Inque Nails – A Review


I discovered Inque from Andrea, also known as EvilAngel, the lady behind Evil Shades Cosmetics.  I saw her tweet about them and flipped out when I saw the site.  I’d had my nails Minxed and loved the results, but not the price.  I also have a few sets of Minx from Sephora as well as drugstore ones and some of the new Sally Hanson ones.  What are Minx nails?  You can see a great video for them here.

Browsing the site is easy, although once again I have to reiterate that I hate black backgrounded sites.  Inque isn’t all that bad, once you get past the front page you’re browsing on an easy to navigate white background that shows off the designs well.  The navigation runs across the top, ‘Pick Out Some Nails’ takes you to the product page.  There is information about the company, how to size your nails (if you chose to get them sized),  and how to apply your nails.  When browsing the designs you can navigate by color or theme.  There are a lot of ‘MySpace’ sort of designs and you’ll probably recognize a lot of patterns, but there are a lot to chose from.  You can also upload your own design and make your own nail set.

What I think I like most about the site is that you can see what the designs will look like on.  They have a picture of an actual toenail (mildly weird, though) that you can try the designs out on.  Each pair cost $15 (my Minx manicure was $45 applied) or you can get five pair for $30, which is a great deal.

They have an integrated cart system that keeps track along the side of your page as you navigate.

I ordered a set of five in several designs, including some from EvilAngel’s collection.


Shipping is free on orders of $30 or more.  Since your order is custom printed for you when you place it it could take as many as 48 hours to ship.  Mine shipped the second day after I ordered and arrived in a few days.


My nails were mailed in a stiff cardboard mailer and included my invoice with application directions printed on the back.


When these arrived I was sort of surprised when I opened them.  What they are are a very thin all-season vinyl that is printed with the design and shaped into long nail shapes, exactly like a set of Minx.  You get a total of 16 nails, so hopefully you are able to match and fit all your nails.  They peel up very easily from the sheet and apply nicely.  If you get them a little uneven you can pull them up and redo them, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it more then once.  If you follow the directions carefully it’s fairly easy to apply and fit your nails yourself, although if someone else could help you trim your off hand it would be nice and might make them last longer.

The design you see on the website is EXACTLY the design you get on the nails.  The printing is very clear and crisp.  They are a nice strong vinyl and actually make your nails much stronger.  They didn’t fade or wear or nick or rub off at all like my Minx had.  Some of the designs were a little smaller in print then I expected, but not so much you couldn’t see them.  They do also have a strong vinyl smell to them right out of the mailer, but it goes away quickly as they air out and you apply them.

Like any manicure, how long they last will depend on how well you take care of them.  The first pair I applied lasted about five days before I pulled them off.  The tips had gotten a little worn, nothing major at all.  I’d dyed my hair blue and yeah… ruined them.  The second set I’m still wearing and it’s been almost a week.  The tips are pulling up on my right hand, since it’s my dominant hand and the one I use for EVERYTHING.  I am really hard on my hands so I know I won’t ever get the one week’s wear the site suggests.

After four days of wear.

I like the idea of being able to have uniquely designed nails that are crazy easy to apply.  Even if I only wear them one night out, I feel the $15 for the nails would be worth it.  I’m dying my hair again today, so I know that I’ll have to pull this set off.  I also avoided doing the dishes and stuff while I was wearing them, so I honestly can’t say how long they’d last if I had been full on domestic this week.  I would hate to say, ‘Oh yes, they lasted the full week and they will on you, too’ just because I don’t know that they will, depending on what you’ll do.  I gave the candy canes to my cousin Jess and she got OVER a week out of them.  Wear is a very subjective thing.

I’ve discovered a few hints :

Make sure your nails are very clean.  This is really important.  If you use a nail polish remover with a moisturizer or something wash your nails very thoroughly after to get all of this oil off.

When trimming them be careful!  Leave them longer then your nail, if you accidentally cut them too short it will suck.

Only file them with a VERY fine nail file.  I used a cheap metal one on one finger and as a result that nail’s tip didn’t adhere to my actual nail very well and that one kept picking up.  Using a glass nail file is best.

Only file in one direction, from top to bottom at a perpendicular angle to the tip.  This makes the edge neater and less likely to pull up after you’ve been wearing them.

If after a few days of wearing them they start getting a little loose, you can heat them back up and press them back down.

You can see how well the ‘standard’ non-sized set fit on my nails.


Would I order from Inque Nails again?  Yes!

  • They are much more affordable then Minx.
  • I really love how unique they are.
  • I love that they add strength to my nails.
  • I didn’t realize the first time I ordered, but you can also order solid colors, French tips, or turn any design INTO French tips.
  • They honestly might not last that well on everyone depending on application and wear.
  • They might be a little pricey if you don’t get as long a wear out of them as advertised.

Overall: /5

If you’re interested in ordering Inque is offering a discount to my readers.  Use the code D1H8DWZA to receive 20% off.

I defiantly plan on getting my nails custom fit before my next order.  While the nails I got (the standard set) worked well, I did have a couple of weird spots on the fingers on the hand I had crushed in a car door when I was a kid, those nails are a little funny shaped.  It’s $20 to have your nails fit and that includes the price of a set of nails.  They use CAD technology to plot your shape from the pictures you send them to print them to fit.

I was so happy with these when I got them that I posted a plea to design my own collection just like Andrea had and the company was amazing enough to let me.  Here is a sneak peek at my burlesque inspired collection.

* I’ve personally received nothing free from the company and was not compensated at all for the review.


25 Responses to “Inque Nails – A Review”

  1. I think they look really amazing. I’m excited that you get to do your own collection!

  2. Your collection looks incredible! I want to order but I’m going to wait til yours come out because I want them all!

  3. Some of them look really neat! I love the ones that look like ribbons- I’ve always wanted to try something like that.

  4. They look really good. But i find that my nails are usually to rounded and too small in their widths to fit standard sizes.
    I love the black lace and the roses that you designed!
    If i could designs something like that, it would deff be peacockfeathers 🙂

  5. First of all, your designs are really pretty 😀

    We have a drugstore brand that sells these things as well. Curious as I am I bought a set but was disappointed when it wouldn’t apply properly. My nails are quite rounded and I always got some kinks into the sticker 😦 boohoo. That stuff looks awesome, I wish it worked for me.

  6. Oooh! I’d like to order the second row of your upcoming Burlesque set 😀

  7. Ooh! Those are wonderful! And your custom designs are going to be beautiful on.

  8. These look much better than the Nail Fraud ones I tried. Those didn’t stick very well at all and were flimsy. I’ll have to check these out…the designs look really cool. Have you tried applying topcoat over them or is that not recommended?

    • Noooo. No need to. These are a very strong vinyl and a top coat would just be pointless, I’d think.

  9. These look awesome! When you first posted about them I thought they’d be a little like those Incoco polish strips but Inque sounds a lot more durable. Do you think someone with longish nails could fold a bit of the decals over the free edge of the nail, kind of like when you wrap your tips with regular nail polish? Or would they be too thick for that?

    • I wouldn’t do that at all. They’d be more likely to pull up where as if they were flush against the nail they are, well, flush. I know that with Minx they are too thick, they say that all over the place, and since these are a tad thicker, I’m sure it’s also the case. How scientific was that?

  10. Wow, the pic showing after 4 days of wear still looks pretty good! I’m just now getting into Konad and having spent $20 I didn’t have to order my first bunch of supplies … I may have to wait on Inque, but I definitely plan to try it at some point. There are several from your collection that look fab and then there were a few of the sort of Myspace-y ones I actually might try too ^.^

  11. Those white Hello Kitty ones are amazing!
    And so is your Virgin 😀 !

    They way they look on your nails is even more impressive now it’s got a post of its own (and you obviously take care of your hands, which helps XD ).

    • I am sort of fanatical about my hands, which is why I’m always getting lotions and stuff from Etsy. I actually wear gloves to bed, even I’m rolling my eyes at that one 🙂

  12. Holy crap I love those cute little skulls!

  13. DAMN YOU!! eheheheh I got a huge nail polish haul so in a nail mood and I see this! meaney!

  14. SQUEEEEEE! Your own collection?! So cool and they look lovely! I think my next haul might have to be some of these!
    Thanks for the review.

  15. How hard are they to remove? I like the pictures on your blog better than the one on the actual site. Yours look like a professional manicure, and the ones on the site look like, well, nail stickers.

    • They pull off really easily, you just need to find a loose edge. I love them because they don’t damage my nails like gels or any of those things do when you try to remove them. My nails are really flimsy.

  16. I had never actually heard of this kind of nail art before, and it looks so interesting! I might have to try it out sometime, but I’m so low-maintenance with my nails, and have such little patience I’ll probably end up messing them up…
    Thanks for the review and all of the good information! And your designs look amazing!

  17. oooh1 They look so pretty and perfect!!!! I love the designs

  18. Oh, these look like fun. I hadn’t seen anything like these before – not that I’ve been paying attention. I’m kinda wondering how they would stand up to the kind of abuse I put my hands through. I suspect not well between the needles and pins from sewing and the gardening. As you pointed out though they aren’t badly priced for a night out which makes them tempting

  19. Ah, your collection looks amazing! My boss would k i l l me, though…