Blue Christmas

One of the most requested posts I get these days is for another Style Diary!  I’d been avoiding them because I noticed that the title and style had been ‘borrowed’ by another blogger.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I hate when that happens.

I’d been working on this one a bit, but I’d been hesitant to post it until I managed to come up with another name for the feature.  I still don’t have one.  I was hoping to stick to my song title theme, but I’m feeling uncreative.  Any ideas?

This look isn’t so much a Christmas look so much as it is great for around here during the holidays, say, out fighting the crowds because you picked the wrong day to decide you need to check out Sephora or, oh say, get groceries.

Everything revolves around these amazing shoes I found at Target.  I love Target for having great non-leather shoe options.  These babies look a little like suede, maybe, and have a soft velvety finish.  Sure it’s winter but since it was over 80 not too long ago I can still get away with peep toes.  I paired them with some more fishnet type stockings (thigh highs only, ever).  I played around with maybe a floral, but I liked the contract with the linear pattern and the swirl of the roses.

Keeping with the plush theme I found a great thick and stretchy velvet headband on Etsy.  It’s so comfortable and thick that it adds the perfect glamorous and yet boheme touch to the look, which is exactly what I was going for.

Instead of jewelry I picked a long black nearly sheer fringed scarf wrapped around my neck with the ends left to hang.

Since the look is basically cool, the makeup is mostly black and blue.

On my eyes I picked the Sleek Bad Girl palette which is a great collection of deep blues and a rich black.  Keeping your makeup simple is essential when the weather might be working against you.  This is a great tutorial to use.  I actually use a navy eyeliner set with the matte black from the palette (I use a MAC 266).  Then I pop a little Winter, Again from Fyrinnae to highlight under my brow and use one of the darker blues from the Sleek palette to fill my brows since my hair is now a very deep midnight blue.  With this look I wear a little Gossamer blush from Evil Shades, it’s a soft pink with a blue shift that’s just spectacular.  I don’t wear blush on my apples, just through the back of my cheeks.  I went back and forth with what to wear on my lips and the first time I wore this I actually forgot to put anything on.  I ended up just using a little balm (OHWTO) and that was it.  It wasn’t even a nude lip, just… well, no lip and it looks simple enough and yet still pulled together.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with my nails recently, even though they are fairly short.  Since I’ve been designing my own line for Inque I’ve been exploring textures and designs and one of the designs I’m working on is specifically for this look, but I obviously can’t wear it yet.  Eplefe sent me an amazing selection of polishes and what I did this morning was use a basic creamy grey base and layer the Spraycan Blue IsaDora Graffiti Top over it so the grey shows through the blue crackles.

It’s fairly simple, but looks amazing with jeans or a skirt and a crisp white top.


26 Responses to “Blue Christmas”

  1. I’m jealous that you got those shoes! I was looking at them at Target the other day but all ours has is the tan ones. =(

  2. Tuesday’s Grey… and Wednesday, too!

    Love the style diary.

  3. Good stuff and hooray for another person who won’t wear tights, only thigh highs.

  4. I love when you do these features. I love to see what creative people wear.

  5. That’s a lovely color combo for the nails.

  6. Don’t yell at me but I’m confused – which part has been ‘borrowed’? Both the name and concept of a Style Diary is old and used on websites everywhere. Did you mean how you used to title them, like with a catchy theme for the type of look? If so I can’t see how anyone could really steal that given how each one was unique to the type of look you did, like “A little lolita” and so on. I thought those titles were great, especially the ones that came out of the requests. I think the industrial geisha and the two Firefly themed titles were my favourite.

    I am happy to see you do them again though, although I don’t understand why they need to be renamed at all. I’m still too angry at Sleek to use my palettes :/

    • Right after I posted some of mine, someone ELSE posted something basically based right off of the looks I’d just done.

    • And I never did get my 50% refund 😦

      • Ohh, I see. Sleek just waited over a month to tell me that my order was ‘unsuccessful’. I was one of the ones who was told the order went through, got confirmation, my money disappeared, then 30 days later it re-appeared with no warning and it took them 35 days to respond to one of my 6 e-mails.

        The response I got was:

        “Hi Anastasia
        Unfortunately your order has not been successful.

        We will be emailing you a personal voucher to give you another opportunity to buy at 50% off in the New Year.”

        Not even a “sorry” for taking my money for A MONTH and giving me nothing in return and no notice or communication of any kind.

  7. Those shoes are super cute!
    As far as style guides, I love seeing them and I know that lots of readers request them from lots of bloggers.

    • I didn’t realize they were so popular!

      • I always feel a bit awkward about those requests to me, but that’s why I posted some ‘my style’ stuff this summer on my shoes and purses and dresses, because I kept getting reader requests. I just tend to feel like I don’t think other people would wanna dress like me, though I guess they might appreciate it the way I do in that I love to see what other people wear, even if it’s not my style. Like the shoes above, they’re gorgeous but I could never wear them. All I can do is admire them on your feet 🙂

  8. Love the shoes!!! They look great with the hose you paired them with!!!

  9. That is a great tutorial, thanks for posting the link! The shoes look fab, some of my favorite heels come from Target too 🙂

  10. Mmm, OHWTO lip balm. Love their balms, especially the tinted ones. They are without a doubt the best I’ve ever tried. I only wish the flavor lasted longer! ❤

    I'm also enamored of the shoes. Makes me with I could wear heels without intense pain and near inability to walk afterward (and during too, come to think of it).

  11. You mentioned style and a song and all of a sudden I’ve got something from Jem and the Holograms stuck in my head.

    I love your style diaries! I became so obsessed over a necklace from one of them (the large circle link chain) that I had to design something similiar for myself to keep me from spending money, ha!
    These have actually motivated me to do this sort of thing for myself for events I’ve got going on. Makes me prepared and no last minute “I don’t know what to wear!”

  12. Those shoes are so pretty! Are they a Target brand? I can’t wait until the weather allows for prettier footwear again.

  13. Love love love it!

  14. Love the shoes. The polish combo sounds lovely, especially with the look you put together.
    I like these Style Diary posts, but I can’t think of a catchy title. I do love your titles that you come up with.
    BTW, I am thinking of ordering either from Darling Clandestine or Black Baccara. I want to get a ‘fire’ scent so either Black Baccara Ancient Fire or Drling Clandestine Fire Eater. Which company do you like more?

  15. Those shoes are adorable! And I agree that the contrast of the soft, organic looking rose with the geometric pattern is great.

  16. I tried to press some of my Aromaleigh eyeshadows and made a mess of it. The powder didn’t seem to stay in the pots. Next time you press something, can you tell us what technique you use. Your stuff looks great!

    • I have a tutorial coming up, but the weather has been HORRIBLE and I haven’t had enough light for pictures so I am SO backed up.

  17. I never knew Target had such cute shoes. Those stockings go great with them too!