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I’ve decided to start something new.  I’ve mentioned a few times that I have a big ol’ basket full of things that I’ve reviewed that I don’t use.  Sometimes it just sits, because honestly I often forget about it.  Just because I won’t use it (wrong color, wrong skin type, didn’t like the scent, whatever) doesn’t mean at least a hundred other people wouldn’t love it.

I’ve decided to start sending out RAKs to my readers!

☆  All you need to do is send your address to me at gothique [dot] boutique [at] yahoo [dot] com (you know the drill, make it a real address).  Please use RAK as the subject line so I can keep things organized.  Everything else will be deleted.

☆ Let me know if you have any allergies (like nuts, chocolate, bismuth, etc, or if you’re vegan).

☆  Then just comment away.  The more you comment the more likely you are to recieve a RAK.  If, for instance, I try an eyeshadow and I didn’t like the color but you simply commented that you would like to try it or you think the color is lovely (or any number of random things) there is a chance I’ll drop it in the mail.

☆ I will NEVER send out products that are unsanitary to reuse or were just horrible.

☆  Not everyone will get a RAK, that’s what makes them random, so submitting your address isn’t a promise of getting anything.

☆  I won’t share your address, so don’t worry about that.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!


64 Responses to “Gothique Boutique”

  1. You’re so nice to us. You’re fantastic whether you’re giving stuff away of not. This blog has really helped me spend my money wisely, and I totally appreciate it!

  2. This is so nice of you Grey! Thanks.

  3. What a cool idea!! You get so many wonderful things.

  4. And here I thought you couldn’t get much awesomer; this is a really sweet thing to do for your readers!

  5. Nothing more to add here— awesome idea for sure.

  6. That’s really sweet of you to do! Thanks Grey (:

    The real reason I’m commenting though, is that your blog is snowing and that is completely awesome.

  7. And this is Reason #456321548980943256 of why you are so awesome!

  8. I’m rather fond of this type of recycling 🙂

  9. Wow! That’s really nice of you to share your goodie basket with everyone. 🙂

  10. Wow, I do believe you are the first beauty blogger I follow/have followed that has done this. How sweet and awesome.

  11. Oh wow that’s lovely of you. Couple of quick questions – what does RAK stand for and is this just open to the US?
    Also the snow is very cute!

  12. Is it open to international readers as well? o.o
    It is such an awesome idea! 😀

  13. Way to spread the wealth! That’s super sweet of you! I’ll definitely be signing up.

  14. Holy moly, it IS snowing! Neato. 🙂

  15. Oh wow. This is such a nice thing to do!

  16. Thank You!!! for your blogs and insight on companies and their products. I really appreciate your knowledge and POV. I am kinda new…..just been following you for a couple months, however, I find myself checking your blogs before I purchase from a company I’m unfamiliar with. Once again Thank You!!!! 🙂 RAK are wonderful 😉

  17. This is a really awesome and generous idea. It’ll definitely bring us lurkers out of hiding and bring on lots more interacting. 🙂

  18. Wwwwwoooooowwwwww … that is so kind and generous of you 😀

    And OMG, it is snowing on your blog, how fun! I saw your Tweet about it but forgot to check it out, and I love it ^.^

  19. This is very generous of you. I won’t send you my address because I already won something awesome. (More to go around for those who haven’t won anything) But, I just wanted to tell you how nice this is for you to do this for your readers.

  20. Thats very nice of you! I often feel like that about all the yarn I have collated and never used!
    If you even feel the urge for a knitted something let me know 🙂

  21. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee how awesome! thanks ❤

  22. That’s a lovely thing for you to do. Expect a good, karmic reward anytime soon! 🙂

    • Oh, and your page is snowing. I’ve never seen the snow and it’s really funny to see it when outside it’s averaging 31 degrees Celsius, but I’m not complaining!

  23. Wow, how superawesome of you! I have only been reading your blog for a few months but I wanted to say thank you for your insight. I have made several purchases based on your reviews and I have been incredibly happy with all of them. I am so glad I found your blog. Keep up the excellent work, and please know how much you are truly appreciated!

  24. It’s so sweet of you to do this, and to have it open internationally.

  25. Completely unrelated, but omgyoursitehassnow!

  26. This is awesome of you! I hope you’ll let us reimburse you shipping, or at least send something awesome back.

  27. Oops, tried to edit but wouldn’t let me. I’m a recently retired burlesque dancer, so I have sooo much stuff I’m sure you’d love.

  28. Wow thats really awsome of you. I don’t realy know how to express how wonderful you are to your followers, but I personaly appreciate all you do for us.You are the only blog I visit everyday and im never dissapointed. So thank you again! 🙂

  29. What a wonderful and generous idea and a fantastic way to do it.

  30. This is such an awesome idea, Grey! I’m pretty sure I speak for all of your readers when I say you’re too nice to us. This is a great way to de-lurk people too! Clever. ^_^

  31. Aw, so kind of you! 🙂

  32. Wow, when I read the title I thought you would be having a blog sale, this is so nice of you!
    I feel bad asking this … do you RAK internationally?

  33. That’s amazingly generous!

    And I noticed this morning that your minimal monochrome website has snow gently falling – it looks awesome!

  34. This is so cool of you Grey, thanks!

  35. What a great idea, Grey!

    Hehe first I thought I’m imagining the snowing on your blog because it’s been snowing like crazy here but then I saw other commenting on the snowing too 😀

  36. Oh man, this is amazing. I read a TON of makeup blogs, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone do this. This is why you’re one of my favorite bloggers to read.

    I really hope I manage to get something — I always see so many cool things on here that I really can’t get. Silly me, being a student with no credit card!!

  37. Wow, how awesome are you? And the snowing is pretty much awesome. =D

  38. I sent you an email Grey! Thanks so much for doing this 😀

    Funny thing about the snow : I only saw one flake at first and did a double take cuz I thought it was a bug. Freaked out for a couple seconds there. XD

  39. What a great way to make use of your “tested” products! You are so nice for doing this!

  40. This is so amazingly generous of you 😉

  41. Honestly, this is so nice and kind! 😀

  42. Not only do I love you even more now, this is very generous of you :]

  43. Heh, I need to comment more. I’ve been lurking on your blog forEVER and only commented once before. I found your blog a while ago and it is what convinced me to try Haus of Gloi and Solstice Scents, two of my favorite companies now. But anyway, I love how honest your blog is and I think you do a really great job with reviews. Plus, you’re a fellow WoW player. 🙂

  44. What a really lovely idea. You are a sweetheart!

  45. Hurray for Grey!

  46. Thanks Grey, for this and for everything you do for your readers. You really are very generous. It’s great to recycle and reuse the make-up and products you don’t want to others who might love it. It really is a nice idea. =)

  47. This is such an awesome idea, thank you so much Grey! You’re far too nice to us sometimes 😉
    I love the snow, such a cute touch!

  48. Just wanted to say that I’m in love with the snow!

  49. WOW! You really are great to your readers! I am a fairly new reader and I keep coming back to your site (and get excited when I see that you have a new post) b/c you are so honest with your reviews and I love the way you write. I do go to your site before I purchase items to see what you think of them first. Thanks so much for this and for everything you write about!

  50. Blimey, that awesome! I’m sure international peeps would reimburse you for shipping or send you awesome foreign goodies 😀

  51. Wow. This is incredibly generous of you. Thank you.

  52. Emailed. Thank you SO much for this, what a lovely, lovely thing to do for all of your readers!

  53. This really is a very sweet, one-in-a-million kind of gesture 🙂 I can only remember commenting once but I read your blog on a near-daily basis. Your reviews have been very helpful in persuading me (Epically Epic) and preventing me (Madd Style Cosmetics) from making purchases. I also like that you review indie & corporate companies/products. It makes gift giving to those who have an affinity for a certain corporate brand easier. Thank you very much!

  54. thebirdofparadise December 9, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    You know what? You restore my faith in humanity.

    This has become much more than a beauty blog for me.

  55. you are truly an amazing person for this…. the oppurtunity is greatly appreciated! i love getting daily emails saying youve posted a new review or post! reading your posts make my day 🙂

  56. This is perhaps one of the nicest things you could do for your readers. Thank you for being so generous, the world could use more people like you 🙂

  57. This is very sweet of you to do, thank you. I would love to do something like this. I’ve got so many things like eye shadow samples that I wasn’t super keen on that I will never ever use.

  58. Thank you for this awesometastic RAK giveaway! You are such a generous person. You inspire me to be randomly kind to people, but I already do that. I’ll be even MORE randomly kind to people!

  59. Oh wow! This sounds exciting!!! xoxoxo

  60. What a cool thing to do! I just sent you my address!