IMS Update

As of today I have received packaged from :

Pixie – Australia

J.S. – US

Mindy – Canadialandia

Ce – Argentina

Cacau – Brazil

Chloe – UK

There are a LOT more that need to reach me this week!  I’m extending the due date a few days, just to give everyone more time.

So far?  I’m crazy excited about everything that’s been sent!  It’s all amazing!


17 Responses to “IMS Update”

  1. woohoo!!!! It’s cool that so far you have stuff from 6 different countries 😀

  2. My package should be there Monday or Tuesday.

  3. I sent out my package by airmail on the 5th. i hope it gets to you ok. i would have done it sooner but there was a passing in my family.

  4. Yay! I’m hoping mine is the one J.S. from the US. I sent in the WnW Holiday paletts! I’m super excited for the makeup exchange!

    • Nope, it wasn’t yours 😦

      I don’t know who it was, since the name on the return address didn’t match anything on the list!

  5. Oh, my package is there! So happy (and surprised, it arrived before it was supposed to). 🙂

  6. You should be getting mine pretty soon, but I’m pretty sure I forgot to put my username on the package *_* I sent the Yes to Carrots lipglosses, just as a heads up.

  7. Sending my package was a big to-do, the workers were all “we don’t know if we can send this, it isn’t on our list” (I sent bath salts, that is how I beautify and I looooove them) The sent it in the end, but …I’m worried about it arriving on time (if at all???)

  8. So glad it’s arrived!! Next time I’ll be more organised so I won’t have to use super crazy fast shipping!

  9. My package was sent 10 days ago so should be arriving soon hopefully. I’ll be checking by because I am hoping people there would like some Inglot pigments 🙂 I added a quick little note on a banking slip while at the post office so you know its me – but yeah Inglot pigments from Aussie land are me 🙂

  10. I have my stuff for my first spot, although money is tight this week , so I may only be able to do one 😦 I was planning on expressing it at the last second since that’s how I roll

  11. i’ve sent my last week so it should arrive on monday or tuesday 🙂

  12. I am behind. I will send mine out tomorrow. I let time get away from me. Luckily I am in California, so it shouldn’t take long.

  13. was wble to send out both spots wooo! You have it by sat. Mon. The latest

  14. Anymore updates? I am eager to here if my package made it there safe and sound. I can’t wait until everything is there – we need piccies of the bucket load of fun you will have there!