Product Body – An Introduction

One day I came home to find a giant box on my porch from Product Body.  When I opened it I was overwhelmed to find so many different goodies!  I had a very hard time opening the box, everything was wrapped so carefully and beautifully, it was hard to disturb it.  I carefully kept all the ribbons wrapped around the soap wrappers to use in something fancy!

At Product Body, we believe that quality skin and body care products aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. Of course, there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be luxurious too, elevating the spirit and leaving the skin soft and supple.

I got to try :

Crush on You scrub in Mazu, Blaze, and Caramel Apple

Handmade Soaps in Smash Ball Sweets, Sexy Laundry Day, Poison Apple, Linzer Cookie, and Black Pumpkin

Crush on You

Crush On You is like nothing you’ve ever felt (unless you’ve run your hands through a bowl of extra moist sugar cookie batter). It’s loaded with sugar that not only scrubs you clean but sloughs off dead dry skin cells. The organic sunflower oil and fresh shea butter we whip in moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and supple. Finally, the incredibly gentle body wash that holds it all together rinses you off as clean as a whistle, leaving your skin soft, clean and fresh feeling.

I love sugar scrubs.  I always have a few of them in the shower and I use them every day on my arms, elbows, and knees.  I like a variety because I’m never sure what scent I’m going to wear that day and I like to match the scrub scent (in case it lingers) with whatever I wear.  In the case of Product Body I was really pleased to be able to try three scents I loved.  I really like this formula, it washed very cleanly and didn’t leave that odd film that commercial scrubs (like the one I just got from BBW did). The jars are labeled with the company name, ingredients, weight, and company info.  The label is really professional, but not so water resistant so it gets yucky in the shower.

Blaze in one of those pumpkin scents that make you want to eat it.  It smells like a warm spicy pumpkin pie.  In fact, it was layered with an orange band of pumpkin scrub right inside the jar and sprinkled with ‘spice’.

Caramel Apple is quite a literal scent.  The apple is crisp and not cloying and leaves a very soft and simple scent on your skin, almost like you’ve been walking through an orchard.

Mazu was hard to place.  It is simply gorgeous and has so many soft notes of things I like.  It smelled like the dessert I like from my favorite Thai place (the one who does vegan brilliantly).

Mazu (pronounced Mat-zu):: Coconut milk, lemongrass, blackened vanilla, crushed Indonesian lime leaves, smoky clove, a whisper of jasmine and a tiny hint of dark musk.

It’s like it was made just for me.  Typically I’m not a big ‘sweet’ scent fan, but this isn’t overly so and it’s just exotic and interesting enough that I would wear this in a perfume!

Handmade Soaps

I collect soap.  I love getting bars of soap that I know were handmade.  I can imagine the people I know (like Brit, Becca, Ms. Morbid, and now Joanna) mixing them and pouring them, and then sitting and waiting, watching them cure for weeks before being able to cut them.  I imagine it’s a real labor of love.  I love that the scents in these bars are so strong that I get a very good idea what the perfume counterparts might be.  Sometimes soap scents are too mellow and the notes get muddled or lost.

Smash Ball Sweets

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are hugely popular to some and to others, a complete mystery. Let me explain. Terry’s Chocolates come in a box, but it is shaped like an orange wrapped in orange foil. On a sticker on the foil it says, “whack and unwrap”. Which is all you have to do to make that candy come alive. Open up that orange foil and you will see the most perfect chocolate orange in the world. Every section looks just like an orange section and it is l u s c i o u s . . . It tastes wonderful.

I love the name of this once I found out how the scent related to it.  Funny story.  I had this sitting on my desk and someone walked by and tried to snap a piece off to eat it, thinking it was fudge.  It smells that amazing.  The chocolate is soft and mellow and the orange tart.  I would kill for a chocolate orange now.

Black Pumpkin

They smell like Pumpkin bread with out being too sugary or bready. The scent is the perfect balance of pumpkin, sugar, moist pumpkin bread, that cozy smell when your house fills up with baked goodies and you want to sit on the couch and grab a cup of hot tea, coffee or hot cocoa… This will appeal to the sweet tooth to the regular foodie. The black is activated charcoal.

This is an amazing little bar of soap.  I know it mystifies some people (coughANAcough) how much some other people (coughMEcouch) love pumpkin, but this is the quintessential pumpkin scent.  It’s spicy and sharp and so very comforting.  It has a swirl of charcoal it it, perfect for a nice clarifying soap.  I’ve used this on my face and it was gentle and didn’t leave any funky film behind.  It’s probably NOT a facial soap, but it was the closet thing I could be to eating it.

Sexy Laundry Day

A fresh, sophisticated, yet seductive scent, Sexy Laundry Day is the most popular in our line and it’s very hard to keep these soaps in stock.

Made from a blend of ylang ylang, rosewood, musk, mimosa, and hints of baby rose and jasmine, it’s softened with notes reminiscent of ocean breezes and clean linen.

This smells like fabric softener.  Straight up.  I didn’t think it was going to be ‘my thang’ but I’m sort of hooked.  It’s all the love of the Snuggle without the creepy talking teddy bear.  It’s a very… strong scent.  I’m not sure what the word I’m looking for here is.  But it’s got that perfumey sort of thing going on and oddly enough, I would LOVE this in a perfume.  I’d smell like my laundry room.

Poison Apple

It isn’t tart apple or sweet apple, although clearly apple-y. It has warmth, too, and a touch of black pepper but not overwhelming. The pepper is ever so soft like a whisper, but without it, the day wouldn’t exist. Black pepper pulls all of the ingredients together in its wispy way. I take a deep breath in and I smell crisp, fresh apples, graham cracker crust, a sprinkle of cinnamon and black pepper.

I like peppery scents in theory.  Solstice Scents did an amazing job with Lace Draped Spectre, but Villianess failed miserably with Pyromania.  There is a fine line between spicy and steak seasoning.  Poison Apple walks it carefully.  I keep wondering what it would be like to add some pepper to my next apple pie, just to see if the kick is anything like this scent.

Linzer Cookie

Perfect shortbread cookie sandwiches with raspberry jam inside and confectioner’s sugar sprinkled on top. It is PERFECT.

I happen to love raspberry jam and I eat it a lot.  A lot, so this was a nice surprise scent.  The cure date on it was Halloween and I had gotten the box a little while before, so I had to let it sit before I opened it.  I honestly haven’t used this one yet.  I want to savor the scent, the raspberry is SO true and not at all syrupy and fake.  Soap bars are so hard to resist biting sometimes.

All in all I am REALLY impressed with the things I received from Product Body.

  • I would love to be able to try some of the scents as perfumes, like I mentioned.
  • I’m fairly certain everything is vegan.
  • The website is very professionally done, although the Etsy shop is sort of sparse on descriptions.
  • The prices seem quite competitive.
  • The balms look wonderful and have been featured in several magazines.

Have you tried Product Body?

If you’re a soap maker, check out Jo’s blog here!


17 Responses to “Product Body – An Introduction”

  1. I MUST OWN SEXY LAUNDRY DAY. I LOVE the smell of clean washing, I stand there smelling the fabric softener for ages before I do any laundry. I used to hang around outside our vent pipe for our old tumbledryer whenever it was on because it smelled so gorgeous.

    Also, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange stickers USED to say “tap and unwrap” but they changed it recently, since if you ‘tap’ them it does bugger all. You have to throw those fuckers against a wall sometimes. They’re delicious though.

  2. Jo’s stuff is wonderful! I’m glad to hear you liked everything! I totally agree with you on the Sexy Laundry Day scent- it smells like fabric softener and perfume, but it’s a perfume-y scent I can actually enjoy, and there aren’t too many of those out there, so kudos to Product Body on that! I’m super-curious about her new “Lounge” scent… though it’s probably not so much for me, as for my husband, from the sounds of it, and dangit I’m tired of buying scents that end up going to his collection 😡 Mazu sounds delightful, too, though!

  3. oo I’ve been eyeing her shop for a while now, glad you were able to review it 😀 She also has a soap blog called It has SO MANY PRETTY SOAPS /drools

  4. I think I have found another new obsession thanks to you.. haha I will def. have to try them out. My husband and I love yummy smelling soaps!

  5. Grey, you stun me. I LOVE your heavenly review of my scrubs and soaps! I am speechless…

    There will be more secrets coming out.. new scents you may die for. Coming soon. Keep an oogly eye out.

    Thank you so much.

  6. Wowza! I love jo’s crush on you and mazu is to die for.
    What a fan review! Super stoked to read this. X

  7. I also love pumpkin. Mmmmmmmm….pumpkin. I think I need to check some of these out.

  8. YES!!!!!! I LOVE her stuff sooooooooo much. Can’t live without it, and I’m so glad you reviewed! YAY!!

  9. Sexy Laundry Day sounds delish. I think I may just buy some stuff off them in this lovely scent when I can scrouge together some money (just spent a wee bit on a new Clinique foundation that is really nice, woot).

  10. mmmm chocolate oranges. Why can’t these lame ass ferrero rochers sitting next to me be a damn chocolate orange!>?!

  11. Yay! I’m so glad to see a review on Product Body (I’ve been dying to know what Sexy Laundry Day smells like)! I’m so placing an order now.

  12. Blaze and Caramel Apple sound soooo good.

  13. it’s her soaps that just slay me. they have the perfect suds. i mean it. perfect. and they moisturize so beautifully. the scents are strong, but then i get to smell yummy all day without using perfume (which i find overwhelming). all that and a supercool shop owner. what’s not to love?!

  14. Smash Ball Sweets and Poison Apple sound awesome. I love fruity scents with a bit of a twist.

    I’m going to need to keep my eye on this shop! (No such thing as too many soaps? :D)

  15. I love the Sexy Laundry Day and Poison Apple scent. I got them in perfume oils as they are cheaper to ship internationally compared to the heavier scrubs, but I do want to try some of the Crush on you because it sounds so good. And she wraps them in the nicest paper ever, it was like opening a birthday present!