now I’ve been using it like a finishing powder over both my liquid makeup or my Meow foundation. I feel like it helps even things out and makes my skin look more healthy.

  97. vulcan_butterfly November 14, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    I haven’t ordered from her yet but I AM DYING TO!!! I am drooling over her vegan lipsticks, I just love bizarre lipstick colours!

  98. There are so many comments, but maybe I could be the one! 😀

  99. I have not had a chance to order from her, but I have been eyeing her lipsticks for the longest time now.

  100. I haven’t ordered yet, but I’m considering it. I’ve never bought from an [indie] mineral cosmetic company yet, but they definitely have my interest piqued.

  101. As badly as I’ve wanted to, I’ve never ordered from Morgana. 😦 Though I have receieved loads of samples from swaps (Zombie Ambrosia = LOVE! And I cannot stand blue shadow…ZA is a great exception), and they’re AMAZING. I’m dying to try the Pirate collection! Their lipsticks sound wonderful, too…some day I’ll order from them!

  102. I haven’t ordered yet but I plan to very soon!!!!!!!

  103. Hi,

    I am crazy about Azalea Blue lippie and combined with her blue eye shadow make an awesome pair, have ordered both…on its way now!

  104. I’ve tried a couple of Morgana’s lipsticks, still need to try the eyeshadow and other products!