The Soap ‘Stache

While rummaging around Etsy for more lychee things I ran across The Anderson Soap Company.  I liked the look of the shop, it’s sort of nostalgic and the listings are well photographed and clear.  Shipping is a flat $5, however you’re refunded the difference after your order is placed.  I paid $6.75 and received a $1.75 refund (which I’ve mentioned I really don’t like, since it takes Paypal over a week to give your funds back).  Everything was well packaged and arrived carefully wrapped via Priority Mail.

I picked up a few things, including the Lychee Tea Soap in a Jar (which I loved), Kyomi Body Butter (which I also loved), and English Rose Tea Soap in a Jar (which, no surprise, I also loved).  While the lychee wasn’t as crisp and bright a scent as it is from EE or Savor, I really loved the vegan soap formula.  The Kyomai scent is “Italian bergamot, geranium oils and water fruit. There are also hints of gardenia and sandalwood”, and is very unique and fresh smelling, and the body butter was actually butter like.  It was hard and once you picked up a bit in your hand your body heat melted it and it smoothed into my skin easily and left no residue or stick.  I have to say it’s actually one of my favorite body butters.  I’m hoping to eventually pick up more in the Infinite Romance scent, which sounds amazing.

The best thing, though, was this set of soap mustaches.  I’m not sure what inspired me to get them, maybe it’s because I loved the ‘stache necklace I got not too long ago.

These are so adorable!  One was black and one was brown (both are stocking stuffers) and came on a stick sort of like a sucker.

I was pleased at how well made they were and how carefully wrapped and labeled they came.  They will make such a unique and quirky gift!

Anderson Soap is having a 25% off sale using the code HOLIDAY25 at check out.


16 Responses to “The Soap ‘Stache”

  1. The Soap Staches are super cute! I was eyeing up some of the olive oil soaps… La Llorna Olive Oil Soap sounds heavenly.

    And I had to laugh that they make a Pabst Blue Ribbon Soap. “PBR me ASAP!” LOL

    Though I do not need more soaps… I may not be able to resist this sale. 😦

  2. OH GOD. Those are moustaches! I have staches on a stick, for quirky portraits. :’)

  3. Those ‘staches are adorable!

  4. the staches just made my day! this is perfect for my friend who participated in movember.

  5. All of the scents you got sound amazing and I want to try them all! I’m a sucker for Bergamont so the Kyomai scent is automatically on the top of my list;-)

  6. I think i’ll definitly have to try out that body butter. Thanks for checking them out, it’s always nice to find new etsy shops to love.

  7. I love the ‘stache soaps! That body butter sounds really fun too. :] I cannot wait till the holidays are over so I can splurge a little on myself.

  8. Hahaaa, the little kid in the soap stache ad is adorable!! Mustaches have gotten so popular lately, it’s really funny. I definitely want to try the snickerdoodle cupcake soap in a jar. Yum!!

  9. These stache soaps are so cute. I recently got mustache stationery. 🙂 Thanks for the discount code, I’m tempted to use it towards some of the lychee tea soap! 🙂

  10. I think I’m going to have to get some of those stache soaps too! Lemon Meringue Soap in a Jar sounds really nice too – actually, just looking now, there are heaps I’d like to try. This one is going on the After Christmas shopping list!

  11. I’m glad you like his shop. I’ve order from him a couple times before for a friend and he’s been great with international shipping and gift orders 🙂

  12. SOAP STACHE. So cute! I’d never want to actually use it, though! Then I’d have to hide it for fear someone would find it in the bathroom, and I’d find a soap… caterpillar on the end of a lollipop stick.

  13. I’ll have to check this one out. I LOVE whipped soaps and the smell of tea roses.

  14. Does the butter absorb better than the a joey named roo one?

    Shea butters rarely work for me because they leave this oily shiny film on top of my hands so I cant keep them at work easily – greasy keyboard.

    Sadly too many indie companies used. That and cocoa cream.

  15. Ooh so many wonderful items. Though it’s a local shop I’ve unbelievably never ordered from Anderson Soap Co. I should remedy that.
    They are kinda “famous” on etsy – First for being one of the biggest sellers on etsy and second because it was a shop started by a man. There’s a lot of crap from media sources about etsy being all women and everyone is always like, “Ummm what about Dennis Anderson?”

  16. Those look adorable, I especially love the logo. And I love the smell of roses, in anything.