My Friday ‘Thang’

Someone, for the love of Dave, help me name my Friday wrap up post.

This week was blah.  I wasn’t feeling all that well and ‘stuff’ got the better of me.

The Sleek Debacle

After trying so very hard to get someone to understand what exactly was going on with my order, I finally got the attention of a very nice gal who works in the Sleek offices.  From what I understand they sincerely did NOT expect the deluge of orders they got.  The office seems small and they seem to be trying their best to get to each order, but it’s going to be hard because some people just don’t HAVE orders, just missing money from their accounts.  So I’m going to refrain from further comments until I see how things turn out.

Christmas Shopping

I got a freezer for Christmas, yo.  It’s already sitting merrily in my laundry room full of frozen goodness, so while MY shopping is done, my shopping for others is not.  I’m doing the Handmade Holiday thing again this year.  Two very special people are going to get a very amazing gift, if I can manage to pull off the amazingness in my head.

Give Aways

By the time November is through there will be a total of TEN giveaways.  Have you entered them yet?  Go here : Latherati and SoBe Botanicals

Also!  When I hit 500 followers on Twitter I’ll have another Twitter Only giveaway, this time with an amazing prize from Sephora!

The Links

I love this tut from Pixiwoo.

I sent Ana a present.

I love the photos in this post.

I love this blog, even though I can’t understand any of it.

Time for Butterbeer!

Don’t hate me, but I rock out to this song all the time now.

Your Turn

✏  How are you doing on your holiday shopping?  Is it done or are you leaning towards it being overrated?

✏  I need more blogs to follow.  Got any suggestions?

✏  I’m sort of addicted to black liners these days.  Do you have a favorite?

✏  How do you feel about unsolicited advice, like when you make a comment and someone not so subtly tries to correct you?  I’ve been struggling with this for a while and wondering how I should react, or if I should ignore it.

24 Responses to “My Friday ‘Thang’”

  1. Doing all my shopping online/handmade this year! Started in September, wrapping up by the end of November so I can dedicate all of December to decorating and making edible goodies! As for black liners, I’m looking for one myself.

    • I ordered Sephora’s little black box of liners and it’s got quite the selection, so maybe as I work through them I’ll chronicle the experience.

      Bake me something?

      • Don’t know if it will survive the trip. But I can send some vegan caramels if I find a good recipe? Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure some of my favourite christmas cookies are non-vegan. :<

  2. Holiday shopping: Last Minute. Always. Regardless of that I keep telling myself I should start early, I always forget about it and then end up doing everything on the last minute. As in the food is already prepared and I’m still fighting with wrapping paper and tape. This is a really stressful and plain stupid habit.

    Ooh, black liners are the best! I really like essence’s long-lasting eye pencil. It’s a German drugstore brand. It’s soft but still long lasting. ( I also use the liquid ones from this brand, with a fine brush. I don’t really like eyeliner pens, I can’t seem to get them to work. /is stupid
    Somewhere in the future I want to pick up one or two of the UD 24/7 pencils, because most people seem to love them, heh.

    Unsolicited advice: I think that’s a tough question. Personally, I find it really difficult to decide if someone really wants to help you out and share something that they think you might not know of, or if the person is really trying to pull out the ‘Hey I’m better than you’-card. It’s the same thing with irony/insults, imo, because written comments lack personality/movement/facial expression etc.

    I’d say ignorance is best if you really get the arrogance vibe from someone.

    Sadly, I can’t think of any name for your Friday ‘thing’, but I really enjoy doing them! (And reading other comments!) 😀

  3. Hello grey!

    Well…I’ve been Etsy shopping for xmas and ebay.
    So far have some stuff from Morgan Street, Haus of Gloi & bought the 28 neutral palette on ebay for sis and myself! hope she doesn’t read this!
    I write a blog if you wanna peek – but I warn you it’s mainly all about soap!
    My new favourite liner is Collection 2000 felt liner – amazing staying power and so so cheap here in the UK.
    As for the comment thing…I agree about vibes…if bad ones, just ignore it. It usually comes from a jealous type!

  4. Holiday shopping: I’m an artist, so I’m doing most of the work myself. What I won’t be making, I’ll be baking; I used to bake professionally and will have abundant holiday treats even for my vegan and wheatless friends.

    Blogs: Don’t follow many myself, honestly.

    Eyeliner: Since it’s impossible to wear my glasses and apply eyeliner at the same time, I go with powder and a liner brush. Less chance of poking out an eye.

    Advice: Depends on the person and the spirit. I have a deeply New Age friend who is forever spouting nonsense as though it were gospel. She means it well but it’s just ridiculous; her, I will smile and nod. Then I have a cousin who thinks ‘I’m just being HONEST’ means ‘free pass to be as uselessly snarky as possible’; her, I will tell to piss off.

  5. Christmas shopping….oh man. I just decided last week that I am actualyl buying people gifts this year (i opted out the last few years due to money issues). So as of now, I am somewhat freaking out and thinking maybe I should back out of the holidays and ignore them all together….Whatever I end up getting, it will all be handmade from Etsy/Artfire/me.

    Blogs to Follow: and They both just have fantastic style.

    Black liner: Am very much digging the Tokidoki pen liner, as well as Wet N Wild Craem liner. I’ve been eyeing that liner sample at Sephora…it looks so awesome

    Unsolicited advice: As mention by other readers, I guess it would depend if it was mean spirited or not. Either way, and maybe this is silly or old fashioned, I always find myself reacting to situations like that by smiling real big, and then excusing myself

  6. – I love holiday shopping. I’m that jerk that gets it done mid-November, drops your present off and makes you promise not to open it until Christmas 😀

    – I has a blog! Not too many people read it though, so I don’t update very often (maybe 3 times a month max). I was thinking of starting a makeup blog, but I don’t think I purchase enough makeup to justify one.

    – I’ve been using Wet & Wild black pencil liner and their liquid liners for years, and I think they’re just as good as the expensive ones.

    – I guess it depends on the subject matter. I used to keep a blog that only my close friends had access to, so my bff used to give me advice on things I was stressed out about all the time – whether I was in the mood to hear it or not. From people I know, I appreciate it in the long run, because I know it means they care. From people that do it just to leave tl;dr comments and act superior, well… that’s what the block/delete buttons are for 😀

    P.S. That song will be stuck in my head alllll day now. Thanks a lot 😡

  7. You sent me the BEST gift ever! <3333!

    -Since, IRL, all I have is my sister, she's the only person I have to plan gifts here for. Mostly it's you, and Phyrra and blog people that I'm shopping for now.

    Since I'm generally quite broke, I've been collecting extra things and putting them aside for a while :]

    -Do you check on Jangsara's? Her EOTDs are amazing.

    -I think everyone knows I only ever use one black liner.

    If someone's genuinely trying to help and the advice is useful, I suppose I feel differently. But I think context matters. If I say "I didn't do this well" and someone suggests a way I could do it better, that would be fine. If I say "this didn't go well because I didn't have X or Y" and they say "You should use X or Y" – THAT really annoys me, ignoring my stated limitations to make suggestions. And if I don't invite it at all then I probably do get frustrated with it.

  8. – I’m doing most of my holiday shopping online (whee, making the mail do most of the work for me. Also, I am terrified of the malls at this point in the year. So. Many. People), so I’ve got mine around half done (however, nothing gets wrapped for a while. Mostly because I’m always finding something else to do other than fighting with tape).

    – I personally really like Annabelle’s Smoothliners (I’m hopeless with both gel/cream and liquid, so it’s only pencil for me most of the time). They stay on for a ridiculously long time and for the price? Basically awesome. (Unfortunately, they’re a Canadian brand and it seems like they haven’t figured out what an online store is. ._.)

    – I never know how to take unsolicited advice and I can never figure out how to respond to it. ._.

    /delurks from reading mode

  9. Holiday shopping is pretty overrated. The past couple of years I’ve been making 98% of everything I give, but this year I just could not get started so I’m having to resort to shopping after all. So far everything I’ve ordered (including my Christmas cards) is coming from Etsy…so technically, it is handmade. 🙂 I’m almost finished too! Oh and I have you to thank for reviewing some shops that I ordered from.

  10. The blacks I use the most are:
    1. Wet n’ Wild Black Creme Liner (basically a gel formula)
    2. Physicians Formula Black with blue sparkle gel Liner (from the blue eyes set)
    3. Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero – on the waterline

  11. re: Holiday Shopping: We have Secret Santa’s in my family and I am nearly, with just *one* more present to take care of and then I’m completely done, Christmas sock and all.

    I like Christmas shopping. It’s the one time of the year I’m not the complete embodiment of Scrooge McDuck.

    Unsolicited Advice: I *try* my best not to cave in and dole this out because I know I don’t like it. It’s something I’ve become more aware of with the dawn of Twitter, especially, since just putting out a complaint/frustration out in the Twitterverse seems to be an open invitation for unsolicited advice. I’m good about it offline 😉

  12. All of my family members luckily made a wish list this year and most of my stuff will be bought in store or online. I love DIY-presents but two years ago I made my sister quite a nice compley skirt that I owned, too (and which she mentioned she liked a lot some months before). In the end she never wore it even once and I was disappointed. So I’d rather make everyone happy and just buy them nice things. I know my mother and stepmother would like handmade things but our tastes differ a great deal :’D
    My friends will definetly get handmade items, though, since most of them are DIYer themselves and will definetly appreciate it.
    I only bought and made a few things so far… so much more to do!

    I’d say just stay calm and ignore unsolicited advice. If it really bugs you, try not to answer right away, cool down and type up a short thank you the next day or so, then forget about it ;3

  13. I’m doing a combination of homemade gifts (canned goodies from the garden this summer) and the mad store rush….usually try to hit black Friday (for some reason, think I must like the chaos,lol,) I used to use black eye liner alot and then I stopped….now I’m getting into it again….haven’t found a fav. yet. 🙂

  14. I haven’t started on holiday shopping yet x: My friends/family don’t actually do much gift-giving (Asian family, broke university student friends), but there are a few of my closest friends who I definitely want to give things to. I’m not a very crafty person, sadly, but I plan on hitting up Etsy when my next paycheck comes in.

    Everyone should follow Hyperbole and a Half ( As for actual beauty blogs, most of the ones I follow are nail polish specific (I find that a lot of “general” beauty bloggers who post about nail polish don’t have swatches as accurate as those who focus almost solely on it. Plus polish-focused bloggers tend to actually clean their cuticles. I can’t stand it when people post gross pictures of their messily done nails. argh) I like Asami a lot (, as well as Emerald Sparkled ( and Polish or Perish ( For general beauty, I like Jen ( and Brittany (

    My reaction to unsolicited advice nearly always depends on tone. I personally hate being wrong, so I’ll gladly accept a polite correction. If they’re being rude/passive aggressive about it though, I just ignore it. Otherwise I’ll end up acting totally immature. 😛
    Of course, with the internet, it can be hard to tell someone’s tone, but I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I tend to overreact anyway, so it’s probably best that I assume I’m taking everything the wrong way 😛

  15. Holiday shipping = last minute for me and seeing most of my friends/family say “I don’t care” or “don’t get me anything” most get sent a gift card. I used to feel bad about not getting them gifts but them times I did they never used them or seemed to appreciate me spending hours looking for something. I usually by a $5-$10 gag something just so they have something to unwrap on top of a gift card.

    Blogs to follow – hmmm MINE! heheheh I have also loved its a well set out nail polish blog.

    Ah I had to learn about unsolicited advice when I became chronically ill. So many told me I only needed to do this or try this or they heard this or this came out. I learnt which battles to pick and which ones to just smile and thank them. I knew some people were honestly trying to help and didn’t know help and was easier for both to let them think they helped and me not to fight them. For others I usually said thank you, but I know a lot about my illness and in trying to get better have tried most things three times even the bizarre ones. Unless something has come out in the past few days I have already tried it. I thanked them for thinking of me and taking the time to get the information but they didn’t need to concern them selves as i was on top of this and lets just enjoy the time we are having out, talking etc without bringing this up.

  16. I am just about done with my Christmas shopping. I knocked it out last weekend.

    I like Bobbi Brown’s gel ink eyeliners. I just bought denim. I like the formula, and their eyeliner brush is a must. It is the best I’ve ever used. I can tight line or I can make the line thicker. And, the liner does not smudge and stays on all day. The saleslady said that it is the best gel eyeliner on the market. I like it better than MAC’s liners.

    Unsolicited advice. Hmmm… That depends who is giving the advice. I work with men, so I am not afraid of confrontation with them. If somebody says something that bothers me, I will try to figure out where they are coming from and what their intent was. If it is a veiled insult — which usually doesn’t happen from guys, then I will lay it on the table and tell them what I think. I don’t know why, but I am a lot more cautious with women. If they are giving me unsolicited advice, I try to figure out where they are coming from. If they mean it well, then I will take it with a grain of salt. But, if they are being bossy and overbearing or if they are being insulting, I will ignore what they’ve said and let it go if it has just happened once or twice. It may be a personality thing. If it was something I had to endure a lot, I would have to address it so that I could stand being around them. So, to address it, I would call them on what they were saying.

  17. thebirdofparadise November 19, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Grey, you are a good judge of character (among other things) I think you know best if someone needs to be told to shut her pie hole. I agree with other previous posters that there are times when unsolicited advice is really just passive aggressive nastiness.

    I will nip pretty darn hard if someone tries this with me. Sigh. I’m not usually aggressive, but I have had too much prior experience with this kind of bullying behavior, and I will shut it down immediately. *thinking of my mil, but she’s not the only one* 😦

  18. ✏ Holiday shopping? I buy presents as I stumble upon something that matches a person – a perfect bracelet in June? So be it! I keep them until New Year’s and then give them away 🙂 .

    Lovely eye-looks, both of them.
    I seem to have lost some of the nice blogs amongst all the links :/ .

    I browse Lazy Dynamite’s blog (and other blogs in languages that I don’t know) in Google Chrome and it automatically offers to translate them, I love it 🙂 !

    ✏ As far as unsolicited advice is concerned… I first check to see if it’s not just a difference-in-communication-styles glitch – I find that a lot of time people do it with the best intentions.
    If I clearly expressed I don’t want it and they continue with good intentions… I ignore it.

    If they continue and I sense it’s coming from a bad-intentioned, impudent place, I tell them it’s rude and, if I can, cease communicating with them.

    Hm, it’s a bit tough answering questions like this, because the one answering is viewing the situation through their past experiences and has no idea what the exact situation is, hope I didn’t stray too much.

  19. Gah, just realized I totally got my latherati comment farked, butterbeer was in Hogsmead wasn’t it? I think I said Diagon Alley. Fail on meh again! I really need to re-read lol

    1. I am allll finished! I stared in September when I went to Vegas. Just need to pick up little things I see just cuz and buy my smelly bros some candy but waiting until closer to christmas so they won’t dry out.

    2. If you wanna see crazy beautiful eotds check out mizz Luna! She’s pretty durn awesome.

    3. Mac Black Line Pearlglide Intense!!! Re-released with the Tartan Tale collection. Buyyyyy ittttt. My cousin cleared the Calgary store out of them when it first came out. Black with teeny golden bits that show off awesome when smudged. And of course that sweet ass liner I sent you. woohoo!

    4. I’ll probably make a comment and then ignore anything after that. The person would think they’re right when they really just wasted time trying to bring you down again, so technically you won for not bothering to waste anymore time on the matter 😀
    If it’s in real life, just smile and nod, and then completely tune the person out and think about something cool. Like cats. In sweaters.