Soul Glow

After mentioning, in passing, that my Wal-Marts didn’t seem to be going to carry the Hard Candy Glow All the Way Luminizer I was pretty excited to get a little box in the mail.  I don’t go into Wal-Mart often so it was really nice that someone had thought to check a store close to them to find it for me!

The pink shade is called Doll Face, and as I mentioned, it’s more of a opalescent pearl shade then an obvious pink.

Aside from the usual cheekbones, I’ve been finding a bunch of different ways to use this :

  • under my brow as a highlighter
  • mixed in with my primer to make it ‘dewy’ under my foundation
  • dabbed on over my gloss in the middle of my lips
  • mixed with a little cream blush to make it ‘metallic’

Overall: /5

Does anyone else have any ideas how to use a Luminizer?


20 Responses to “Soul Glow”

  1. That stuff does look like fun.

  2. I use luminizer above my blush on my cheeks and in my cupids bow.
    I have a great Make Up Store luminizer/highlighter that sometimes I use for eyeshadow base (as it is a bit more thicker and sticky than this appears to be)

  3. I hadn’t really given much thought to this product, but I might give it a look. Let us know when you get some more ideas about it!

  4. Maybe a mix in with lotion, for it on arms…? o__O

    This looks awesome, though. I’m not a big luminizer fan, but I may have to get this. ^_^

  5. Oh, I just got a sample from Evil Shades that this would look perfect with! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. thebirdofparadise December 7, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    You have my attention, as in: “Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers!”

    Lame, sorry. Besides, I think the cliche is actually, “Attention, K-Mart shoppers.”

    But this product really does grab my attention. 🙂 The next time I am there, I am going to see if there are any on the shelves. They are both very pretty.

  7. I like to use a luminizer to highlight my cheeks. I don’t tend to buy shimmery blush as I find it ends up looking too sparkly on me, but I do like to mix blush with a little luminizer product to get something which adds more of a glow than a sparkle.

  8. do you think this would look nice with both warm and cool skin tones? just curious also does it leave a greasy or oily feeling or is it good for more acne prone skin?

    • I have warm toned skin, and I think it looks great. My one cousin is so cool toned I swear she looks blue and it’s stunning on her.

      It’s a bit… greasy. But it’s a creamy product. Above mentioned cousin has fairly oily skin and along with a bit of powder she doesn’t see much of a problem, but she also says she doesn’t wear it all over her face, so she can’t say for sure.

      • Thnanks for the input i seem to be along the same lines as your cousin so this helps a lot 🙂

  9. I saw this at walmart and was thinking of getting it, but i think it was in a different shade. i’ll have to check it out now, thanks!! 🙂

  10. Thanks for the review! This stuff looks pretty awesome! I’ll have to see if my local Wal-Mart has it next time I stop in there!

  11. I really need to check out some Hard Candy stuff. I always worry though since everyone says its so hit & miss. My skintone is a lot like what you described your cousins as so I think I might grab one of these.

  12. I use Eyeko’s face cream with extra glow. It works amazing. It’s really silvery. I usually use it on my cheekbones and cupids bow.

  13. I really like the way it looks in the pictures. Not too much of an ‘in ur face!!11one’-type of shimmer/glitter 😀

    I never tested liquid luminizer before, because the only one that seems to exist in Germany that I know of is Benefit’s ‘High Beam’. And so far, I have been debating with myself if ‘so’ [relatively] much money is okay for such a small bottle.

    As far as ideas go, accentuating the collarbones/cleavage [very lightly of course]?

  14. Thanks for the ideas on how to use it. I got a sample of it in a Hard Candy gift set I bought recently and wasn’t sure what it was for. I think I might try it in the corners or my eyes or underneath.

  15. I’ve been wanting to try a pink liquid luminizer for a good while, so Glow All The Way caught my eye when it was released in the fall lineup. I’ve yet to see it in my local Wal-Mart though (granted I’ve only gone twice since the fall 2010 products were announced) & it would be pretty sweet if I found the First Flush gift set there one day. It’s nice to know it looks good on warm and cool skin tones. I never know how to interpret the vein test since my veins along the wrist area look blue but those closer to the inner elbow they appear green so I’m not 100% sure which tone my skin has :/. I’d try a small amount of it as a cream base over primer and under eyeshadows but with the gold flakes it supposedly has, I’d hesitate to put the product so close to my eyes.

  16. Oh wow! I can’t wait to visit Walmart and grab some of their new Hard Candy stuff!!!

  17. I passed this up at Walmart when I saw it. I’m not too into metallic on my face. I’m pretty oily so I think this might enhance it.

  18. it looks so pretty in the photos!!! it looks so metally, like melted shiny stuff…