Evil Nakedness

I spent too much time trying to figure out a witty title for this post.  Anyway, if I think of something later, I’ll change it, but I really want to just get on to the review!

Evil Shades Evileyes Primer

Evileyes eye primer is several months labor of love, come to a light weight silky finish.

My eye primer/base is different than any I have found on the indie market. This is not oil or wax based like a lip balm but a light weight silky non oily base. The texture is silky and mousse like. I made it this way to preform well on oily skin as well as to not dryout dry skin, so it’s suitable for all skin types. The texture is “jelly like” and contains no oil at all.

The primer comes in three shades.  Opal is a white pearl shade, Noir is black, and Naked is a translucent nude shade.  It comes in a 5 gram jar full of product.  For only $6.00 this is a great price.

I’ve actually read a few reviews of this and they are always mixed.  Having used this primer for a while I’m pretty sure that the negative ones stem from people who have probably never worn the primer and are basing the review on the admittedly odd texture.  If they did use it, maybe it was an off batch?  Either way I have nothing but good things to say about this stuff.

Although I have tried all three shades (in fact I wore black the other day like this, that review will come later) I’m primarily going to be talking about Naked, cause who doesn’t like naked?

At first glance, yeah, this stuff looks sort of gross.  Yes, exactly like a skin jelly.  I love very much that it contains no oils or waxes and is primarily silicone based.  I accidentally left the lid off of my Naked the other morning and it didn’t dry out a bit, which was lucky because wow, was I mad at myself.


cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, microcrystalline wax, silica, hydrogenated polyisobutene, and mica

My skin loves silicons.  It’s the amazing stuff in soft focus products that blur lines and pores and the stuff in skin primers that make your foundation go on smooth and stick to your face longer.

You don’t need much of this at all, a very thin layer over your eyes will be enough.  I find myself needing to use less of this then a lot of other primers, especially TFSI or UDPP.  Because of the silicones it seems a little ‘oily’ when you apply it, however it’s not.  Give it a moment and it sinks into your skin (there are a ton of people cringing right now, I know, your skin isn’t actually absorbing it, but heck, go with the analogy) and it sets very quickly.  The typical thing with most primers, I don’t think I’ve run across one yet that’s good to go right out of the tube, is if you don’t let it set your shadows will streak and the mattes will have a tendency to clump.  With Evileyes primer you can work with it much quicker.  The streaking and balding you get with many other primer is because when you apply your shadows you’re actually moving the primer round on your lid leaving some areas with more and some with no coverage at all.

My shadows were much more vibrant and my mineral shades much more shimmery.  My shades seemed to melt into each other and I worked with them, rather then just blend, which I really liked.  My lids were not oily, greasy, or sticky and my shadows didn’t ‘smudge’.  I’ve run across a few Indie primers that never really set and my shadows moved all over the place.  I’ve worn my shadows for about eight continuous hours with Evileyes primer, which for me is great.  They didn’t fade or crease. I have very normal eyelids.

I can imagine that if you had oilier skin and lids, you may not get as much wear and that you probably need a ‘dryer’ primer like UDPP which contains oil absorbing ingredients (such as talc which helps keep baby’s bottoms dry).

From top to bottom : Sugarpill Love +, Birthday Girl, and Evil Shades Valkyries (left over bare skin, right over Evileyes Primer)

I’ve worn Evileyes with both mattes and mineral shadows.  While it works much nicer with mineral shadows (it was formulated FOR mineral shadows after all), I’ve used it with success with many well formulated mattes.  Some drier shades I’ve uses were a pain, but in general some mattes just don’t blend and wear well anyway.

The only real problem I’ve run across with it is that my Pixie Epoxy doesn’t seem to want to work with it.  I’m not sure what the problem (counteraction?) is, but the PE doesn’t grasp and my glittery shadows sort of gloop, which is a technical term.  That being said it’s still a well made product.

Would I order Evileyes Primer again?  Yes!

  • I really like the formula, it’s fairly unique.
  • I’ve had great success using it with mineral shades.
  • It’s a really great price and Evil Shades often has really good sales.

Overall : /5


41 Responses to “Evil Nakedness”

  1. Oh yay! I’ve been reading a couple of reviews and have been thinking of ordering, especially noir for myself when my no-buy is off. Maybe I’ll have to order naked too. 😀

  2. TFSI is the only one that I’ve been able to get that works right out of the tube for me. I’m now really curious about trying these primers! I think my skin is similar to yours in that it likes silicones as well.

    I really love the comparison swatches as it showcases just how well the primer works. Very cool 🙂

  3. I would love to see some swatches over the noir!!

  4. Yeah it does look a bit unappealing straight from the jar. That said I do like using my eyeshadows with Pixie Epoxy so I’m wondering why they don’t work well together!

  5. Strange- right before I saw this post I tried this primer out fit the first time. I had some trouble- I think I probably used too much. I did find that the shadows really were vibrant with this primer. Thanks for reviewing.

  6. Oh, yay! Now I’m even MORE excited to get my package from Andrea!! ^____^

  7. This sounds really promising! I’d love to try the dark and opal shades.

    I know exactly what you’re talking about with PE not working over some primers. I recently used Lemon Aide by Benefit because it came in a palette, and while it worked wonderfully on it’s own, it caused PE to sort of “chunk” in the crease, no matter how much or little PE or primer I used. It almost looked like bits of tissue covered in shadow. Very strange. Same thing with Kat Von D’s primer too! Maybe it’s just my skin.

    Still though…I don’t always need an adhesive like PE to wear for my work looks, since they are somewhat more subdued. I really need to get on this since Evil Shades is having a sale! Thank you!!!

  8. I love this review, I just wish that I would’ve read it before I made an order this morning!

    It’s awesome that it didn’t dry out. I de-potted my UDPP and a;ready about a month later, I feel that it’s drying out and most definitely harder to work with.

    Thanks for the review!

  9. Great review!

    I already placed an order this morning but Andrea is working on a custom color for me so maybe she can add the primer in with that.

  10. Great review, looks like a must try item.

  11. I’ve been using this primer (in Naked) on and off for the past few weeks after getting it from Andrea’s Black Friday/Thanksgiving sale and have been really liking it.

    I have run into some issues of the product balling up every so often when I try to blend eyeshadows together. I’m wondering if I’m using too much, not letting it dry long enough, or something else. Thoughts?

    • I read a review that said it balled and I tried to ‘recreate’ the problem and I can’t. So I have NO idea. Too much might be the trick along with a combination of too much shadow, too. It also depends on the quality of the shadow. If it’s got too much base or something it could ‘ball’ because you need more of it to be opaque. I honestly don’t know.

  12. Hmmm I’m kind of interested in these… I’d love to give them a try. I had an interesting experience with their Alice in Wonderland shadows. They were completely unblendable, and .. well were awful imo.

    From yours and Phyrra’s reviews I’d like to give them a second chance.

    you should name your post going naked or naked in public, lol. Sorry just being silly!

  13. I’m happy you have had luck with yours, for me however it did not work at all! Creased and did not work with any mattes I tried or PE as you have also noticed. I think I must have gotten an off batch.

    • I actually swatched two matte shades in the review. Love+ is rather matte and Birthday Girl is a matte base with glitter, and no problems!

  14. Thanks for your review. It seems like the only reviews I have seen on the Evil Shades primer were fairly negative. I’m not sure if I’m willing to stray away from my TFSI just yet. My eyelids are very oily and the TFSI seems to be the only thing that works very well for me.

  15. I was thinking of getting this, but I do have somewhat oily lids. And I am really liking the Palladio eye primer.

  16. oooooh black primer! My skin loves silicones as well.

  17. I just picked up a jar of opal in the order I placed today. My lids are really oily, so I’m not expecting it to hold up too well but hey, anything is worth trying once.

  18. Skin jelly. Yummmmmm. XD

    I’m intrigued by the black primer, but I just know these won’t work on me because no indie primer has–my oil field lids need the industrial strength mainstream stuff. 😦

  19. LULZ, skin jelly sounds salacious. I’ll have to try this! My skin likes silicone as well, since the silicone creates a barrier against the harsh, dry winter climate I live in.

  20. Thank you for the review :3
    That stuff is totally going into my cart the next time I order.

  21. Is this primer vegan?

    I don’t see any of the typical animal ingredients (lanolin, beeswax, etc.) but I’m also not familiar with ANY of the ingredients listed I admit. 😛

  22. Hi!

    I was so curious to read your review about this primer. I like the fact that it comes in 3 shades. I also read your comparison between UDPP and SoBe’s primed and proper and loved it.


  23. aww damn! I knew i should have added it to my order 😦

  24. Wow! Sounds good! I thought of getting the black one…

    Still, I don’t understand what happened to it when used with PE… they reacted? They don’t work together?

    I’m so used to adding PE to all my eotds… o.o’

  25. I’ve been looking for a black primer, so I might check this one out. Plus I read Andrea’s nail polish blog and I love it 😛

  26. I was just looking this up on the evil shades website, and then, you have a review of it! Awesome timing! So how does this one compares against the Sobe Botanicals primer? Because I’m almost running out of my Aromaleigh primer, and I’m looking into alternatives.

  27. Hmmm I may have to try this one! My eyes are pretty hooded and I have a hard time keeping my shadows in place.

  28. Argh – I was sold until the PE line. I guess I’d use it for subtle/neutral looks or ones using mattes or eyeshadows that didn’t like PE, but generally I use that daily 😦

    How dark/translucent is it? For example TSFI is too dark so it looks weird on my skin.

    • I can’t see it at all, it was actually sort of hard to swatch it because I could see where I had put it, so yeah, major fail!

  29. i was looking at them a while back and wasn’t sure. i have oily lids, but other than tfsi, i haven’t had luck with primers. i’ve seen all the mixed reviews so i was wary. i might pick it up and try it. it’s cheap enough.

  30. Andrea added a sample of the Opal EvilEyes primer to my most recent order. I really like its mousse-like texture and performance & it does a great job of making eyeshadows more vibrant. I haven’t experienced any quirks when using this primer as a base under Pixie Epoxy; it works just as well as my TFSI at holding sparkling shadows and it hasn’t reacted with it in any adverse way so far. I probably would have bought a full size had I not received a new tube of TFSI a few weeks prior to getting the sample. My only qualm with my EvilEyes primer sample is that it doesn’t keep my Morgana Cryptoria MATTE eyeshadows from creasing. However, it works perfectly fine with every other type of e/s I own, even Morgana’s shimmering ones.

  31. This review was really helpful Grey. Thank you:-)

  32. Thank you for the indepth review.
    To answer the PE question. The likely reason my primer does not work well with PE is due to it’s high silicone content. I add no fillers or cheap additives so the silicone stays it’s natural silky texture when applied which is what gives it the nice slip and staying power. Unfortunatly using PE over it would be a bit like applying superglue over olive oil the slick nature will not allow the sticky to stick it just slides off.
    I am working on a sticky base that I hope will do better and work as an alternative.

    Thanks for all the feedback, it is very helpful!