Foiled Again!

My very favorite foiling medium (from Armoaleigh) isn’t available anymore.  I’ve started collect a few different ones around Etsy to see what works, and I’ve been… well, disappointed.

What are your suggestions?  I’m hoping to be able to gather enough to post a comprehensive review!


26 Responses to “Foiled Again!”

  1. Do you mind telling me what this foiling medium is? Is it the little dropper bottle that turned eyeshadows into eyeliner?

    • It’s a liquid of some sort (which is what I’m wanting to find out) that you mix with MM shadows to make them almost into paint to either cover your lid, or yes, use as liner.

  2. Doesn’t Meow sell one?

  3. i bought TKB’s mineral wetliner a while back, and it’s worked well for me so far =)

  4. MAC sells Fix+ which I use to foil my shadows, and their PRO stores sell a mixing medium which I’ve used before, and it seems to work well. sells one, but I have never tried it before. I know some people have made their own using recipes off the internet.

    Hope I was of some help!!

  5. I hope you find one. I got a bit scared of mine only because my aunt mentioned something about sticking antifreeze in my eye, propylene glycol. Way to ruin my fun Aunty Nofun 😦

    • Technically speaking, antifreeze is any compound that lowers the freezing point of water (think throwing salt and sand onto the road at winter; the salt part isn’t done for raising friction, but for lowering the freezing point of snow and/or rain).

      Most common antifreeze is ethylene glycol which, when ingested (in quantities of around 0,1ml/kg body mass) leads to poisoning. Its bad name came from the fact that it tastes sweet, so kids (and pets) were known to down the bottle of it.

      On the other hand, propylene glycol is not toxic, and is actually used as antifreeze for areas that process food (and water), and generally in food, cosmetics, medicine…

      I don’t want to sound harsh or anything, but it just makes me angry when people randomly attribute bad name to things just because of one of their functions. In the case of antifreeze, then we better stop using table salt too. I mean, it’s antifreeze, right?

  6. Ooo, do we get to witness a great foiling medium showdown?? That would be awesome, as I have never used one (other than PE)

  7. I’ve always just used water or eyedrops.. nothing fancy.. 🙂 The MAC Pro ones sound interesting.. one is a matte and one is a shine.. Dusty Hunter did a mention of those on one of his YouTube videos..

  8. Silk naturals has a pretty good one. I use it occasionally, it does a fair job.

  9. I just use Anastasia’s recipe for the homemade stuff out of water and glycerin. Though since being converted to the joys and wonders of Pixie Epoxy, that hasn’t gotten very much recent use.

  10. I use the eyedrops I had. I can’t remember the brand, but it’s not just basic eyedrops.
    When mixed with my loose shadows, I can use it on my waterline, and it stays put, too. =P

    Sounds cheap and lazy, but they work better than 2 brands of actual foiling medium that I have.

    • Yep, I do this too. I’ve never bought a foiling medium because this works really well and costs less than two quid. It works great for cake mascara/liner too.

  11. I am almost sure Aromaleigh’s is the same as Meow’s.

  12. I use TKB’s eyeliner sealer

  13. I have a bottle of Mac Fix + I use, but I have found the cheaper methods (like eyedrops and glycerin + water) actually have better hold for me. I have oily-ish skin so that may be why though….

  14. Hi!

    I have used all kinds of things. I use the home-made, with glycerin and water and it works great, just be carefull and don’t keep it too long as glycerin solutions are very prone to contamination.
    Some eyedrops work better than others, just try a few. What I love about them is that some brands (at least here in Europe) come in single dose, so you have product for about a week and don’t need to throw away a bottle half full.
    I also heard good things about the silk naturals one. I also know they have a kind of solid mixing medium but never tryed it either.