Around the World

I’m starting a new series next week, and once again it’s still untitled.

I’m going to explore cosmetics from around the world, and I consider it already kicked off thanks to the beautiful Cacau, and it featured the Brazilian brand Natura.  Next I’m going to start a series in Japanese favorites, follow by a couple of UK brands that I love.

Thanks to the IMS swap I have a nice collection of brands to sample from, but I’m hoping some of my international readers can help!  After the New Year I’d like to start collecting more, so if you have a brand you recommend that would would be willing to CP for me, please let me know!

Domestic readers, are there any brands you want to hear about that I should try to get my hands on?

Let me know!


28 Responses to “Around the World”

  1. I’ve been interested in the Korean brand “Etude House” for a while now. I would love to see a review from you if the chance arose!
    Either way, I look forward to the coming series =D

  2. I’m sending you a bunch in your Christmas package. Sis is doing some shopping for me at a few other stores while she’s away in a larger city this weekend, and then it will be complete.

  3. Grey, have you ever tried Barry M? They’re a kind of cheap and cheerful UK drugstore brand, kind of like Stargazer. If you haven’t let me know and take a look at the website and I’ll post some over to you. 🙂

  4. Hmm maybe something from Majolica Majorca?

  5. I’ve heard the Japanese brand Majolica Majorca (a division of Shiseido iirc) makes top notch mascaras among other things. In any case, I really like their website

  6. I would LOVE to see some Aussie brands. I’m not really familiar with any “drugstore” ones and I can’t seem to find many indie ones at all.

    • Yeah we totally lack in make-up brandness.
      the bets ‘drugstore’ on we have I think is ChiChi which you can get from chemists and myer and target. Not as good as drugstore brands like Sleek and NYX tho.

      Our only posh one really is Napoleon Perdis.

      Poor us in Australia.

      • NP repackages La Femme private label 😦

        • I might be wrong in this but I think that the repackaged La Femme is just his cheaper line NP Set. Not that it matters though – I refuse to buy anything from any of his lines!

    • Only one I can think of is Australis.

      I bought a ChiChi shadow when I was looking for a pressed white.
      I found unpigmented, and it cracked and broke just sitting in the box shortly after.
      It also had a really strange sort of finish. It wasn’t chalky, but it wasn’t smooth.. It went funny int he pan after use.
      The case thing is also really chunky. =X

  7. I’m interested in seeing some Canmake produts from Japan. Their cream blushes look interesting. Also, anything from Etude House!

    I think Skin Food and My Beauty Diary are strictly skincare products, but they look so cute and fun ^_^

  8. I have heard good things about a higher-end brand that is sort of based in Russia-Britain called Rouge Bunny Rouge. Unfortunately, I am finding it hard to find some information on them, such as ingredients, and they are a bit on the pricier side. Their website also annoys the fizzy tomatoes out of my canning jars, and I’m really starting to wonder what happened to the K.I.S.S. principle.

    With that digression aside, I also hear a lot about Kose, B & C Makemania, and Canmake, if you’d find any of those appealing.

  9. This sounds great…I love reading about things from other countries. Especially Japanese stuff! =)

  10. Hello 🙂
    I don’t have any suggestions, but just wanted to say I am really looking forward to the UK brands. I don’t know many vegan UK brands so hoping I will learn something!
    Always look forward to your posts 🙂

  11. I would love to read your thoughts on Asian cosmetics, though I know most of them aren’t vegan. I put another vote for Etude House and Skin Food.

    Um, stupid question: what does CP mean? Haha 😀

    • Custom purchase – it’s the term people use for buying products on behalf of someone else and then shipping them to that person, in the case of overseas companies, hard to find stuff, etc. 🙂

  12. No specific recommendations, but I’d be happy to do any CP’s from the UK that you might need!

  13. I’m sorry I don’t have a specific brand to recommend, but I’ve been interested in Asian makeup brands. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about Japanese brands like Shiseido and Shu Uemura. I’m hoping to discover more brands. However, I don’t know if there are many that are organic.

  14. WOW!!! That’s really interesting!!! The only Japanese makeup brands I’ve heard of are the big ones like Shhiseido and Imju Fiberwig mascara….

  15. I’d love to see something about Skin Food; the one time I tried looking for a website, I found one that was incredibly confusing to navigate. Any Japanese or Korean brands interest me, because I follow a few bloggers who have access and the products look neat.

  16. Australia has BYS! Australis, Face of Australia, Eccentric Cosmetics is on etsy for mineral makeup, chichi, Inika, Adorn Makeup, Bloom, Nude by Nature, Model’s Prefer. Not sure if they are only in Australia but they were what i could think of off the top of my head. I can easily get Inglot – while not Australian hard to get 🙂 Also ozotic nail polish 🙂

    I am always happy to exchange Aussie makeup for something 🙂 hence my joining of the international makeup exchange.

  17. Very cool idea. It will be interesting to see different cosmetics from around the world.

  18. I don’t know how much you’re interested in nail polish but we do have a few good brands here that I believe are hard to get overseas, Ulta3 (amazing!)and BYS (good but stinks to high heaven!) are two that come to mind.
    You will already know this Grey but Sportsgirl have a line of makeup that is pretty good for the price, I’d love to hear what you think of the liners I sent for the IMS.

  19. This is a great idea! 🙂
    I’m so sad I missed out on IMS. Hopefully there will be another one in the future.

  20. I’d have to say Etude House and some other that the Muse purchases, but mostly etude house.
    This will be really interesting!