Candy’s Sweet Treats – A Review


One of my readers brought this shop to my attention.  I’d been trying to avoid Etsy, I have a huge backlog of things I need to work on and whenever I let myself browse the backlog gets longer, but! I was pretty interested in trying things out.

Candy’s Sweet Treats is on Etsy.  The listings were sort of a jumble.  I’m noticing a trendy of Etsy of shops trying similar styles for their listing, which I assume are meant to appeal to ‘the younger crowd’.  Although I’m by no means ‘the older crowd’ this style just doesn’t appeal to me, it doesn’t seem all that professional.  I couldn’t spot any glaring misspellings (although there are a few), there was a great deal of mis-capitalization and ‘…’ in the middle of the listing.  Hey, it’s not my style but that shouldn’t effect the products, so I soldiered on, even if some of the listings were sparse.

The pictures are sort of the same way, a jumble.  They vacillate between graphics on top of product shots, shots of the product, swatches, and pictures of the products in use.  Still, they do a fairly good job of accurately representing the product.

One of the things I know a lot of people dislike about mineral makeup sellers is how they push the whole ‘all natural’ and ‘healing’ aspect of them, which this shop does, although not as much as some.  A lot of it could be copied and pasted from a lot of other sellers.

Still not impressed? Really? Did you know that Mineral make-up:
Will not clog pores
Virtually no allergy risk (yay :))
Anti-inflammatory, so it helps to calm and soothe irritated skin
Water resistant
Complete coverage for skin conditions like rosacea and acne
Minerals don’t support bacteria
All Natural

It’s such a common thing now that I just skim past it, even if I do think the rhetoric is just that.  The listings don’t contain any ingredient info, so I sent a convo off before ordering and I was very pleased to receive a full list of all the items I had inquired about.  The prices are very reasonable and she sells a wide variety of products from eye shadows, primers, lotions, lip balms, to clay masks, finishing veils, and perfume.

I ordered (in part):


Sweet Treats Lip Scrubs

Sporn Eyeshadow

Streets of Paris Eye Shadow


I paid $.50 per item for a total of $2.50.    I received a convo saying she would try to ship my things out a day or so after I ordered, however it was mailed a few days after that.  Still, I received my order in just about a week.


Everything was carefully wrapped and packaged in a bubble mailer.  The lip scrub did leak ALL over the place, but because it was wrapped in a separate plastic bag, nothing else got oily and it was savable with only a healthy rinse.  Also included was 6 small samples labeled with their color as well as a thank you note.



I really detest the name, but I thought I’d give this a try anyway.  The store has a few other products with named with similar ‘interesting’ names.  The primer is packaged in a small, round, flat tin.  Mine came inside a plastic bag labeled with the ingredients.  The top of the primer tin also has a small sticker with the product name hand written on it.  The tin is pretty big, so you get a nice amount of primer. When I originally asked about the ingredients in this product, I was told that it wasn’t vegan, although it could easily be made that way.  I was very impressed with how responsive and willing to help Candy was.

The Primer is not Vegan but can be made Vegan if need be i will just subsitute the Pearl Mica and the Silk Mica for Rice Powder and Some more Kaolin Clay. Easy Peasy…
The Primer ingredients are: Glycerin, Vitamin E, Lecithin, Grapeseed Oil, Soy Waz, Cocoa Butter (LOVE), Kaolin Clay, Zince Oxide, Silica Microspheres, Dimethicone, Silk Mica, Allantoin, Pearl and Brown Oxide

I’m sure you can tell by now that this is not, in fact, the best primer ever or surely you’d have heard me shouting from the webtops.  I’ve tried a lot of Indie primers the past few month, in fact I should do a Primer Primer, consider that in the works.

It’s a bit thick and hard and smells like cocoa butter.  To apply it I warmed it up a little by rubbing my finger over the product until it collected enough to apply, which I’m not crazy about.  I don’t like having to stick my fingers into things I’m going to apply on my eyes, it’s just me, but it’s too hard to use a brush or anything.  It’s fairly invisible and once applied leaves your lid (or the back of your hand) a little tacky .  If you apply the shadow a little too heavily they cakes and streak.  I had to work with it a bit to figure out the bare minimum primer needed to be effective, and it was too much work.

While this isn’t the best primer, it’s an alright one.  My shadows applied better, and appeared a bit brighter.  It wasn’t very long lasting, it faded and almost melted after a few hours and it did allow my shadows to crease.  My shadow just smeared off quite easily.  I’d really prefer it was easier to apply, it’s far too hard to be practical to use.

Sweet Treats Lip Scrubs

The scrub came in a little jar with a black lid, the top labeled with the flavor.  Instead of a label around the outside, it was wrapped in a piece of zebra print duct tape.  The tape is a little uneven and really frayed, and IMO it makes the jar look a little grungy.

This was pretty greasy/oily.  When I first got it the bag it was in was a horrible mess.  None of the scrub leaked out, just what it was mixed with.  I picked the Virgin Mint Julep flavor, so the whole package was nice and minty when it arrived.  Since basically all the oil had leaked out, all I had left was minty sugar when I cleaned it all up.  It was nice, but nothing I coudln’t have made myself.

Sporn Eyeshadow

Both eye shadows came in a clear standard 5 gram jar with a sifter.  The sifter had a sticker over the holes, so it took forever to pick off for some reason.  The jars were nearly filled, although not stuffed to the top.  They were labeled on the top with a sticker with the company name with the shade hand written.

Sporn happened to be the color of the week, meaning it was on sale for half off.  The listing was pretty bare, there was no color description and just a swatch on a hand (I should take a moment to point out that I wish people on Etsy did better swatching, cropped the pictures carefully, and maybe used a macro lens).

The thing I found curious about the shadows was that although the ingredients supplied to me included silk powder, it’s crossed out on the ingredient list stuck onto the bag that the samples were in.  I would like to beleive that the shades I received, including the samples, were vegan and without silk.

Eyeshadows: most contain: Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide

the Base: Magnesuim Myristrate, Titanium Dioxide, Silica Microspheres, Carnauba Wax, Rice Powder, Z-Cote Zinc Oxide, Sericite Mica, Micro Fine Silk Powder, Kaolin Clay

Sporn is an odd sort of color.  It’s not quite how it looks in the swatch, on my it’s a little more golden/coppery burgundy, which is sort of odd.  On my eyes it’s exactly the color of a healing bruise, you know, when it’s just past the angry purple stage and moving on to the ugly yellowish stage.  I only wore it twice because each time someone asked me, very concernedly, what happened.  This may be because the color sheered out on me as the day progressed.  I’m not sure if I’m blaming the formula or the primer, although I’m inclined to think that maybe it was both.

From left to right : Sporn and Streets of Paris (top on bare skin, bottom on OMFG)

Streets of Paris Eye Shadow

SoP seemed like a great compliment to the Sporn shade.  It seemed like a great silvery grey color, so I hoped it would be complimentary since there was no color description.  The color is actually like a golden dirty pearl.  It works nicely as a highlight shade with warmer colors and honestly it’s just gorgeous swept over the lid on it’s own.  It’s got a touch of shimmer, nothing over the top.  It’s a VERY simple color and I have a couple of straight micas that are a close match.

The problem with this shadow is that you really need a nice primer.  I found it worked best over a Paint Pot, since it’s thicker and grabbier.

It does look really nice with Sporn.  I wore Sporn on the outer 3/4th of my lid and SoP on the inner corner so they blended into an almost ombre look.


Would I order from CST again?  Probably not.

  • The customer service was excellent.
  • The products were sloppily labeled.
  • The shadows could really use accurate shade descriptions.
  • The listings were a bit of a mess.
  • The shadows, although custom blended, weren’t the best formula.

Looking at the shop again, I really do like that they have such a wide variety of products and shadows, all creatively named.  For me, though, the lack of professionalism and tidy packaging is enough to deter me from ordering again.  While I can’t say for sure that everything isn’t carefully created and packed, I’m just leery.

Overall : .5/5


34 Responses to “Candy’s Sweet Treats – A Review”

  1. I would LOVE to see a “Primer Primer,” including both store-bought and Etsy primers. 🙂

  2. The shop annoys me. The names are so generic. Makes me think of pretentious hipsters. Do not want.

  3. I really like shades like SOP, I live to use the TKB Hilite and Travel to.. micas just lightly swept on the lid with liner and mascara. It gives an ethereal like glow. I am not a fan of the names either.

  4. Jules Noctambule December 19, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    I would be so, so delighted if Etsy sellers did more swatching, especially of lip products! I really prefer to see how a colour will look on the skin and not just in a tube, and I do feel a lot less inclined to buy spur-of-the-moment when that curiosity is unsatisfied.

  5. I would love to see a primer primer.

    Also, I don’t think I would ever order anything from this shop based on the names of some of the products alone. It makes me feel like I’m ordering makeup from a 12 year old.

  6. I would love to see a Primer primer. And it doesn’t look like this shop is very … worth the money.

  7. A Primer Primer?
    I’m giddy as a schoolgirl!

    (Are you, by any chance, reviewing Art Deco’s eyeshadow base, too?)

  8. And now having been able to look through the store even more I would love to know what goes through someones mind when naming eyeshadows twat & pay the whore. Sorry but names like those do not make me want to order.

  9. I have to agree with Hanna, I’d love to know what goes through someone’s mind before they decide to give eyeshadows such names, and I admit that such names do put me off ordering. I also find some of the names completely out of place for the colour, often not making any sense. I’m not much for spelling, actually I’d be lucky if I could spell my way out of a paper bag, but I admit spelling frak wrong gets on my nerves. It’s just the geek in me.

  10. While I get they are catering to a younger demographic. .the lack of the packaging and labeling makes me question the maturity of the people making it. I might be being judgemental but that’s just how I feel.

  11. Maybe it’s my age (although I’m not that young, and have always considered myself to be more mature than my age) but I actually like this company. I reviewed their shadows a while back and liked what I saw.

    I do loath the fact that there are a lot of typos. It’s on her FB fan page as well, I chocked it up to a fast typer??

    Maybe, I’m too forgiving though.

  12. Wow. I mean, they definitely have the right idea re:customer service. But quality control is just as important. Not even going to comment on the bizarre name choices.

    Super excited about the primer primer! However, you had mentioned reviewing SoBe’s primer a little while back. Is that still the plan?

  13. It sucks the primer didn’t work very well. I would love a post comparing different primers. If there was one from an indie brand that worked well I would rather buy that over one from a store. At least the customer service was good.. it bothers me when shops don’t treat their customers right.

  14. Thank you so much for this review! I found them on Etsy a few days ago and was interested, despite the annoying descriptions because they have a couple named after Rocky Horror that look beautiful. Now rethinking that purchase.

  15. I ordered the primer awhile ago… and it’s very tricky indeed and creasing typically within an hour. I have it on hand just in case.
    The thing that I really don’t like about this shop though is how much processing is done to her photos. Most pictures of the shadows being worn have been noticably altered so it’s difficult to tell what the actual colour is.

  16. DId you ever try the Bella Lucce company? Seems most their products are vegan even.

  17. Poor photography, lack of descriptions and swatches, and bad spelling/grammar are all big turn-offs for me, no matter if I’m buying indie or mainstream brands. To me all of these are BASIC concepts.

  18. While I don’t really want to order from a company that looks like they mix powdered MySpace into every jar, I have to point out that having bruise-colored makeup can be useful. Whenever I wear a particular Revlon shade, people ask me if I’m deathly ill. It’s gotten me a few sympathy coffees & teas at work; sometimes I get sent home early!

    • Ha! Powdered MySpace!! . Facebook already has it’s own flavor of vitamin water..some should jump on a MySpace make up shade.

  19. Though it bothers me that she Harry Potter is written “Poter”, though I ain’t sure if it is a joke that I ain’t getting for not being a native English speaker, the seller sounds sweet and I don’t see a big problem with the names. Some products have strange ones (like the primer), but it’s not a big problem.
    Shame the products weren’t very good.
    Funny that in your swatches the color does not look bruise-like, but in the eyes it is always different, right?
    When I was not very into make-up I had a Boticário eyeshadow set and it had a purple that made me look like I had been beaten…

    • I don’t see a problem with the names either: most of the products have the usual princess-y names and those which don’t, well, I view it as their ‘thing’.

      Most people would say UD’s names are wrong and off-putting (Apocalypse, Buzzkill, Sellout, Gash, Oil Slick, Jailbait, to name a few), but I’d say people who follow this blog love them 😀 . Or Detrivore’s – Malady, Malice, Swamp, Lecher, Sacrilege, Heathen, Desecration.

      The same goes for the geeky names – they may not be exactly ‘off-putting’, but a lot of my friends would probably give everyone who loves Fyrinnae’s, Shiro’s or Geek Chic Cosmetics’ names a ‘huh?’ look.

  20. That sucks that the scrub had leaked everywhere 😦
    I do like Streets of Paris-don’t know if that’s the best name for it, but I like the name as well, maybe for some other color though.

  21. I ordered from Candy too and felt that it could use a bit of sophistication and isn’t in the same quality tier as Fyrinnae….but e for effort, right? I have Sporn as well and liked it. Interesting the primer was a bomb. I was curious about that.

  22. I lol’ed at the name of the Primer.

  23. i’ve come across several etsy mineral make shops that had poor or no swatches and little to no description. i just went back and looked at other shops. i’m sure a lot of those shops would get more business if they took their shop more seriously.

    it is nice to have a hobby and make extra money, but your name is attached to it, make it look nice. that is my opinion.

  24. I agree, the shop is really all over the place with pictures and swatches and everything all jumbled. Most of the names really don’t appeal to me either, except for the Call of Duty Care Package collection which I LOVE. More nerdy gamer names for makeup is definitely encouraged from me. I might have to pick these up for name alone, although the colors are fairly pretty too. 🙂

  25. Looking through the shop, I feel it looks sloppy and I’m even downright put off by some of the names of the products. I don’t see anything unique that I couldn’t find somewhere else and feel better about. Thanks for the review Grey.

  26. Hello all I am the owner of Candy’s Sweet Treats… and I really appreciate the feedback! I will totally work on my grammer form now on and the sloppiness of my site. I am totally sorry that the Primer has not worked out for most. I find that if I put a small amount on that it works for me. This is exactly what I needed as a review and feedback goes. This helps me to better my business. When you ladies write about the Photos of the Pigments what is it that makes them look horrible? Just wondering… I am not here to make a buck or an extra income, I just wanted to provide a product that was natural and sold at an affordable price. I was tired of buying from companies that sold their product for such a high cost. The names of shadows are strange. I will not change them, but most are taken from songs as well!


  27. I love CST. I switched over after the glitter fiasco and found it to be very refreshing. I don’t mind pictures, and color names, and grammar being off as long as I get a nice product at a decent price when I feel like Candy offers.

    (Also I have been following but never commenting before. Thanks for the heads up on MADD Style.)