It’s Friday, I’m in Love

It was an odd week for me.  I was just out of it most of the time, plus dealing with the bank has gotten… complicated.  Somehow it managed to throw my whole week off, I’m still suffering the malaise.

IMS Update

I think I probably have all the packages I’m going to get.  After talking to a few people they suggested a few things :

a – open it back up for a couple more people to participate

b – hold off on shipping them OUT until after the holidays

Any thoughts?


I’m opening five (5) more spots.  Please check out the IMS Page for rules.  Packages for these additional spots will be due by December 20th.

  1. Holly Jane
  2. Nic
  3. Becca
  4. Maryn
  5. Hanna

If there is interest, I will open another five spots.  The swap works best in groups of five.


The winner of the Cataclysm Geek Chic giveaway is :

The winner of the first Good-Buy 2010 TKB Giveaway is:

If you haven’t already entered the TKB giveaway, go here and do it!  There are four more gift certificates to give away before the end of the year.

Winners please email me at contact [dot] gothique [at] gmail [dot] com you have 48 hours  before a new winner is drawn!

Today I mailed packages to Ohio, Brazil, Sweden, Essex, and Germany.

The Links

Shiro came out with a new collection.

Aromaleigh has another good-bye collection, which I will swatch on my own this weekend.

I wish I had an excuse to make these and vegan-ize them.

I want that hat.

Zoffe is giving away a beautiful lipstick. Well, on her everything looks beautiful.

This is an amazing royalty inspired shoot.

I’m not a huge fan of this guru, but I did love the VS show makeup.

Your Turn

Anyone discover any new gurus since I asked last?

What one product from a company outside the US should I try and where can I get said product?  I’m thinking of starting a series.

What blush are you wearing today?

Have a favorite mascara wand you prefer over any others?


46 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. Grey, I think it’s time to open it up to a few more people as there has been plenty of time to purchase & mail your contributions.

  2. Hey Grey,

    If you count Illamasqua as not being US as they are from the UK (but available in sephora) you should try their Precision Ink in Abyss. It goes on black, stays black, the applicator is an easy to use felt tip pen style and it DOES NOT COME OFF. I slept with it on my hand then had a shower with soap and it will still on! AMAZING.

    Also the Australian brand Napoleon Perdis is just making it’s way into the US now and all their priming products are awesome. Esp Auto Pilot Re-Touch Skin Smoothing Cream(which I use under my eyes) and Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer, I could not wear foundation without it. They are available in Ulta stores and have a bunch of stores around the US.

    I am phobic of blush so wear really light blush, atm I am wearing MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder as blush.

    As for mascara, I was recently using Mac MascaraX which went nicely on my tiny lashes and the brush made them curl nicely. I lost that one and replaced it with Mac Plush Lash and it is annoying, the brush always gets mascara on my eyelids!

    • Napolean Perdis is available in Target! Although it’s called NP Set there 🙂 I love his mascara as well as The Falsies but TF’s is a cheaper alternative for me.

  3. Oh I will add as a late comer to your blog I missed the IMS but would love to be involved 🙂

  4. I’m gonna say wait til after the holidays just because I’ll be at my mommas, 2 provinces over in 2 weeks for 2 weeks 😀

  5. About IMS: I totally agree. It would be nice to open some slots up. And I guess waiting for the Christmas fever to be over will be better for you.

    About gurus: I’m totally into the latino community lately. Some girls may not be as talented as your usual gurus, but at least they keep it drama free.

    About mascaras: I deeply miss BadGal from Benefit. I can’t get it here and it was awesome. I have short straight lashes and it worked wonders on them.

  6. (Warning: super long babble ahead)

    I think waiting till after Christmas to ship things out might make things smoother (I’m not part of the IMS though). I know there’s always an influx of mail over holiday seasons, so the chances of mis-delivery or lost mail might be higher.

    Also, have you checked out manwomanfilm on youtube? Here’s one of her tutorials:

    I rarely become emotionally invested in online personalities, but I really really like this girl (her name is Asashi Sasaki). Her looks are always so creative, and she does not cut any corners in her tutorials. For instance in her video about making her own body suit, she mentioned that some people might want to make an additional step to sew along the hems (completely optional). I feel that any other guru would just mention this and continue on, but she actually took out needle and thread to show us. Call me jaded but this really took me by surprise, and that extra effort was what made me like her so much. In addition to makeup, she almost always includes a hair tutorial to go with the look too.

    She also doesn’t speak in most of her videos (I wouldn’t understand anyways since she’s from Japan). Surprisingly I found myself preferring this over people who constantly talk about what they’re using. This is more of a personal preference though. I really like her music choices, so sometimes I just run her vids on repeat while I do homework XD

    In addition, she is so humble and down to earth. A lot of people have commented that she’s a great makeup artist (she is!), but she’s always really shy in her replies and insists she’s just an office girl who likes makeup. It might have something to do with me being Asian (in traditional Asian culture you’re not really supposed to take compliments in stride), but I feel that a person is so much more likable when they’re humble about what they do.

    I know that an extremely popular makeup guru (not naming names here) has ripped off a lot of Asashi’s looks (a LOT of people have pointed this out, but said guru either refuses to give any credit, or insists that the look is *inspired* by who-knows-what), and I really wish that she can get the credit she deserves. Unlike some gurus out there, you can tell that she really enjoys what she does, even when she isn’t speaking.

    Did I mention she also does pole-dancing? X3 You can see a lot of her costumes and photo shoots here:

    Sorry about the super long post. I swear I’m not manwomanfilm or paid by her in any way! I just happen to like her a whole lot, and hope that she can be as successful as the other mega-gurus out there, because she sure as hell deserves it.

  7. Interesting story about my blush today… I had mixed up my Sassy blush samples (Charming and Curious) and had nearly run out… I mixed in some matte lilac shadow and a bit of too-dark foundation. I actually really like the result! You definitely get creative when you’re broke 🙂

  8. Hi Grey, I’d love to participate in the IMS. Last time I hemmed and hawed a little too long and you closed participation before I could sign up! 🙂

    No blush for me today. My new favorite mascara is The Falsies, thanks to your review actually. As for youtube gurus, you ever watch Cora of vintageortacky?

  9. I think my package is still on my way to you, if it hasn’t been lost! Oh no… the post office did say that sea mail may take up to 6 to 8 weeks, arghhhh…

  10. I would LOVE a spot in the IMS please please please. I procrastinated too long during the last round of signups and missed my chance and have been kicking myself for it everytime I see a post about it ever since.

    Also, today’s blush= AL’s Verve blush under my foundation and Solace (or was it Splendor?) perle powder on top of it 🙂

  11. The GOSH Velvet Toch eyeliners. You’ll be getting one pretty soon.

  12. I’d love a spot in the IMS, too, if there’s still one open. I’m with Nic – I thought about it too long, and then all the spots were closed.

  13. I would love a spot if there is still one open! I have one question though…can we send nail polish? I’m not sure of all the shipping rules. I don’t want to send them to you if people can’t receive them.

    • Nope. No polish 😦 The packages would have to be shipped overseas via a ridiculously expensive method so we agreed against it.

      Sent from my iPhone

  14. ESSEX! I’M IN ESSEX! That’smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^__________________________________^

    • Oddly enough, it wasn’t you.

      But, yours will be mailed Monday, if the tracking number on ‘something’ is right.

      • TWO people in Essex? Who so we can be friends? Actually don’t tell me because I’m not a social person and if I met someone who lived locally I might have to MEET them and then I’d faint.


        Your package is still on my floor (in the designated parcel area i.e. middle). Did you get the Sleek liner you wanted? I looked at it in store, it was pink. Then I went to 3 stores and checked every counter and all the glitter liner was pink, not red. I TRIED. Half my Sleek order was for you and Phyrra and it never turned up and they took my money and aren't responding to my emails ARRGH.

        • Same city, too. For reals.

          I’m hoping that things get here soon, I’m waiting on one more thing to get this box out. I had wanted SO BAD to get it out with everything else, since the PO this time of the month is crazy and I didn’t want to have to wait more then once.

          No, I didn’t get the liner 😦 But that’s alright, I have a couple of other ideas. My Sleek order was VERY edited from what I had originally wanted, so I consider myself lucky to have gotten anything at all. I’m actually trying to replace my Chaos palette that SHATTERED on the garage floor last month. I forgot I had it in my bag and coming home I pulled stuff out of the car and CRASH, uggggg.

  15. Awh damn. I still want a spot though!

  16. I’m not sure if anyone has covered this person yet but I’m rather in love with

    It’s rather strange, some of her more “basic” videos are kind of long and detailed but not in the sense that it bores you and at the same time it’s informative. She is a real professional makeup artist that I think works with Boots but she uses a variety of products

    Of course her biggest draw is that she’s got an amazing British accent

    Technically Inglot is outside of the US in the sense that it’s such a pain to get because you can only order on the phone or if you’re geographically lucky (as in SoCal is lucky for the Newport Beach store) one of the three stores.

  17. Congrats to the winners!

    I think I missed the blog insanity today since I was shopping and couldn’t really see wtheck was going on, on my little phone screen. Maybe that’s a good thing.

    Don’t watch a ton of makeup videos but have watched a couple of these:
    I’ve already forgotten who you don’t like or already watch.

    I’m wearing bronzer (I use that term lightly because it is such a pale and peachy shade) – Maracaibo by Alima Pure.

  18. I have been liking some of the smoky tutorials from:

    I haven’t bought anything outside of the US, but I have been loving some of my Bobbi Brown stuff lately. I am wearing Bobbi Brown Pale Pink cream blush on my cheeks today.

    That tutorial was cute. Makes me think that even I could get away with a blonde wig! lol

  19. Hi Grey, did my package arrive? I’d say wait after the Christmas crazyness to ship everything.

    Lately I haven’t watched many videos and the gurus I used to follow bore me, so there is nobody I could recommend.

    As for international products, Deborah is a really nice brand (I don’t know if it’s available in the US). I love their eyeliner pencils, blushes and lipsticks, and they make really cute palettes at an affordable price and good pigmentation.

    Today I’m going to wear a mix of MAC Gentle mineralyze blush and Cargo’s Catalina blush.

    My fave mascara is TF Lash Injection, it makes my lashes look great 🙂

  20. I’ve been liking missglamorazzi. I watched her makeup collection video and it looked so much more reasonable than other gurus.

  21. Today, I’m wearing Hello Kitty for MAC blush in Tippy 🙂

    I like Etude cosmetics, the nail polishes are really lovely and wear well. The packaging is gorgeous!

    Ultra Flesh mascara available at is AMAZING!!!!

  22. A couple of Canadian brands I like are Anabelle and Quo. I think you can get both on Amazon. Also, I like Gosh, which is a UK brand that’s available in Canada. I think you can purchase Gosh on their website.

    Blush today: MAC Dollymix. I only own 2 blushes, plus some Smashbox O-Glow gel. Dollymix is my favorite because I can wear it year round.

    Favorite mascara wand, I really like the wand in Rimmel’s Sexy Curves. So much so that when I had used all of the mascara in the tube, I washed & sanitized the brush so I could use it as a spooly. I’m always being told at MU counters that I need a huge brush to make my eyelashes stand out, but I liked the control that I got with the Sexy Curves wand. It got all my tiny corner lashes that I can never get with my Great Lash Big Lash wand.

  23. I’ve been meaning to reply to this, but some strange issues with my internet connection have prevented me from being able to.

    I’d like to take part in IMS, but the issue for me is that I simply don’t know any NZ drugstore makeup brands. Even if I did managed to find one, it’s certainly not going to be something I feel comfortable sending in seems I don’t use it myself and there for can’t really recommend it.

  24. Favourite mascara wand?
    I love the effect L’Oreal’s (I know, I know) FeatherLash has on my lashes, but I don’t know if it’s about the wand, or about the formula, or both.

    (I talked about hte effect on BeautifulWithBrains’ post here: .)

    I’ll definitively use the wand after I finish the mascara because I hope that the magic’s in it 🙂 !

  25. Forgot about the guru >_< .

    Have you seen NosebleedBaby?

    Her tutorials are clean, short (if it goes above 3 minutes, that’s unusual), editorial.
    I found out about her through this video: (Laced-Up Tutorial).

    She uses makeup that’s not unattainable, but you see how it can be upgraded if you were into big brands – I love her for it! A lot of times, watching tuts leaves me with a feeling “Oh, I can’t do that without 10 MAC shadows and 20 MAC brushes” even when I know it’s not true.

    The feeling from above continues to the way she does things – say, she doesn’t use latex to cover her brows, but soap 😀 !

    She’s German and does her vids in both English and German.
    Her favourite animal is a moth – it inspired one look.
    Her videos are photo videos, and (for me) that’s good, too – they load quickly. There’s no 15 minute uhming and ahing while she looks for the brush (all the while the cam’s zoomed in on a corner of her forehead) like with some.

    I love her look, too; it fits the editorial thing well.

    I know of some Italian and Turkish cosmetic companies that have some good products, but, even though they;re good, I don’t think they’d justify importing them to the US 😐 (Gabrini nail-polishes last me a week, through some serious hand and hair-washing, and Neve Cosmetics Gli Arcobaleni palettes look interesting (I use Google Translate:

  26. EEEEEEEEEK! I just noticed this, my internet was down, I hope I’m not too late, damn internet being down. D: I sent you an email with my info!! OMG!! I am flipping excited!!! 😀

  27. Grey, I don’t think this one has been mentioned, but I kind of dig twixtbetwixt. She is irreverent and has a foul mouth, so if you aren’t into that kind of thing, skip her.

  28. Hi! I was wondering if my IMS package arrived? It’s from Imogen and from Australia and I sent it over a month ago.
    Gurus I think you should check out are beatideas and manwomanfilm 🙂