A Little Sparkle!

I know I said I wasn’t going to post anything, but I had to.  Yesterday I got a surprise gift from a Knight in Shining Armor and I was tickled when I opened it to find the Limited Edition Sleek Sparkle palette I’d been wanting.  I am always so incredibly touched when people seem to ‘know’ me and send the perfect surprises.  From food for my Kindle and the PERFECT polishes to the palette I’d been wanting I know I am truly blessed to have the friends I do.

The Sleek palettes are nifty.  I’ve swatched a few of them before, but it never hurts to talk about them again.  As a whole, I’m a little wary about the company.  Even though I got excellent and personal customer service, I know there were a ton who did not.  If you don’t want to deal directly with the company you can pick them up in actual stores (Superdrug) or bug your British friends for a CP.

Sleek shadows are incredibly pigmented creamy mineral shades.  They go on smooth and last all day.  With a good primer they never fade or crease.  They blend amazingly well and are pretty versatile.  I use the black to set liner and some of the darker shades to fill my brows.  There is a pink in the Circus palette that makes a great blush.

Each palette compact is nice and flat, so they stack perfectly.  The compact snaps shut strongly and I’ve never had problems with them opening in my bag.  If you drop them on concrete (like the garage floor) the shadows inside will shatter, however the compact itself will hold up nicely.  RIP Chaos.

The Sparkle Palette is a little different then the usual Sleek palettes which contains shades that are more shimmery and matte.  These shades are all loaded with sparkle, as the name suggest, except of course for the usual and amazingly dark matte black shade almost all the palettes include.

From top to bottom, left to right : Cranberry, Dream Maker, Galactic, Twinkle, Star Light, Noir, Illusion, Festive, Mistletoe, Glitz & Glamour, Gold Ribbon, and Tinsel

  • Cranberry: hot magenta pink with glitter
  • Dream Maker: greyish, silver blue with glitter
  • Galactic: medium royal blue with glitter
  • Twinkle: navy blue with glitter
  • Starlight: dark grey with glitter
  • Noir: matte black
  • Illusion: dark midnight purple with glitter
  • Festive: rich plum purple with glitter
  • Mistletoe: emerald green with glitter
  • Glitz & Glamour: smokey off black with glitter
  • Gold Ribbon: shimmery yellow with a hint of gold
  • Tinsel: shimmery light silver

Want to try out Sleek for yourself?  As a Christmas thank you to all my readers I’m giving away a chance to win the Original Sleek palette as well as the Sunset palette, a Dipit Glitter Liner in Ice, and a Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac.  Ana had a great review of the Pout Polishes here.  I’ve yet to try the liner or the gloss, that’s for another review.

To enter tell me what your Sleek palette idea is and what colors it should have.  Mine?  Burlesque, of course.  It should have lots of burgundy, pinks, and golds, and of course that amazing black.

You may enter (comment) once.

You must be a reader of this blog and tell me how you follow.

The winner will be drawn at random on Monday, January 3rd.


70 Responses to “A Little Sparkle!”

  1. My idea… hmm…
    I think a nice one would be a Lady Gaga inspired one called “Disco Heaven”. It’d have a beautiful silver with blue undertones and tons of sparkle as well as some very strong, bright blues, yellows, a good soft and shimmery pink and a silver with green undertones.
    Another would be “Pin-Up Queen”. Some neutrals, soft gold, soft pink with bright red, dark red and shimmery black. Maybe a soft blue too.

    Also, I follow using my google reader! So nice and organized.

  2. I follow via BlogLovin’ and email 🙂
    My Sleek palette idea would be to have semi-pearly-matte texture shadows (think like Sugarpill After Party). I’d probably call it Hardcore Vibes or something silly like that.
    It would have a deep dark teal that leans blue, a deep dark fuchsia, a vivid yellow-green chartreuse, a pale iridescent beige (think MAC Blanc Type), a white with blue-violet iridescence, a dark charcoal grey, a vivid aqua-turquoise, a vivid hot pink, a saturated royal purple, blackest black, an intense green and a bright red.

  3. Ok… I’ll scream it: SLEEK MIGHT COME TO BRAZIL! UHUUUUU! 😀

    I think I’d love a sleek palette inspired by Astronomy. Colors inspired by the planets….

    I follow you through google reader, using my real name (which you already know, but I don’t want to publish, since I’m trying to keep the info linked to it related to psychology only hahaha)

  4. I follow via bookmark, I guess? I dunno, I check this blog pretty much every day. xD

    My idea for a Sleek Palette would be Oregon-inspired, since it’s a place that I feel inspires me daily. It would have a lot of earthy greens and browns, a few lighter neutrals, as well as a few nice rainstorm blues and greys. Mostly matte shades, I think, with maybe three or four shimmery shades (most likely a shimmery blue-grey for rain, a shimmer green, and a shimmer brown).

  5. I follow via google reader, and I follow you on twitter 🙂
    My ideal would be called ‘Kit Kat Kabaret’ – based on the cabaret dancers makeup from Cabaret. It would be matte black and grey, black with sparkle, a matte silver, ocean blue, forest green, light sparkle green and a burgundy for blush and doll lips.

    Merry Christmas Everyone 🙂

  6. Im subscribed through WordPress
    I would have a Cabaret(my favorite musical) inspired palette it would have a balance of bright and gaudy blues and greens, with dark and sultry colors.
    Some color ideas and names would be:
    Emcee: A dark black that leans teal and has teal shimmer
    Mein Herr: A creamy matte burgundy
    Kost: A metallic gold
    Peppermint Prairie Oysters: a shimmering white with a red duochrome
    Money Money Money: a dark forest green with gold shimmer
    Kit-Kat Club: A bright matte blue like electric eel but…pigmented and smooth

  7. I stalk you through blogger.
    I would love to see a pastel palette. Maybe 50% mattes, 50% shimmer but all pastel. In a mint green case. OMGIWANTTHISCREATEDNOW!

    Even better if it had a dupe for MAC Cool Pink which is damn impossible to find now.

  8. Merry Christmas, Grey!
    I follow via Google Reader. My ideal Sleek palette would have golds, taupes, greys, and neutrals.
    Thanks for this opportunity, I have yet to try Sleek.

  9. I follow with google reader. I would have some interesting combination of colours for duochromes like aqua and pink.

  10. Surprise gifts are the best!
    I’d totally do a wild west/cowboy/American Southwest palette, but I think I might be the only one who’d buy it. :p
    It would be a mostly satin finish, I think, with the exception of a metallic silver and the matte black. The other colors would be a gradient of tans/browns, an ocher, a muted sunset orange, terracotta, a faded denim blue, a deep sky blue and turquoise.

    Oh, and I follow through good old fashioned bookmarks.

  11. Happy holidays 🙂
    I follow you via Bloglovin’.
    My idea for a Sleek palette would definitively be Elven, I would want to have both Dark Elf and Wood Elf (or, as an Elder Scrolls fan, Dunmer and Bosmer), so actually I want to make two palettes, but perhaps i could fit them into one. The Wood Elf part should contain medium and dark, warm greens, warm browns and tan, bronze and gold. While the Dark Elf part contains silver, medium blue-greys, complex red and dark purples. Dream palette!
    Thank you for the opportunity, Grey. I really enjoy your blog!

  12. I follow via Bloglovin 🙂

    I’m not sure what theme it would have but I know that I’d love to see an entire neutrals palette like a Sleek version of the Naked palette

  13. Merry Christmas! Glad you enjoyed your super cool present. 🙂
    My ideal sleek palette would be based on Wicked, the book series/musical. Love them both. There would have to be a deep green for Elphaba, a sparkly bubblegum pink for Glinda, a dark navy blue for Fiyero, and some neutrals in silvers, greys and taupes. Totally geeky but it would make me happy. lol

    • Sorry I forgot to say that I have you on my blog roll so I just check that to see when you’ve made new posts. Sorry for the double post.

  14. My idea would be ‘Spring’ 🙂 .

    It would have clear colours and there’d be a few greens (an India green and a spring bud one would be a must), a sunny yellow and a nice orange, an aqua and a sky blue, a few good browns, that black and the white Ana raves about.
    (12 colours per palette, right? the extra two would go toward an additional shade of brown and, say, yellow, so that there would be a icterine and a mikado one in the end.)

    I follow this blog by checking daily by typing the address in my bar (auto-complete FTW).

  15. i check this blog everyday because this is definitely one of my favorite blogs! I have a really awesome idea for a periwinkle shade with red sparkles, a lime shade with purple sparkles, a light pink matte, and a bright sea blue shimmer, some grays with different colored sparkles, and a charcoal color with gold and red sparkles. I’d call it “Awkward” Cuz thats my normal day life. lol

  16. Please enter me! I’d love to win sleek items as I have none yet. Also is love to win because Jan. 3 is my bday,lol.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    I follow via a widget on blogspot.

  17. I’ve never tried Sleek before, so I’m not sure what I would want in a palette. I would just love to get my hands on one to try! I get all of your posts sent to my email so that I never miss any! 🙂 Thanks so much for this chance to win!


  18. I follow via my Google reader.

    Ummm, I like your idea. Ha. But I think I would want a music inspired one, like punk or something and based on plaid, so maybe a few shades of a similar color and then a few shades of a crazy contrasting color.

  19. I would really love a purple palette, with purples from light highlight shades all the way to deep smoky purples. Can you tell that I really love purples? Anyways.
    I follow through my bookmarks and lurk….

    Hope you have/keep having a great Christmas, Grey! Its snowing here on Christmas for the first time in 45 years! (I just had to share)

  20. I’ve wanted to try Sleek’s stuff for so long. D:

    Uhm. My idea would be an ocean palette. Lots of blues, greens, and some gorgeous teals. Very shimmery. Maybe some gold too.

  21. I gotcha bookmarked and I check daily.

    My idea for a sleek palette would be all strong, vibrant, duochromes. I have a serious duochrome addiction.
    Some shades I would want are a dark brown with blue flash, a forest green with yellow flash, a gray with red flash, an indigo with a bright purple flash, an opal shade, and maybe the eyeshadow equivalent of Orly Space Cadet. =]

  22. Ok, I thought long and hard, that’swhatshesaid, and I say: Prima Ballerina palette. Very spring-appropriate pastels, but as richly pigmented as all the Sleek colors appear to be (I wouldn’t know!) with a hint of shimmer and maybe duochrome? A pink-lilac duochrome, baby blue, nude, greige, lavender, lettuce green, lemon yellow, shimmery champagne, shimmery white-pink, dusty rose, silver, gold, and of course the matte black.

    Oh, and I follow via GFC 🙂

  23. I’m in love with smoky colors so I would do colors inspired by astronomy with dual chromes and lots of sparkle.

    I hope your having a great Christmas.. 😀

  24. First off, Merry Christmas!!!!

    Hmmm, I’d have deeper colors in my palette,with either matte or metallic effect. But it’d still definitely have a white for highlighting the brow bone.

    I follow by typing in “legothique.com” in the address bar.

  25. my ideal pallette should have all dark and fun matte colours n may be we can call it “grunge”. silly idea!
    i follow via gfc as kylie

  26. I follow you on twitter as shefallssoftly, and because you’re in my top 8 on google chrome.

    I would love a sweets palette with lots of ice cream-y pastels and chocolate browns. So delicious.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  27. My ideal palette would have 3 or 4 eye basics (a dark brown for my brows, a really opaque black like Bulletproof that could double as an eyeliner, an opaque white and a golden satiny… but not overtly shimmery highlight shade). Then it would have varying greens, blues and purples. Since CAD comes in green, blue and purple I would call it the “Cash Money Palette.” I love how Sleek palettes look like colorful waffle fries, and I wish that they could get their Customer Service in order so I could someday own one of their palettes. Or you know, they could just come to Canada. We’ve got Gosh here, as well as other UK brands.

    I follow either by typing in “l” in my address bar and letting my browser choose between yours, Ana’s and Lillian’s blog – or – Safari or Chrome’s top sites feature 🙂

  28. My palette would be deep dark berry colors along with a couple minty highlights. Cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry with a light green pastel spearmint and pastel sky blue peppermint. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your Christmas!

    I follow you through checking your blog once a day or so in my bookmarks.

  29. I follow via twitter (reikokorin)

    I would love to see an all-metallic Sleek palette. I’ve sadly never tried a real Sleek palette, but all the swatches I’ve seen of them look amazing!

  30. Subscribed through WP.

    My idea palette — full matte colors. My collection doesn’t have nearly enough mattes in it, and I would love to round it out with a nice versatile palette. Most-coveted colors: bright pink-red, deep purple, and that fantastic black shade as well.

  31. I subscribe via.. Well, I don’t know, I check your blog everyday and have it bookmarked, but no email-notification or BlogLovin’ because I’m lazy. :<

    My Sleek palette would be called Tenderness and would include satin pastels (blue, purple, lavender, pink, green), a nice black and a soft golden white and two or three brights for coordinating crease/outer V.

  32. I really would like a “60′ pastels” palette, with satiny pastel shades: mint green, baby blue, lilac etc, maybe some with a duochrome to add more of a modern hint to them.

    To pair with a black liner, and some morgana pastel lippies!!
    i follow you with Rss 🙂

  33. I follow this blog through google reader!

    Ahhh I have been wanting to try the Sleek palettes for awhile now. I am lemming the neon one, especially.

    My ideal Sleek palette would be half blackened brights/half neutrals. I would like to see a matte black, white, a shimmery selection of browns/golds, and a silver, along with blackened selection of green, purple, yellow, pink, blue, and orange with colored shimmer. Something similar to the Urban Decay Black palette.

    The name? I’m thinking Industrial.

  34. Great gift! I’ve tried 2 of their palettes and I agree – the shadows are amazing! My friend has their palettes and I decided to get one too 😀

    I follow you through WP.
    My ideal palette – colorful matte colors in green, purple and blue since I don’t owe many matte shades 🙂

  35. Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day!

    I would love to see a palette called something like Emeralds with nothing but a variety of green shades, from bright and toxic looking to a few nice mossy or swampy greens. And at least one minty green.

    I follow by typing your URL into the address bar

  36. I follow through Bloglovin’ 😀

    My Sleek palette would be called ‘Ice Cream Party’ (yeah, as cheesy as it gets!) and would consist of several different matte pinks, pearly blues and sparkly yellows. Plus one extremely glittery silver and a matte black for liner.
    Inspired by an old/vintage ice cream parlor, heh.

  37. Mine would be a “Inner Kid” palette with lots of bright colours. A very bright yellow, purple, pink, fuchsia, blue green, etc. Just like a box of crayons.

    I follow your blog trough Google Reader.

  38. I hope you had a great Christmas Grey!

    I think I would design a palette off of one of my favorite games, Kingdom Hearts. It would have shades based off of the different worlds, keyblades & characters. It would need a bright rich red for ariel. It would need a gorgeous purple for aladdin. A bright leafy green for tarzan. A bright satiny yellow for belle. A really sparkly silver for the keyblades. A really dark satin black for the enemies. As well as colors to represent Sora, Kairi, & Riku.

    I follow via bookmarks, email, and twitter.

  39. Isn’t it lovely when people give you a surprise gift that is totally you? I love that 🙂

    I’ve never tried Sleek (have wanted to for a while though…) Hmmmm…maybe a rainstorm inspired palette. Deep blues, sky blues, golds and silvers.

    I’m not entirely sure how I follow you. I know that sounds dorky. I follow most people through GFC but I have all my favorite blogs bookmarked and that’s how I access them. I read you daily though 🙂

  40. They should have one based on flowers. It would be an interesting mix of pastel and vibrant shades like pastel pink, fuschia, pastel green, vibrant purple, lavender, yellow, red, colors that are inspired from flowers that bloom in spring. And since I think every palette should have a black, there would be one, but loaded with pink shimmer or sth.

    Or another one could be based on the different types of sushi/sashimi. Like tamago, wasabi, soy sauce, salmon, tuna, squid, where the name would describe the color. Like wasabi would be the color of wasabi, etc.

    I’ve been following this blog through RSS for around a month now. Thanks to this blog, I get to know a lot of brands that are not as expensive as mainstream brands but are on par in terms of quality. 😀

  41. i follow via book mark as well. i check your blog at least once a day!! it looks like sleek has awesome products!!

  42. I follow via Google Reader 🙂

    I’d like a Sleek palette inspired by the movie LABYRINTH – purples ranging from the softest lilac shimmer to deep royal for Sarah’s range, earth tones to represent the Labyrinth itself, reds/oranges for the Fiery Gang, and the deepest midnight blue, shimmer black and Snowy Owl white for Jareth 🙂

  43. I would love to see a Peacock palette! Or maybe a “Barbie” palette, with all shades of pink and a red!

    I follow you via RSS feed

  44. I follow via google reader.

    My Sleek palette would be inspired by fairytales.It would have a mix of pastel pink,purple,blue shades with pearl and duochrome finish and some muted teal,purple,forest green for dark shades.For this palette a sparkly silver is a must have too 🙂

  45. I follow your RSS feed with Firefox’s Feed Sidebar extension. And Twitter, of course.

    I’ve wanted to name something “Wintersun” for years, so why not an imaginary Sleek palette? It’s be a range of shimmers & frosts, reminiscent of the “diamond dust” phenomenon. Actually, Diamond Dust would be a great name for a shadow! I’m thinking a dense, matte white base with either clear or borealis sparkle on top. I’d also like to see some sort of deep, rich brown with a clear sparkle over it, sort of the way tree branches look encased in ice. Less specifically, there’d also be some frozen pastels, light greys with different undertones, and a cool-toned gold.

  46. I follow on Twitter and also have the site bookmarked. 😀

    That is one gorgeous palette and I may have to beg my UK friends for assistance. As for one I’d love to see – if there were a range inspired by cities in the UK, I would love one for Bath. Creamy shades for the stone buildings of the Circus and Royal Crescent, verdant greens and spring colors for the profusion of gardens, and a brilliant blue for the waters of the Roman baths!

  47. I’d like a Mermaid palette with blues, greens and one or two reds (like Ariel’s hair).
    I follow you via RSS feed.

  48. Follow via twitter (hogsandwich)! Blog is a recent discovery, so I’m checking everyday like a crazyperson.

    I’d love a palette centered around Return from Oz. A deranged metallic grey\ purple shimmer for the wheelers, dark red for mombi, a bright matte orange for Jack, a dark bronze for tick toc- and some fabulous wild emeralds 🙂

    I have just completely sold myself on this. Maybe I need to start mixing my own…

  49. I’ve been getting into the mori girl aesthetic recently, so my palette would be a bunch of perfect neutrals-but-not (like a muted cranberry brown, a frosty ivory, beige tinted with silver, and deep plum) and some brighter shades for pops of colour (bright gold, teal, pink, and emerald).

    I just have your blog on mine’s link list and I check it every other day or so… does that count as following? *sheepish*

  50. I am an email subscriber to your blog.
    I would call my Sleek palette “Liquid Metals”. It would have all the beautiful metallic colors such as bronze, gold, silver, platinum, copper, rose gold, etc, AND a deep, super dark navy that can be used as a liner.

  51. I follow through my Blogger/Google reader – you’re on my blog list.

    My Sleek palette would be something like UD Naked Palette – neutrals, browns etc. Altough I like brighter colours, I usually end up using neutrals 🙂

  52. I follow through twitter. 🙂

    I think I would make a northern lights inspired palette. It would need a black, a sparkly white, a super dark (near black) blue, and vivid blues, greens, and purples.

  53. I follow via Google Reader, and also an RSS feed on my favorites bar. Let’s see, I’d have to go for some sort of ‘goth/punk’ look, lots of shades of black – if you see what I mean, plus maybe a little sparkle for when I feel like sparkle. Has to have a couple of shades of pink in it too, cos sometimes I’ve gotta have pink! Lovely giveaway – thanks 🙂

  54. Another weird idea from me: Vermeer! A palette of colours inspired by the lush, dynamic visuals created by one of the finest painters ever to lay a brush to canvas. From the curious yellow of the headdress in his famous paining of a girl with a pearl earring to the rich yet muted jewel tones in the table covering of ‘A Girl Asleep’ and the fine, nuanced blues of ‘Woman in Blue Reading a Letter’, his captured moments have numerous shades and hues that would make stunning eyeshadows.

    I follow by. . .er. . .typing ‘l’ into the URL bar and choosing the right URL. Not very savvy, I know! 😉

  55. My idea? I would do lots of dirty colors, with a deep undertone of brown/green running through. Call it Dirty Secrets.

    I follow on just a bookmark, and stop by several times a week to look at your reviews.

  56. I follow through bloglovin’ :3
    My Sleek palette would be totally matte and have a all seven colors of the rainbow, perfectly vibrant and blendable. And a pink, and a chartreuse, and a lilac, and a cream color, and a black. That should cover it, hurr.
    I’d call it… Drama Llama. Because I can’t think of anything D:

  57. A Crayola palette, filled w/ bold, matte (or slightly satiny) shades, with a few nice duo-chrome “modifiers” thrown in…they could call it Watercolors or something! But let’s be honest, I’ll buy just about any Sleek palette I can!

  58. I have you in my RSS feed.

    My ideal palette would be something I’ve been talking about for ages: Superheros. There could be an entire company devoted to this, but there could also be palettes. And I’m thinking it would include a wide range from black and purple (Batman) to a fantastic bright green (Green Lantern). I know that MAC is doing a Wonder Woman collection in the Spring..but..I think this has major untapped potential. I also know there are indie companies doing video games and such but nobody has touched Superheros that I know of.

  59. Sleek palette with 12 colours… hmm. Actually, I have a few ideas. One is ‘Maiko’s Farewell’, since Mamechiho is leaving soon. Of course, shades of the face makeup are there- white, pink, red, fushia, but also tortoiseshell shades and coral, which is the tama hairpin used in winter. Also, some greens and purples related to winter, like pine. In Japanese, ‘matsu’ means two things: ‘pine’, and ‘to wait’. Purple is the colour of deep winter, and gold of the threads on formal dresses.

    To Westerners, maybe it seems like a motley palette, but it is fairly versatile, including many neutrals, and bright enough shades to do something dramatic and fun! http://www.flickr.com/photos/50390067@N03/5301004835/

    I tend to follow the blog through my bookmarks, since I don’t seem to get FB comments from everyone. ❤

  60. I follow through RSS feed on Mozilla Firefox and on Twitter (I’m @ChenchillaxChop)

    My palette would be named Kiki, inspired by one of my favorite animated movies, Kiki’s Delivery Service, by Hayao Miyazaki.

    It would be full of duochromes and multichromes because they’re “magical” and the movie is about witches.

    There’d be several purple colors, one inspired by Kiki’s deep purple dress. Maybe a deep purple with contrasting bright purple shimmer, a light purple with electric blue shimmer, and a medium purple with lime green sparkles.
    There’d also be a dark black with gold and green shimmer to mimic the yellowy eyes of a black cat against its fur.
    Maybe a navy color with contrasting gold shimmer, like the night sky. I’d also have a vivid blueberry color that shifts to emerald green and royal purple. Also, I’d have to have a red to mimic Kiki’s bright red bow. It’d be a bright red with a contrasting pink sheen that shifts orange. Also, some sort of oil slick looking color, and a shimmery grey with blue and murky purple shimmer to mimic a thunderstorm.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. I follow through bookmarks! Almost every day, I go around my bookmarks, simply! 🙂

    My palette would be a purple and blue one! I just love those colours and I always want more, with different tones as subtle as they are.

    I can’t write more… My english isn’t very good. Sorry for that!

  62. I’d love to try Sleek… I hear such good things. My ideal palette would be a ‘gem’ palette; lots of deep, smokey jewel tones. I find jewel tones universally flattering, but especially so on my Asian skintone. 😀

    I follow via Google Reader!

  63. I follow by reading your blog everyday? My ideal palette would be called WHEN MERMAIDS SLEEP. It would be full of the dreamiest, softest colors. Just the most amazing pastels that look different every time you wear them. They also probably don’t exist.

  64. I’d love a palette based on porcelain wares. It would have soft, springy pastels like pink and green as well as a brighter blue and gold. And a white, of course. And their finishes would be kinda soft, not overly sparkly but not too matte…kinda like the shadows from Aromaleigh’s Eye Plush collection.

    I follow using Firefox’s Live Bookmarks RSS feed subscription thingywhatever. I have you on my bookmarks toolbar for easy checking for updates! 😛

  65. I’ve got your blog book marked + I check it every day (not a stalker 😉 )

    My ideal palette would be mostly mattes, a couple shimmers and glitters. NO brown, black or white!!! Lots of greens, purples and pinks though. I love a good peppermint green! I would call it Vickle’s Pickles because that’s my cat’s nickname and I love my cat.

  66. Ooo great idea! A bit different from the usual ‘enter me’ (is it me or is that majorly pornographic?) 🙂

    My Sleek palette would be me in a nutshell. It would be called Let’s Misbehave and would have a range of silvers, from light to dark, very sparkly and some mattes, a range of golds and bronzes as well as a good selection of complex dark blues and true blacks. If I’m allowed to throw in some things besides eyeshadows, I’d throw in a black and a silver eyeliner, a black mascara and a bright red lipstick with a lip pencil.
    The lipstick would be called Bombshell, as a tribute to Jean Harlow, the mascara would be She Done Him Wrong for Mae West and the liner The Thin Man (because it would slide to create a thin line like a dream!).
    Ooo now you make me want to actually create my own little dream kit by purchasing different items and putting them all in one place. Something to look forward to!

    Very happy new year to you, Grey, I’ve just stumbled upon your blog when clicking on random links on other beauty blogs and I’m so happy to be here 🙂

  67. Oops, knew I’d forgotten something – your blog is in my Google Reader (which has its flaws, I need a better reader, but it’ll do for now)


  68. Sterling Morgenstern January 3, 2011 at 6:20 am

    I follow through Blogger/Google Friend Connect as Sterling Morgenstern. It’s 4am so I’m just letting my imagination and descriptive language skills run wild lol

    My palette would be probably called something like “Fiery” (although I would totally call it “The Hellfire Palette”) it would be a collection of sparky, shimmery, flaming, pigmented golden tangerine oranges, simmering peaches, molten, slightly bronzy-red golds, a delicate, plush rose-gold, and warm lemony yellows with things like golden interference, fine red sparkles and white gold shimmer, as well as a true rich red full of red/orange/yellow/gold (fire) shimmer, a blinding red packed full of red interference/shimmer/glitter, and a smoldering deep red like AL’s Torment, shot through with heavy red sparks. There would also be a deep black with gold and red interference/shimmer, a plush black with aqua interference/shimmer, a rich black with red/pink/aqua/blue/green/rainbowy shimmer as well as a pale, buttery yellow with aqua blue interference, maybe almost a duochrome like AL’s Unicorn. Also perhaps a deep grape purple with aqua and maybe a little pink shimmer, like an eyeshadow version of China Glaze – First Class Ticket. They would be like molten metal sunsets and boiling forge fires and raw, burning passion and secret gems and jewels and glittering, golden sandstorms in the burning midday sun with a touch of plush softness and mysterious midnight caresses cloaked in velvety darkness.

    So… if someone could cram all that in one palette for me that’d be sweet lol Happy New Year!