RSW – Round Two!

  • Comment and let me know, what is one MUST USE/MUST HAVE product that you use that I should try out.  Not sure if I’ve reviewed it before?  Type it into the little ‘search’ box at the top of the page first.
  • Seven randomly picked products will be picked to review.
  • Please include a link if you can.
  • One randomly drawn comment from the suggestions will win a 25$ gift certificate to an Etsy shop of their choice.
  • Entries will be open from now until January 1st (so for about ten days) and the winner drawn on the 2nd.
  • Reader Reviews will be posted (hopefully) during the first week of February!

58 Responses to “RSW – Round Two!”

  1. I think you must try out Dark Heart Design Cosmetics on etsy! They are mostly all vegan and I got a sample set of 35+ shadows for only $12. i recently reviewed her on my blog and i love their shadows. Also idk if you tried the new carmex Lime and Vanilla chapsticks they are really nice. =]

  2. I suggest Illamasqua Precision Ink. Abyss is the black one. It has magical staying power like no other liquid eyeliner I have seen and I love the applicator!

  3. I would love to see what you think about the little 99 cent sally girl baked eyeshadows. I picked up a couple of them and I love them. The gray that I got is amazing.

  4. I just got my Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion and I’m in love, I want to spread the word! I got it at a bit of a discount from a great seller on Amazon who got it to me in 4 days (not 4 business days, just 4 DAYS)!

    I don’t understand the negative reviews this product gets … to me, it’s amazing. HG for sure. My lashes are short and stick straight out, even with a curler and good mascara they’re just meh. With this stuff, they look almost like realistic fake lashes 😀

    Also, are we allowed to suggest more than one? Bcs if so I have another favorite for you 🙂

  5. I know you have reviewed Sobe before but I haven’t seen you mention this product…

    Sobe Botanicals Quench Hair/Body Spray is a new “holy grail” for both me and my daughter. It detangles and conditions our straight, fine hair without making it greasy. Plus, it leaves our hair shiny, and it can be used as a body spray. The second time I used it, a friend actually complimented my hair and asked me if I had a new haircolor and highlights done when I hadn’t actually colored my hair in weeks.

    The only difficulty I have is navigating her long fragrance list… there are so many fragrances!

  6. Check out Darling Girl cosmetics – they are really starting to get a great rap from bloggers 🙂


    The soaps and lotions look delicious!

  8. I’d really like to see you review Hi Fi Cosmetics on etsy. I’ve seen only a few reviews on them by other beauty bloggers, and I would enjoy seeing you review them.

  9. Mine is my Evian facial spray. I wake up every morning and spritz my face as a wake me up. I use it while I use my facial cleanser [its worked WONDERS! My acne and blackheads are gone]. Spritz when Im feeling sluggish at work and then after my nightly moisturizer… I love this stuff. Works better than MAC’s Fix + for doing wet shadow looks too… and it is affordable. Got mine at Sephora for $12!!

  10. Someone already mentioned illamasqua but I’m going to say try either their Matt primer or their finishing powder. They’re both recent purchases for me that I absolutely love. I was going to mention them in your international post as a brand but wasn’t sure if you had covered them.

  11. Hmm, a recent purchase of mine that was a real hit with me is Buxum’s Stay-There eyeshadow. They’re really lovely and doggie themed even! So maybe those? I’m also curious about other Buxum products in general.

  12. I think you should try the Milani Liquif’eye eyeliner its my go to pencil for my waterline and is way better than UD Zero. Also the wetnwild palettes, I know everyone talks about them already but I think they are really great.

  13. Ooh! I’m not sure if this is something you’d like/have tried before, but it reminded me of you a while back when you did your gold-focused post:

    Described as a “rosy pink with gold shimmer” tinted lip balm.

    Truth be told it’s a little firmer than what I was expecting for a balm product (it’s still really smooth though, I just like the softer side of the balm spectrum). That turned me off initially, but one night my friends dragged me to dinner; I was caught without my makeup bag. I put on the only thing I had with me (this lip glace) and when I caught a glimpse of my lips in a mirror later that evening, I was extremely surprised at how pretty the color was!

    They also have a lychee flavored one… 😉 It doesn’t seem like they’ve vegan formulas for their lip stuff, but many of their other items are vegan.

  14. Have you ever done a review of Fyrinnae’s facial primers? I know you’ve done a number of their other items, but I don’t remember seeing the primers.
    Also, do you know how much time I’ve wasted moving those snowflakes around?!?

  15. Mark For Goodness Face Antioxidant Skin Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30
    I’ve now purchased 6 jars of this stuff and love it for my daytime moisturizer. It doesn’t have a gross open jar to stick my fingers into, it works as a pump, so the ingredients are kept air tight and germ free. It’s $16 for 1.7 oz. I love it. I totally think you need to try it 🙂 I may not have found the perfect night time moisturizer for me, but this is definitely the perfect one for me for the day.

  16. Weleda Skin Food and Wild Rose Products! I use Skin Food as eye cream and on random flaky spots on my skin I get in the winter. I think Target has sample tubes for $2. The Wild Rose line is more preventative anti-aging. I’m not sure if they are vegan though.

  17. I don’t use this product but looked through the website & the colors look very interesting. The company is Vicious Cosmetics. They have their own website as well as Etsy & the color swatches are on Facebook. They’re quite new.

  18. Illamasqua Cream Blushes. I love Libido, which is a seriously intense orange-red shade. But I like the formula and shades in general, really.

    Also, their liquid metals!

  19. Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Night Cream!

    My skin has the tendency to freak out every once in a while, and this stuff is so wonderful. Even if your skin is perfect, this cream is really thick and will re-moisturize even the driest skin. I definitely recommend it.

  20. Lush Ultrabland cleanser! I seriously don’t think I could live with out this. My life can be sectioned into a time before Ultrabland (or B.U) and after Ultrabland (A.U).

  21. Alima Pure luminous shimmer eyeliner – or any of their liners (they also have satin matte) but I got a sample of the liner in Noir and I totally love it. I’d be curious to see what someone who actually knows how to apply makeup could do with it. 🙂

  22. I hesitate to suggest them as they are not vegan, but I love the formula of the Portland Black Lipstick Co. I just got my first Morgana order today, so I don’t know how they compare, but right now this is my go to for odd colored lipstick.

  23. I recommend Eyeko’s Graffiti Eyeliner Pen! I own the purple and black, and they both apply like a dream. Plus I’ve found that they last forever without smudging or trying to come off

  24. I really like Neutrogena’s makeup remover wipes for some odd reason. They’re the perfect combination of effective yet not too eyeburning. I’m kind of wondering how they compare to higher end makeup remover.

  25. I am trying to figure out contouring and am on the lookout for a decent matte bronzer. Have you tried Fyrrinae’s? Also, I am curious what you think about their Velvet Gel Silica Primer. I just ordered a sample of the latter and the wee tiny container they sent it in was beyond adorable and made me laugh. I haven’t tried it yet.

  26. I used to adore this underarm deodorant since I am physically active every day and I hate applying stuff every morning, especially if it doesn’t make it through the day.

    I now use something with aluminum instead which nobody here will probably approve of, but couldn’t do without personally… but I liked Lavilin

  27. i suggest Anotomicals lipbalm “stop cracking up”
    its fantatsic and has allways sorted out my lips however cracked they are. oh and the packaging writing is hilarious.

  28. I love LipFusion Lipgloss in Bare
    I love Crest White Strips Supreme
    I love Bobbi Brown’s cream blush in Pale Pink
    I love Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner in Ivy

  29. I really like this store:

    They are new and don’t have a lot of things yet but I love their soap and solid perfumes. I’ll be doing my own review on my blog soon but I would really like to know what you think!

  30. Oh oh oh. I love Lancome new Teint Miracle. First foundation that I haven’t hated.

  31. Oh, the ArtDeco eyeshadow base I mentioned in one of my recent comments 🙂 .

    (Musing of a Muse mentions it is available in the US via HSN:,!sf, but it seems that the price is double what it is in Europe 😐 !)

  32. i was hoping you could review if possible the natural mineral makeup (liquid foundation) for jane iredale.

    the page for the mineral makeup is, its the liquid minerals. its 100% natural mineral and also a moisturizer too

    I use it and i really like it, however i wanted to see what primer product you would suggest with it too.

  33. I know you don’t usually review hair products, but I love Oyin’s hair juices:

    Most of their stuff isn’t vegan (they use honey in almost everything) but the juices are and they do wonders to detangle my curls every day. They even have sample sizes:

  34. OK, hopefully this will post. It will be like my third time trying to comment on this post.
    I don’t believe this is vegan, but I will suggest it anyway.
    Palladio’s Herbal Eye Primer. I think it’s just as good as UDPP. I read that US owns Palladio?
    You can get it at Sally:,default,pd.html
    or Ulta:
    it won’t let me post the url, sorry.

  35. OK this is like my forth time posting so hopefully this will work. There are no links b/c it won’t let me leave any.
    Palladio Herbal Eye Primer. I think it’s just as good as UDPP. I read that UD makes Palladio?
    You can get it at Sally Beauty Supply or Ulta and it’s about $8. I don’t think it’s vegan, though.

  36. Well… I ADORE Wet n’ Wild eye shadows. They’re so cheap and easily available and convenient to use. None are super complex of course, but they’re still lovely. My favorites are the Vanity and Night Elf palettes, and the Nutty single.

  37. I can’t live without Alima’s foundations. Unfortunately, I’ve been battling cystic acne for several years now and I’ve also been cursed with very dark undereye circles. Alima’s foundations offer great coverage and doesn’t exacerbate my skin condition.

  38. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascara. This stuff is fantastic. It defines lashes very well (has one of those plastic spikey kind of brushes) and it does not clump. Its pretty amazing, when I touch my lashes after applying they feel bare but the look super dark, thick, and long.

  39. How about etsy seller MyPoshNest?

    They sell laundry detergent.

  40. My must-have product is the LUSH farm fresh cleanser I only wear make-up when I dress up, and love it, but this is just amazing.

  41. I’ll just say anything by Dr. Bronner’s. They are amaaaaaazing! I started using their shikakai body soap as my all over body wash/shampoo, and that combined with their shikakai conditioning rinse (you do have to combine them) my hair has never been in better shape! Plus they are family owned, fair trade, organic, etc etc. I just can’t say enough about them!

  42. I love Benefit Highbeam. I’d like to see what you think.

  43. I think the only store I’ve ever tried that you haven’t is Virtue Natural.
    Besides that, only Brazilian companies… :/

  44. I don’t see a review for it, but I really like Lumene Eye Makeup Base. I find it works just as well for me as UDPP.


  45. i really recommend bourjois healthy mix foundation. its a must have for everyone i check the reviews.

  46. i know I already entered, so only enter one in the giveaway please, but I have found this amazing shop with the perfect perfume. The whole shop is amazing, but here’s the great perfume I ordered;

  47. I have searched the blog for a review of The Body Needs, and didn’t find anything. So, I would like a review on that. They have MAC samples, but I love their original pigments. I ordered 3 times from them and loved the products but I would like to have your point of view.

  48. I’m rather fond of Rock and Republic blushes and my La Femme eyeliner sealer (although you can use it with eyeshadows too)

  49. I’d really like to see you review Benefit’s cream shadows. I saw them on Sephora and they look awesome.

    • Uggg. I actually just returned one. Maybe that’s enough of a review? I was so sheer, poorly pigmented, and creased.