Claim to Frame

Sitting here looking through the usual mess of celebrity pictures plastered all over the interwebs it became more and more obvious just how important eyebrows are.  Your look can be made or broke by how your brows are groomed or NOT groomed.  I agree, maybe it’s an unnecessary step for some, but for others it’s a step that should probably not be skipped.  Seems silly, but I found a few examples to make my point.

Usually (apart from the fact her face is always three shades lighter then her neck and body) Dita looks flawless. Here, her eyebrows are drawn in at very odd angles, picking up at the end.  It seems more obvious due to the overly exaggerated wing liner.  It makes her look sloppy and rushed.

Isabel Lucas’s brows are unkempt.  Her hair is a bit too dark for her to get away with this and look ‘natural’ especially since they are so sparse.  With a little grooming to define the arch and a bit of powder to fill them in, I bet her eyes would just sparkle.

Christina’s eyebrows, by contrast, seem too groomed.  They looks very drawn on and stenciled.  I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but with her over bleached hair she looks a bit too unnatural.  While I do think she’s picked a great color to fill her brows in, I think she needs more brows to fill in.

Reese’s brows are a little TOO thin and light.  They seem lost on her already large forehead.  Letting them grow back in a bit and refraining from overzealous plucking would be a start, as well as maybe a bit of a darker pencil.

While Reese’s have been over plucked, I think Cam’s could use a little more.  If maybe she were to thin them out a little, from underneath, to widen the area between her eye and the brow, it would lighten her face, which seems heavy and pulled down, or as my cousin says, ‘smushed’.

AnnaLynne has the perfect brows.  They are shaped perfectly and straight.  Not only are they even, but well filled and natural looking and the perfect shade for her.  She looks polished.

I have no idea why I’m so brow obsessed.  Who do you think has the perfect brows?


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  1. Actually, and just going by these pictures alone, I like Dita’s brows best. AnnaLynne’s are too sculpted in my honest opinion; but then again I am someone who shy’s away from any sort of brow plucking or sculpting anyway. I use a brow brush and maybe a pencil if I am going somewhere fancy but otherwise I let them be.

  2. I confess I don’t pay attention to eyebrows… I’ve never done mine and I have no idea how to do them.
    I never go to beauty salons, so I never have them made as well….
    It’s funny ’cause, seeing the pictures, I don’t actually notice anything wrong, which is funny….
    I guess I need to learn more about eyebrows o.o’
    Do you have any tips for me?

  3. I used to be brow obsessed to a point where I would look at people’s brow instead of their eyes while talking to them. By now I have stopped fussing about brows so much (although I stil appreciate a nicely groomed brow). I usually really like Dita’s, though. When you’re not looking that closely, they tie up nicely with her face.

  4. My eyebrows actually look a lot like the ones on the bottom, in shape and size. But I’m *never* pleased with them, no matter what I do…

  5. Zoetica Ebb has the most gorgeous eyebrows in the world

  6. I’m so glad that I’m not the only person obsessed with eyebrows. 😀 As for perfect brows… I really like old pinup girl eyebrows. I like (young) Elizabeth Taylor’s brows as well.

  7. One of my friends once complimented me on my eyebrows, which I found hilarious and awesome.

    My favorite brows are probably Anne Hathaway’s, which would look a little too much on anyone else but do well to balance her huge eyes and wide mouth.

  8. I sort of like Ditas brows here, but they’re very out of context as I know she isn’t wearing anything crazy to go with them! I have no idea what is going on with Christinas :S

  9. My brows will do that upturn that Dita’s do, but naturally, unless I pluck the ends. I don’t mind the look, but I know that it’s not “accepted”.

    I always groom my brows, even if I’m not wearing makeup. It just looks cleaner and better. It bugs me a lot when I see pics of women who’ve obviously taken the time to do eye makeup, and they don’t even bother to brush the brows neatly.

  10. The only one of these brows I don’t like are Christina’s. But I’m not surprised. She is probably my most hated celebrity. I will never forget how skinny and overplucked they used to be. The grossness is burned on my retinas forever.

  11. I’m totally obsessed with eyebrows. Watching Burlesque last week, the MUA that did Christina’s eyebrows for the movie got it right. In fact, whenever a decent MUA does her face, her eyebrows look beautiful and her nose looks smaller. It’s obvious when she does her own makeup because she slathers on the Ruby Woo, black smoky eye and bronzer, completely forgetting to contour her nose. Or her face. Her face always looks bigger when she does her own makeup.

    Like here: She looks so pretty there!

    I noticed Dita’s eyebrow wings before, but I always assumed that was intentional.

    • I have the latest issue of Makeup Artist magazine and they featured the makeup artist from Burlesque. I was also impressed, but she looks ODD as, well, herself.

      In some pictures Dita’s brows are perfect, and in some she’s got the wings. I cannot stand them.

      • Hmm, well I guess it’s kind of like when you walk in to a salon and the hairstylist does your hair perfectly… but they have a mullet! Or some asymmetrical cut with Caesar Augustus bangs that go all the way past their ears.

  12. I like big brows and I cannot lie…
    Kate Winslett, Kat von D, Sherilyn Fenn, Jessica Alba. Full and not too drawn in.

  13. I have to be honest – I almost never pay attention to my eyebrows. I had to take a class on brow grooming as part of my cosmetic certificate (a waste of money if there ever was one… they don’t teach you anything you can’t learn from magazines and YouTube, and for my program, I HAD to go through it to get to the cool special effects and prosthetics), and I was easily the least-motivated student in the class. By the third class, no one had any eyebrows left to groom anyway.

    I confess, whenever they’d show us pictures of groomed eyebrows vs. un-groomed and how they complete the look, I NEVER NOTICED ANY DIFFERENCE. I just don’t have that discerning eye, I guess.

    Give me some liquid latex and some fake blood, and I’m all over it, though.

  14. I was really excited to see this post, as I’m huge on eyebrows as well.

    Ugg, I can’t even begin to explain how much Christina’s eyebrows bother me. Her makeup in general is usually terrible, of course, but her eyebrows kill me. All the other eyebrows you showed are fine to me. They aren’t completely ideal but they fit their faces well enough so they don’t look too bad at all.

    My absolute favorite eyebrows in the world are Samantha Chapman’s. This video shows them pretty well.

    It doesn’t hurt that she has a gorgeous face, of course.

  15. I’ve never liked my brows. They’re light, think, and weird shaped. I mostly just pluck stray hairs here and there. I’ve thought about defining them will eyeshadows or an eyebrow pencil but haven’t tried it yet.

  16. I’ve had a lot of compliments about my brows. Mine are thick, bold, and jet black. The thing is, they always comment about how ‘lucky’ I am. Girl, luck ain’t got shit to do with it. I savagely pluck them into submission on an almost daily basis. If I didn’t the bloody things would join forces and plot for facial domination.

    I think that I notice others brows because I do spend quite a bit of effort on my own.

    • same here – although my brows beat me into submission long ago. Let’s hope our brows never meet. No forehead would be safe.

      Impressive brows run in my family. My father had some serious brows. Had he lived long enough, I have no doubt he would have graduated into brow comb-overs.

  17. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that looks at peoples eyebrows. It’s one of those peeves of mine & often the first thing I notice about someone. I’ve always kind of loved Cams eyesbrows on her though. I never really noticed brows until I went to school with this one girl. She was super pale like me but had dirty blonde hair…now the kicker was… she would shave her brows off & draw them on with black sharpie marker!

  18. I know a low of people are fixed on eyebrows. I’ve had phases of that too. But I usually prefer the look of slightly unkempt (but not forgotten and wild) brows. My own are dark and sparse and I’m getting really sick of trying. xD

  19. Well if your eyes are the windows are to your soul..and you keep the drapes all nice…why not the valances as well?

  20. I must disagree with you on this one – I like it when eyebrows are groomed, but as to how one does it? It’s entirely up to them.
    Yes, I do believe there are overplucked and weirdly shaped, but I’d give people a bit more leeway on those things 😀 .

  21. Ahhh Grey I love your eyebrow obssesion!
    I used to do nothing to my eyebrows then one day woke up to realise they looked like big fluffy caterpillas on my face. Being a bit of a cybery goth person I have been into really thin eyebrows, recently I went to Benefit brow bar and had them done. They area a bit thicker than I am used to but look great. I don’t know who has great eyebrows but I can tell you Jennifer Connelly drives me insane with her huge furbrows and also Billy Piper with her BLACK huge eyebrows with blonde hair

  22. certainly not me 🙂

  23. It seems like most people are either on one side or the other. Either they care a LOT about eyebrows or not at all. I think I would say I WANT to care about eyebrows, but I have no idea what to do with mine. I always feel like they’re un-even when I pluck them, and maybe a little too thick for my face but I’m too nervous to try anything thinner! I generally like thin eyebrows more than thick ones, but I think this girl has the most gorgeous thick eyebrows for her pretty little face.

  24. I like Dita’s eyebrows, the little flick at the end gives them character.

    My eyebrows are a mess!!!
    I used to wax them right off and draw them back on with black pencil… Now I’ve got 95% of them grown back, and am desperately waiting for the other 5% to hurry up and grow back!!!
    I have to fill them in every morning with brown eyeshadow or I look like I had an accident with a lighter!

  25. I like a strong eyebrow. I never plucked my brows except to avoid the dreaded unibrow look until recently, when my brows started thinning for some reason and I had to shape them a bit to make it less noticeable. They are getting lighter so I now have to pencil them in. Is this normal for 40’s? Blarg. I hate it.

  26. I never cared about my eyebrows until reading last month’s post! Now, coupled with the comments from this one, I feel really foolish… like people have been judging me for ages on my unkempt brows and I never even knew! One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve started plucking them is that people no longer underestimate my age. It seems like when they’re thicker/bushier, people think I’m much younger, up to a decade below my actual age. I wonder if it’s a subconscious thing or if it’s because I look such a mess and only a teenager would leave the house that way…

    • As far as I know, it is a subconscious thing – with age the brows naturally thin out so, they say, fuller brows in the back of our minds equal young age 😀 .

      • I’m gonna go with that. I realized on my last birthday that, as a female, I’m now basically irrelevant to mainstream pop culture. I don’t know why that matters so much; I don’t pay any attention to mainstream pop culture. Maybe it’s just the lite version of my overall fear of change/growing up? Besides, it’s far better than people thinking I look like a teenaged wookiee!

  27. I have to admit, we saw the new Harry Potter movie last night and Emma Watson (of all people) was giving me brow envy! Mine are too light and too narrow to allow for worthwhile shaping (more than one esthetician has cautioned me against any attempt!), and while I do have a good natural arch I’d run out of brow trying to enhance it. Even with pencil or powder they *just* manage to be visible. I’d love to have bolder brows to frame my eyes, like Audrey Hepburn’s or similar.

  28. I agree with pretty much all your critiques of these photos Grey. I have to say, I really like the fact that fuller(but well-kept) brows are back “in” but I’m also massively jealous since I won’t ever have them for myself lol. My brows are on the light side and very sparse since my hair is naturally dirty blonde. So every hair I pluck counts! I have to be very strategic about which ones I pull, or I’m left looking like I have alopecia. And don’t even get me started on finding a brow color that will actually match…it’s proving to be damn near impossible lol.

  29. I agree that eyebrows are so important. I cringe at overplucked brows. I used to not fill in my brows because my hair’s very dark, but I started doing so more often this semester and it makes such a huge difference. I’m a fan of a bold brow.

  30. I have to say… everything about Cate Blanchett is perfect, so hers, and Emma Watson’s. They’re so strong, they work perfectly for her face.