It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Happy New Year’s Eve!  This will be my LAST post of the year.  That seems crazy.


Best of 2010 will be posted on Saturday, 1/1/11.  It’s taken me a LONG time to work on it, it’s been fun going through everyone’s picks and tallying them up.  I’ve discovered some amazing products I’m hoping to try.  Working on the write-ups for my picks has been challenging!

I’m heading to Inglot today and then spending New Years in LA to celebrate.  I’m not one to make resolutions, I think it’s probably best to always try to improve yourself, so I just tell myself to be a better person.  I do promise an insane amount of amazing posts, reviews, and articles, though.


I got two more IMS packages, this time from Nikki and Maryn.  If you still haven’t mailed those out, please get to it soon or let me know what’s up!


I think that the postal service deserves a post of it’s own.  I ordered from Stila over the weekend and it was shipped out Monday.  They are in Riverside, which is, and I kid you not, just about an hour and a half up the 15 from me.  I checked the tracking number thinking it should be here by now.  IT’S IN LONG ISLAND.  WTF, USPS, WTF.

I’m also expecting a package from Spain from Belen, and it’s not here yet. They already seemed to have lost a package from her once.

Oh, and I picked up a nice sized haul from a new mineral company and that’s been siting for a while now too and that’s moving pretty slow.

People, tip your mailmen or they’ll spread the word and black ball you.

The Links

There are worse things you could do.

Check out some TKB swatches and never buy repackaged again.

Hell, yeah.

Your Turn

What are your plans for tonight?

Have you made any resolutions?


24 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. Happy New Year!

  2. ^^ Ditto ^^

    I’m not big fan of New Year’s parties – or driving on NYE – so I’ve decided to stay in. I’ll probably change my mind around 10PM.

    My 2010 resolution will have to roll over to 2011 … get thee to an orthodontist!

  3. My plans have been the same for the last 7 years, plan for my sons birthday party tomorrow. Today I am baking shark cupcakes and some other goodies for his party tomorrow.

  4. You mean Saturday 1/1/11, or Sunday 1/2/11?

  5. happy new year.

    that happened to me, usps routed my package wrong and it took 2 weeks to get routed back to me. that same week, i received a package that was damaged and wet from the rain.

  6. Ahhh, the joy of postage issues.

    Because of how the postal system works here, and where I live, having things shipped to me is actually pretty quick. It usually takes less than two weeks to get something from pretty much anywhere in the world, and it can often be as little as a week. This is just for -standard air mail-. The problem is, a lot of courier places transfer their items to a local company here which is notorious for being lax on delivering things, and also doesn’t bother reporting that packages were “unable to be delivered” to whoever sent it (which is common practice here for a courier). Pretty much everything I’ve had sent to me which went through them experienced some kind of problem. The last of which was them having lost my debit card for well over a week, which was suppose to have been sent via over night courier. Even after it took two days for the bank to confirm they still had it, plus an additional day to confirm it was still at the local depo, I stood around for 40min at said depo after having given them the tracking number while they hunted for the package because they had no clue where it was, and more than once the staff said it wasn’t there. Just ridiculous.

    As for New Years. The local custom for celebrating pretty much anything is to get falling down drunk. I’ve never been able to cultivate the strangely socially acceptable alcoholic tendencies of my countrymen, so I stayed home. I sat here, enjoying a relaxing evening of music and reading, with eating a large slice of tiramisu cake and sipping wine.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Years.

  7. I’m hanging out with the boyfriend tonight (only until 9pm because I promised my parents I’d be home by then) and that’s basically it. In terms of resolutions I’d like to find the time to fit in dance classes (particularly this pole dancing class at this studio I found nearby)

    Oh by the way did you already get your Night Elf palette from my giveaway?

    • I did, but don’t ruin my post! I’m going to review it on Monday!

      Thank you SO MUCH, I love it. And the primer is amazing, I might have to buy it.

  8. I bake stuff for my mailman. Last year he got cookies, this year a box of gingerbread caramels. 🙂
    I’ll probably be asleep very early as i’m the mom of a toddler and well, when she decides to wake up at 4am i have to get up with her.
    Happy New Year!

  9. I’m spending new years sitting at home drinking and watching Dexter. 🙂 Hope you have an awesome time in LA!

  10. Happy New Years!!! xoxo

    I’m staying in tonight and trying to get over a nasty cold!
    My resolution? Get my G1 driver’s license lulz!!!

  11. Happy new decade! I just got back from watching Tangled (they got right some of the Disney Renaissance formula that was missing in the Princess and the Frog. Music gets too Disney pop-ish though) and enjoying a glass of wine. That and I removed myself from Spokeo just like Anastasia advised.

  12. This year I decided not to make any resolutions, because I hardly ever follow them anyway, so what’s the point?

    And I spent the night with people from my church. We had a nice meal, sang some songs, prayed little and just talked, a lot! There was even fireworks this year. They were awesome, but a little scary, because they were like really close to us. But thankfully, no accidents happened.

  13. Thanks for the link 😀 I look forward to reading your round-up, as I’m not posting my own. My wallet will probably be mad at you though.

    Speaking of the post, do you remember when you mailed my package? If you did already. It’s OK if not, I’m just worried since it hasn’t materialised and obviously the last one you sent got lost, so I’m hoping this one didn’t too >.<

  14. Happy New Year’s eve, Grey! I didn’t now you were supposed to tip them. My new years resolution is always the same, and same as other peoples i’m sure. Hope youre having a fantastic holiday!

  15. I just spent the evening with friends.

    I will try to be more focused and disciplined. c:

  16. Happy New Year! My “resolution” is to blog more often and take more pictures! ^_^

  17. For the last couple years, I have pursued New Year’s Eve/Day as approved by the International League of Spinsters, an organization I have made up, drinking tea and watching “Pride and Prejudice.”

  18. I spent the new year dancing and drinking at a goth club xD it was amazing!

    No resolutions per se, just goals I’ve had for the last few months I’m still pursuing. These range from health-related, job-related and creative.

  19. Thanks for the links! It’s better to be informed, really.

    My only resolution is to be happy, it always is. Here’s to a lively & fun 2011!

  20. ….I just wanted to comment on the G.D. Postal Service since I feel your pain.

    -I’ve had a few packaged from Aromaleigh end up in IOWA (they are in NC, I’m in NJ????) They always got to me, but this long, and strange detour they took always delayed orders.

    -My packages are either left A). In the middle of my apt stoop, B) Given to my buildings Super C) Brought back to the post office without leaving me a note to tell me so!
    It’s NEVER consistent, and if I track a package online that has “arrived” I have to check 3 places to see if it actually came.

    – My most recent package came from Southern CA. It took a few weeks for some reason. Then I noticed it followed the horrible rain storm you guys had, all the way to the east coast only to arrive during the horrible snow storm WE had! I had no mail at all for 4 days. Then when my package finally showed up locally, it was bounced back and forth between two near by Post Offices on opposite sides of my city, as if the offices were fighthing with each other…”No YOU’RE closer to her house….No! YOU are closer to her house..”

    Absolutely unbelievable.