For Auld Lang Syne!

I got the Auld Lang Syne collection from Evil Shades today. There is no sun here in Southern California, it’s forsaken me.  I pulled out the old daylight sewing lamp and took some swatch pictures anyway.

From top to bottom, left to right : Aureate, Wishing Tree, Cranberry Champagne, Polestar, Filigree, and Lucia


Aureate- A vibrant golden with silver shimmer

Wishing Tree- Deep complex forest green with sparkling bright green shimmer

Cranberry Champagne- A deep cranberry with red tones and golden shimmer

Polestar- Deepest night sky blue with a purple shift and twinkling starry silver sparkles

Filigree- Shimmering bronze with delicate multi color shimmer

Lucia- A bright bold red with bright pink shimmer and a subtle violet shift


29 Responses to “For Auld Lang Syne!”

  1. Now I can’t wait for my Lucia, Filigree and Cranberry Champagne to arrive. Lovely 🙂

  2. I still love Lucia and Aureate looks really pretty too!

  3. Lucia looks so different swatched, it seemed so pink in the other picture, I really love that red it’s simply gorgeous.

  4. Love Polestar and Lucia! Such deep vibrant color!

  5. Lovely shades!

    Just noticed all the full size eyeshadows are on a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”-sale this weekend. There goes my no-buy 😀

  6. Wishing Tree and Cranberry Champange look like great colors! A great looking collection!

  7. Nice collection, I can’t see a bad one in the bunch.

  8. I love Lucia – you were able to photograph it looking red as I’ve seen it look more pinky. Must investigate further…

  9. I loveeeee Cranberry Champagne. I can’t stop staring at it, it’s so pretty.

  10. Oh, I cannot wait to get my Lucia! I really should just start direct depositing my paycheck to Evil Shades.

  11. Polestar and Lucia look amazing! When I saw the swatch earlier I thought it would be really pink, but its actually really red with a pink undertone.

  12. These are so pretty. I adore reds and am looking for a new eyeshadow source. That blue looks divine too. Ah well, after the holidays. I am beyond broke right now. Lol!

    Have you tried the foiling medium from Evil Shades? I have tried other versions and they always leave my eyes itchy. Her formula looks a little different, but I should probably see if she has a sample first.

  13. I’ve just fallen in love with Aureate, Wishing Tree and Polestar. Really pretty colours.

  14. Wow, Lucia is beautiful!

  15. Ooh, they look all so pretty swatched!

  16. Polestar looks gorgeous. I have trouble finding rich sapphire type blue shades and that one looks perfect!

  17. unconnected to this post, but what happened to style diary?

  18. Wishing Tree, Lucia, Cranberry Champagne, and Polestar look gorgeous!

  19. That swatch of Lucia is gorgeous. I think if it came as a lipgloss or lipstick I would have to buy it!

  20. Polestar and Lucia are my favorites!

  21. Lucia is amazing! And it looks like it got good coverage.

  22. Ooh I love aureate and polestar.

  23. The colors are all so beautiful. That Lucia really is an amazing shade!

  24. I love this collection, and Lucia looks so gorgeous.

  25. I must say I am loving lucia and fligree. All these colors are beautiful but my favorite are those lol

  26. Aureate and Polestar are lovely! I’ve never ordered from Evil Shades, but I do intend to soon!

  27. That red, Lucia, is stunning!

    I loved it when you first put up a pic of it, but swatched it looks even prettier. Wow!

    I can see it as a wonderful eyeliner, adding a twinkle of something special when one winks.

  28. Lucia looks insanely bright. How does it compare to Heartless queen, in terms of brightness and anything else you can think of?

  29. Wow, I’m not one to use reds on my eyes at all, but Lucia would change that, I think. All these are really pretty.