A Cataclysm is Coming

Cataclysm, the latest expansion to the World of Warcraft goes live on December 7th.  To celebrate Geek Chic is offering an incredible giveaway.  You can win a full sample set of 10 Man Raid as well as your choice of either Gold Farmer or Health Potion lip glosses.

  • The contest runs from now until December 3rd.
  • You may enter (comment) only once.
  • The contest is open internationally.
  • Tell me about what game you play.  Do you play Wow, Aion, Star Wars, Blade Wars, Lord of the Rings, or something else?
  • Tell me about your character or what character you would create if you don’t play.
  • One winner will be picked to win!

108 Responses to “A Cataclysm is Coming”

  1. I used to play as a Tauren Druid, with a Blood Elf sorceress as my main alt (can you even say anything is your main alt?), and I also tried myself with a night elf hunter, but I never got that into it. I quit playing a few years back, and I’m pretty glad, it was stealing away from precious gaming time with other games.

    Right now I’m occupying myself with Fable III, Fallout: New Vegas and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, but other than that I play… Well, pretty much everything. I keep going back to old games, though, like Heroes of Might and Magic III and Diablo II. And also, Lego Batman and several pokemon games are with me always in my DS bag. Huge. Geek. 😀

    Awesome giveaway, Grey ^_^

  2. I used to play WoW but quit because it really couldn’t keep my attention (and was bored that my Guild kept on 24 hour’ing instances)
    I had a level 50 Warlock GNOME called HalfFritzl.

    Used to have an active life but lately nobody to play with or they’re really just damn boring me. Wanna get Super Scribblenauts though.

  3. I dont play video games but I would make character look like Fabio with intense sultry stare powers and instant seduction abilities.

  4. I play a lot of different games but a recent one is Pocket Legends which has been termed as mini WoW game. I am also fond of The Sims 3

  5. Used to have a handful of hunters because I got inexplicably fond of having a useful pet following me around. Couldn’t stand playing any other classes because I felt lonely without that pet; I confess to being a sap! Quit playing months and months ago, am trying to ignore the siren call of Cataclysm.

    These days most of my gaming is done on the xbox, I cycle through Dragon Age, Bayonetta, and Call of Duty. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Minecraft as well. Too much fun!

  6. I can’t WAIT for Cataclysm. I’ve been taking a WoW break but that’s about to end haha
    I have lots of characters but my main is a Draenei mage. I do best with magic classes like mages and warlocks and I really like the Draenei race. Kinda can’t wait for worgens, though.
    I also played Diablo II when I was a lot younger as an Amazon 😀

  7. I used to play WoW, but haven’t played in years. I was always a Night Elf 🙂 My favorite games to play are RPGs, specifically FF. I didn’t own a TV for a long time, (I could watch DVDs on my laptop) and only bought one JUST to play FF.

  8. Lately I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood [beat it only after owning it for 2-3 days! haha] and have played the other two before it. Beautiful games, story lines, scenery. Did I also say historically accurate? The people behind them do a lot of research to get every detail right. The assassination targets, the towns, buildings… everything. I love all the hard work and dedication they put into them.

    Now when I’m not being a sneaky little assassin.. I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan. I even still have my old Nintendo and play the crap out of my gold Zelda game, pretending to be Link and save the day! My 7 year old son loves playing with me too, raising him to be a proper gamer on an atari! 🙂

  9. I have an 80 be dest lock.. and a baby mage and a baby paladin <3..but .. not anymore. I'm trying not to get back into it, despite the cravings.

  10. Right now, I’m playing a slightly ridiculous, insanely addicting text-based MMORPG called Fantasy University through Facebook. The art is really awesome (though it’s probably not to everyone’s taste), and I find it quite enjoyable. My character is a level 7 Dodgebrawler, which just means that I beat stuff up in a physical manner. I kind of hate her armor and weapon right now, but she has rather awesome short hair, and freckles. ❤

  11. If I could afford it, I’d be playing WoW as an undead priest (I enjoy the irony), but alas, I have not the time nor the cash.

    The current game that I’m playing is Kirby’s Epic Yarn. I frickin’ love it, and I’m looking forward to beating it with all gold medals. 🙂

  12. I play Wow and am an 80 gnome warlock with cute pink pigtails. I raid 3 times a week with a good group and in it is my bro, boyfriend and roomate. right now we are getting a kick out of punching deathwing in the face. Good times! I can’t wait to pick up Cata!

  13. I would like to try WoW, but I play City of Heroes/Villains. My primary character is a Weather/Electric Defender. Her backstory is that she’s a member of one of the villain groups called the Cabal, and she’s trying to clear their bad name. Her name is Weather Witchlet. Me Global is @Narky1 if anyone wants to hit me up.

  14. I don’t just play games, I live them! I work for a games company. I’m currently in crunch on the game im helping to design, and 70 hour weeks don’t leave much time to satisfy my gaming needs!

    However, I am currently playing quite a lot of CoD:Black Ops, for research of course! I love playing wager matches with my mates, running round nuketown like crazy people.

    In terms of mmo’s, aforementioned overtime prevents me feeding my WoW habit. My lonely level 62 night elf hunter Kaede Otori has been untended to for far too long! Cataclysm may draw me back though, the reimagining of the world is one of the most impressive feats I’ve ever seen in the gaming world.

  15. I’m an FFXI girl, and while i had to cancel my account about 6 months ago (couldn’t afford it at the time) i played for 4 years. My character was Basht, a mithran redmage. Many people believe that redmages are only good as makeshift whitemages, but Basht was the chuck norris of redmages. I always had a sub of an attack type job like warrior so that I could fight and do magic. It made the days where you couldn’t get a party easier cause she could kick ass all on her own. I created basht twice. the first time i soloed her to lvl 43. This last time she made it to lvl 62. I miss her, and as silly as it may sound, wonder what adventures we would get up to now.

  16. I’ve been playing video games since I was around 5 years old. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer, but every now and then I get the urge to play a game. And once I start, I gotta pass it. My boyfriend is a gamer and he has helped me expand my playing skills. He also keeps me up to date on anything game related. Up until recently the only system I had was the old school Nintendo. Which I love and take care of. We’ve had it for almost 20 years. Now my boyfriend has let me borrow his Wii and we won an xbox 360 at the local arcade which is pretty cool. He also bought the Kinect and is letting me borrow it. Anyway, a couple of days ago he let me borrow his extra copy of Halo Reach. His FAVORITE game. I already passed Halo 3 so I wanted to start this one. I created my character. All spartans are this kinda dark grey color and you add two more accent colors to customize it Mine is light purple and teal. I don’t play online, just the campaign. Those online people would probably massacre me. Lol. =) But I love playing and can’t wait to beat it!! =)

  17. Oh, I hope this isn’t a MMORPG-only question, since I haven’t tried any yet, the comp isn’t all that strong.

    I’m mostly an oldies type of girl, and now I’m playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and 4 (the 3 had one of the best campaigns ever, the Greek gods one). Eplefe’s got a really nice array of games, with Fallout, and Diablo, and…
    Loving the Princess Maker 2, too – there you *really* get to develop a character… I think it has 64 options 😀 .

    My favourite character I created was a half-elf rogue in Neverwinter Nights. The artwork helped a lot, it was spot-on as far as I was concerned – one of the pictures showed a girl that looked exactly as I would’ve imagined my character would look like 😀 (2nd from the right, top row: http://tinyurl.com/2a729ar)!
    I usually gravitate toward good, non-melee fighting characters.

  18. I play world of warcraft as a night elf spriest, a draenei mage and have been leveling a draenei warrior when im not raiding or farming lol, i used to be horde (belfs) but recently server/faction changed with a group of friends

  19. When it comes to gaming I have a soft spot for ’80s and early ’90s games. I also enjoy text based MMORPGs and sprite based or 2.5D RPGs. Though, at the moment I’m on the hunt for a new game to play.

    I tend to create characters with serious issues, usually some kind of phobias and PTSD. One of my favourite characters had quite severe PTSD, she would sleep under tables and often wake screaming, bang her head on the table, then run into a wall and knock herself out. She was a thief, but had a phobia for small spaces and giant bugs, which would result in a number of amusing situations.

  20. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been lusting over this set. =D Back when I used to play WoW, my main was a lvl 80 gnome mage and I had a Draenei Pally that was getting up there. Think she was up there in the late 70’s. And tons of lower level mains. I’ve played every race/class combo at some point. I’ve been playing lately LOTRO since it’s free to play but getting frustrated with it. Free doesn’t necessarily mean free. =/ I have a lvl 27 Elf Hunter, a lvl 11 Elf Rune-Keeper and lvl 5 Hobbit Guardian. I like LOTRO because I am a huge fan of the books but I guess I’ve played WoW for so long, I’m spoiled by it. 4 years and counting and hubby is trying to drag me back for Cata. I’ve been wanting to play a Worgen since I first heard about them. Might have to just give in! I’m also a previous Final Fantasy player. 🙂

  21. I have never played WoW! I always want to but I’m afraid I will let it suck my life away and use all my non work hours up!

    I’ve had roomies who play and I know one plays a troll, and I’ve always thought she was super cute!

    I am currently playing through Dragon Age, and looking forward to the new one…

  22. I play freecell 🙂 though when I was younger I built mean cities and farms in the Sim series (heck, I only like to build the houses in the Sims games).
    If I were to play a fantasy game I would love to be an elf. Someone tall and statuesque who ponders on the nature to civilisation and the world it is built upon. I just think elves are cool after Figwit aka Brett McKenzie in the LOTR films went onto superstardom as part of Flight of the Conchords.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving to all the people who celebrate it. Celebrate life for it is preceous as the people in my nation are remembering the people who died at Pike Creek, RIP.

  23. Does it count if I don’t play any of those games?
    I play easy games like Mario Galaxy (although that stumps me sometime. I’m special like that) or Zelda. Nothing online 😦
    So I guess my character is a fat little Italian plumber in red who has a sweet ass ride in the form of a dragon.
    My fav power so far is when he hops on yoshi, eats a pepper and runs around like a friggin psycho. Glorious 🙂

  24. I don’t play video games so I don’t know enough about them to know what kind of character I would play, but I can say I would totally kick everyones butts at Trivial Pursuit. 🙂

  25. I never got into MMORPGs even though I love to play RPGs. I had a friend try to recruit me to the Alliance side on WoW but it never stuck. I’m much more of a solitary gamer; feels like less pressure somehow. I do play NWN, just offline though.

    I like to play as a warrior/tank, pure muscle and brawn and not much else. I think its to compensate for the fact that in real life I have no upper body strength to speak of. Seriously. Its embarrassing, so at least in the virtual world I can punch a monster to death with relative ease and laugh maniacally while doing so. Then I feel like a real (wo)man.

    I love just smashing and wailing on things until they die. In case you can’t tell, I play with little to no finesse, preferring to just ram my way through any obstacles. Its the main reason I don’t play online and just stick to solo games. I feel its best for all involved.

    Red Dead Redemption was awesome even though the ending drove me crazy. Also got to give a shout out to Contra on the Nintendo. Thats a game you play to the end, then start all over again like twenty times in a row. That sentence, right there? My childhood in a nutshell.

  26. I do a lot of freeform RP on the internet these days, but my favorite character to play was an elven mage. Her name was Aedlina and she had ~silver hair.~ I created her when I was thirteen… as if you couldn’t tell!

  27. Everyone in my immediate family is a WOW player. I have a resto/ele troll shammy that I have been playing for 5 years and adore her so so much that she is my only 80 to date. My sons play other games but WOW is my only addiction.

  28. I’m recently just coming off another WOW break after my account was hacked, lvl 80 NE Boomkin, a 80 unholy DK, and slew of other alts… Cataclysm is calling my name though. Now and then I do play some Majesty, old school D&D (scared aren’t you?) and the Zelda.

  29. I’m currently playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and and apparently I’m a Squirtle according to the game so I chose a Charmander as my partner (LOL). As far as these fancy MMORPGs go, if I were to play (and I can’t, because I KNOW I would get too obsessed and neglect everything IRL for the sake of advancing in the game) I’d be some sort of magician-y thing. And probably an elf, if at all possible (not sure what the “rules” are as far as which races can do what) because they’re cool. Yeah.

  30. I don’t want to win, because they’re sending me samples to swatch, and I feel like that’d be unfair.

    HOWVEVER I am going to talk about my Aion character because I love her!
    Here she is: http://na.aiononline.com/livestatus/character-legion/search?charID=500983&serverID=2

    She had pretty much the best PvE gear available (miragents, woo) until the last update and I haven’t been playing to get the gold level 55 stuff. I liked the update but the entire new area was PvP ridden and I jusr got tired of missing content and avoiding everything because I’m a PvE player. I may actually try WoW again.

    But I love her! She’s well-geared, a tank, a cleric (healer) and she’s generally quite super and extremely hard to kill. Most clerics are. She can tank an entire theo labs room, or two, which is great because most templars suck and don’t know squat about holding aggro. Although it is funny, in groups, when they overpull and I’m healing, so I pull aggro, and ventrilo is filled with five American boys all yelling “OH GOD THE HEALER, SOMEONE GET THEM OFF THE HEALER”. I ❤ healers, I like being the most important person to keep alive in the group =D

    I also love her because she's sooooo cute. Look how cute she is! http://twitpic.com/2vrrcc/full

    Her hammer sparkles and leaves a little sparkly trail when she runs or flies ^-^

    • Out of ALL the other people that commented, you’re the only other person that mentioned playing Aion. 🙂 High 5, clerics are awesome!

  31. I don’t do MMORPGs(I used to play Travian…never again!), as I really can’t justify giving up any more sleep than I do these days , and am not a gamer by any standard, but I do love breaking out Devil May Cry every once in a while and stabbing stuff. Games with ample stabbing are good. I can pass on shooting, puzzles, and mini-quests though.

    If I were to create a WoW character, I’d probably make a human. Our race is messed up enough to make things interesting.

  32. I used to play WoW but haven’t since last year (losing job = no money for subscription >_<). My main was a lvl 55 Draenei shammy w/an elemental build. I had many different alts, like my undead warlock and night elf druid. I tend to like classes that can juggle several different abilities instead of being purely caster, purely melee, etc. I've had such an itch to play WoW again. I've been a sad panda without it.

    I've played Guild Wars and LOTR but I honestly like the open world in WoW much better. I suppose Guild Wars is too "instanced" and LOTR isn't truly free! Lately, I've been spending quality time with my old favorites – atm, Golden Sun for the GBA.

  33. i play left for dead, left for dead 2, and the resident evil series. i am absolutely crazy over zombies. theyre so much fun! when i play resident evil i always play as the girl character, typically jill valentine. whenever i play left for dead games i just take my pick and pray i find a frying pan to hit the zombies with 🙂

  34. I play WoW with my husband, I am a Blood Elf Rogue!

  35. I loved the Battle net multiplayer in Warcraft III, but WoW never really caught on with me. I’m definitely a fan of Warhammer online, with my Black Orc tank and Witch Elf for DPS as my main characters.

  36. My experience with The Sims Online (wayyyy back in beta testing) taught me that I cannot play that type of game. It’s either play, or live a normal life, but I wasn’t capable of both!!

    But … I’d totally be a rogue 🙂

  37. I play WoW. I’m an affliction lock. I also play MM hunter sometimes. I love PvP. ❤

  38. What games don’t I play? =X
    Well, accept sport ones.

    MMO wise, I play a private Ragnarok Online server. Don’t think anyone here would know the game overly well, but it’s about 12 years old now, and still updating. =P

    Other recent heavily played games include Minecraft (<3) L4D/L4D2, RE5, LoL and Civ4.

    In hindsight, maybe I play games too often. XD

  39. i pretty recently stopped playing WoW- just a lot of life shifts and such, blehhhh
    but for almost 3 years I played a Tauren Shaman ❤ so much love!
    now, I play Combat Arms (awesome free online shooter!) and Warhammer online. There, I have a Marauder. LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE OMFGGGGGG
    marauders are amazing! Just… yes!
    I've been picking through Fable 2 recently as well, since I never finished it, and am taking a look at the Old Republic. Has potential!

  40. I used to play Starcraft and I’m considering Starcraft when I get a new laptop or something. Besides Syndicate, it was my favorite game and the one I played the most. I really liked how you were included in the story line as a player.

    I would love to see a new sort of ghost like a super ghost that is a cross between a Zerg and a ghost and a Protoss.

    I also would love to see a “Fable version” of Starcraft where you get to really influence the story line by your choices as a leader.

  41. This looks fantastic!

    I am an avid WoW player. I have 6 (almost 8) level 80s, but my main is a boomkin named ïsolde on Stormreaver-US. I’ve been playing for almost 4 years now, and I am super stoked for Cata. Patch 4.0.3a blew my mind and I haven’t even been raiding, just exploring and taming the new pets on my hunter, as well as collecting the new mini-pets! I’m almost as excited for Diablo III as I am Cata!

  42. I’ve played a few online games. I’ve played Ultima Online since 1998. I took a break from it for a couple years though & now play on a free shard. Right now I play an elven mage/tamer. There isn’t a skill cap there so I’m a mash of everything lol! I also used to play FFXI for a few months & also beta tested EverQuest II.

  43. I’m not really into MMORPGs. Right now I’m working on completely beating Super Scribblenauts (I have technically beaten it, but I want to get all of the merits and do all of the levels on advanced mode). I also like Pokemon, Disgaea, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, etc. Basically, I’m a casual gamer. I can not play first person shooters because they give me motion sickness.

  44. I used to play WOW, and my character of choice is a mage. Wish they weren’t so squishy though.

  45. I play an Elemental Shaman in World of Warcraft on Eldre’Thalas. I am a crazy altoholic as I have several 80s and so many lowbie alts. I am SUPER excited about Cataclysm, it’s not even funny! 😀

  46. I play WoW! I have too many 80’s, I am almost embarrassed to say! Um….80’s: Undead Warlock, Belf DK, Belf Mage, Belf Hunter, Draeni Pally and a few lower level toons. Mage and Hunter is by far my favorite. I never took to DK, but I had to have one when they came out, just to see what the fuss was all about. I don’t have a warrior because I don’t have the patience to tank, I have a lower level Shammy that is growing on me and I was just total fail on a Rogue. Rogue is the only toon I ever gave up and deleted. I have a lower level Priest, but that is just such a slow toon to level. Anywho, yes, I love WoW and I would die to get my hands on this collection!

  47. I play ever quest and guild wars. I play a Shaman on Ever Quest, and a Ritualist on Guild Wars. If ever quest didn’t cost anything to play I’d never leave my computer!! Thanks goodness Guild Wars is FREE!! Yay free!! I think this giveaway is super cool! I’ve never tried anything from them, but I definitely would love to!

    – Molly

  48. I’m playing Diablo II. And still loving it, although recently I don’t have much time for it anymore. I have become more of a weekend player but in my younger years I would play all day long.
    My fav character is and has always been the Assassin.

    Offline I’m still in love with Morrowind… I’m getting old.

  49. I played WOW for awhile with an undead rogue but had no intention of joining a guild so my interest waned rather quickly. I’ll play pretty much anything that isn’t an MMO, though. Sands of Time and the Assassin’s Creed games are among my favorites, and I really need to get back to Fallout: Vegas on my next day off. While I’m at it I should probably find a few extra hours in the day because I’ve been dying to play through NWN2 and Mask of the Betrayer again as well. I think it might be easier to just skip sleep this week 😀

  50. Oh gosh, I love this contest because I’m a huge nerd!! My nerdy-ness began with Guild Wars a few years ago. I have 3 level 20’s – Ranger/Mesmer, Paragon/Warrior, and Assassin/Monk. I also really love Dervish because scythes are the coolest weapons. I played WoW a little bit on a private server but it was never really my thing. I played Aion from closed beta up until the beginning of this year. My main character was an Elyos Cleric and I got up to level 44 before I finally quit. I’ve kind of started to play on a private Aion server (as an Asmodian Ranger!) but I just haven’t had time since I started working. I also can’t WAIT for Guild Wars 2 to come out! 🙂

  51. I play WoW! I’m LOVING what they’ve done with SW, it’s GOOOORGEOUS! And I’m on the lookout for Deathwing, I wanna get burnt!
    I play a gnome mage! She’s so cute. I’ve been playing a gnome mage as my main since closed beta of vanilla. She’s my favourite, I love the class. I have two other 80s, gnome rogue, NElf druid, and I also have a 65 DK. I only leveled her far enough to get her with inscription maxxed so I could make all the darkmoon decks! I went for the Insane title, and got it a couple weeks ago! Heh.

  52. I’ve never played, but i always LOVED the artwork that I saw when my older brother played it (errr looked at the book and imagined playing it…the life of an underpaid teenager is quite sad that way) But if i was on there, I would be an hunter girl with flowing silver hair and ears sticking out. And i would for sure have the coolest bow and arrow set.

  53. I have played WOW for 5 hours, but it was on my friends account 😀 (my character was troll priest) MMOs or RPGs are not for me, except i have played a lot Ragnarok Online on private server (so ellie your are not alone :DDD).

    Now i have play the best ( 😉 ) online fps multiplayer game ever: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. I have played it now two years and i still like it. Etqw doesnt have characters, but you can choose your class and which side you are playing (either humans or evil alien monster stroggs) My favorites are human’s medic, strogg’s medic and strogg’s infiltrator (sniper yay!).

  54. I used to be a very Avid WoW player and I’m considering returning for cataclysm, which looks amazing! *.* I usually played Alliance with my main being a human warlock but I’ve switched sides. Horde ftw!

    My first MMO was Runescape, which I loved at the time. It is a really fantastic game if you can get over the terrible graphics and the click to move interface.

    I’ve also stuck my fingers in Guild Wars Factions, which I really did like with the exception that their were only 20 lvls and it wasn’t an open map but none the less very fun game. I’m looking forward to Guild Wars 2.

    Then there are also all the non MMOs like….

    I could talk forever about this, games are something I’m quite passionate about and I’m suppose to be working on creating my own deathmatch level for Unreal 2004 instead of typing this. Back to work, good luck everyone!

  55. I play Wow, of course 🙂
    I used to play EverCrack, and I’ve done DAoC and most of the other big MMOs out there.
    I play a warlock. She was human, went blood elf, and is human again. She travels with
    a female death knight and a female rogue. The three of them together are pretty unstoppable
    against anything they face. They’ve adventured all through the icy lands of Northrend.

  56. I’ve offically have been WoW free for a whole month! My main was an Orc Shaman, but then my boyfriend and I decided to switch over to a different server, and she became a Draenie Shaman. Her name is Maadface, though, she is no longer a maadface and more like a pretty goat face. I did the dual spec thing but enhancement was so much easier to level then resto, so i pretty much gave up on resto spec. Just sits there and collects dust. Before that i was waaay too obsessed with counter strike, which is different in every way! I’m excited for cata and i can’t wait till its out in stores! Yes, my WoW quitting days will be over. I can’t wait to make a goblin and ride the little race car i got to in the testing realm. heheh, ooOooo you got me too excited and now i want to playyy!

  57. I’ve played pretty much every MMORPG out there…currently though since EQ stopped being like it was in the beginning I’m playing WoW, occasionally I jump back into Lord of the Rings Online, and Warhammer Online.

    Right now I’m playing Alts until Cata comes out, but my main is an 80 Night Elf Druid named Celestialsky. I also have a 71 Human Paladin, 67 Draenei Shaman, 40 Human Priest, and 32 Human Mage. Kind of a ton of characters. I also have a few Horde characters on friends servers (I’d be Horde if not for the fiance’ wanting to play Alliance side lol.) Really excited about Cataclysm, it’s nice to see that instead of letting the old quests stagnate that they are changing things around and making it exciting to level up again. 🙂

  58. I played Ever Quest for many, many years. My main was a lvl 80 Iksar Monk. I also play WoW lvl 80 night elf druid. As of late, I’ve been revisiting the Final Fantasy series.

  59. I played Ever Quest for many years. lvl 80 Iksar monk. I also play WoW lvl 80 night elf druid.

  60. I’ve played pretty much all of the big MMOs out there, including WoW. I have a ton of characters but my favorites are my belf warlock (she was my first 80) and my belf mage (omg glass cannon of love.)

    Recently though, I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3, as well as Borderlands and L4D2. So many cool games, so few hours in the day!

  61. I don’t play live RPG, I would just get too addicted. They always look so beautiful. If I did play I would play Atlantis Online. The character designs and worlds just look so amazingly beautiful and detailed. Hero Pocahontas is my favorite, she looks so cool.

  62. I don’t play video games but my boyfriend does and I really enjoy the video game themed products 🙂 Currently I am addicted to a Scrabble-type game that I have for my Android phone that pairs you up with random players and texts you when it’s your turn. I’m a scrabble nut and I’m usually found playing with upwards of twenty players at a time 🙂

  63. I play Diablo II.
    My boyfriend and I used to play WoW until we realized we spent more time sending messages on there, then in real life.:P
    I totally support my boyfriends habit of gaming, I am not really good at it- but I love watching him play.

  64. AWESOME!

    Currently, I strictly play WoW. I might give Diablo III a go, but WoW is #1 for me gaming wise.

    I play a troll huntard, 80 of course. Mostly t10 gear. (NOT super excited to look like a giant murloc with the t11 hunter gear, omg.) She is my main and I’m a die-hard hunter. First class I’ve ever played and will surly continue to play for-eva.

    I’m also lvling a resto shammy named Wartoof, which is a class I didn’t think I would like until I started playing! I was enhancement at first, but decided to give healing a go, and I’m really enjoying it so far 😀

    And the troll druids are looking so cool in animal form! I just might have to roll one! -_-

    I think I love WoW a little more than I should, heh.

  65. You know, the only game I play repeatedly is that stupid Peggle game! It’s like sweet, bubble-bonking crack to me. I always play as Master Hu (he’s an owl, geddit?) because he does a lot of the work for you! If I did play WOW… I dunno… can you be a big scary heavy metal demon thing? I’d pick that 😀

  66. Eee! I’m so excited for Cataclysm. I play WoW 😀 My main used to be a holy priest but I’m switching to my kitty druid this next expansion, since it’s pretty impossible to not have fun on a druid. They’re are my favorite class by far and it’s nice to not be squishy. My only other 80 is a mage that I rarely touch. I’ll probably still pvp a lot on my priest though c: Definitely looking forward to the new rated bg system too.

    The other game I’ve been playing a lot, aside from all of the Zelda games that I always have going, is Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I play pink Zero Suit Samus 😀

  67. I don’t really care for WoW. Don’t like continuing to pay for something I’ve already bought.

    I’m all about GuildWars though, a fantastic game there you can tell the creators really care about making the best game it can be. It has a growing story, beautiful graphics that really bring the world alive, characters you grow to care about and no subscription fees or upgrading fees.
    GuildWars 2 is coming out soon(ish… Maybe. No set date yet except “When it’s read”), growing on the first game and being made with the goal to push every boundary that has been set-up by MMORPGs.

    Beautiful and fantastic game.

  68. FOR THE HORDE!!!

    I played Wow for the longest time when i lived with my parents, i’ve been forced to quit by real life when i moved and had suddenly no time for farming and raids [i was on a heavy raiding guild]..
    But i don’t really regret quitting because the reason i moved out of home is that i now live with my favourite shadow priest ever! ^^ I could not resist his “vampiric touch” =P

    Now we live together and plan to get married.. all thanks to Warcraft! It’s such a nerdy story, i know! Ahahah

  69. I spend most my time playing old school 8 bit games on emulator. Most recently Super Mario Bros and pokemon ^.^

  70. I don’t play any video games myself but I’ve spent many hours watching my SO play video games. He always insists on finishing a game before starting a new game. He also insists on unlocking every achievement and completely playing through at each of the difficulty levels. It’s no wonder that he always feels behind on the new releases. He did create a character and name her after me just so he could marry her in the game. The avatar doesn’t look anything like me, but it was a sweet gesture.

    If Star Wars is ever released on the Kinect, I would play. My brother and I are Star Wars fans.

  71. I used to play WoW, back in the olden days before everything changed. My main was a Human Rogue and I specifically built her for stunlocking. My first character was actually an Undead Mage, but while still questing as a noob, I was ganked by a stealthed NE Rogue and became intrigued. My friends changed servers and factions, so I chose a Rogue as my class and Human simply because I like Stormwind a whole lot. 😛 Still do. I actually even wrote a short medieval lullaby inspired by Stormwind called “Stormwind Lullaby,” appropriately enough. (Nerd level rising…)

    Then… then Burning Crusade dropped and the builds changed and stunlocking became a whispered tale of old. I was running around the Outlands one day and hit /played and realized I’d wasted several weeks of my life on a game that ultimately amounted to nothing in real life. I logged out that day, wrote a short note to my guild and uninstalled the game. More than that, a lot of my friends had moved on to different things and my college career was kicking into high gear.

    I’ve tried to go back to WoW several times since, but it’s just different. If I could go back to the glory days with all my friends, IRL and online, all together in the guild, chatting away on Vent and questing together, I would in a heartbeat. But it’s just too far gone now, and too different.


    I hear the game is much more friendly to casual players now, though, so that’s a good thing. I really do get nostalgic sometimes… /sigh

  72. i play tomb rader most of the time. i’ve already finished most of its parts. also, i like prince of persia, counter strike and fifa 09. my guy and bro defeat me in them though!

  73. I’m an old school hardcore timewaster. Console and MMO.

    I’ve been with WoW since Beta in Vanilla. Still Love it! Can’t wait for CATA! GOBLIN ROGUE! Wooo!

    My husband and I play together. He hated MMOs for the longest time until one day he saw me messing around in Beta…he was like “What campaign is that!?” (As we were both BNET kiddies) When I told him, he pretended not to be interested…until I found random lowbie alts on my account…. then I needed to get him is own account so we could play together 🙂

  74. I play Kingdom Hearts. Does that count? 🙂

  75. I’ve been thinking if I should play WoW. I tend to get super addicted with online games that I often forget to focus on my schoolwork. My brother’s been coaxing me to play lately so I might just give in since I’ve got nothing to do this Christmas season~

    The last mmo game I played was hotk, as a hooksword wielder. If I’m gonna plaw WoW, It’s gonna be about speed.

  76. Late to the party on this one but just as excited! I am a WoW player, and an alt-aholic. My main is an Undead (Sylvanas ftw!) priest who I named Druzilla. She was named after Buffy TVS’s Drusilla because I figured Undead, crazy vampire, why not! Mostly I play her as holy – I love to play healing whack-a-mole – but go shadow if I’m soloing. One of the last patches made shadow super powerful and I’ve been having a ball soloing 5 man group quests. I raid with a decent guild. We were able to down LK and finish off the hard modes of ICC enough to get the boney dragons, but I wouldn’t say we could do it on a regular basis.. ah well! My main alt is a tie between a holy paladin named Cleome, after the flower, and a hunter named Abyssinia, after the episode of MASH, ‘Abyssinia, Henry.’ Both are also 80. I could go on forever but I’ll stop here. 😀

  77. I play WoW! My main is a Blood Elf hunter. I love exploring, questing, getting achievements, and collecting pets! So I’m basically a casual player, but my friends and family would disagree based on the amount of time I’ve spent playing. LOL.

  78. I played WoW for a while. I played a blood elf mage. I had four little ones running around the house at the time one of them a need 5 month old lol… so i couldnt spend to much time playing… 😦

  79. I admit, I don’t play many games (not allowed as a kid), but I would always try and sneak time on them at friends’ houses. Tetris and Mario all the way. 🙂

    I would like to play WoW or Star Wars, though – watching others play those games is endlessly entertaining to me when I’m at friends’ houses. 🙂 I’d probably play a tank – I’m good at smashing things willy-nilly.

  80. I used to play WOW but I got hooked quickly and burnt myself out. I play Sims now, but not every day for 5 hrs like I used too. I always create characters that are different from me.

  81. I mostly play videogames such as Super Mario Galaxy. De Blob is another favourite.

    I like to change up characters if I can. Also with De Blob I like to use certain colours over others, such as purple, orange and blue.

  82. My favourites are old-school adventure games, King’s Quest etc. Monkey Island games are my absolute favourite though!!! I enjoy RPG games as well, getting through Neverwinter Nights at the moment, I’m enjoying it but I liked Baldur’s Gate better!

  83. I’ve never played WoW, but I’ve played a number of MMOs, like Maple Story, FlyFF, Ragnarok online and Final Fantasy online. In FF Online I was a Taru Taru black mage… it was a fun slacker job and I had my boyfriend Pally that was always there to protect me.

  84. Hi!
    I am currently playing Fable 3 on XBOX 😀
    My character is a trouble causing piratish looking gal + Queen of Albion. Fable 3 Rocks!!!


  85. I used to play WoW on my old computer but the new one (relative term, it’s now 3 years old) has an on board graphics card that drives me insane so I just quit. Now all I play are old games I used to play when I was 15-18: the original Sims game, Sim City, Blood Rayne, Dungeon Siege. I’m far from being a gamer but I really enjoy playing games 😀

  86. I don’t play any online games (I’m trying EVE out, but so far it is a bit boring), but I do love PC RPGs. My favorite in the recent years is Dragon Age: Origins and usually I like to play as a mage. I’m not super into the combat stuff, I’m more into the story and the characters, and using magic makes the combat more interesting (at least visually) for me. In my first playthroughs my characters are usually the good guys, because that usually makes the game easier, but I really enjoy doing a “douche” playthrough of my favorite games.

  87. How effing cool! I love it!

  88. I play Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3, City of Heroes, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Dragon Age Origins, Pokemon (every single game), and tons of the other old school games. If i was to create a WoW character, I would most likely create a mage. I have always loved magic and I always dreamed of being a mage. I would also be a healer in the mage category.

  89. I don’t play WoW. I actually know a few people who are wayyy too obsessed with the game to a point where it’s sucked their social lives inside out and completely dried and broke away. I know I tend to have an addictive personality, so I’ve stayed away and will continue to do so.

    I still play any mario/sonic/zelda games ever released. I heart any RPG games out there. Just gimme a controller and a few hours to beat whatever mission/achievements that need to be met 🙂

  90. I’ve never played WoW, but my boyfriend loves it.

    I’m more into the older rpgs like earthbound for super nintendo, I guess it’s nostalgic for me to bust out the hideously beat up super nintendo i’ve had for the past 14 years to play my favorite game with the ridiculous plot line and adorable characters. 🙂

    awesome giveaway, by the way..

    jentabulous at hotmail dot com

  91. I used to play Diablo II (Chars I had were an Assassin, Amazon, Nova Sorc, and a FoH Pally), Quake II, Counter Strike II, and WoW off and on for a year and a half.

    When I played WoW, I was an Undead priest named Cleodeadra, I also had a shapshifting tank druid. I mainly played horde, but had a night elf priest to play with one of my grooming friends from work! xD

    Damn, just talking about WoW makes me want to buy a desktop and play WoW :/

  92. I don’t play WoW, but I used to play the Sims. I know, super-tame and boring RPG, but it was a good way to waste time 🙂

  93. I haven’t played WoW in a long time. When I did play I liked to play mages a lot. My favorite Horde race was Trolls and my favorite Alliance race was Draenai. I spent a really long time getting reputaion with the Dwarves just to get a Ram mount because I really wanted both my character and mount to have horns. Every time my boyfriend tried to dissuade me from it I’d say “But we’ll be like cousins!”

    I really don’t play MMOs anymore though. I just can’t seem to bring myself to keep paying for them every month. I had gotten kinda excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic until I saw that it was basically a WoW clone which was so disappointing 😦 I was hoping for something more like what the DC Universe Online looks like it’s going to be doing. Like The Force Unleashed except an MMO. I suppose it’s not everyone’s style though.

    Lately, I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Super Scribblenauts. Very different types of games 🙂
    I’ve become obsessed with the Hellequin you can unlock for multiplayer in AC:B. Talk about inspiration! Her outfit is amazing!

  94. I play world of warcraft 🙂 My main was a night elf druid, but after stopping for a few months I’ve just started again with a dwarf (ginger plaits for the spinning goodness) paladin who is currently level 61 and rising.

    I have a love/hate relationship with WoW, it’s great when I can mix it realistically with real life, but sometimes I utterly fail at doing so. I’m trying hard to be casual this time though.

  95. I play WoW. I’m an affliction lock. I also play MM hunter sometimes. I love PvP.

  96. I play the Sims 3 (yeah I know, not a proper rpg I guess, but ssssh) and my character is called Melody Azure and she’s a rockstar. She has got full points in charisma, guitar playing and painting. Her next aim in life is to get full fishing and writing skills.
    I made Bettie Mae Page, but it got a bit too complex what with her aim in the life to become Leader of the Free World…

  97. Long, long ago, I played Everquest (*gasp* I know, Evercrack…lol.) Then one day, these people at this company called Blizzard made this new game called World of Warcrack…I mean, World of Warcraft. My brother and jumped ship to WoW asap and never looked back.

    Hi, my name is Erzbet and I’m a healer. The class, race, spec, etc doesn’t matter as long as I’m a healer. My current main is a resto shaman but I’ve been tinkering with a disc priest and am looking forward to making my Worgen a druid when Cataclysm launches.

  98. I have two characters that I play on WoW: LiliMarlene (a reference to a German song), an undead warlock, and Ekibiogami (the name of the Japanese god of plague and pestilence), a blood elf Death Knight.

    I started playing because my husband needed someone to join raid groups and run with him, and to help farm gold for whatever he needed. I ended up playing with or without him. My first MMO! I bought him Cataclysm: Collectors Edition with a little savings on the side- he’ll be awfully surprised when he finds out!

  99. I don’t play MMOs. If I did play one, it seems like WoW is the most established one and I do like fantasy settings. I would probably create a Night Elf or Tauren Druid as I like to switch things up according to what the situation calls for. (Although how awesome would it be to play as Naga?)

    I’m a RPG girl. I started out with Lunar, went to Final Fantasy and Zelda, and hope to start playing the old school games like the Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. Most of those games start out with set characters, but when you can pick classes I tend to go with sword fighters who can summon. Oh man, my summon capabilities in FF7 and FF8 were insane.

  100. I play WoW and have since it started. I only have two 80 characters despite that: a NE rogue and a BE paladin. (I love me some elves.) I’m also a console RPGer; I love the Final Fantasy series, although I haven’t played the online ones or XII because I don’t have an XBox or a PS3. I’ve also played the Persona series, the Shadow Hearts series… oh gosh, lots of things.

    I’m stupidly excited for Cata. I’m going to make a worgen druid and I’ve already made a dwarf shaman.

  101. I’ve played LineAge II for a few years, as well as Ragnarok Online. I’ve also played Perfect World for a while.

    On LineAge I’ve used to do characters that looked like my dolls! I’d have Chocolate (Dream of Doll Mir) as a female Dwarf, Vanilla (Dream of Doll Shall) as an Elf healer and Mikael (Same brand, Hoo) as a human swordsman! 😀

    In perfect world I had 3 characters: Anilorac (my name, reversed. I had no criativity. She was a healer winged elf), Amélia, a fighter cat-girl and Katrina, a swords-lady 😀

    On Ragnarok online I had a chacter named after me (Cacau) who would always be a priest.

    I decided to quit MMORPGs after finding out that, as soon as people discovered my sex, I wouldn’t be allowed to be at peace ¬¬

    On Perfect World I am pretending I’m a guy named John! 😀

  102. My favourite game of all time is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for SNES. I was so completely obsessed with that game when I was younger, and I still love it today. If I could be any character…

    I would be a girl Link. My outfit would be bright violet with black trim, and I would have my black cat as a sidekick rather than a faerie. My theme music would be 5 internets cooler than Links, and I would travel all over the adventureland looking for pretty guys to save from scary castles. It would be a pretty big deal.

  103. Sterling Morgenstern December 3, 2010 at 4:05 am

    Never got into online gaming for various reasons (although I’ve got plenty of friends who did/are current fanatics!) I am a huge Zelda fiend though, actually hoping for Twilight Princess for the Gamecube for Christmas (I know, I know, better late to the party than never – borrowed and played part of it on the GC, fell desperately in love, absolutely refuse to play the Wii version -beyond the little confusing bit I tried just to see if it was manageble…- I’m left-handed and they flipped the whole bleeding thing at the last minute for righties! It was way too disorienting and annoying, I hope the next game allows you to select which hand to favour – they took our freaking mascot and put his sword in the wrong hand! How the hell am I supposed to feel? But I digress lol)

    Also, I’m a fan of good j/rpgs, I really enjoyed Tales of Symphonia on the GC and avatar-wise I’m typically Zelos (girls gave you free stuff when you talk to them, saves tons of $$!) and later on Kratos, because he’s awesome. Never Lloyd if I don’t have to though, he’s dreadfully annoying – actually half the cast is now that I think about it… lol

    Back in the earlier days I played FF7 & 8 on the computer, (in all games if there was magic/summoning – that’s what I favoured heavily – loves me some sparkle and a show whilst crushing thine enemies!) that’s probably the closest to online gaming I ever got – I just don’t have the time and resources to enjoy that particular medium but I love the elements it so often encompasses.

    Forgive me if this already exists but a mmorpg that had supernatural (think classic horror genres) character classes would be cool, like Vampires (no glitter kthnx), Werewolves, Witches, Ghosts, Telepathics/Kinetics, Mummies, Zombies, Monsters, Angels, Demons, Fallen/Dark Angels, etc. The possible kinds of missions that could be tailoured to the characters’ different characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, motivations, etc. have potential to be quite interesting and engaging.

    Anyways, love the rise of geeky/gamer cosmetics companies – I’m actually in the (very) infant stages of developing my own, I love it when my passions/interests play nicely with each other!


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