SoBe Botanicals – A Follow Up

This is a long overdue follow up, I realize that.  I use something from SoBe practically every day, so I though I’d sit and review some of my favorites.


Havok is a custom blended shadow I specially requested for my giveaway this month.  Today is the five year anniversary of my becoming vegan.  I picked this specific day on purpose and when I woke up that morning five years ago I just went through my kitchen and got rid of anything with an animal product in it (and made my local food bank very happy).  It was a lifestyle change I am very happy I took, it saved me.  So I wanted this shadow to mark the occasion!  It’s a beautiful rich grey shot through with amazing teal sparks and duochrome.

It’s pretty unassuming in the jar!  Ever have one of those days where no matter what you cannot get your swatches to turn out true?  Yeah, that’s me.  Today I’m wearing Havok like this.

Orgasmic Blush

This is for our Most Versatile new favorite blush. Orgasmic Blush-Medium Peachy pink with a bit of gold shimmer, this is good for all skin tones

I wouldn’t call this an Orgasm dupe, Lex doesn’t like to copy thing, but it’s pretty close.  At $7.99 it’s significantly less expensive.  I really love the color, it’s great on me and the formula is  great.  Sometimes I notice that some mineral blushes sort of set funny on my skin, but this one doesn’t, it’s not overly shimmery.

Oil Control Powder

Our oil absorbing powder is specially formulated for oily & combination skin to keep shine under control. Keeps your skin looking fresh & flawless, even in the hottest weather.

This is a must have, head over heels, holy grail item for me.  I’ve tested it a few times, trying to debunk the ‘hottest weather’ claim and I couldn’t.  I wear it over everything and honestly my skin has never looked better.  I don’t have a big problem with oil control, but my forehead looks funny to me, I’m growing out my bangs for the first time in years and I thought a little dusting of this would work great on my forehead.  I’m using it all over my face.  It’s only $7.99 for a 10gram jar ot $14.99 for a big 30gram jar like I have.  I recently recommended it to Phyrra, since I mentioned I used it over my L’Oreal primer and she was curious.  It’s also mica free, so it’s a great product for those who have mica sensitivities.

Illusionist Powder

Now in our new Tinted formula! Illusionist Perfecting powder is our latest & greatest creation. This is the most Amazing finishing powder I’ve ever created! Perfect & gentle for all skin types. Blurs all the imperfections you don’t want others to see-Wrinkles, Acne, Blemishes, Fine lines, bumpy uneven skin & keeps shine under control, etc. Keeps your skin looking fresh & flawless with lasting power. Goes on clear & makes your makeup last & last. A little goes a long way. Brush a tiny bit over your foundation & you will really notice a difference. Will give a smooth porcelain photo finish to your skin that you’ve always dreamed about! You won’t know what you did without it.

I got a little 10gram ‘refill’ baggie of this in its tinted version and put it in a a jar I ordered from TKB (before my credit information was stolen and used).  I love this little jar, I also have my Night Minerals in one.  This is a great powder for over primer for an easy out and about look.  Some days I don’t want to mess with foundation so I use this and pat it on over my ‘problem’ areas and I instantly look amazing.  If I’m having a particular off skin day, just a bit of this over my foundation makes a big difference.  It’s priced at $11.99 for 10grams or $19.99 for 30grams and IMO worth it.

Lychee Solid Perfume

This is a special blend of lychee Lex has been working on on her new solid vegan base.  I adore it. It’s fresh and tart and lasts a while!  It’s not quite as literal as I Love Lychee is.  She also sent me a Lychee Amber sample, but it was absconded from my desk by my cousin, who wears it daily and loves it.

Golden Gel Liner and Shadow

I can’t seem to find this on her site or on Etsy, but it’s a solid cream shadow with amazing golden payoff.  I love to use it as a base under neutral shadows for a beautiful depth.  Applied carefully and in a thin layer it lasts and doesn’t crease.  I’ve never used it as a liner, I’m too busy smearing it all over my eye like Midas.

Medevil Goth Lips Stix

Soothing creamy lip butter Full of butters with intense color & a hint of shimmer. Gives Amazing color payoff (more of a lipstick) & sheen while moisturizing & repairing your lips. Wonderful creamy feel & texture

These are another must have, head over heels, holy grail item for me.  I’ve reviewed them before, and I continue to love them  This particular color is a light almost metallic grey.  I love it with a nice gloss over top, like a bright fuchsia or a holographic color.  I wear these Stixs in combination with Fyrinnae’s Lip Lustres a lot because the Stix are a nice creamy, opaque, and satin base for the reflective and dimensional shades of the Lustres.  They are only $6.99 each and come in a dozen shades.

I’m hoping to be able to try out a few things in the future, including :

Coming soon, Primed and Proper will battle it out with TFSI in an upcoming Indie Vs Corportate review!

Don’t forget, SoBe is offering my readers 20% off of their orders on the website, simply use code LeGothique when checking out.


15 Responses to “SoBe Botanicals – A Follow Up”

  1. Oh, I love SoBe and Lex. She’s so sweet. 🙂

  2. Great review. You have me hooked on yet another company.:-P I have ordered a couple of times from SoBe and am really glad I did.

    The brow powder in Brunette is perfect on me. And I am in LOVE with the spicy sweet goodness of the Red Hot Carnations perfume. And then there’s Havok… Lex included a sample in my last order and it is lovely shade. I also got a sample of Birthday Girl, which is another awesome color.

    I wanna see what you have to say about TFSI vs. Primed and Proper! Can’t wait.

  3. What a pretty grey! I got a little skeeved out though when I watched that video and saw her swirl foundation on to her ear O_o

  4. Great review! I can’t wait to order!

  5. Do you think you could do some more Stix swatches? I have Panic and I love the texture and pigmentatin of it. I just end up having a total indecisive fit every time I go to buy more!

  6. I have always wanted to try SoBe’s lipsticks. I forsee a huge indie bath and beauty order coming up before and after the holidays!

    Can’t wait for the Indie vs. Corporate primer post. =)

  7. Oh dangit. I just went and placed a small order thanks to this post, and forgot to look for Havok, which was half the reason I clicked thru in the first place 😡 Grrr.

  8. I’ve been looking for a new foundation. I will definitely give SoBe a try!
    Grey, it bothers me that you say that the follow-up is long overdue. You don’t owe us anything! You give your time, opinions, and lots and lots of money to run this website.

  9. I have been wanting to order from SoBe and I keep forgetting! Thank you for the reminder! 🙂

  10. I have the Orgasmic blush too – it’s a really great color. I love Sobe. I’m on my second order and am already planning my third! Might have to give the Illusionist powder a go.

  11. I keep telling myself I have enough lip products… and then I stare at the Stix… and then I stare at my bank account… it is turning into a vicious cycle, let me tell you internets.

  12. I can’t find the shadow or the Lychee perfume! ahhh..

  13. I hope that the Sobe primer wins in the indie vs. corporate because I just bought a tube 😛