The Still Unnamed Friday Post

I’m going to have to offer a prize for name suggestions.*

Black Friday

I didn’t want to go out today.  I had to.  Last month my debit card info was stolen and I had to go through this whole mess with getting it canceled and the charges reversed.  This week, the same exact thing happened on my BRAND NEW debit card.  UG.  So I had to cancel it, file the claims and all that mess.  Turns out that TKB’s credit card information was compromised, leading to my info being stolen and my checking account drained.  While I’m glad to know what happened, I still don’t know who, exactly.

Today my bank called, needing me to come in in person since it was the second time in 45 days I was filing a fraud claim.  The streets were insane and just driving by the mall I got an anxiety attack.

I have to venture into the mall tomorrow to retrain a Sephora.  Should be interesting.


I got my order from Sleek today.  I’m very pleased to be able to offer a give away!  I won’t go into all the details, that’s a post on it’s own.  But I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

The Links

I’m mildly obsessed with Kim Kardashian today.

Don’t forget to enter my give aways!  There is a link to them in the sidebar —->

This is good pie.

I cannot beleive this shirt isn’t sold out.  Am I the only one who gets it?

Sugarpill is on sale.  Everyone needs Bulletproof.

Your Turn

Every have your debit card stolen?  It’s ten times worse then your credit card, since that’s actual money from your checking account.

What sales did you hit up today, or are you waiting for Cyber Monday?

* Here in to be called “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”


34 Responses to “The Still Unnamed Friday Post”

  1. Unfortunately, not being American I completely forgot there would be sales this weekend. I might catch some of the Monday sales though, so will be keeping an eye on this post in case anyone mentions an interesting one.

    I’ve never had my debit card details stolen. I tend to prefer using Paypal rather than giving out my debit card details, as I’m always sceptical of security on websites.

  2. Geh, I had my debit card info stolen once. They didn’t get much, I think they had only put two charges on it before I told the bank and they cancelled the card but it still sucked a bit. But getting it stolen twice in a month? That is a whole different level of suck. Here’s hoping people stop stealing your money! 🙂

  3. It really, really bothers me when a business won’t disclose accidents/mistakes/etc. to costumers. I dealt with a similar situation with Urban Decay for a few weeks when they admitted to me that the vegan pallet accidentally contained lanolin, after I asked why the UDPP wasn’t on the vegan page but was in the pallet. They knew it for a great deal of time before I even found out, and then it took me weeks of emailing to get them to inform customers via notice on the website. They felt they didn’t have to disclose it because it was the manufacturer’s mistake…never mind that they were breaking federal cosmetics labeling laws. Ugh. Mistakes happen- just let people know so that they can avoid a common allergen, avoid animal products, protect their money, etc.
    Sorry for the rant- but this makes me crazy. I hope your finances get settled quickly.

    Also- I’m in favor of “Freaky Friday” posts. We all need more freaky, funky days in our lives.

  4. hey,
    i’m sorry to hear about your dc info being stolen, i work in a bank branch and i see so much fraud daily, it’s really scary. Most of the time, we have no idea how the information was stolen anyway.
    I have a random question, I never ended up buying aromaleigh’s lip gloss base when i first saw it and now it’s not available anymore and I want to make mac lipglass type glosses. I bought some versagel last year and tried it out in various combinations with castor oil and some other stuff and I just couldn’t get it right. I was wondering if you had a good recipe for that and if so, would you mind sharing it with me?
    thank you!

  5. Sorry to hear that 😦 Recently my friend had her credit card info stolen too, it really sucks. Is there a reason you use debit cards over credit cards? I use a citi credit card, and they have this feature called virtual account numbers, where they can generate a temporary credit card number to use online. You can even specify a dollar limit on the number, so even if the number gets stolen you have a cap on the amount they can take. (In addition, they only let you use one number with one merchant, so the chances of charges making it onto your account are extremely slim)

    Aaaand with a lot of cards, you get points per dollar you spend. If you do a lot of shopping, it really adds up fast, and you can redeem gifts when it hits a certain amount 😀

    Also, I feel that CC companies are a lot more diligent with fraud prevention. There are a lot of ways for ppl to get your cc info. For example, if your card comes with paywave(that feature where you just have to tap it instead of sliding it through the reader), anyone with one of those radio frequency readers and steal your info. My debit card has that (srsly, are we that lazy we can’t swipe cards anymore?), and I rarely bring it outside with me.

    Sorry for the long rant XO, I hope you get everything sorted out soon ><

    • Maybe it’s old fashioned, but I don’t beleive in credit. If I can’t afford to pay cash, I can’t afford it. I have no credit cards and buy my cars outright. There is a certain satisfaction with going through life not owing anyone a penny.

      • I understand where you’re coming from, but whether or not to be in debt with a credit card is really up to the user. In my case I always monitor how much I have left in my bank account, and I never spend more than 25% of that amount. When the statement comes I pay it off immediately, so to me it really doesn’t feel like going in debit at all — just paying everything all at once instead of at that specific time. I admit it’s annoying sometimes, like with my card, it won’t let me pay off my balance until a new statement is issued (so technically I’ll be in debt for ~30 days until I’m able to submit my payment), but as long as I keep to my 25% rule everything’s golden. Just my 2c :>

  6. Sorry about your info being stolen. Same thing happened with my only credit card a few years back but fortunately I caught it fairly quickly.

    I bought some stuff from OHWTO’s artfire shop but other than that no shopping for me. You couldn’t pay me to brave the Black Friday crowds. I think going out in that would crush my faith in humanity as well as possibly crush me physically. I’ve heard about how mean people get. 😛

    Okay, before I lose my nerve to make a suggestion, how about “Friday’s a gem”? Its a quote from a Tom Waits song, if you’re a fan. If not, then maybe a quote from a band or artist you do like? Thats how I like to name things sometimes. Certain songs have such wonderful turns of phrase that you just can’t get them out of your head.

    Welp, thats my two cents. Not much but I thought I’d throw it out there.

    • I do like him, but do you know who I LOVE? The Cure. So I think I’m going to award you the prize on this for the inspiration and call them “It’s Friday, I’m in Love!”

      • I’m glad to be of service!

        Yay for music! And yay for a Friday post name!

        I’m kind of ridiculously excited about being helpful.

  7. My boyfriend had his entire bank account wiped once because someone took out a cashier’s check for his total balance. It caused a ton of consternation as check after check bounced (this was RIGHT after the beginning of the month) and we even thought for a while that his paycheck itself had bounced, which is why his account was empty. The bank was extraordinarily unhelpful, and told him he had to wait 90 days before they could stop the check, but had no recourse for him should the person cash the check.

    After 3 months to the day, he stormed to the bank who told him they couldn’t do anything for him. Well, never tell a former Marine with anger problems you can’t do anything for him. He got his money back that day and closed his account with the bank.

    It’s weird because he, my sister, and my friend have gotten their identities stolen multiple times, but I, who shop online probably the most out of all of them combined, have been fine. Knock on wood…

  8. That’s odd you didn’t get an email notice from TKB- I got one! :/ Of course, I also didn’t have my information stolen… funny how that worked out :s Maybe they only sent notices to customers who didn’t have their information stolen!

    Oh and I’m right there with you on the credit card thing- it’s my trusty debit card and paypal balance for me- if I don’t have the money for it, I don’t need it, plain and simple 🙂

    Re: black friday sales- I hit up Morgana Cryptoria for a first-time order, The Morbid the Merrier for Xmas presents (not all for me), and HiFi’s Black Friday sales, along with ordering a few samples from Geek Chic (just samples so they weren’t on sale). I had a cart filled at Sugarpill but talked myself out of ordering it, a girl only needs so much makeup. Or something. But one day, Goldilux shall be mine, oh yes 🙂

  9. That sucks about your card. I kinda wish I hadn’t learnt the fun of credit cards as even though by most people standards I am good with it I don’t like it. I originally got it back before visa/debit cards and had to pay for uni stuff online etc and so I would have a credit balance for when I eventually take out a mortgage. However I got sick and was out of work/pension and have racked up a small debt from all the medical stuff I had go on.Doctors appt’s could easily be half my pension not including medication, surgeries, procedures, travel interstate for doctors etc and that was without paying rent, food, utilities. It did serve it’s emergency properties. I still use it alot but thats because I get points I can trade in for gift cards and I pay it back the moment I get home.

    As for black Friday – Hifi sale and a few samples from Persephone Minerals and another I forgot. I almost did Sugarpill too but I am slowly cutting back on makeup for nail polish right now.

  10. Yes, I had my debit card information stolen once. The bank was ~*awesome*~ and decided not to ruin my day with a courtesy phone call or email, so I was that person wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole when I tried to pay for groceries and “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” kept popping up. I didn’t have enough cash on me at the time, so I walked away in shame. I felt so horrible for just leaving my groceries there (not to mention hungry).

    At the time, the bank was closed, but they still had a hotline that was open. So I called, and after being put on hold for almost half an hour they told me that since the bank was closed, I had to walk to the nearest “ATM machine (sic)” in order to verify my information. The nearest ATM of my bank’s branch was in a convenience store, manned by a woman that was PISSED I was holding up her precious ATM without buying anything. So pissed she tried to kick me out of the store. I insisted I was on hold with the bank and if she didn’t leave me alone, I was going to call the head of the convenience store next and let them know what an ass she was being. After dealing with her, the bank hung up and I had to call back again and get on hold again for another 20 minutes. Oh, and did I mention at the time I hated the idea of a 3 year phone contract, so I was on a prepaid phone, and the phonecall was costing me 40¢ a minute? Finnnnnnally, someone was able to tell me that yes, my bank info was stolen and someone had been buying all kinds of things on the East Coast, so the bank got suspicious and froze my account. They were going to call me in the morning. Not the minute they found out, but the next day.

    They told me they could get my money back, but it would take five business days and in the meanwhile, my card was no good and they would send me a new one which would also take five business days. Five days without groceries. Five days at the end of the month, which meant my rent was due, and my post dated rent check was going to bounce, because whoever stole my bank info cleaned me out completely and I couldn’t even afford to pay the stop payment fee on my post dated rent check.

    The minute I got my money back I switched banks 😡

    Sorry for the TL;DR! Oh, and today was so busy I didn’t have time to shop, so I only hit up the one sale I was really waiting for: Sugarpill 🙂

  11. Oh wow, thanks for letting us know about the TKB issue. I wanted to place an order next month but now I’m probably going to wait…
    I, luckily, never had my debit card info stolen but I lost my card numerous times already and it once got stuck in the machine when I wanted to withdraw some money from my account. Getting a new card all the time is pretty expensive, though. Hope everything turns out well in the end for you!

  12. I had my debit info stolen once as well! It was a prepaid debit from Walmart and the customer service was heinous! I caught it before it was drained. Two small charges were made to a charity. I guess that’s how they test out if it’s valid. I closed my card immediately, but my next direct deposit hit while I was waiting for a new card, and since it’s not a bank I had no access to my money! It took 2 weeks to get it.
    I onl took advantage of one black friday sale. I bought myself a dress I admit, I was very ill Prepared for it this year and spent my money on the Aromaleigh sales during the week.

  13. Never had any card stolen! Just got my credit one last year, which I only use through paypal…

    The only thing I ever had stolen was my cellphone. Which was in the same place as my money (the equivalent to 25$) and the person stole only the cellphone – which was old and worth less than 25$ o.õ’

    My parents seem to get robber a lot, though. We were robbed two years on Christmas, while going to visit my grandmother… They also had stolen credit/debit information…

    I hope everything goes well with your card! x.x’ I hope it’ll be solved quickly and no one will steal from you again!
    Many many hugs,


  14. Lurker greetings to you all..

    No Black Friday for me, since I’m not in the US!

    As for TKB – wow – I ordered from them for the first time a few weeks ago and this post (I’ve lurked for some months but not written anything of yet) prompted me to doublecheck my account – seems everything is okay.

    I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you – I did have my details stolen once and it took nearly 3 months to get it back, not due to the bank but the investigation and required wait (VISA rule) – wasn’t funny, since it was a pretty significant sum.

    Unfortunately the system seems to protect the thief almost more than the victim – our identities are stolen while theirs are protected. 😛

    I don’t know who took my money but I knew they used it to buy a SAS airline ticket, and I did find out it was likely a local shop, not an online one, as the police were kind enough to offer that hint – there had been a spate of illegal transactions at the time in our town. So now, in town, I only use my card at places where I’m confident that it will be in good hands.

    Aaanyhoo…damn. This makes me afraid to order from TKB again – which is unfortunate as I was planning to order once more, as I’m making shadows for friends as gifts. 😦

    I hope third time’s a charm and your card issues resolve themselves! It’s so unnerving when this kind of thing happens to us.

  15. Friday: “Weekend Dress-Rehearsal” 😀

    I’m kind of weird, in that I have two bank accounts: one for household expenses / main bulk of saving, and one for online shopping / transactions. So even if that one card gets swiped, I’m limited in how much I’ll lose, AND I have another card and account that can easily be used to buy and pay for essentials, bills, the mortgage…in the meantime.

    It’s a lot easier to do now that so many places offer online banking (actually, they encourage it) and no-fee personal checking accounts. Just be sure to tell them to turn off overdraft protection and reject transactions if you’re ever over the limit – save yourself that $25 overdraft fee. Check around and see if any credit unions or local banks (ie, -=not=- Chase or any of the biggies) are offering incentives for folks opening new accounts. They’re all trying to get more business…if you go with a credit union, make sure it’s NCUA insured.

  16. I had my debit card’s info stolen before but luckily my bank was really good to me about it! The stealers also had excellent timing because it was after I cashed my paycheck, literally two days after.

    That is really really strange that you didn’t get TKB’s email explaining that they had been hacked and that they were compromised like that =/

  17. My credit card charges say they’ve been reversed a second time and I’ve been credited back by the merchants. I’m still stressed about this.

    My debit card got stolen once from when I purchased gas right outside Orlando. Luckily BoA caught the fraudulent activity because they didn’t have our pin, just our zip, and called us, so we only had about $300 of charges that were fraud that had to be reversed.

    I hope yours gets sorted out soon.

    *big hug*

    Being broke, I’m not ordering anything on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

  18. Jules Noctambule November 27, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    I’m really sorry that your information was stolen. It’s a difficult, stressful situation to solve and TKB was completely in the wrong not to give you a heads-up.

    Didn’t do much Black Friday shopping, being a former retail drone myself, but I did go to the flea market where I found some awesome vintage eyeglass frames, and today I treated myself to some Wiggle perfumes — and best of all, we adopted a new cat! She’s a calico and her name is Fiona.

  19. I had my debit card stolen this fall as well. I have no idea how they got the number. The first charges they made were days after my last legit purchase so who knows. The bank called about the weird charges and canceled the card which was good. Luckily, they caught it before more than $200 was charged. Whoever did it was a pro, so I’m thinking this may have been a hacking thing. They were charging purchases under $50 which doesn’t ring red flag bells at most banks. Their mistake was charging the same purchase several times over at an hour when people in my time zone are usually asleep.

    I sent in my claims to my bank and promptly got a “We didn’t hear from you so we’re closing the case” as soon as the paperwork went in. So, I’ve faxed and mailed it again and we’ll see what happens. At least I was able to get the paperwork this time, since their online system glitches like crazy.

    It seems like this year has been ridiculous for the amount of fraud going on.

  20. Hey Grey! I too believe in not having to take out a loan to pay for something; I mean, to me, if you don’t have the money outright to pay for a thing, you should wait till you do to get it. Perhaps it has something to do with having a banker for a father, but I’ve always regarded loans with some suspicion.
    Also, the shirt, when I clicked on the link the first thing I thought of was the song “A Love Bizarre”, you know, the Prince song? But I’m probably wrong, do tell us what the shirt actually means, yeah?
    Have a good one!

  21. It is really discouraging that your info was used again recently! Sorry for the extra frustration. I really wanted to put in an order with TKB Trading but was holding off after the first round of numbers stolen. Now I am extra cautious about placing an order. Was Paypal info compromised as well?

  22. =/ I got a confirmation e-mail, my money is gone from my bank account, my Sleek still hasn’t materialised. Another blog post about it said that they issued a facebook note saying if people didn’t get an e-mail yesterday then their orders have been cancelled and their funds held by the credit card processing company, SagePay, for up to 30 days.

    If this is the case with my order, going to go… apeshit 😡

  23. I’m sorry your information was compromised twice. That’s scary and I’m alarmed to hear a well known company like TKB wouldn’t give its customers a heads up or have better security measures in place.

    Black Friday sales: Getting or have gotten a few things from Etsy. Soap and ornaments from weirdplush, lip balm and limited edition soap from Anderson Soap Company, and a Ravenclaw influenced scarf from SandSInk.

  24. I got mine skimmed pretty recently. Thought I was gonna die, fortunately my bank were quick to pick up on it.

  25. Like others, I got a notice from TKB in the ole email, too. It’s really unfortunate – and confusing – that you didn’t get one, as well.

    As for ordering from TKB, Paypal wasn’t compromised so if you WANT to order from them, Paypal is still safe. It was their in-house web based processing that got popped. They’re no longer running debit cards directly through their site (for now) until they can get everything straightened out. I believe they’re also invoicing and running cards on an external terminal.

    I work for a bank, and since I’m on the desk side, I see a lot of fraud, unfortunately. Luckily, our bank tries very hard to give much better customer service than some of you guys have experienced.

    To minimize getting totally wiped out, we do recommend (to people that want to know) using multiple accounts for different expenses and keeping a close eye on your funds with online banking. Contrary to popular belief, we can’t personally monitor every account – everything almost is ran by computers. Unless something’s flagged as an unusually large charge or out of your local area, the bank probably won’t notify you. Otherwise, people would be getting pissed that we were calling them all the time and yanking their cards when they were just traveling. However, once an account gets overdrawn a certain amount, we are generally investigating the situation on the branch-end because we want to recoup money that the bank has paid out to balance the account’s negative status.

    Also, now that customers are to be fully disclosed about overdraft limits, it’s easier for you to decide whether or not it’ll be beneficial to you. Something to keep in mind, though, is if you have a sweep set up – where funds from one account is transferred to another in the event of an overdraft, to prevent fees – it probably won’t work if overdraft protection is declined. If the money’s not there, the bank will just deny the charge at the terminal, instead of allowing it to process.

    OH AND ONE MORE THING…Then I’ll shut up. Banks are also legally required to pay some charges called Point of Sale (or POS) debits, even if you decline overdraft protection. So it is still possible for your account to be overdrawn. However, if these charges are fraudulent, it’s pretty easy to get the money back from VISA or Mastercard through your bank. I’m not sure about VISA, but I know that with Mastercard, you’re generally liable for the first $50.00 of charges, but most fraud departments are getting very quick at recouping funds. And 99% of the time, you’re going to get all of that money back, even if the bank or the card company has to pay the bill.

    Sorry, Grey! I know this isn’t Grey’s Banking Blog!

  26. Grey!

    THANK YOU for posting that Sugarpill was having a sale! I’ve been wanting Bulletproof and the new chromalusts for ages now, and I would never have known that Amy was doing a 30% off thing if it hadn’t been for you. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I’ve never had my debit/credit card info stolen (well, not in the way you mean, anyway. I had my bag stolen a few weeks ago with my wallet inside, but the only thing I had to do was cancel my debit card and get a new one. I did that pretty fast, so nothing was taken). It sounds like a major hassle to straighten all that out. 😦

  27. I have not had my credit card details stolen. Hopefully that will remain that way. I have had to get duplicate charges and charges from sellersthat didn’t ship the goods reversed. Trying to get one charge reversed was painful enough, I can’t imagine how painful trying to sort out fraud would be once, let only twice.

    I have been shopping in the online sales. I grabbed a few things from SoBe, some of which you had mentioned in your posts (the Cool as a cucumber cream, Medevil Gothlips stix, and oil control powder) plus a concealor. It will be interesting to see if the oil control powder stands up to the Australian heat. Earlier in the week I grabbed a bunch of Meow stuff (foundation plus samples) with their sale. I also took advantage of Black Friday to grab some sewing stuff. I reluctantly left Morgana Cryptoria’s sale alone. I didn’t think having alipstick order sent in the mail over summer was such a crash hot idea. I received an order from Silk Naturals over a week ago that was almost left to long in the letterbox.