Hard Candy – Revisited

I don’t like Walmart, but on occasion I find myself in there needing to get something.  Last month I had a TERRIBLE experience and I took it upon myself to call the manager as well as their corporate headquarters.  I know you’re not surprised, I get things done.  They asked for my information, corp would get back in touch with me, etc etc.  I was just about to call back when I received a ‘courtesy’ gift card in the mail.  There was no apology, just the card and a little thing that said they hoped I’d shop with them again.  The card, however generous, came with a huge list of restrictions.  I could not use it on electronics, OTC medication, infant supplies, small appliances, automotive parts or services, paint, bikes, etc etc.  In the end I think the only thing I could do with it was buy food, clothes, or cosmetics.  I stood in the horribly lit make up aisle for a while before I remembered that they sold Hard Candy.  I stood there and had this crazy long debate with myself.  I recently watched a few tutorials from people who used HC and seemed to like it.  I also read a few reviews saying they’d come out with a lot of new things.  So, well, I folded like amateur origami and blew the whole ‘courtesy’ card on Candy cosmetics.

I was surprised to find that the display was quite improved.  At first I was only going to get a few things, they had little gift sets of small (trial) sized things packaged in theme sets.  I picked those up, but then I found myself curious about some of the products not included in the set.  While I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of the products, some were just horrible, and there is no nice way to say it.  I checked out their website, but it’s fairly useless.  Not all of the products I found in the store are listed on it, and the products contain almost no information at all.

The Good

1,000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave

I honestly have no idea why I tried these.  I picked up the Primer first.  Normally I dislike primers, they make my lashes look… odd.  But I was curious.  The tube is flat on one end, like a tube of cream rather then a cylinder.  I had to rip the boxes apart to get these out.

I sat and worked with it and after a while I had built up some just crazy long lashes and they were not all that clumpy that they looked funky.  What I did was several quick coats, applied just to the ends of my lashes (I coudln’t see any reason to run it through my whole lash) and then dip the wand in and coat it again before the first coat dried.  It took a bit of work but soon I had very nice long white tipped lashes.

The true test, though, was how they looked after I put a mascara on OVER the Primer.  Ug.  Failure.  I tried several times to get the mascara to go on nicely and not clump the moment it touched the primer.  Finally I discovered that using a mascara with a very thick and fluffy wand worked best.  There is a real learning curve with this, it takes a bit of application practice to get results.  What I loved about the primer the most was what it did to my BOTTOM lashes.  I’ve been using the Primer just on the bottom for some oddly dramatic lower lashes.

I also got this mascara in brown.  I had wanted it in black, but the only ones they had were opened.  I can use brown, especially if I’m doing a golden eye.  The results with the brown mascara were FAR superior to the Primer.  All you need to do is master the application and you’re good, no need to fuss with the coat over them.  Using the same small and quick coat method I can achieve amazing long fluttery lashes, although they are sort of crisp and the formula will flake after a while.  The secret to the application is not to wiggle the wand, but apply it in long straight strokes.  Your lashes will not be thick and dark, the brown isn’t all that great a color, but they will be long and wispy.

Moon Glow Luminizing Powder

Love this.  I was watching Pixiwoo (slightly obsessed these days) and Nic talks about a highlighter from MAC that was discontinued or reformulated that she loved and it always makes me think I need one.  While I do very much like the one I have from Tokidoki, it’s a little pink.  It’s alright for some days, but when I’m already battling pink cheeks, I wanted something with a light sheen and no color.  The Moon Glow powder is actually a little ‘buff’ in color and not quite totally translucent.

It comes in a very sturdy compact with a nice mirror and a sponge applicator that is useless for the powder.  I use a little blending brush to apply it, although the sponge works great with my liquid foundation.

The Bad

Eye Def Glitter Eyeshadow

Wow, this stuff is bad.  Touted as a ‘cream’ eyeshadow it’s a hot mess.  It comes in this tube with a long doe foot applicator.  It’s a dark cream base loaded with glitter.  There are a few things inherently wrong with the formula, though.  It’s splotchy and impossible to get opaque, it needs several layers, but then it’s so thick it just does not dry.  When I put it on my lid and blinked a few times I realized I needed to keep my eye closed to get it to dry, it immediately smeared all over with each blink.  But I waited too long to fix it and when it DID dry, it dried and glued my EYE OPEN.  Ug.  When it did dry it  looked horrible and when I took it off it stained my eye a gross grey purple color like I’d been punched.  Thankfully I was able to return it.  For store credit, of course.

Curl Up and Dye Lash Curling Mascara

Add a little glamor to your wink with this curling mascara. This rich, intense color mascara adds depth and curl to even the tiniest lashes. Our unique lash-flexing formula offers a combination of ingredients that gives long-lasting curl to lashes.

Although I really liked the applicator, it’s thin and long and great to get the little inside and lower lashes, the formula was thin and didn’t want to ‘set’ or dry.  Although the color was supposed to be purple, you couldn’t tell at all.  It was disappointing all around, the packaging was made partially out of cardboard.

Painted Lady Lipstick

A creamy, long lasting lip color leaving no shade unturned. Each piece is a work of art.

I really wanted to like this lipstick, the tube was adorable, the name was adorable (Kitten, mew), and the color promising.  The clear bright red I was expecting was not even close to what it looked like on my lips.  It’s more orange in person, not so much the Chinese red but a tomato red.  The formula was very thin (sheer) and didn’t wear well, without my Reverse Liner it would have been all over the place.  It was not creamy or long lasting at all.  Plus?  It had little glitter flecks in it, not really enough to have any effect, it sort of looked like I might have accidentally gotten something on part of my lip.

Show Girl’s Secret Glitter Glue

This little jar of glitter comes with a tiny little brush.  Both of which do nothing.  Painting the glue on you have to IMMEDIATELY apply the glitter, once it dries it is just… nothing.  Once you pat your glitter over the glue and it sticks, any little brush against it wipes it right off.  It’s not a glue by any stretch of the imagination.

Hot Smudge Eyeshadow

I picked this up in Stunt Double, which I thought was a bright purple and a nice grey.  In fact it’s a pale purple and a smoggy brown. The packaging claims that it’s a liner and a cream shadow.  The formula is really greasy and very sheer.  It took quite a bit of product built up in layers to get an opaque line, but the purple never was quite as vivid.  But really, it didn’t matter, it never set.  It was always just like a layer of grease.  It doesn’t work at a liner at all, it would never stay in place and transferred to my crease whenever I blinked.

The packaging was really cute, it’s a long case very much like Urban Decay Eye Inks, which I assume was the product they were trying to mimic.

The Ehh

Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy Lip Gloss

You won’t believe the look. These sheer lip pencils are all you need to get dazzling lips. Try mixing shades together to customize your look.

I tried a few of these last time, but I really wanted to try this color after seeing it in a LOTD that I liked.  I still really dislike the formula, but this color, Jezebel, is lovely.  It’s a metallic sparkly fuchsia.  It looks best worn with my Reverse Liner, which seemed to solve some of the migration problem, but the pencil is very soft and mushes all over the place and hence the lipstick should be applied very carefully.

Nobody’s Perfect Concealer Palette

The ultimate professional make up too. Conceals dark circles and smooths uneven skin tones. Provides complete coverage, the texture is light, easy to blend, and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Attached brush for perfect application.

I’ve used this so much, I’m going to spare you the pictures of the messy palette.  Still, I’m not sure I like it.  None of the concealer shades work for me, even the lightest is a little dark.  The corrector shades are nice, the green and the yellow especially, I find the pink useless although I did use it as a base on my eye the other day to middling success.  The formula is alright, nothing all that amazing, but it does it’s job.

Stick around for Part 2 of the Great Hard Candy Revisitation of 2010, coming tomorrow.


18 Responses to “Hard Candy – Revisited”

  1. Yay! You know I love the 1000 Lashes Primer right now! Glad to see you tried one of these and liked it 🙂

    I looked at the moon glow luminizer but didn’t know if I would like it. I have a lot of Meow Glows and I have Benefit’s High Beam, which is what I tend to use these days. Does a little go a long way?

    I hope that you got to try the Blushes. I think they’re the best products from the line.

    • I’m pretty happy, I only wish the purple one would be as nice, and I’m afraid to try.

      It’s sort of different then those, it’s sort of more subtle, which I really like. I also got another one of their highlighters I like I’ll review tomorrow.

      I have one blush. I didn’t risk the rest.

      • I originally picked up the Curl up Mascara in Purple and Black, and my purple worked really well, but my black sucked. It sucked horribly. I think there’s probably a quality control issue with them.

        I’m really looking forward to you reviewing the highlighters 🙂

        Which blush did you get? I got Honeymoon first, then Living Doll and Pinup, and finally broke down and nabbed Bombshell. I use a mini-kabuki from ecoTools to apply them usually. Love them 🙂 Totally makes sense to only get one to try first.

    • I love the blushes too. Living Doll is one of my favorite blushes ever.

  2. If you want a nice purple mascara try the 1000 Lashes or Lash Call one. My lashes are dark brown and even if I use them with out a primer you can still tell the color.

    I haven’t tried all that much HC stuff but one thing I do really like is the white Foiled Again Shadow Stick. The shadow sticks are supposed to be vibrant stick shadows, but that’s a real load of crap. The Foiled Again ones make a nice super shimmery base for shadows and brings some new depth to them. I particularly LOVE Fyrinnae’s Shinigami over it (using PE over the shadow stick of course).

    • I looked at those, and I kept thinking I would be disappointed, so I might go back and try one!

      • If you get the colored ones you’ll be disappointed because they don’t even have enough color pay off to be a colored eye shadow base. The Foiled Again ones are worth it if you like shimmery shadows. They also work well for brow and cheek highlighting.

  3. I find the products hit and miss as well. I don’t like the eyeliners and mascara, but I have found some eye colors that I like. I also bought a blush that was nice. I like the packaging. I think it is fun. Thanks for the reviews on all of these products. I have been thinking about getting the lip glosses.

  4. thebirdofparadise November 19, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Thanks for this in depth review. Based on what I already own and love/use, you just saved me money. Nothing here suits my needs. But I will be interested to see what you discuss tomorrow.

    I was completely uneducated about makeup when this line debuted, but I seem to remember that it was a BIG DEAL in the mid-nineties. It certainly got a lot of press. How did this line wind up at Wal Mart? I seem to recall that it was only available in “upscale” locations back then.

    • That was my first thought too. Walmart? I grew up where this brand was founded and it was a HUGE deal and so elite and hard to get. It baffles me.

    • What I gathered from the Wiki article was that LVMH bought it in 1999 and essentially killed it only to reinvent it for Walmart 10 years later.

      I can only imagine how nice the original line must have been.

      • I seem to remember Hard Candy’s looking A LOT like Urban Decay’s, and vice versa, maybe 3-6 years ago. Wiki says LV bought them too, in 2000, so that would explain it.

  5. When I think of Hard Candy, I think of junior high and reading in YM about how it was Alicia Silverstone and Drew Barrymore’s go-to brand for dark purple nail polish and brown matte lipstick 😀 It was pretty pricey then, so I stuck to the Wet & Wild versions of the colors that I wanted. Oh man. I have some pretty terrible pictures of me at 11 years old with a mouth slathered in brown matte lipstick, thinking I was pretty hot stuff.

  6. I’ve only ever tried one Hard Candy thing, a pencil eyeliner, and it was unusable. The colour on the box did not translate to the colour of the product, and it was like trying to use a wax crayon. Hard, hurt to use on my eyes, and barely left any colour behind.

    I just abandoned them as a brand, then. Everything I hear tells me it’s hit and miss, and you can’t return make-up unless it’s faulty in the UK, so I’m not prepared to waste my money on them.

  7. I bought the Hard Candy volumizing mascara and the baked eye shadow and was very disapointed. The mascara does nothing, and the eyeshadow is meh at best.
    So far the only Hard Candy products that I’ve been happy with are the nail polishes and the lipsticks.
    I also purchased an eyeshadow “tattoo” kit — leopard eyeshadow! But I’ve been too scared to try it.

  8. Have you tried the Glamoflage concealers? I heard a lot of people like it 😀

    IMO Hard Candy is a hit or miss brand. Their baked blushes are wonderful (some I’d say almost MSF dupes) but other products in the line are a bit more lacking.

  9. Moon Glow is probably the only thing I’d really want to own out of what you reviewed. As for the rest of the products you reviewed, I completely agree with what you said. Since the relaunch through Wal-Mart, everything is either a hit or a complete miss. They’re more concerned with quantity over quality now but there are still plenty of stuff worth checking out. The baked shadows are fairly decent but what I really love from the line is the tinted moisturizers (I use quite often), the baked blushes and the baked bronzer. As for the rest, I’d have to see some killer reviews to even consider buying.


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