A Little Burlesque

The other day training in Sephora I discovered that Smashbox released a Burlesque inspired collection.

I love burlesque and even though I’m not crazy about Christina Aquilera, I’m really excited to see this movie.  It was one of those no-brainers that I picked this little set up.  In my head Duchess (my burlesque alter ego) is bedecked in gold and rich pinks, sort of like my Aromleigh Angels color, Georgiana.  The colors in this collection seemed exactly what I was imagining, plus the names are cheeky without being overt, something I admire (down the line I have aspirations of a burlesque collection of my own).  In fact, Le Gothique was more burlesque inspired then ‘goth’ inspired, hence the more luxurious then grunge and dark theme of the blog.

I’m actually not a big fan of Smashbox, I went through my whole collection and apart from a couple of samples, a primer, and my tinted moisturizer, I don’t own anything else from the company.  Seems very odd.

What it is:
A four-piece collection of sultry, limited-edition shades inspired by the film Burlesque.

What it does:
Designed to re-create theatrical looks featured in the film “Burlesque,” In Theaters November 24, about a small town girl trying to make it big in Hollywood, this provocative collection of sexy shades will bring out your inner starlet.

This set contains:
– 0.02 oz Limitless Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black
– 0.14 oz Double-Ended Lip Gloss in Peep and Show
– 0.2 oz Shadow and Liner Quad in Risque (shimmering pink, deep eggplant, shimmering pink beige, and cool gray)
– 0.058 oz Loose Shimmer powder in Burlesque (golden pink)

The collection is packaged in a small box inside a latticed sleeve.  The box opens with a little flap that contains a mini tutorial as to how to use the products to achieve the ‘burlesque’ look.  The products are wrapped in black tissue inside.  The shadows and the powder both have a lattice print on the top of them to match the box.

The Eyeliner

I’ve never used a Smashbox eyeliner before.  At .02 of an ounce this is a full sized pen.  The tip is fabulous and I love how easy it works with no drag and one stroke opaqueness.  The black is black the first time you apply it and the tip is thin and firm enough to get your liner quite precise.

It didn’t smudge and it lasted all day until I took my makeup off.

The Lip Gloss

I didn’t have very big expectations from the gloss.  It comes in a double sided tube, one end is Peep and one side is Show, although I have no idea which is which I would imagine Peep might be the candy pink side and Show the raspberry side.

Peep is a fairly light pink, it reminds me of Turkish Delight from NARS (or a dozen other soft pink colors) and it’s very sheer.  It adds the tiniest hint of pink.  Show is a very lovely brighter, richer color with a little shimmer through it, although it’s more opaque at not all that shimmery on the lips.  I really like it.

As for wear it was alright, nothing all that long lasting, although it didn’t migrate or disappear.  They’re are not sticky and keeps my lips nice and soft.

The Shadow Quad

That’s a little misleading.  It’s actually a shadow trio with a creamy liner.  The quad is a very generous size!  The nude shimmer, eggplant, and golden pink shades are shadows, the gunmetal grey is a creamy something.  Smashbox calls it a shadow/liner, however I’ve never found that their shadow/liners ever set and they work best as a creamy shadow or as a base.  As a liner it’s fairly sheer and you need to work it up to be an opaque color and it fades.  As a base it’s wonderful and makes your shadows last and when applied carefully doesn’t crease.

The powder shadows are nice and almost creamy themselves, but they don’t seem to be all that pigmented.  I love the nude and the pink shades a LOT.  The pink has a hint of the golden sheen to it and the nude has a hint of the pink sheen to it, they really are a quite lovely duo.  The eggplant is a satin, bordering on a matte.

The Shimmer Powder

I love this stuff.  I realize I probably have a few mineral shadows fairly close to this, but this shade is dainty with a wicked obvious duochrome sheen to it.  You can use it on your eyes, on your cheeks, or dot a bit of it in the center of your lips.  It’s really versatile and I found that it lasts.  You can buff it in and make it a bit sheer, or apply it heavier to make it an obvious look.

You don’t get all that much, just under a full gram, so I’m actively searching for a dupe.

I am really glad I got this and I really do like the whole collection.  I love the lux feel of the shades and hope to wear them all until they are gone, which is something I don’t often do.

Nordstrom also has their own Burlesque exclusive that I’m praying my fairy godmother gets me.

Smashbox is a cruelty free company, but this set is not vegan.  The loose powder and the eyeliner are, the shadows and the darker gloss are not.


6 Responses to “A Little Burlesque”

  1. My sister and I are going to watch this on Friday 😀 Cher’s kind of my hero. The set looks really pretty, I might pick it up before going in to see the movie.

    Do you prefer the Smashbox pen liner, or the Tokidoki pen liner?

    • The Toki Doki’s actual pen tip is a little different, and the Smashbox one is a finer point. Formula wise I think the Toki Doki is more of a paint, it’s a little different, if that makes sense.

      • Just checked the Canadian website, and it’s the same price as the US site 😀 Definitely picking it up now 🙂 I’m thinking that gunmetal cream base is going to look very pretty with SP Weekender layered on top.

  2. I am actually pretty excited to see Burlesque – it looks like fluffy fun (my aunt saw it last weekend and said it fit that category).

    I haven’t tried out many Smashbox products, I’ve just gotten a few deluxe samples from Sephora here and there. The liner pen looks lovely though – when I use up some of my stash of Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils in Zero (I have something like 4 of them from various Urban Decay kits) I’ll be checking it out.

  3. I bought my best girlfriend the Sephora exclusive train case set for Christmas. I sure hope she likes it.

  4. I love love love the Burlesque set. I bought it with a friend in mind for the Holidays, but then I found something much better suited to her tastes, and ended up keeping it. I think the quad liner it my favorite part.