Geek Chic – A Review


I ran across Geek Chic a while ago, but I held off on reviewing it because I knew someone else wanted to get to it first 😉

The Geek Chic website is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for although it’s a little clunky.  Everything is organized with a navigation bar across the top with the categories and hovering over them you can find the subcategories of the lines.

The site uses a Yahoo cart system.  There is no running balance available on the page you’re looking at, so you have to keep checking back to see your total.

They sell eyeshadow, lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, finishes, blushes, and an assortment of makeup just for cosplay (although honestly I was disappointed to see the black lipstick in the cosplay section, for some people it’s an everyday thing).  They have quite a few lines of shadows each inspired by something geeky such as WoW, Zelda, BSG, and True Blood.  I really love the themes, not only do I play WoW, but my character’s name is Capryca.

The pictures of the colors on the site could use work.  They are cropped to fit into digital shapes, but when you click on them to go to their individual page they are swatched on skin.  Each listing explains the inspiration behind the color and includes the ingredients.  Each shadow is $4.99.  Everything they sell is very competitively priced.

It took me a bit to narrow down what I wanted to order, some things I wanted based on name alone.  I finally ended up ordering :

Once Bitten Lipstick

Blood Bond Shadow

Ebon Blade Shadow

Viking King Shadow

Samples of Star Power Finishing Powder, Drood, All the Rage, and Six


Shipping was $4.95 for flat rate Priority.  I ordered on a Tuesday, it shipped on that Saturday and I received it on the following Wednesday.  So shipping was under a week.


My order arrived well packaged in a flat rate box filled with peanuts.  Included was a free sample as well as my invoice.  On the invoice was a little note as well as a hand written thank you.


I’ve really been into gold and red, so I picked a few of those, as well as some samples I thought I might use as accents or to blend in.  They have a wide variety of shades, none of them looked suspicious to me, though.

The shadows come in your standard 5 gram jars, and they are packed pretty full.  They are labeled with the collection they are from on the top with the shade on the bottom (Viking King is nearly impossible to read, though).  They don’t contain the weight or ingredients, although it is on the site when you order.  All the shadows are vegan.

From top to bottom, left to right : Blood Bond, Six, Ebon Blade, All the Rage, Viking King, Drood, and Where are the Cheese Puffs?

Blood Bond – Fang Banger’s Quartet

The Geek: Whether you are attacked and bitten or bitten sensually in a frenzy of unparalleled lust, if you exchange blood you will create a bond. They will know where you are at all times, and can sense what you are feeling. Which could be an amazing thing if you are fond of the Vampire you share a bond with, bad if not.

The Chic: Blood Bond is a deep blood red pigment. Blood Bond contains real metal alloys for an intense color pay-off and incredible metallic sheen. Looks amazing with Viking King and Eyes of the Werewolf. Can be used wet as an eyeliner. As awesome as it is, we do not recommend people who have any metal sensitivities to use it, since it may cause allergic reaction.

This is, hands down, my favorite red mineral shadow right now (Love+ is still my favorite pressed).  It borders on a burgundy, but it depends on what you wear with it as to which way it goes.  It’s also vegan, which I love.  It’s made with a mix of stuff that includes actual metallic components, so it might not be for anyone.

Six – So Say We All

The Geek: Ah Six, our resident sexpot and deviant manipulator. You are the woman we love to hate. Whether or not she’s a figment of a lecherous narcissist’s imagination, she gets the job done, and does it in style.

The Chic: Six is a true, bold red. Six has a hint of red shimmer to it to crank up the sizzle. Blends well with other fire colors. Can be mixed with your favorite lip gloss or dabbed on top of your favorite red lipstick to add some sparkle. Can also be used wet for an intense red eyeliner.

Six is a very nice bright red, it’s not very deep, but it’s about dead on to ‘the dress‘.

Ebon Blade – 10 Man Raid

The Geek: Newcomers, relatively, to the scene: most of the Death Knights you will ever meet are pretty bad at just about everything. It’s not their fault… they usually haven’t had enough practice. If you find an exceptional Death Knight, or you play one, consider yourself lucky and your enemies pulverized.

The Chic: Ebon Blade is a wicked as it’s name. Ebon Blade is a crazy intense red/gold duochrome. The effect looks like the two colors are floating on top of each other. Packing just enough gold shimmer to stand out but not over power the red. Can be mixed with your favorite lip gloss to make a sultry red lippie. Can also be used wet for a unique eyeliner!

I play a DK.  There, I confess.  She’s my main now, I love her, so ordering this shade was a no brainer.  Turns out I love it.  Depending on how you look at it it could be a coppery red or it could be gold.

All the Rage – 10 Man Raid

The Geek: What can we say about Warriors? They like to pummel things silly and if you don’t actually PICK a class, you will end up with a Warrior.

The Chic: All the Rage is a soft brown with hints of green and blue highlights. It’s a truly unique shade of brown you won’t find anywhere else! Mixes well with blues, golds, and greens. Can be used wet for a pearly brown eyeliner.

My warrior is unloved, but I love this shadow for its versatility.  It’s actually a light buff shade and works great to blend the reds and golds.  I’m honestly not sure I see any blue or green highlights, though.

Viking King – Fang Banger’s Quartet

The Geek: Born the son of a Viking King, he inherited his father’s crown after his father was brutally murdered by an ancient Vampire. Now a vampire himself, he spends his time running his club, plotting against the Southern Gentleman vampire to steal his girlfriend, and generally being sexy.

The Chic: Viking King is an intense antique gold pigment with silver shimmer. Viking King contains real metal alloys for an intense color pay-off and incredible metallic sheen. Can be used wet as an eyeliner. As awesome as it is, we do not recommend people who have any metal sensitivities to use it, since it may cause allergic reaction

Eric.  That’s the only reason I wanted this shade, but it was a fairly good reason.  It’s a very nice gold, not all that complicated but it’s very metallic without any shimmer.

Drood – 10 Man Raid

The Geek: Innervate me! This shadow is dedicated to the multitaski-est of all classes, the Druid. No one likes to be barked at for a battle rez. But you’re the only one who can!

The Chic: Drood is an in your face neon tangerine full of gold shimmer and orange and copper highlights. Goes great with Tricks of the Trade for a super dose of neon. Can be mixed with your favorite lip gloss to make a crazy bright lippie!

Since I’m currently playing my Druid, I thought this would be nice to try.  I also tend to like orange shadows.  I don’t think I’d call this neon, though.  It’s a pretty soft shade of apricot with a gorgeous sheen to it.

Where Are The Cheese Puffs – 8 Bit Survival Kit

The Geek: Cheese puffs in all their flavors and types are pretty much the table-top gamer’s food staple. If you are hosting a session in your home you’d better be prepared for orange stains in places you never thought possible or be prepared to face the wrath of hungry nerds. I’d take the stains any day!

The Chic: If you’ve been dying for a cheese powder colored eyeshadow, then your wait is over! After hours of toiling over our cauldron in the lab we have created a cheesy eyeshadow masterpiece! Where are the Cheese Puffs? is a bold cheddar orange with an intense amount of sparkle. Can be used wet or over primer for even more crazy color pay-off. Can be used wet as an eyeliner.

THIS is a bright neon orange, and yes it’s exactly like the greasy smudge of cheese particles that are left on your fingers after eating Cheetos.

Star Power Power Finishing Veil

Star Power is our super awesome finishing veil. Used sparingly over foundation (or without) to create a slightly sparkly, dewy finish to your makeup. A kabuki brush is our favorite way to apply, but any good bushy brush will do the job to create a flawless look with SPF protection and oil control that lasts all day!

First of all, we all know you can’t claim an SPF on something (even if it contains something that is a KNOWN sun screen) unless it’s been tested and labeled by the FDA, so I’m a little worried that they have that included in the description.

As a veil you only really need the LIGHTEST of dusting of this for a nice soft focus finish.  It’s not ridiculous with shimmer, but there is the occasional sparkle in it.  As with most veils, it will look a little dusty on your skin, you just need to let it sit and set and almost melt in.  Then it’s really very pretty and did a fairly good job on my cousin’s out of control T zone.

Once Bitten Lipstick

The Geek: If you are anything like us, you dream of being seduced by a vampire. Do you lust after the tall and muscular Viking with the icy blue eyes and bottomless libido? Or are you enamored more by the toned, dark and brooding Southern Gentleman with the thick drawl and hopelessly romantic personality? Or perhaps you fancy the Viking’s sassy progeny with impeccable taste in fashion or the Southern Gentleman’s progeny with the fiery red-hair and insatiable curiosity? Whoever you crush on, you know that Once Bitten, you’ll be bonded for life.

The Chic: Once Bitten is our version of the “sexy” red that everyone should have. It’s an opaque, pearlescent, true red. It glides on velvety and smooth, and lasts forever. Once Bitten is flavored with “Seduction”, GC’s flavoring that tastes like lust and fall spices. Once Bitten is a staple red that every skin tone can rock!

The lipstick comes in your typical black bulleted tube. It’s only labeled with the company name and the color, and my label was little off center.

I can’t tell you how much I wanted to love this lipstick. The actual formula is great, it’s long lasting and moisturizing and easy to wear. The color wasn’t quite what I expected. It’s sheer and you have to layer it a little to get nice color, but it’s far too sheer to get a nice bold color. I like it because it’s not your typical mineral lipstick, it’s not packed so full of mica that it’s dry and a shimmer bomb, but at the same time it’s not all that pigmented. It also reminds me of my Grandma’s lipstick, it has that familiar ‘vintage’ scent to it, although I don’t notice much of a flavor besides the typical ‘lipstick’ taste of waxes and oils. It’s not vegan, it contains beeswax.

I might be willing to try another lipstick in another color, the price is certainly right at $7.99


Would I order from Geek Chic Cosmetics again?  Yes!

  • I love the branding and theme of the shop, even if the site could use a little work.
  • The eyeshadows are great.  They aren’t flat and they are not cake mix.
  • There is a lot of obvious thought put into each collection.
  • Although I didn’t care for the opacity, the lipstick has promise.
  • The owners are great, they returned my emails quickly and were very helpful and friendly.

Today I’m wearing Viking King, Ebon Blade, and Blood Bond with a bit of All the Rage in the crease.  I have plans for a 10 man ICC after dinner.


11 Responses to “Geek Chic – A Review”

  1. Oh, I can’t wait till yuletime is over and I can order makeup for ME again.

  2. Bah, I’m really sorry to jump straight to this but do they really pack their packages with peanuts? Won’t that cause a problem to people with peanut allergies? (Example, me)

    The lipstick packaging is quite cute though.

  3. I am definitely going to have to try them. I love these geeky companies cropping up.

    One thing I’m confused about. You said a company can’t claim SPF even if they have sun-protection ingredients. I thought the rule was that they can claim they HAVE SPF, but they can’t claim a specific SPF number until they’re FDA-tested.

    Or am I wrong?

    • You can’t claim it at all, even if you don’t claim a number. The number is what is determined by the FDA, but because some people rely on the overall SPF claim to prevent disease, you cannot legally claim one at all without the FDA testing. I spoke to someone both at a lab and as the FDA about this earlier this year in regards to another company, and they said that it appears to be a common misconception. They stated that “it’s irresponcile to claim an SPF without being able to cite the actual protection rating”.

  4. To be honest, for a site calling its self geek I expect better in a design. I think it’s a pity, as it kind of lets down what looks to be a fabulous product.

    I adore the theme, and this is most certainly going on my shopping list.

  5. I would like ‘cheese puffs’ on the name alone, except it really should be called ‘cheesy poffs’ and have a pic of Cartman on it, lol. I keep misreading it that was also.

  6. Thank you for waiting! :3
    I read that the lipsticks are sheer but I’m still gonna try Tails and My Little Pwny, that is, if I can convince them to offer a regular 1st class shipping service instead of just priority for internationalers.

    Drood and Cheesey Puffs were on my shortlist of ones I expected I’d really like, too. Good review, yes :3

  7. Lovely review 🙂 Love your swatches, too!

  8. Just went and placed a small order, just for a few samples, since I don’t really need more makeup. I’m trying my hardest not to buy any more until I use up what I have, and you beauty blogger ladies (you know who you are) seem to be trying your hardest to foil my plans! 😀