Midnight Gypsy Luxe – A Review


Someone sent me a link to Midnight Gypsy Luxe and asked me what I thought.

The pictures in the listings are well done and clear, which I always appreciate.  The photography was creative and matched the theme of the shop.  The listings contain clear and easy to read descriptions, I can tell what a product is and what it should smell like.  They include the amount of the product and in many cases the size of the container.

Each listing had a full list of ingredients.  I liked that they had a bit of information in the listing about sensitivities and such with a little disclaimer.  They even say :

We make no medical or therapeutic claims about our products.

Which for some reason I like, not everything is a cure all.

I ordered:

Sweet Surrender… Body Oil Spray

One Day My Knight Will Come… Soy Wax Melts

Terre Exotique… Perfume Oil Blend

Forbidden Kiss… Lip Balm in Pumpkin Creme


The shipping total was $7.50.  It was a little steep for me, but as always, curiosity won out.  There is a notice in most of the listings that states :

PURCHASING MULTIPLE ITEMS? We’ll fit as much as we possibly can into a flat rate box to make sure you get the cheapest shipping rate possible. If you have overpaid for shipping, we will automatically refund any overpayments totaling $1 or more. If you’re purchasing a single item, we’ll ship it in the most cost effective manner possible. We refund shipping overages promptly! Since Etsy doesn’t yet offer a shipping calculator, this is the most efficient way for us to handle shipping calculations on orders. 🙂

I was relying on that, although I honestly prefer to just be charged the correct shipping int he first place, the refund often takes a week or more for Paypal to credit.  I was refunded $2.50, so in the end shipping was $5.  I ordered on October 10th, my order shipped on the 14th, I received it on the 15th.


My order was well packaged.  My smaller items were enclosed in a small organza bag.  Also included was a business card and a sample of lotion.  The lotion was curiously packaged and had leaked, so it was unusable.  I honestly don’t remember if there was an invoice or not, the inside of the box was a mess because of the leaking lotion.


I really like the styling and theme of the shop.  It’s very romantic and medieval.

Sweet Surrender Body Oil Spray

The spray come in a 4 ounce bottle with your standard mister. It’s labeled with the company name, the scent, the ingredients and the weight.  I really like the blend of oils, I like to use a spray oil when I get out of the shower on my legs since it’s usually very dry in my house.  Many seem to just be carriers for a perfume, this seemed to actually moisturize nicely.

Sweet Surrender… Vanilla, coconut & sandalwood with light musk & heliotrope flowers.

In theory, I love vanilla, coconut, and sandalwood.  I thought that with the touch of musk and a bit of a floral it would be an interesting scent.  Sadly all I can smell in this is the cloying scent of powdery vanilla.  It was disappointing.

One Day My Knight Will Come Wax Tarts

These tarts come in one of the segmented bricks that you break apart to place into your burner.  They are packaged (and probably poured right into) a plastic container and labeled with the company name, the scent and the weight, in this case you get 2.5 ounces, which is supposed to be 6 melts.  I usually use them two at a time, though.  I typically pay about the same price for 4 ounces of tarts, or four melts, so this was a little bit more pricey.

I have no idea what possessed me to buy a tart that smells like leather.  Described as a mix of leather and musk, it’s pretty much just leather.

I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books…

My house smelled oddly.  Normally I love leather based scents.

Terre Exotique Perfume Oil

The perfume comes in your standard sized 8ml roller ball bottle, this particular one is a deep green.  It’s labeled with the company name, the scent, the weight, and the ingredients.

An exotic blend of vanilla musk, rose, and blondewood wrapped up in a velvety cocoon of eastern spices, with a slap of warm leather across it’s backside just for good measure. This is a fragrance for the woman who likes an edge to her signature scent… not for the faint of heart. Uber warm…Uber spicy…Uber sexy. If you’re a fan of rich, exotic floral oriental type fragrances, then my Terre Exotique is for you.

Anytime you slap leather, I’m there.  This really seemed like it was going to be an amazing rich scent.  As with Sweet Surrender I was disappointed.  All I get from this is a sharp perfumey scent with no discernible notes.  I did not like it at all.  It was so strong that I had problems washing it off, and I really wanted to.  It reminds me of the incense section in my Whole Foods. Individually each stick smells lovely, but all together smelling the display from a distance, it’s just a pungent jumble.

Forbidden Kiss Lip Balm in Pumpkin Creme

This lip balm comes in a small slider tin labeled with the company name, the flavor, the weight (.24 on ounce) and the ingredients.

This was another miss.  The formula is just really weird, it contains lanolin which is usually really strong in flavor and scent and it’s not very well masked.  It also contains ‘sweetener’ which upon application I realized was stevia, which I am sensitive to and it gave me an instant headache so I coudln’t even wear it long enough to see how well it moisturized or wore, although it does seem a little oily.


Would I order from Midnight Gypsy Luxe again?  No.

  • The scents were all quite off from what I expected and I didn’t really care for them at all.
  • I wish the shipping price was correctly calculated in the first place.
  • Although everything was labeled with ingredients, the ‘sweetener’ should really be specified.

6 Responses to “Midnight Gypsy Luxe – A Review”

  1. Oh boo. Disappointment again. I had such high hopes for them, too. :<

  2. thebirdofparadise November 25, 2010 at 12:52 am

    OFF TOPIC: I hope that is OK.

    It is almost midnight in my time zone, so I want to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving, Grey.

    People who mean what they say and say what they mean, while still maintaining tact, empathy, and a good sense of humor are in short supply in this world. But I would say that such a description fits you to a “T”. I could go on about your creativity, honesty, dedication and talent, but I don’t want to make you blush. 🙂

    You have a tag that reads, “I love my readers”. And I think tonight is a good time to say, “We love you, too!”

    I hope your day is just as you want it to be. And I hope it kicks off a wonderful holiday season. Much Aloha, my friend *waves*

  3. Jules Noctambule November 26, 2010 at 9:38 am

    I really, really wish that more B&B companies would list complete ingredients and get specific about it, especially with potential allergens like stevia and artificial sweeteners. Either the customer will get sick or they’ll end up with a product they can’t use, and either way it’s unlikely to earn their repeat business.

  4. Shipping miscalculations, or lack of calculation altogether, kind of annoy me. Years ago I dropped $20 on eBay for a used 5-pound postal scale, and that thing earned its keep pretty quickly. IMO, it’s not hard to throw a bubble mailer and the item on a scale, get a weight estimate, and use the shipping calculator at the USPS website. After you do it a few times, you start to get a pretty good feel for what stuff’s gonna cost to ship, and you save your customers a lot of annoyance.