Hard Candy – Part Deux

In this exciting installment of the Great Hard Candy Revisitation of 2010 I’m going to go through the little sets that I got (I think they might be Holiday collections) and try each of those products out. There were four different sets, although one has been perpetually sold out. They all cost $8 and contain either four or six products.  Since everything was just trial sized, I can’t really review the packaging and some of the things in the kits I didn’t see on the shelf.

I managed to try the following :

Glamazon Glow

So Baked Bronzer in Tropics

I can’t really do Bronzers.  I’m too pale, they just don’t work, they don’t look right.  This is a very nice warm gold and it doesn’t look TOO bad dusted over my cheeks and nose.  If I use it more like a golden highlighter it’s lovely.

I like the formula, it’s basically a MS, or a nice baked solid mineral shadow.  I was concerned that it would be cheep and too hard, like many baked shadows are.  This compact is soft and silky, although not creamy.  The color has nice even payout and I actually like it..  I seemed to wear well and last a while, but I did set it under some translucent powder because I’m never a fan of he ultrashimmer of the MSF.

I might buy this product in a full size if the color was right.

Sheer Envy Primer

This came in two of the sets.  At first I thought it was a little odd.  One tube seemed greasy, but the other was different, so I’m going to assume one was just… bad.  Although it is a little clumpy, it smoothed over my skin like most silicone based primers do.  It did need to sit a while to really get it to set, which isn’t all that bad.

It left my skin a little shiny, so I might not recommend this for oily skin, but over all I did like the way it worked with my foundation, however on it’s own (just left bare) I don’ t think it does much to reduce pores, lines, etc etc. Setting it with powder really didn’t help, so on it’s own it’s not really worth purchasing, it’s not a perfecter at all.

I might buy this product again in full sized if I needed an inexpensive primer, it’s not something I would use long term.

Plexi Gloss in Genie

I loooove this in the tube.  It’s a gorgeous bronze gloss with golden shimmer.  On my lips it’s sort of boring and bland.  The color sheers out and all that’s left is he shimmer, which is still lovely.  It’s a very smeary and sort of greasy formula.  And it has a very strong vanilla flavor that just does NOT work for me, it gave me an instant stomach ache.  I tried it in the morning before I ate and ug.  I tried it again in the afternoon and same thing.  It simply doesn’t agree with me.

It was a little smeary and didn’t really want to work over another lip color.

I probably would not try this product full sized.

Glow All the Way in Glamazon Bronze

Dabbing this on the back of my hand I shuddered.  It’s like molten gold and I thought that it could not possibly look good on me.  When I smoothed it out and applied it very sparingly it left an almost rosy golden sheen.  You know, it may actually be more bronze then golden, so nevermind.  Either way, applied in just the right places it looks beautiful, it’s not so dark that it looks odd on my pale skin and I looked *healthy* and not like a nightcrawler.  It’s not something I would use all the time, but with the right FOTD it’s very pretty.  It must be used sparingly, too much and it looks greasy, but you can set it with some powder, although I suppose that would defeat the purpose of it being luminizing.

I would probably buy this in full sized and use it occasionally.

First Flush

Blush Crush in Living Doll

I have heard so many good things about this blush.  I’m typically not crazy about overly shimmery blush, it just doesn’t work for me and being this is basically an MSF dupe, I’m going to have to say that holds.  I’ve heard from people who have oily skin that it settles into their pores and accentuates the unevenness of their skin.

Again, like the Bronzer, I like the formula overall.  The color is really beautiful, one of my favorites and even with my warm skin tone it works.

I probably would not buy this again in a full sized, but that’s just because I personally do not care for the finish.

Plumping Serum in Uptown Girl

I really don’t care for Hard Candy’s lip products.  This is the fourth one I’ve tried and it was a disappointment.  It’s sheer and thin and sort of greasy.  It tingles, although I’m not sure it plumps at all.

I would not buy this in a full size.

Glow All the Way in Doll Face

Just like the other Glow All the Way in gold, this one is the same formula and finish, but the color is a pinky pearl iridescent.  I love it.  LOVE IT, but again, too much is a little greasy.

I’m not sure if they intend for this to be used all over the face, but dotted on as a highlighter I really like it.  One problem that the pink has that I didn’t notice with the gold was it seemed to wear off and fade easily.  I doubt it would last a full night or a long day.

I probably would buy this again in a full size.

Naturally Naughty

Kal-Eye-Descopes in High Maintence

Instead of this coming in one split shadow like the full sized eyes shadows do, this is actually two small separate shadows.  One is a light bronze and one is a darker tone of the same shade.  They are, just like most baked MSF shadows, practically metallic in nature.  I really love the colors, they have a soft rosy tone to them.  They wear best over a primer, on their own they tended to fade rather quickly.  They are also fairly sheer and I needed to layer the product to get the best payoff.

I might buy these shadows again in a full sized if there was another duo that interested me.

Eye Shadow Primer

What do I say about this.  It looks and feels just about like the skin primer, the skin primer is a little more dense, though.  It’s an opaque white cream and it rubs in smoothly and takes a bit to dry (set).  Once it’s on it GRABS onto the shadows like crazy, especially the Hard Candy baked shadows.  It didn’t perform quite so nicely with my loose mineral shadows, but it certainly made their colors more true and the looks last longer.  It did crease a bit.  I would say it’s a good primer, not a great primer.

I probably wouldn’t get it in a full size, but that’s just because I already have so many other options.

Lash Tinsel Glitter Mascara in Gold Digger

Basically this is a glitter in a clear gel in a mascara tube that you put on over your mascara to add glittery fleck that will just dry off and flake into your eyes and cause blindness.  It’s a thick sort of gel that glues all your lashes together, so no matter how full and lovely you got them with your regular mascara, this gel will just clump them.  And really, the glitter pay off isn’t enough to make them look all that interesting otherwise.

I would not buy this in full size.

Take Me Out Eyeliner in Dim Sum

I’m not crazy about Hard Candy’s eyeliners at all.  I have tried one in the past and it was really hard and difficult to use.  This pencil is a nice consistency, it’s smooth and applies nicely.  The problem with it is it had flecks of silver glitter in it.  And not little flecks of cosmetic glitter, these are more like the poky plastic craft glitter flecks.

I like the color, it’s a nice deep brown, but it smears all over the place and never sets, which I guess I’m used to my gel liners doing.  It would probably work best for those you like the texture of kohl liners.

I would not buy this in a full size.

Ginormous Lash Voluminous Mascara in Blackout

When I first tried this mascara it had a very strong smell and when I applied it it made my eye water.  The mascara never set because I just could NOT get my eye to stop watering, no matter what, when I tried this mascara.  So I stopped trying and binned it.  Now my eye is watering just thinking about it.

I think I might have gotten a bad tube, at least I hope so because I do know a few people who use it and love it.

I would not buy this in a full size.

Interested in trying some Hard Candy?  One commenter will be drawn on Monday to win a Naturally Naughty kit along with a Hard Candy cosmetics bag!

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41 Responses to “Hard Candy – Part Deux”

  1. The glow all the way sounds nice, especially in the gold you mentioned.

    Would you say the eye shadow primer seems to be formulated to work better with pressed or baked shadows, since it didn’t work well with your minerals?

  2. So glad to hear that about the bronzer! Same as you, I can’t really pull of bronze well, but you totally make me want to try it now! 😀
    As for the new Hard Candy line, I’ve only tried one product out of everything, and that’s the nail polish. I own Zombie and Mischief and I actually really like them. :3 Definitely enough to check out the other polishes.

  3. I have only ever used Hard Candies nail polishes, and that was a million years ago [they can with jelly rings]. I have heard mixed thoughts on their cosmetics which has both intrigued and scared me away. I was wondering the same as Phyrra, or does it work best only for Hard Candy baked shadows than other baked shadows?

  4. Hard candy is not available here where i live, i’d really like to try them out!

    thanks for the review!

  5. I’ve recently tried a few hard candy products and largely, I do like what I’ve tried… I just hate that I have to go to walmart to get it =(
    but I am hoping to try some more, and it’s great to see you reviewing them. I always trust your opinions!

  6. I’ve never tried Hard Candy Cosmetics. The Baked Shadows and Bronzing Powder sound interesting though. The Tropics color sounds really pretty. Too bad you had such trouble with the regular and glitter mascaras. Your poor eyes, you put them through so much for us. Thanks for all you do. I love your blog. =)

  7. I like a lot of the Hard Candy products. Not all of them though. I would be interested in trying that kit. I love that you try everything out so that I know what is good and what to pass on! lol :).

  8. This is sooo exciting! I haven’t tried hard candy coz they’re not available here but i really really wanna try these! xx

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  9. Wow, I’m always tempted by the hard candy display, but I wasn’t really sure if it would be good quality makeup or not. Thanks for the review.

  10. LOOOVE their packaging, but haven’t been brave enough to try their product out yet. I did grab a couple nail polishes a few weeks ago (Space cadet dupe as a backup? Yes plz!) but still have yet to use them, LOL. Thanks for reviewing so many other items- I just might grab a few next time I go to the Wal-Mart that carries them (mine doesn’t because it’s lame)!

  11. I was just looking at the display a few days ago….didn’t get anything….think I will now, feeling educated on the product line. Thank u for the reviews!!!

  12. I’ve tried just a few things from them. I got a blush (same type as Living Doll, different color) that was pretty but sheer, and a lip crayon that was totally the wrong color for me. I’m more interested in their nail polish, which is actually great quality!

  13. I like the idea behind baked shadows but it seems alot of brands are unable to make decent ones. I do LOVE the packaging of this brand, but it seems from your review, that they spend more money developing the image then on actual product development.

  14. Ginormous lash gives me one big enormous eyelash clump on each eye that won’t dry.. Also had the constant eye watering issue, though I adore most of their other products, particularly the shadows.

  15. I really like the sound of the Doll face Glow All the way, I think they sell Hard Candy at Target here, I’ll have to check it out.. I’ve been looking for something like that for awhile.

    Thanks for the reviews as usual!

  16. Do you have pictures of the colours and products you liked? The gold one sounds particularly nice 🙂

  17. thank you so much for your review ive enjoyed reading your details on each product.
    id love to enter your giveaway 🙂

  18. I love their 1000 lashes primer, but I am hesitant to try anything else. I despise lip products that make you ill… I’ve had some of those before…

    Thanks for the post!

  19. Wow. It seems like Hard Candy isn’t the best thing ever…..

    I’m new!

  20. Everytime I see Hard Candy at Walmart, I want to try it out. I love the packaging so much but have just been really hesitant after reading most reviews not being so positive about them. Thanks for the review!

  21. Thanks for the extensive review of Hard Candy’s products. I just made my first Hard Candy purchase last week: a single nail polish. I have not tried any of their other cosmetics. Based on your review, it doesn’t look like they have the greatest products.

  22. I personally have never tried anything from Hard Candy, so thank you for these in-depth reviews! c:

    But I really like the packaging design.

  23. I haven’t tried anything from Hard Candy yet. As far as I know they don’t carry them at my local walmart. But I could be missing them since I hate spending a lot of time in the walmart cosmetic section. I would love to try a blush though.

  24. Your experience with the ginormous lah mascara is really interesting; I have two tubes, a brown and a gold, and while the brown is fantastic, the gold clumps my lashes together and makes it look like I only have four or five super thick eyelashes. I thought maybe it was just a problem with the color’s formula, but now I’m leaning towards quality control issues. Regardless, thank you so much for the review. I love how in-depth yours are, it’s really helpful.

  25. I rather like some of the concepts behind their products but I’ve only picked up the primer and glamoflauge concealer. My primer did have a weird fluffy separated texture to it.

  26. Love that mascara! The smell never bothered me, in fact I secretly loved it. Their clear gloss is a great budget alternative. I hate spending more than I have to on clear gloss especially since I go through a tube ever month.

  27. =/ This is kind of disappointing. I’d hoped for better quality coming from them. They used to be HUGE a few years ago, I had several of their cutesy little nail polishes with the heart rings. I’d still like to try a few things though and see how they work for me. The cosmetics bag is super cute. 🙂

  28. Great review!

    I can’t buy Hard Candy where I live, but I may ask my sister (living in Canada) to buy some stuff for me, especially the MSF dupes (not MAC around either).

  29. I bought Hard Candy’s Walk The Line liquid eyeliner in Licorice because I wanted a glittery eyeliner. I have never been able to wear it out because it never seems to dry! After a bit of research on the web, it seems I am not the only one to have that problem and the other colors dry faster but I am hesitant to try any of them out.

  30. Hmm, I’m not a fan of bronzers, but your description of the colors sounds lovely 🙂 Already planning on buying the lash primer on my next trip to Walmart.

  31. I keep seeing bloggers mention Hard Candy’s awesomeness, and it almost makes me wish there were a Wal-Mart around here. It seems their stuff is pretty hit-or-miss, but I do love their packaging. Wish they were available in other stores too; I remember they used to be really popular. Weren’t they associated with Urban Decay?

  32. I remember my first eyeshadow was from hard candy, it was hot pink and had glitter, but that was over 5 years ago. I have not tried anything since I need to take a closer look next time I am at wal mart.

  33. There are some things I like from HC like the nail polish! Especially in beetle.
    Hide and Glow Cheek is nice. The color I got doesn’t show up too much (I think I have In Love). I do like the primer you reviewed the other day. I use Maybelline Colassal with it and it looks gorgeous. I would love to try other products from them.

  34. I have been wanting to try Hard Candy. Thank you for the review. I might go for the bronzer and a few other things!

  35. Oh man, I love Hard Candy! Well I’ve only tried the lip gloss, but I liked it and I love the packaging. Very nice. ♥

  36. That bag is too cute! I’ve never tried hard candy, but I remember when they came out years ago and everyone was going crazy over their pastel nailpolishes with the little plastic heart rings.

  37. /don’t enter me

    I hate how the only eye primers over here are the high end ones. It kind of makes me want Wal-Mart in the UK lol. Anyway cool products.

  38. The makeup bag looks so cute.

  39. I’ve never used any Hard Candy products! I would like the enter the giveaway.

  40. I’ve really been curious about their stuff but haven’t yet taken the plunge. The Glow All the Way sounds really interesting…definitely something I’d be interested in trying.

  41. I don’t think you can buy Hard Candy over here in the UK. I adore the packaging, very cute.
    I’m intrigued by the primer, as I really need to find an affordable one to wear underneath my mineral foundation.
    Not a fan of bronzers. They look odd on me, being very pale and all.