Madame Madeline – A Review


Someone who won’t be named (Mindy, again) posted a link on Twitter to a shop she found that sold an amazing collection of false lashes.  I clicked it thinking, hmmmm.  Next thing I knew I was knee deep in my first order from Madame Madeline.

The shop is very well organized with links along the side as well as the top.  The lashes are listed by company (there are over a dozen) and then by the company’s lines.  I was going to count, but there are literally hundred of different lashes to try.  I found it pretty easy to navigate, although because there were SO many lashes I wish there was a running cart total someplace so I knew when I’d gone a little too insane adding things to the cart.  The prices are incredible, even the nicer ‘fancier’ lashes were incredibly low.

Although you can’t create an account on the site, you can track your orders via your order number and email, which I think is still pretty handy.

They have a discount code page.  They have a 5% discount on all orders as well as a free pair code, and you can use both at once.

I placed two orders for a total of about twenty pair of lashes and two different kinds of adhesive.


Shipping for each order was just $4.20 an order, which I found very fair.  My order was shipped either the day I ordered or the next and since they are just up the coast here in So Cal I got them in two days.


My order was packaged carefully in small boxes.  They must use some sort of secret tetris method of packing because I never could get all my lashes to fit back nicely into the small box once I’d unpacked it.  Also included were my freebie pair of lashes, which in my case where just an extra pair of something I ordered, very nice since I knew I’d wear them.  They also send an invoice, so it’s nice to double check that all your lashes are there.


Love them.  Since MM doesn’t actually make them, I know it’s unfair to blame them on the occasional bad pair.  They carry a HUGE variety and I was able to find the crazy spiky lashes I prefer as well as a WIDE variety of bottom lashes with are hard to find as well as sets.

They do carry a lot of everyday lashes as well as the ‘not so everyday’ ones some of us like.  I got some demis as well as some spikes and sets.

They have the much sought after Red Cherry Spider Web Lashes.


Would I order from Madame Madeline again?  Yes!

  • They have a huge selection at incredible prices.
  • They offer discount and a a free pair with each order.
  • Shipping for me was super fast.

14 Responses to “Madame Madeline – A Review”

  1. Yay for demis! Those are my favorite type of lashes to wear.

    • They look great, but I’m really loving wearing the lower lashes and none on the top. It’s a bit odd, but it works for me.

  2. Love Madame Madeline. I live in Ohio and got mine within two days as well.

    The ones in the pink box on the left don’t stay very well, at least the ones I got didn’t. It was a bitch to get them to adhere, then in the middle of the night, they popped off.

  3. Which adhesives did you try? I haven’t had much luck with most of the store brands, they either flop off randomly or irritate me.

  4. I’ve never really been a fan of falsies, I wear glasses and they tend to bother the crap out of me. Although, I do looooove looking at them and thinking how I would love to wear them, haha.

    • I wear glasses a lot of time, too. Honestly it’s WHY I started wearing lashes, especially the demis, so you could SEE my eyes through my -9.50 lens!

  5. I love madame Madeline, It is awesome that they stock eyelashes from the manufacturer of shu uemura lashes

  6. Firstly, I’d just like to say that I like that you add your thoughts on the site design, not just the product and postage.

    I’ve heard about MM before, and wanted to buy because they sell latex free adhesives and I’ve been unable to find any locally, but hadn’t seen a reputable review on them yet. Will certainly put this site on my shopping list.

  7. I LOVE Madame Madeline! I don’t wear falsies on a regular basis (I find that for me, they are often too long and it’s really unattractive when my glasses are propping them up). Browsing MM always makes me want to wear more though.

    There are also a bunch of coupon codes to try on retailmenot; I’ve noticed that the ones I get in their newsletters don’t always expire when they say they will.

  8. I still need to go back and place another order. I want those coloured individual badboys 😀

  9. I will have to figure out how to put those on at some point. I think some of the unique ones with feathers would be fun. lol