Starting this December, giveaways are going to work a little differently around here.  I’ve noticed that people I’ve never seen before (ie : never commented, never come back to CHECK to see if they’ve won to contact me…) have been entering contests.  I only seem to get comments when I post a giveaway.  I don’t mind being generous.  This December I’m giving away over $300 worth of prizes, not to mention the $200+ from November.

Starting basically… now, only followers will be able to enter.

Problem is, there is no way for me to add the FriendConnect java script to my website as it is, so I’ve had to think long and hard about how I want to do it.  I tried to migrate to a new host today, and doing so suffered a catastrophic loss, had to call my old host and BEG for someone to fix it, and then when things came back I lost SIX finished and queued posts that were ready to go.  It was a lot of work to lose and I’m not going to mess around with things again.  So I’m not entirely sure how to keep track of followers.

So while everyone brainstorms, I’ll tempt you with a few pictures from upcoming giveaways.

A custom four piece collection from Evil Shades.

Two Sleek palettes, a Pout Polish, and a Dipit Liner.

A huge collection of Japanese goodies.

An I Love Lychee prize pack.


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  1. I’m not sure how they work, but isn’t there some kind of tracker you can register for? Hmm, but I guess they won’t tell the difference. Maybe put your give-a-ways on hold until you have the problem sorted out. I think you followers would understand.

    I’m not internet savvy enough to help 😦

  2. AHHH LYCHEE GUMMIES! My favourite, along with apple and muscat 😀 I haven’t been too interested in any giveaways lately because I really don’t need any more makeup stuff, but I like seeing what you give away – it’s so nice of you 🙂

  3. I use Google Reader to follow blogs. I’m not much of a commenter (nor a contest-enterer), but I enjoy reading what you write. I can’t go to your site directly when I’m at work (blocked for some reason), but I’m always happy to see it pop up on my Google Reader. Usually when I see your tweet about a new post, I hop onto Google Reader, lol.

    Sorry to hear about the headache you experienced with your site. 😦

  4. Could simply ask people to post their twitter name at the end of the post? and manually check if they won?

    • That assumes people have twitter. I really dont like it so I dont have one. That would penalise people who dont have twitter. Good idea though.

      • I thought this was the point though in way. Only followers would be able to enter give aways. followers of what? twitter/facebook?

        Not everyone is into those sites, I agree.

  5. I’m drinking lychee tea right now! I was under the impression you could enable GFC on blogs, just not .coms. Phyrra’s got it & she switched to WP, no? Is it a problem with your specific host?

  6. I’ve been a reader for quite a while, I just can be a bit shy when it comes to commenting because I feel a bit strange about continuously saying your reviews are fabulous rather than really contributing anything of any worth to the comments.

    I follow via Google Reader, and have a little app on my desktop which tells me when new posts pop up in it.

    I’m not really sure why you would have suffered such a huge loss of data, but I’m very website savvy and would be more than willing to if you’d like. Granted, I’m not saying trust the weirdo in your comments with your username and passwords, but I could help walk you through things if you do end up wanting to change hosts still.

    Possible alternatives would be using Twitter to keep an eye on who follows you. Personally I don’t bother with Twitter, but still, it’s an alternative.

    • Thanks. I have a family full of ITs and stuff who tried to figure it out, but it was all a mess up on the hosts side and uggg…

      I still can’t see my own site!

      • It’s just strange because doing an export shouldn’t have any effect on your account, should also mean you have a backup to recover those lost posts from. Though if you changed the domain name over then that would explain why you can’t see your own site.

  7. I found your blog fairly recently but I think I’ve read through almost all of your posts already. You give REALLY good thorough reviews! I’m not huge on commenting much but I wanted to say that the giveaways and reviews you do are awesome and greatly appreciated. 🙂

  8. I’m also a semi-recent follower, and if I saw a Follow button I’d have clicked it by now, but instead I just follow you on Twitter for blog updates. Sorry to hear about the posts you lost – re-writing and formatting something you’ve already done is the WORST!

    The Lychee perfume has been on my Etsy wishlist ever since I first read your review. Now super excited for that giveaway 😀 Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!!

  9. I’ve seen your tweets today and see what a mess it had been. I hope things all get figured out and fixed soon!

  10. That’s too bad about the posts 😦

    Is there a way you could use Bloglovin, maybe? You have to sign up to be able to “follow” someone that way, but I’m sure it doesn’t take long and no one would mind.

  11. same here, i’ve stumbled onto this blog on my phone and read it everyday on my phone. i don’t leave comments much because my “3g” iis terrible, but thanks to your blog i’ve ordered from a few websites you’ve mentioned and cannot wait to discover more goodies! well, thank you for your blog. i will definitely comment more though. 🙂

  12. I’m pretty rubbish at commenting, but I do really appreciate all the work you put into this site, the giveaways and things like the IMS, what a huge undertaking! I very rarely comment but I read everything you write and love your tumblr too.

  13. I have no suggestions, but wanted to say that i found your blog in late oct and have been following since then via blogger.
    But at least your page is back up 🙂
    good luck with everything

  14. Oh wow, sorry 😦 I would follow you if I could, but I don’t have Twitter, and it’s only been a month-and-a-half since I discovered your wondrous blog… Plus, I never have anything of note to contribute. But I do read your blog every day, if that helps 🙂

  15. Glitter_Wings1995 December 4, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    I’ll admit, I’ve been using Google Reader to follow your blog for some time now. I’ve just never felt compelled to comment because other people say everything I need to about how fantastic your posts are because I feel redundant when I do.

  16. i sadly have no suggestions =( but good luck! and I wish those posts weren’t lost what a PAIN! I hope we’ll still see them in some form or another =D

  17. Well, you’ve tempted me with all those awesome looking prizes. I love all your posts though, the giveaways, the reviews, the advice, and your adventures. It’s really fun to read and I visit your site almost everyday. I’m sorry you are having troubles with fake followers. I don’t have any good ideas about what to do though. I hope the solution doesn’t involve twitter though because I don’t have an account. But whatever helps you I guess that’s fine. Sorry to hear you lost all that work and I hope you can figure out something that works for you to keep track of your followers.

  18. I’d be willing to register for a BlogLovin’ account if that helps you keep track of your followers. (I choose to be behind the technological times and not have a Twitter account.) I usually follow other blogs through Google Friend Connect.

  19. Yeesh, sorry about all the lost data. I wish I knew anything that would help, but it’s not really my area of expertise, sorry. 😦

    On a somewhat related note, thanks for reminding me that I need to pick up that Lychee perfume after the holidays. Thanks for all of the awesome reviews and giveaways also, I know all of us who follow you appreciate everything you do!

  20. I too am a more recent reader. I generally do not comment as I follow your posts via an RSS feed, but I have made many purchases based on your reviews. I truly appreciate the level Of thoroughness and descriptiveness of your posts. I hope your hosting issues get sorted out soon.

  21. I’ve been following your blog via Google Reader. I’m sorry about your trouble, and those six posts, ouch. 😦 Maybe you can set up a “sticky” blog post and put your Friend Connect widget there?

  22. I also use Google Reader to follow your blog. I don’t usually comment on much because I don’t feel like I have anything of interest to say, which appears to be not an uncommon feeling.

    It’s very strange that so much got lost! I hope things work out to a simple solution. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Goggle follower or tracking information and so have no help to offer. Good luck!

  23. Is there a way to track how often people comment? That way you could require a minimum of, say five posts/comments to be able to enter a contest? It’s not the greatest idea, but the best I can come up with at 3 in the morning, lol. Hope you finish getting the site ironed out. I read it regularly and was most dismayed when it was down today.

  24. I am duly tempted. O_O Wish I had some ideas–I follow you through my Blogger account (I have no idea what that’s called). I’m sad you lost 6 posts! That is a lot of work! I’d feel like not doing anything at all afterwards if that happened to me. No way to recover them? 😦

  25. I have no idea! WordPress has a lot of great features but the gadgets (or rather not being able to add javascript) are probably one of the worst. You probably have to search for one that doesn’t have or a string of other commands. You probably know that already though!

    I can only think of doing it by putting email addresses to the comments so that you can contact those people but I’m not sure about how to figure out followers.

  26. I’m sure someone else already asked, but you can’t just add a widget for google friends connect?

    What about just checking your email subscribers?

    Idk, I’m lost lol.

    PLEASE tell me you got those Japanese goodies in CA????

    • You can’t use java with WordPress. Also there is no ‘list’ of email subscribers for me to check.


  27. I’m so sorry about your posts 😦 I was checking your site last night and I wasn’t able to see anything but glad it’s fixed now, at least for your readers. 🙂

    When it comes to giveaways, I think your rule is okay. I have the same problem unfortunately though I don’t post giveaways too often, but still…

    And yeah, this ‘followers’ problem bothers me too. Me neither have a way to track them, but I can at least check Google Analytics and see how many visitors I have so I know that many people read, but they’re quiet 😀

    Oh, and I follow you through WordPress. I get an e-mail every time you post something. 🙂

    • I usually keep an eye on my traffic so I know not everyone comments. I’d have 1000+ comments a post! But traffic spikes with new people for giveaways, which is great, I love getting new readers! I’d just like to KEEP them 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  28. Could you restrict comments on giveaway posts to followers only? I’m not really sure how it all works! It seems silly for people to only pay attention when they think they’re going to get something. Hope you find a solution 🙂

  29. Well hm… the simplest way to keep track of your followers is to make the giveaway participants a screenshot of their Google Reader (etc.) and add it to their comment.

  30. I don’t use Google reader, but I drop by every day. I don’t really have any suggestion as to how you can resolve this. Sowwy. 😦

    • I do this too.
      This is a bit of a conundrum you have yourself in. I wish i were more internet savvy with ideas. But I’m not, good luck with your problem.

  31. You could require competition entrants to follow you on Twitter or Facebook or to be subscribed to your RSS feed by e-mail – if you use Feedburner you can see the e-mails.

    I actually find it a bit annoying when bloggers specifically require competition entrants to follow them via Google Friend Connect. Often I’ve already subscribed to their RSS feed, but I did it before GFC existed or was put on their blog. So following them means that I have to delete my old subscription, otherwise I get everything twice, and then I lose posts I starred or shared in Google Reader.

    I don’t comment a lot because I don’t always have something substantial to say, and usually somebody else has already said ‘Great review’, and I figure you don’t need eleventy ‘Great review’ comments!

    • That’s my issue. I also find it annoying when there is a huge list of hoops you have to jump through to enter the contest. You must follow, you must comment with blah blah blah, you must follow me on X and X, etc etc.

      However I do agree that I’d rather see my giveaways go to loyal readers rather then people just looking for free stuff.

      I personally don’t use FC to follow blogs, either, which is why I have such a hard time justifying it. Plus I don’t enter any giveaways, as much as I give out, I NEVER WIN 🙂

      • Yes! I don’t mind if it’s a big prize and you actually have to make something or write something to enter, or if you get extra entries for helping to publicise the contest, but when you have to do five different things on five different websites just to enter a draw, I often can’t be bothered.

        It’s a difficult one to solve, especially as some loyal readers don’t subscribe in any way shape or form and just keep visiting to see when new content is posted.

    • I just wanted to give my $0.02 on this – I have mixed feelings about requiring people to follow on Twitter or Facebook, personally. While I do have a Twitter, for example, if someone required Facebook liking/following/friending, I’ll hit the brakes and 180 the heck away; I deleted my Facebook earlier this year because of the oh-so-kind view the CEOs have of the userbase (years ago I did support on LiveJournal, and I saw what happened behind-the-scenes leading up to the mass exodus; SSDD).

      Sorry for the tl;dr, but yeah, I think I’d prefer following via Blogger, Google Friend Connect, or Bloglovin.

      • I get where you’re coming from – that’s why I said ‘Twitter or Facebook or…’ as in the competition host should require only one but you can choose which. I think I’ve only ever entered one competition that required Facebook liking, and that was because I *really* wanted the prize.

        Not everybody has an account for every different social network, I’ve never used Bloglovin (don’t see the point when I can subscribe in Google Reader), and I keep Facebook for people I have met in real life only (with maybe one or two exceptions from before I decided on this rule). I don’t mention my online presence there, plus liking blogs on Fb just ends up with me getting the RSS feed yet again!

        • I understand now. I was reading your comments as require people to be Twitter followers OR require them to be Facebook fans, not just requiring to have one at their choice.

          I don’t have a Bloglovin’ account, either, for the same reason, but some people are very hesitant to sign up for any sort of social networking site, and once they have one or two, they might avoid all others just because they don’t like the hassle. I think whatever Grey goes with, someone might end up excluded, but that’s the unfortunate reality of trying to get rid of the “freeloaders.”

          • “but some people are very hesitant to sign up for any sort of social networking site, and once they have one or two, they might avoid all others just because they don’t like the hassle.”

            True in my case 😀 !

  32. I only discovered this blog recently but I’ve been devouring the reviews and get all excited when ever a new post arrives in my inbox. I find your reviews informative, fair and really helpful. Your Sugarpill review made me finally give in and order some and I’m so happy about it; amazing stuff.

    If there was another way to follow I would. I get all new posts sent to my email account and they always brighten my mood after I get home from a crappy day at work. I also follow on twitter.

    It’s a real shame to hear what a nightmare you’ve had trying to switch hosts. If there’s anything we can do to help, let us know.

  33. I read your posts (I get emails every time there is a new one) and enter giveaways. I just don’t comment on things because I’m not sure if I have anything interesting to add. >: I hope you get everything sorted though!

  34. I know I already commented, but I had a thought. Set up a second Twitter, post the giveaways here, but only accept retweets of the second account as entries. This ensures that people are followers, but drives traffic to the site through RT. This is not ideal as not everyone has Twitter, but it only takes a moment to register for one and people only need use it for thw giveaways if they don’t want a fulltime Twitter account.

  35. Ack! You went through too much trouble just to be able to work your giveaways better ): Wish you didn’t have to lose all that data, I can’t believe it just got lost! Surely it should have saved somehow. Such complications make you want to stay rooted where you are and not go through the hassle.

    Yay for changes, it makes sense after all!

  36. I don’t have much to say in the way of help for follower only contests, I don’t know much about WordPress at all… Is there anyway to hide blog posts to people who aren’t followers? But then I guess they’d have to have a WordPress account…

    I also don’t comment much either because I feel a bit redundant saying things that other people have already said a few times, and, I’m a bit comment shy too.. But I have read and followed your blog for a long time, it’s fantastic!

  37. I would definitely check BlogLovin more often if you were on it xD

    • You can follow anyone on BlogLovin….That’s how I follow Grey.. When you log in just click add a blog and pop her address in the box that comes up 🙂

      (I hope that wasn’t condescending. I totally didn’t mean it like that)

  38. I used to get your posts via email, but haven’t for some time…

    I’ll wait until you tell us how to follow in the the future. 🙂

  39. I’m more of a lurker, I don’t comment too often because my experience with mineral makeup is so limited and I don’t think there’s anything I could add 🙂
    But I really enjoy reading your blog. I follow you through the Blogger dashboard system thingy they have going on.
    Maybe a Facebook page to make it easier for people to follow you?

  40. wow, there are nice things!
    thanks again for your generosity!

  41. Awh I’m sorry I hear that you lost 6 posts! I stopped by yesterday & couldn’t see anything so I was wondering what happened. I must say the sleek & japanese giveaways have made me super excited! As far as the followers thing…I just get use the email notification thing in your comment box. Is there any way to track who uses that? Its been my only way to follow since I use my phone. The only other thing that I can think of is using twitter to track. A lot of the people that just come by for “easy” free stuff aren’t going to take the time to go sign up for a twitter account & tweet about the giveaways.

  42. I saw your comment on Twitter, I thought you were gone D: : I can’t see your main page (and I’ve cleaned my cache, tried using different browsers), but I can access it via Google’s web cache. I cannot comment on this post if I try to open in from there, but when I googled it and came here that way… Well, let’s see if it goes up.

    I’ve seen the comment influx not just here, but anywhere there’s a giveaway – the usual posts have 2 to 8 comments, the giveaway has 150 minimum. The usual videos have 1,500 views, the giveaway has 8,000 and 300 comments on the first day.

    (Preface: the bit I wrote next isn’t a whine, just a, well, comment 🙂 on the post, coming form a ‘me’ place.
    It’s your blog, your money, your rules, of course.)

    As someone who’s not into facebook OR Twitter OR YouTube (this last one for the gurus), but comments on all kinds of posts, I’d be sad to see it go to just Twitterers or facebookers.

    I loved participating in your giveaways not because I could win (200 people? slim chances; even then, import taxes would eat away the prize), but because they were places where I could get my imagination running and see how other’s were working – I would have loved to have had the chance to really engage with some people in the Thankful November Giveaway – the comments brought me so much joy!
    If it goes some other way, I wouldn’t even be able to share that one little bit, since I wouldn’t want to intrude.

    • I’m still having issues with my host, so it’s not just you. They’re supposed to have had it resolved by now 😦

      I’m not a Facebook person at all, so no worries there, and my Twitter is my ‘personal’ account, so I have no interest in turning it into a blog thing.

      I’m really stumped because like I said a few comments up, I hate having to make people jump through hoops and all that, but still, I’d rather someone I know reads and follows wins.

      • That’s completely understandable.

        Some sort of IP tracker?
        ‘Must have a meaningful comment prior to this giveaway’? Although this might cause a rise in just ‘great post’ type of comments 😐 .

        Since I’m thinking about starting a blog and I see that even the blogs which have half a million hits have circa 10-15 comments per post… the whole ‘how to know you are really reading me’ thing is on my mind at the moment.

        In the end – glad you’re back 😀 .
        There are still a few glitches, but the site seems to be getting back on track (hopefully I’ll be able to see some other posts soon).

  43. I’m so sorry to hear what happened, Grey. I wish I had something helpful to offer, but about all I’ve got is I used to selfhost a WP blog via Dreamhost and I loved it (if I had the money to spare for a year of hosting, I’d be moving mine back over there from, believe me).

    I understand where you’re coming from on the giveaways. You want to do something nice and fun for your readers, for the people who appreciate the work you put into your blog as a whole, and instead you’re getting people sticking their names in when they likely just heard you had a giveaway via some sort of social networking and don’t really even have a clue who you are. Requirements are such a thin line to walk.

    What if you did something like only previous commenters can enter? Just that if you haven’t ever commented on some past entry, just once, then start participating and you can enter next time? I know some people would rather lurk and all, and I don’t know how feasible the enforcement would be, but it’s something other than requiring people to have signed up for an account somewhere else to follow you.

    • I tried to move off of WordPress and my host just cocked things up SO bad, it was horrible. They offered no support and didn’t care that they managed to corrupt my database or that half my content was missing, etc etc. I think I’m just going to stick here for a while.

      I think that might be the way I head. Like I keep saying, I’m really against Facebook or having a ‘fan site’. I don’t have fans, I have readers, if hat makes sense. And my Twitter isn’t an option either.

      I’m going to sit on it a little while before I come up with a solution.

      • I was similarly against Facebook, until I realised I could build an organised swatch library there! That’s the only thing that makes it worthwhile using, imo.

        • I didn’t go near for years, then finally ended up creating one because I’m paranoid from when I found someone pretending to be me online. Then I read some interviews this past springg where the CEOs were doubletalking the security changes and whatnot (“They opted in by joining Facebook. If they don’t like it, they can leave.”) and I got the heck out of Dodge.

    • I kinda reason:
      – Grey’s giveaways require you to come out of lurking mode and comment anyway, so you might as well comment before that.
      – Grey’s giveaways require imaginative comments, so you might as well make a meaningful, imaginative one (and not the ‘lolzloveyou!’) before that.

  44. No Java stuff? Wow that really ties hands. Really blog goodies why can’t you all just get along?!

    Losing 6 posts is just awful. I know how long it takes to set up photos and write out everything and that is a lot of work to be just gone!

    Did a little research and whyyyy doesn’t wordpress do the followers thing? Everyone seems to want it! I did a search for the top wordpress plug ins but the closest thing I found was a top commenter box.

    I think I’m glad I’m with blogger, I don’t think I’m smart enough for wordpress. O_o

  45. I don’t technically follow, I just read on a daily basis. I am still figuring out how to get a feed on my LJ so it’s easier just to type in the address.

    On the other hand, I don’t enter contests. I just enjoy seeing the goodies and sometimes I’ll buy one or two.

    I’ve been shopping at Shiro Cosmetics, Savon, Ophelia’s Apothecary and Solstice Scents after reading about them here.

    • If LJ still does syndication the same way as when I was there, you have to have a paid/perm account to submit Grey’s RSS feed as a syndicated account, and then you friend the account. But someone might have already done it, so you might want to look and see if it’s there.

  46. I like the new changes! Even though I am not subscribed to this site it is in my bookmarks and I always check back at least once a week to read your posts! I really like how honest you are in your reviews.

  47. I’m a more recent follower as well and I’ve commented on two posts so far. I’ve started ordering most of my personal care products off Etsy and your reviews have been a great source of information. I’ve ordered from SobeBotanicals and EpicallyEpicSoap based on them.

  48. I understand, but for those of us who don’t blog is it even possible to follow. I’ll keep reading for the reviews though.

  49. Like many people who have commented before me, I also follow your blog via Google Reader and I’m a pretty infrequent commenter for all (90+) blogs I’m subscribed to. I do appreciate all your honest reviews and giveaways. You and Phyrra got me ordering from Aromaleigh and Evil Shades *shakes fist while I play with pretty makeup w/ empty wallet*

    I LOVE lychee too =)

  50. So sorry to hear about your lost posts!

    I follow using GoogleReader, so I automatically get updates when you post. I don’t usually comment, because, like others have said, I feel silly just saying “amazing review”, but I consider your site one of the absolute best for finding honest, detailed reviews about indie makeup/body products.

  51. “I’m really against Facebook or having a ‘fan site’. I don’t have fans, I have readers…”

    This is one of the reasons I really enjoy reading your blog. You put a lot of effort into each and every review you do and it shows on the amount of readers you attract.

    You don’t post picture after picture of yourself because those bug me and get old. Doesn’t matter how pretty a person is, when you see them post so many pictures of themselves looking oh so cute, it gets old fast.

    Your blog is one of the few blogs that actually does reviews. Imagine that!

    I have no clever ideas on the contest deal, but wanted to chime in that I’ve commented maybe 2 or 3 times ? but read your blog daily and even more than that! 😀

    Sorry to hear that you lost so many posts. Hope you find a way to do your contests. 🙂

    Oh, also, I agree with you about having a contest and having people blog, tweet, “like”, follow all at the same time. It becomes such a chore! lol

  52. I’m one of those people who follows your blog regularly via Google Reader but rarely (if ever) comments…It’s hard to shake the lurker mentality!

    I remember that one of the other blogs that I follow put a passcode for giveaways on the bottom of the givaway post that was only visible to subscribers of his RSS feed. I’m not totally sure how that worked, though- I think his giveaways were only via email.

  53. I’m in a similar dilemma when it comes to hosting giveaways. I want to keep new readers but I don’t want to make people do the hokey pokey to have to participate. :/
    I’m so sorry for all of the website drama. I’m with Dreamhost and I like them, if that counts for anything.
    I also have good things to say about my previous host, ICDsoft.
    I hope everything get resolved very soon and I am SO glad that I can see your blog once again! 🙂

  54. Sorry to hear about the lost posts! I guess one way to go with the giveaways is to require prior comments on your blog, I don’t know of any other way besides GFC to verify “loyal” readers. Personally I follow blogs through RSS feeds.

  55. That’s why I haven’t tried to move to WP – plus, it’d be a pain to try and convert my template and too expensive to have someone to do it for me.

    I don’t know of a way off-hand, but I have an army of geeks at my disposal so I’ll ask around and spend some time on google and see what I come up with.

  56. Teavana has a white tea with Lychee in it. It might be worth a try. It also has rose petals in it. And, the lychee pieces are really big. They still taste sweet and delicious when you eat them after the tea has steeped.

  57. Jules Noctambule December 5, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    I’m hopelessly untech, so I can’t advise there but I can geekily admit that I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t get to the site yesterday! Most of my other favourite reviewers are in the UK and I was starting to worry about where I’d find great reviews on easily-available-in-the-US products for a while there!

  58. I have just started my own competition on my blog and had issues about people just swooping in for the prizes. Luckily I am only small still and can keep track of everything where a huge site like this looking through hundred of people to make sure they are following would be a task in and of itself. The only rules I have is that people comment (so I can get contact email address) and follow (so I don’t get 100% random…still will get randoms but it helps a little)

    I agree where I have to jump through hoops, go to different websites just to do a competition unless it is an insane grand prize puts me off. I always thought giveaways tend to be from the kindness of people’s heart instead of making people work for it. If it’s a competition fine – but mark it as such.

    I wish I were more computer savvy to help, but I use blogger. Hope you find a way 🙂

  59. messing with blogs is a frightening thing, especially when losing data is at stake! I hope out find a solution…I self hot my WP blog so I have no idea how it works the other way around (nor do I use too many widgets in the first place)
    But I’m glad to see your trying to find a solution. I’ve seen some contests go the wayside where the less deserving win…and don’t really return the favor (even if its something simple like stopping by and saying hi once and a while)

  60. I’m fairly new to reading your blog. I tend to use google reader to keep track of all my blogs but for those that I truly enjoy, I do use GFC.

  61. I forgot to tell you on my previous comment…you need to go cvs sometime. I was up at mine the other day looking around & they had an entire section up there with lychee body products. They had perfume, lotion, body scrub, candles, etc. They smelled delicious!

    Oh and I had no idea there was another reader named Hanna and spelled the same way haha. I got confused when I seen the comment.

  62. I’m a strange one. I lurk, and don’t really leave comments on anything else. I find it highly redundant to leave a comment saying what 10 people have already.

    I don’t use Google Reader or any such fancy thing. I just manually type the first two letters of your URL (gogoautocomplete) every day, and check for new posts that way.

    If there were to be a Twitter/Facebook requirement, I know I’d pass. I read the site, obviously, but I wouldn’t see a competition worth signing up for other sites that I just don’t want to have an account on. ^^;

    (Gosh, is there anything I DO use? >>)

    • I do that with a LOT of sites, too. Just type ‘li’ and it finds what I’m looking for. I hardly use my blog reader, so I get ya!

  63. I follow you on Google Reader and I really love your blog but I hardly ever post comments because I feel like I have very little to say that other people haven’t already said :/
    In general I’m not very talkative on the internet. I know it drives my friends crazy since they can’t really get a hold of me through facebook or aim.

  64. Oooh, I Love Lychee giveaway! Yum, I have these incredile Lychee candles from a friend who used to make candles and closed her business recently, I used to light up my living room like a shrine and now I have to hoard them and use them sparingly, I’m hoping to find a good true to scent replacement soon.

    Sorry to hear you are having blog troubles on top of your bank troubles, when it rains it pours…or continually drizzles or something.

    I can’t think of a way to track anything that someone hasn’t already mentioned, but I hope you figure it out, it does seem a little ridiculous for someone to enter into a contest and not even respond when they win. Ideally there would be a way to follow the blog and have you make posts that are only visible or commentable to the followers, then you wouldn’t have to weed through anything. But then wouldn’t those same people just follow really quickly and then enter the contest? Phew. I don’t know, sorry. Wish I could help…

  65. I am not sure how you can tell followers from random posters who just enter giveaways. I have read many of your reviews and often buy things based on swatches you post. I am not likely to post too often however, unless I am very familiar with the product you are reviewing. i don’t follow twitter, I don’t know what google reader is… I just found you one day when doing a search for a product I was interested in and one of your reviews popped up. Since then I have read and researched a lot of the companies you reviewed.

  66. Wow, that makes me feel horrible. :/ The first time I came across your site your most recent post was for a contest. I entered the contest, and have meant to post on more of your posts since then, but life got in the way. Damn, sorry about that. Oh, I just tweeted you: @telephonoscope

  67. I think this incident is a shame. I am a lurker and havve been for about a year now. I think if you can figure out the folloer thing it would halp relieve some stress. I suck with computers so i dont think I can help solve the issues but like someone else mentioned maybe put the contests on hold till something comes up. As much as the normal person loves free things I am one that looks forward more to the reviews than anything else. Whatever happens i will be not so creepily lurking and try to comment more.

  68. thebirdofparadise December 6, 2010 at 12:28 am

    I’m so very sorry about all the lost posts and other hassles.

    This is one of the many reasons I really respect the bloggers I follow. I know just enough to understand that a good blog is not just fun and whimsy. There is tons of hard work behind the scenes. It’s not all about receiving freebies, even though some may think it’s that easy.

    I’m not tech savvy enough to offer any solutions. Sorry.

    Damn you, bad luck. I told you to leave Grey and her blog alone! Be gone. Bah.

  69. Now I feel bad. I’ve been lurking over here for quite a while, but only ever commented on giveaways, because I really wouldn’t know what else to say – I’d probably just wind up saying “what everyone else said”.

    Early New Years resolution: comment on blogs more!

  70. So many bloggers seem to have this problem with giveaways. I know in Finland we even have a site that lists any competitions/giveaways on Finnish websites including blogs, so it’s way too easy for any random people to find giveaways and comment. Some bloggers said those people don’t even bother reading the questions and they might just comment “Hi! Great giveaway!” when you ask them “What’s your favorite mascara?” etc.

    Sorry Grey, I don’t seem to have anything helpful to say here 😦 I know some bloggers stopped having open giveaways and instead they choose one commenter every now and then and give him/her something. This way people who follow but don’t comment won’t get anything but you don’t have to worry about non-followers either.

  71. Hmmmm, I don’t think anyone has suggested this yet… what about “hiding” a password in (or just at the end of) a post a few days before the contest? So only people who actually read your posts will see it? Then make it so people can only comment on the contest post if they enter the correct password? Of course, this is assuming you have the ability to password-protect commenting on only certain posts. I don’t know anything about WordPress. Though, hmmm, you wouldn’t *have* to use WordPress and make the contest entry a post… you could use some other service (that people don’t need to sign up for) that allows you to set a password for people to post a comment.

  72. Hmmm… let me ponder this. I have a blog on, as well (although I’ve never gotten the GO POWER to get it up). I’m going to see if I can figure out a happy alternative. Brain power!

  73. I’m another RSS feed reader via Google, which is really nice, and Google Friend Connect. 🙂 I think that’s been a really nice way for other bloggers to track their followers.

  74. I’ve been reading your blog for at least a year now…if not longer. I’m often shy and lurk about but I don’t think that there is a post that I haven’t read. I’ll admit I do come out for giveaways…I mean, who doesn’t want to win cool stuff? Especially the super cool stuff that you always seem to give away 🙂 I find that your reviews are the most informative and trustworthy around. I’ve discovered many products that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about through you! I’m sorry about your current troubles with hosting and such. Whichever way you decide to calculate your followers, I will be sure to sign up 🙂

  75. I use my Yahoo page to gather all the RSS feeds I read; I check it once a day for updates. I have no idea how you’d know who was following with all the ways of following an RSS- and some folks I’m sure check manually rather than using a RSS aggregator.

    I’ve been reading your blog for, erm, 6 months? But I rarely comment.

  76. I read your site every day! I love your fashion sense! I’m just not much of a where do I sign up for following?

  77. I have a daily digest type thing sent to my gmail. I’m not much of a talker & usually everybody else has already said what I would have. :-/

  78. I think there are a lot of lurky followers (myself included) who following sporadically. Maybe not very loyal, but still enjoy your reviews and posts.

  79. I see you in your japanese goodie loot, you got the mask i was curious about trying. i have skin problems so i’m a little afraid to try it.

    my friend got me addicted to lychee. i ordered from haus of gloi and got a litchi milk tea scented oil sample. i was more excited about that than what i ordered.

  80. Sterling Morgenstern December 8, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    I seldom comment on blogs but I’m a heavy lurker (wait, that sounds kind of creepy lol), I follow through blogger and google friend connect and I actually discovered your blog via Phyrra and the Aromaleigh forums. (where I also seldom commented but read heavily)

    I know invisible followers are probably really annoying because it doesn’t give you a very good gauge of your readership, however I’m pretty shy (you’d never know from my grand verbosity/complete inability to ever post succinctly!) and usually even if I do have something to contribute (that hasn’t already been said better by someone else) I’m too tired to collect my thoughts properly as I usually read my blogroll before bed/after a long day at school/work. (I’m sort of trying to work on that though…)

    Your blog is one of my favourites and I value the thoughtful, honest and straightforward reviews, interesting content and well-weighted opinions expressed therein. I’ve sort of just joined Twitter to keep up with people a little better, can’t say I’ve otherwise tweeted anything more profound than my current nail polish colour though lol Trying to be a little less tired and shy – I’m pretty outgoing in person but tend to clam up online and I can appreciate bloggers’ frustrations with people that only seem to show up when something’s up for grabs. I honestly feel kind of guilty for entering several recent giveaways without having commented before on said blogs, even though I’ve been reading and following them for months. I do appreciate all the hard work that you put into maintaining this blog and hosting such generous giveaways, so do what you feel you must to make things fair for yourself and actual readers, not just opportunists that friend and unfriend to win stuff. I will continue to enjoy your work regardless. ]:)

  81. So how do you follow this blog?