Happy Makeup

I stumbled across this one night when I was minding my own business.  The display was nefariously placed near the Valentine’s Day section, which of course I had to wander through.

I picked it up thinking it was adorable.  I’m certainly not above buying something simply because it’s cute, especially since it’s from a company I already love.  The packaging is a bright pink that compliments the adorable multicolored heart pattern of the pressed powder.  However as I looked at it a bit more, I was mystified.

What on earth is this Euphoryl?  Apparently it’s a real thing and not just something cutesy made up by Physician’s Formula.

Due to its ability to promote dopamine synthesis at skin level, Euphoryl™ Ω-3 allows to light up both complexion and mood. It is a mix of Sacha inchi oil, which is very rich in Omega-3, a true skin antidepressant, and Schinus terebinthifolius extract, a stimulant and invigorating agent with warm and sensual perfume notes. Thanks to its special composition, Euphoryl™ Ω-3 improves the skin appearance via dopamine stimulation, thereby helping keep women’s skin healthy and glowing, which in turn can make them feel good and confident about themselves.

Basically it’s just a  mix of antioxidant rich oils with a kick of pink pepper extract.  According to a chemist, it is a legitimate thing and actually pretty good for your skin.  Euphoryl itself is the proprietary trade-name of the chemical blend from the company Cognis.

I got the Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Powder compact in translucent.  I was skeptical it was going to be an honest transparent powder, though, since it’s mostly tan and pinks.  I was hoping that they would swirl together in some miraculous combination that doesn’t  make my skin too dark or worse… too pink.  They do note that you can swirl a brush over just the bright pink heart for a touch of blush.  It comes in the typical PF formula compact with the flip up pan that hides a practically useless brush inside along with a mirror on the bottom.

I’m not a terrible fan of scented cosmetics.  When you wear a few products the scents are bound to clash and drive you nuts all day.  This powder has the definite ‘violet’ scent it claims, although it’s indiscernible as violet, it’s more of a generic floral perfume scent.

Swirling it on it’s a little pink and fairly sparkly.  It’s not even a little shimmery, I’m going to say it’s boarding on glittering somehow.  When I tried to use it avoiding the pink heart it was a bit more wearable for me.  The scent isn’t noticeable after a while, I’m not sure if I got used to it or it faded, though, since there are the occasional hints of it.

It is a tad too dark for me, as I feared.  The two larger hearts in the background of the embossing are dark, the one on the top is actually brown rather then merely tan.  The background is a light pink.  The medium sized light heart in the foreground just isn’t light enough to counter balance the darks, though.  If I wear it over my lightest foundation it adds an almost healthy glow (since I boarder on unhealthy palor anyway) but it’s still a little too too for me to wear all over my face to set my foundation, although I honestly do like the ‘glow’.

Because of the almost pearly luminescence of it I don’t think it would make a good all-over face powder for anyone with oily or problem skin and it would no doubt highlight pores.  It is not soft-focus at all.  Wearing it as a highlighter, or even just on the cheeks swirled with the pink heart it might make a lovely blush.

While I like it, I certainly don’t feel very euphoric.  What do you think?



30 Responses to “Happy Makeup”

  1. This is very cute. It’s scented with violet, huh? It probably wouldn’t work with my skin since it is kinda on the oily side.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. It looks very cute, and I like the IDEA, though I don’t think it works as effectively (or at all?) as they want. (?)

  3. Not a fan of the flower scent, but it seems like an interesting colour. Doesn’t seem for me though.

  4. I personally don’t like cosmeceuticals. All I want my makeup to do is sit on my face and not make me look worse! That being said, I’m a sucker for adorable compacts and PF gets me every time. I’ll have to avoid the drug store or I’ll definitely end up with this in my basket.

    Does anyone else think the shiny, pink, heart ‘splosion will do more to boost dopamine than the Euphoryl?

  5. I want this now. So adorable! Y

  6. If u dont want it could I have it – it looks so cute 🙂

  7. I also don’t like scented stuff like that. I try to match the soap to the lotion to the scent I am wearing, at least in type (foody, fresh, etc). And I am not into the generic floral scent anyways.

    It looks cute, but useless to me, I have an oily skin that doesn’t need any more shine.

  8. I don’t even know where to start. Gah. How can anything stimulate endorphins or dopamine through the skin? I have a very hard time believing that’s even possible, especially via a face powder.

    “Omega-3, a true skin antidepressant” Seriously? Are they telling me my skin is depressed because I don’t have this crazy brown/pink powder? ROFL

    OMG, the marketing is so desperate. Why don’t they just stop trying to spin it all, and just say “hey, it’s cute, it’s got hearts on it, and there’s pink. BUY IT!!” At least that I could respect. This just makes me roll my eyes and want to walk away.

    • Yeah, this is an interesting gimmick – I wonder if they did any studies to see if it would actually increase overall blood levels of endorphins. I highly doubt whatever endorphins they are using is in high enough concentration to even see a difference… I don’t know about everyone, butmpersonally, if I like how my makeup looks during the day, I do feel more confident than without my makeup. Maybe it has a effect similiar to that of a placebo; if you believe it’s going to make you feel great about yourself it just may (and with the adorable compact and little hearts, why wouldn’t it work for some?)

      I’ve tried some blush and foundations by Physician’s Formula, I actually enjoyed some of the products I purchased. Shoppers Drug Mart (here in Canada) has the occasional 50%-75% off PF products. I really liked their tinted moisturizer for summer time!

  9. Is it bad that I read “Happy Booster Glow” as “Happy Booster Gold”?

  10. You know what I love by PF? Their felt-tip eyeliner. Only downside to them is that they dry out so darn quick. Which reminds me, I’m out and need a new one.

    This powder looks cute and is TOTALLY one of those things I’d buy just because of the way it looks… but from the sounds of it, it’s totally not for me, as far as actually USING it. Especially if it’s fragranced, meh. Oh well!

  11. I think it’s really cute! This is something I would love to wear around the house on lazy makeup days.

  12. I’m still really curious about this. I think that although I am quite pale I still might be able to pull it off. I might have to pick this up.

  13. Aww, man, I’d been looking forward to trying this out (haven’t seen it in stores yet), simply because I thought the hearts would be cute. But it sounds like it’ll be too dark.

    • They come in like three or four different shades. I have rose and I’m pretty sure they have a bronzer and translucent one. (along with grey’s neutral one)

  14. It looks cute! But it might be too dark for me too.

  15. If you hadn’t researched it, I would have been convinced that description on the back was some high quality Engrish.

    “Infused with our Happy Boost Blend featuring Happy Skin!” “Endorsed by Mr. Sparkle!”

  16. I’m not sure about the whole mood boosting aspect, I say this as someone who dodges as much soy as possible due to the effect it can have on hormones. I admit, however, that I think this is quite adorable and would probably give it a try.

  17. I’ll probably grab this if it goes on sale. Physicians Formula compacts are like $16 here :s

  18. Holy cow! 16 dollars?! that’s outrageous! i think its really cute, but i’m kinda wary about using multicolored powders like that. part of my skin is oily and blemished, while another part is dry and normal colored. would it be better to just get a solid colored one?

  19. I was curious about this. Its so cute it was hard to resist, although I had the same worries about color as you did, except in the opposite direction. I thought it would be far too pale. Glad I didn’t buy it, the smell would probably have put me off.

    Thanks for the review! Saved me sixteen dollars 🙂

  20. Aw man, I really wanted to try this. I agree, its way too cute. PF is crafty.
    Thanks for the heads up about the scent, I hate scents on my face.

  21. This looks really pretty and fun in the compact, but it’s definitely not my type of thing. I don’t wear blush and I hate shimmery/glittery things on my face aside from my eyelids so I’ll definitely be passing on this one lol.

  22. It’s so cute! I want it!

  23. Violet is my favourite scent! I’ve had awful experiences with P.F. cosmetics though, and the compact will be too dark for me, as I am so fair that I am see through. It’s very adorable anyway!

  24. It looks really, really cute. I probably wouldn’t even use it just so the heart pattern stays intact, haha.

  25. So adorable-looking! I’ve actually never tried Physician’s Formula, but now, I might!

  26. Super cute- enough to even make me consider picking it up, but like most powders of this type, I don’t really think I’d get much use from it. I’m not a fan of glittery highlights (for me the entire idea of using a highlighter is to make it seem as if your skin is naturally glowey, so anything more than pearl or shimmer is out.)

    It also doesn’t seem like it would have enough color to be useful as a blush or bronzer, so as cute as it is, I think I’ll be passing on this one (though I may peek in the clearance bins after Vday!)

  27. It’s very cute.
    The way it’s formatted doesn’t make it something I could wear, as the translucent sounds too dark and the pearl finish is a definite no-go for me.

  28. I bought this last night, and was debating between the rose and neutral. I ended up purchasing the rose one, and I woe it today.

    I certainly don’t feel any different in the slightest. I do like the way this blush looks on me paired with Meow Cosmetics foundation and bronzer.