Feathers and Sequins

My Inque collection, Burlesque Baby,  launched this morning.  I hadn’t expected it until later this week, but I’m really excited to be able to share it with you now.  If you want to try Inque out, use the code D1H8DWZA to receive 20% off of your order!

What do you think?  Wanna win a set?  Inque has graciously offered a free set to one of my readers!

  • To enter, let me know that your favorite Inque design from my collection is.
  • You may enter (comment) only one once.
  • Contest is open internationally (code is good for one free set, shipping is not included, but I’ll pay for it to make up the difference).
  • You must be a reader of this blog.
  • The winner will be drawn at random on January 12th!



74 Responses to “Feathers and Sequins”

  1. Oh wow. I love your collection! I’m definitely going to order a bunch of them.

    I have to say, I think the Red Ornate is my favorite–its so sharp and classy and noticeable, even though it’s a very fine and detailed design. I’m also really excited to try Catwalk, Ornate, Hot Pink, and Yesterday as well. Wow, I guess that’s my whole first order, isn’t it?

  2. This is SO cool. I just applied some of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects yesterday and though I wasn’t sold on them at first, I think the idea of polish being applied this way is growing on me.

    I’m torn between Grey and Yesterday as my favorite designs of yours. So sexy

  3. Wow all of them are so pretty! I think I like Red Ornate most but it’s so hard to pick one, since they are all lovely.

  4. Ouh LOVE your collection! I hadn’t tried Inque yet as non of the designs appealed to me but your collection is lovely! My favourite is Flight 🙂

  5. I can’t decide between Pink Delight, Yesterday and Grey. Who doesn’t love lace, especially lacy polka-dots? =D

  6. My favorite one is definitely “Roses,” even though they’re all awesome. I’ve never tried these before, but I’m intrigued.

  7. I really looove the feather one!
    I would be curious to see how much those beauties can stay on my nails (hopefully longer than polishes?)
    Bravo for that beautiful collection!!

  8. Hard to pick, but I think I like Yesterday best

  9. I saw the image and was immediately drawn to Flight. Will definitely need to go through the process of getting my Inque account setup to get my nails prettified!

  10. Loved, loved, loved your collection! Everything looks so beautiful and I think burlesque is an awesome theme. My favorite design is Yesterday, I think.

  11. Your designs are so fun! I would love to sport Pink on my tips!

  12. i love them! 🙂
    i think Night Out would have to be my favorite.

  13. I LOVE “feeling hot” because it’s really nice, and kind of classy. The sequins and ribbons are divine!

  14. They’re all superb, but in keeping with the burlesque theme, I’ll pick Pink Ornate as my favorite. From far away, I imagine it would look like an everyday light pink manicure, but just wait ’til someone gets real close!

    P.S. I feel kinda bad for putting this on the back burner for so long, but the reason I never got back to you about doing a burlesque tutorial is because my main character’s stage makeup looks *a lot* like the look LadyCrowX uses in her avatar. I didn’t want people to think I was ripping her off. My other look is very classic, old Hollywood, and there are a billion tutorials out there for that. My troupe’s on hiatus for another couple weeks; I bet I can find some new inspiration when we come back from break!

    P.P.S. Have you seen “A Wink and a Smile”?

  15. Night out has to be my favorite but Feeling Hot is a close second!

  16. Yesterday looks divine. I love the collection.

  17. Red Ornate needs to be on my fingers like yesterday.

    I also really like Yesterday, and Pink- these are all great patterns, Grey!

  18. I think I like Cat Walk the best. The color is good for winter, and the design is subtle enough to make it wearable just about anywhere.

  19. I love Pink – come on, it’s pink *and* feathers! I also love Spector, and am tempted to order them both. Congratulations on your lovely collection!

  20. I absolutely love “Flight”–I’m really into anything birds and feathers right now…and it isn’t something you see often.

  21. I’m so liking Ornate, Pink Delight and Virgin. I’d usually go for the darker ones but I feel spring atm XD

  22. Red Ornate, Roses, and Yesterday are my favourites.

  23. I must try these. I love polish but it lasts perhaps two days on me. These Inques seem like a great way to go.

  24. Oooh pretty! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting some, but wasn’t sure. Flight is gorgeous!!!

  25. Love your collection!

    It’s hard to pick a favorite but I really like Spector.

  26. I love grey,catwalk and night out! Makes me wish I didn’t work on a machine ..I’d get and wear them all the time! So elegant!

  27. It’s between Yesterday and Grey for me, but they’re all beautiful.
    I just wanted to congratulate you on getting your own collection! It looks beautiful, stylish, and really well designed. It suits you and really seems to reflect your style.

  28. I love the collection! I cannot possible pick a favorite, but my top three are Roses, Flight, and Cat Walk.

  29. i love all of them! i am going to get grey, feeling soft, and mink once my wallet allows me to do so. theyre all fantastic! did you hear? benefit is having a little sale on their website. just dropping that idea out there. 😛

  30. That’s some beautiful nail art, love the collection!

    I thought I’d choose something colorful but when I saw “Flight” it was love at first sight.

  31. WOW, those are so gorgeous! I’ve heard of Inque before, but have never checked them out until now! It looks so awesome! Out of your collection (congrats, btw!), Flight has to be my favorite…it reminds me of Black Swan (both the ballet and movie)! 🙂

  32. Ornate, I think, would be my favourite. I’ve not tried any product like this yet, they’re an intriguing idea.

  33. I like Night Out the best I think… Nice and sexy.

  34. Its so hard to narrow it down to one favorite. I like them all. I think I’m going to have to say Flight. I was drawn to it right away. Gorgeous collection, Grey!

  35. thebirdofparadise January 5, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    They are all so perfect!!

    But I would pick Feeling Soft if I were only allowed to buy one, so I guess that is my way of narrowing down a “favorite”.*

    Thanks once again for a wonderfully generous giveaway, Grey.

    * But really, they are all my favorite.

  36. Red Ornate is gorgeous! I love the combination of colors.

  37. Pink Delight is probably my fave, it’s very soft looking, and I like the dot pattern.

  38. Seriously, your whole collection is gorgeous. Grey and Ornate are my favorites, though I really do love them all.

  39. I love Pink…. and Grey.
    Great collection!

  40. Whoa, they look SO COOL! The pink feathers definitely caught my eye first 😀

  41. Spector is brilliant!

  42. I really like Roses 🙂

  43. Hmmm I don’t know if I can choose a favorite! I like Ornate a lot (it’s your background! :D), but the preview of Hot Pink looks pretty awesome too, like a gradient half moon manicure. Flight did catch my eyes first, though, so I’ll go with that one before I change my mind. hehe.

  44. I love catwalk and grey. I’m so tempted to buy it.

  45. I think Yesterday is my favorite, actually. I’ve loved the look of lace manicures, but they’re work; Yesterday is probably the easiest way to to do it, plus there isn’t the added problem of 3D lace catching on things (unless you coat it in gel or something!).

    Lovely set, Grey. It’s very you and very well done.

  46. I think my favorite is Yesterday and Grey. I love lace nails. I was thinking of doing that on my blog as a fun look with my new Mint Apple nailpolish underneath it.

  47. It’s so hard to choose! I’m drawn to Spector, Feelin’ Hot, Night Out, Flight, Yesterday, and Ornate but if I could only pick one I’d go for the glitz factor and choose Feelin’ Hot. This collection is excellent 😀

  48. Night Out is my favorite! I had never heard of Inque before you posted about them and I think it’s such a great idea. It allows for such creativity and control over what we can put on our nails 😀

  49. My favorite is Spector. They’re just great! 🙂

  50. congrats on a beautiful cllection! i love flight sooo much i might have to get it!

  51. I love Night Out! It’s so appealing to my inner goth.

  52. Ahh…I think I’ve got a three-way tie between Spector, Yesterday, and Night Out. Can’t resist the taupe smoky effect of Spector, but I like the intricate lace effect of Yesterday, and Night Out looks like sequins mixed with snakeskin–pretty.

  53. Those are amazeballs! I love “Yesterday.”

  54. Beautiful designs! My favorite is Flight; I love the idea of wings on my fingertips!

  55. Congratulations on your collection! I like flight and ornate.

  56. I must admit, roses is the one that I’d most love to try out, though all of them are delicious. I’ve been trying out UV-gels this week and destroyed my nails because I’m silly and cant resist peeling them off – pretty sure these wouldnt destroy my nails that way at least!

  57. Fantastic designs! Night Out would be my fav 🙂

  58. They all look lovely and I ADORE the idea!

    My favourite would have to be Ornate, I’m finding myself drawn to white and grey polishes lately.

  59. SQUEEEE-ER!! I love the roses ones the best, I think…Hard to choose!
    How exciting!

  60. Congratulations, Grey 🙂 I love all the damask designs. They’re so elegant.

  61. My favorite is the black and white lace design, “Yesterday”.

  62. Those are amazing! I think my favourite is Red Ornate, or perhaps the Pink feather design.

  63. Wow! Those nail designs are awesome! Congrats!

  64. I’m really fond of “Yesterday”. It’s so beautiful, but simple. It doesn’t need a lot to make it look amazing. Excellent ob on all of them though, it was really hard to pick one. Flight looks amazing too!

  65. Love the collection and the theme. If I had to just pick one design, it would be Flight.

  66. my favorite is Feeling Hot

    AAH they’re all awesome and OMG HELLO KITTY I MIGHT DIE!

  67. I like pink ornate the best. 😀 Or any of the Ornate ones. I love the whole burlesque theme.

    Took me forever to find out how to follow this/any blog. Success!

  68. The blog background. “Ornate”. So so beautiful. I also liked Grey and Feeling Hot, you really hit home with this for me, Grey xD

  69. OH! These are a great idea. I love how easy this makes it to change up your nails without having to slave away at it. I love the “pink” feathers design! It’s girly and awesome, and, well, pink!

  70. My favorite design from your collection is the lace. It looks wonderful! It must have been so fun to create your own designs!

  71. Heeeey! I missed that! How coooool! 😀

    Red Ornate is gorgeous! My favorite!
    Roses is the 2nd favorite! ^^

    o.o they ship to Brazil? If I don’t win I might buy some designs! ^^

  72. Oh my these are soo cool lol… I have to say that my favorites from your collection are, Romantic and feeling hot… I luvs them.

  73. I really like Hot Pink, but there are several that’d be great to try. 🙂

  74. I really love Pink, awesome collection!!!!