A Brazilian Beauty

I want to introduce you to my friend Carolina, also known as Cacau.  She’s a very sweet, giving, and awfully beautiful.  She writes and has a blog she calls Fancy Geek.

Every once in a while I get these little care packages from her, and this past Friday I got another.

She sent me my favorite soaps, a lipstick (I LOVE THIS COLOR) and she drew me a picture of a kitty complete with a little kiss!  Thank you so much, C!

The lipstick is Natura Una Lipstick Color Vinho 1, the pink soap is Pitanga (Brazilian Cherry) Pure Vegetal soap and the brownish one is Cupuassu soap.

I can’t express how much I LOVE getting little packages from places I could only dream to visit and people I would love to meet in person.  I don’t say it enough, but I love the people I’ve met writing this little mess of a blog!


8 Responses to “A Brazilian Beauty”

  1. Wow, the lipstick is a stunning colour. Care packages are the best for putting a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

  2. She’s such a dear- that’s so super-sweet of her to send you stuff like that!

  3. I’m glad you like everything! I’m happy you’ve posted today, ’cause I had a bad day and it’s nice to see I could give you a smile! 🙂
    I’m very happy I’ve met you!



  4. Cacau is adorable ❤ I love the things she sent me, too! I didn't photograph my happy package because I suck =[

  5. Yey! For happy packages!

  6. That’s so sweet of her to send you things out of the blue like that. That lipstick color is gorgeous!

  7. That is so sweet of her 🙂

  8. I should pull together some money and send you some yummy Trilogy stuff from NZ.