It’s Friday, I’m in Love


IMS packages are going out starting Monday!  I’m planning on laying everything out on the living room floor (after I’ve locked Ichabod in my room) and get it all divided up.  I might be contacting you if you didn’t include a return address label to get your information.

Guest Bloggers

Would anyone be interested in writing a semi-weekly (so twice a month) nail article on the newest colors and trends and all that?  In fact, does anyone have any ideas about articles they would like to contribute?  While I’m thinking about it, Zoya has a really great deal on their site, enter the code FB2011 for three free polishes.  I got some amazing reds and one pink.  I should have gotten a blue.  Anyway, you just pay for shipping.

Blog Sale

2011 is the year I officially boycott MAC, so I’m going to be selling off a lot of my collection.  Plus, like I’ve mentioned, I’m floating in cosmetics.  I need to sell some stuff to have both money and room to get more to review!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I’m working out the logistics, because again I don’t have an actual Paypal account and I need to plan a time to list it all, etc etc.  Does anyone have a preference for when I post it?


I sent out a bunch of RAKs not too long ago.  A few were delivered back to me (some international ones) due to insufficient postage, which is bullocks since I mailed them from the PO.  I will be resending them.  If you haven’t already, you can sign up for a RAK by reading this post.

The Links

I made this the other day, it was amazing.

I’m praying that I stumble into a situation to use these.

I don’t drink (or eat Jello) but this is the best site ever.

I want an iShoe so bad but alas, cannot figure this site out.

This is a pretty old article, but I find myself going back to read it over and over.

This is how I’ve been doing my eyes.

It disturbs me that this is considered ‘scene’, considering I’m not scene but actually look like this a lot.  Also, my hair is blue.

I think this recipe sounds amazing for all you non-vegans (ie normal people).

Your Turn

Are their any new collections out this year that have you excited?

Is my Angry Bird obsession getting to be a problem?


39 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I know it sounds stupid, but I’m excited to finish my monster rancher collection, and launch it at the end of this month.

    Where can one look into ims if one is interested?

    Also I know you already had a post about making homemade lipgloss, but do you know of any good from scratch recipes? I bought some things from tkb, and most of the recipes there require their lipgloss base, and items that aren’t vegan.

    I love your Friday posts! I always look forward to them!


  2. Hey, Grey. I’ve been stalking your blog here for a while but haven’t really had a chance to comment simply because I didn’t have much to say. But then you posted that link and mentioned wanting an iShoe I wanted to help!

    At first I thought maybe I could just help you with translating the website (which is in Korean, which I read a little of) and help with a Korean shopping service. But there’s a much easier answer. They’re being sold on strapya. I saw them on their newsletter a while ago and wanted one myself (the purple/black one was calling my name).

    Link is here:

    You should get one!

  3. The jewellery in that article is orgasmic ♥

    • Oh, and in terms of collections… OPI’s burlesque collection was this year’s highlight for me as I lovelovelove glitter!

  4. I think it’s awesome that you’re officially boycotting MAC. I see very few people willing to take any sort of stance against them. Have you looked into Amazon checkout/payments? I’m not sure what the requirements are, but I’m getting the impression that they’re trying to make it an alternative to PayPal.

    The “scene” kid thing grates on my nerves a bit. It seems to be an excuse for guys to wear pants that are too small and everyone to have ridiculous haircuts that are constantly in their face/in their eyes.

    I don’t consider non-normal eyebrows to be scene at all. There are other subcultures that were doing that long before “scene” even came about, so just because scene kids are copying it now doesn’t make it scene, it just makes them copycats.

    Also, yes, blue hair!

  5. Just curiously, why are you boycotting MAC?

  6. Am I the only one so uncool that I don’t get what “scene” is? A new trend? I guess I’m not hip at all, lol.

  7. Congratulations on your MAC boycott. I truly think it is terrific!

  8. Interesting timing as I just very recently bought my first MAC items and I like them a lot :O I do think they release too many collections and LE items, though. Price-wise I think it’s a little steep for my tastes, but compared to Urban Decay, my favorite non-indie brand, it’s a lot cheaper.

    I haven’t heard the word “scene” used that way since maybe my sophomore year in high school (3 years ago), haha! Being “scene” was the cool thing then.

    • If you watch all of those collections and LE items they release, a good third of ’em are actually just regular stock colors. They’re not coming out with anything unique anymore.

  9. I have no idea what scene is either. I googled some photos, so just “emo-lite” with less black? lower maintenance watered down goth/punk?

    Anyways, have since you mentioned a few make up vids. have you watched this gal yet? she’s hilarious. Some of her vids made me actually laugh:

    And second, I just wanted your opinion on Indie perfumes. Is it just a western “obsession/fascination”? (bpal, possets, blooddrop)Since I notice most companies are USA based or English speaking cuontries.
    Do people in Japan or Korea, for example, have companies like that which are popular, you think?

  10. Mmm, Congee. That’s all I want when I’m sick. A giant bowl of it with lots of ginger, and a drizzle of chili oil on top.

    I’m looking forward to when Amy releases the new line of pressed shadows and the Glorify primer! Especially the berry color some gurus got at IMATS. There’s a rumor going around that she might start selling jumbo palettes (like the ones made for the Hello Kitty show) when the new pressed shadows come out.

  11. I really wish Zoya shipped to Canada!

  12. I love the jello website! It’s so cute! 😀

    I’m not very excited over anything lately… Just Chocolate cake. Hm….! 😀

    Or getting SoBe’s liquid foundation. I even had a dream about it.

  13. Ooooh, I am excited for an IMS package!! ^___^

    I still have yet to try anything from MAC, so I might help out by taking some of yours off your hands when you get around to listing it for sale, just so I can see what all the hype is about… or not about, I guess.

    You could look into using eCrater for your sale; I believe it’s free to use and you can list quantities of stuff, and they integrate Paypal AND Google Checkout, for sure. There may be other payment methods available, too, but I’m not super familiar with eCrater, I just buy from a few sellers who sell stuff using that site- Darling Girl Cosmetics is one such place!

    I posted swatches today on my personal blog of High Voltage’s Valentine’s Day collection- the shades I got are absolutely wonderful, so I guess that’s a recent collection I’m excited about 😉 Also? New WnW palettes, as seen on NouveauCheap. I can’t believe I’m excited for WnW, I mean, 5 years ago they were absolute garbage; funny how times change, huh?

    Oh and Angry Birds is uber fun, but I found I prefer Plants Vs Zombies- try that one next if you haven’t already. Still, I wanna get an Angry Bird plushie! ^__^

  14. I almost wish I had an opportunity to be obsessed with angrybirds, but nooo, they only offer it for the iThing OS, not for something like OSX, which is what I have on my computer. >.>

    I am also jealous that you made congee. It’s one of those foods I haven’t gotten around to trying yet, but have always wanted to. Either way, that link is going in my recipe book for the future (mmmm, rice porridge). ❤

    I also think it's awesome that you're boycotting MAC. I shopped there for the first and last time in the 2009 holiday season, when a got a giftcard to there for my birthday. I was unimpressed with the quality for price, and a bit irritated that my $50 gift card netted me 3 items, with nothing left over on the card. Yes, some of their products are interesting, but nowhere near worth the markup, IMO.

    I am excited about my lack of classes on Fridays. Three day weekends all term (yay).

  15. Congrats on boycotting MAC. I myself have been tired for a very long time of other beauty blogs practically being a nonstop pr-fest for MAC. For such a “pro” company, they release a lot of gimmicky LE products. I’ve never been to a MAC Pro store but do they even have a line for HD camerawork? And what is with the chunky Pigments?! Even drugstore lines have much smoother loose shadows. Don’t get me started on the usual snotty 19 yr old club kid look most MAC salespeople sport. Or what they’re doing to the pro-mua industry.

  16. Erk. I’m sorry that RAKs got returned to you. IT’s not suppose to cause you trouble. I’ve found that various postal systems seem to have gone a little crazy over the last couple of months. Currently the USPS is competing with DHL as to be the most annoying. The USPS returned a bunch of orders to an independent company as they had been damaged and no explanation given as to how the damage occured. DHL (Germany) on the other hand is giving inconsistent stories about the location of my corset that I bought for NYE.

    I’m glad to see you state the you’re boycotting MAC; both for boycotting and for saying it. There’s a few bloggers out there who just stop buying and not saying anything. That’s why I read you blog and not theres, ‘cos you’ll state your opinion. Thank you for that.

    There’s no new new collections that have me excited but I’ve only started wearing makeup regularly again so everything is new and fun at the moment.

  17. This edition is chock-full of excellent links – from that soup, to VanDerMemes, to jellos 😀 !


  18. I’m hoping some of my favorite indie companies come out with new collections. Fyrinnae, Sugarpill, Evil Shades, Morgana Cryptoria…

  19. Have You played angry birds seasons yet? It’s hard..but that fun kinda hard where you keep having to go back Because you almost had that last damn piggy!!! Exploding Birds FTW!

  20. Yeah, Angry Birds has stolen all my free time … I’ve been playing Seasons and the Christmas level 8 is impossible. Completely.

    Can’t wait to buy some of your MAC stuff -as I refuse to support them by buying in stores ^.^

  21. Will you do the blog sale on a weekend? Cuz that would be sweet 🙂
    The only collection I’ve been taking my sweet time getting, is Meow’s Reindeer collection. I plan on grabbing a bunch and I know they only last until the 10th but I keep putting it off. This is my attempt to save money, but makeup usually wins and I’ll probably place that order Sunday lol

    Angry Bird! Heard of it, but never played it.
    Cut The Rope however…yeah…that one is just groovy 🙂

  22. Zoya looks wonderful, In fact I just placed an order…free order just pay shipping is Awesome!!!!! Thank you for informing me of another wonderful make-up/polish company, I can’t wait to start using “friendly” polish with my daughter.

  23. I really, really need to get into a situation that justifies the use of “Eyebrow String Dancer” LOL.

  24. Not a MAC fan. MAC cosmetics reminds me much of MAC computers. You have your fans who swear by it, often to a level of unsettling blind obsession, acting as if it’s the be all of the industry. Not impressed, and equally not interested. Funnily enough, I’m a huge fan of indie makeup in the same way that I’m a huge fan of indie computers and apps, if you will.

  25. I’m pretty close to doing a MAC no-buy myself considering I’ve been pretty disappointed by most of their face products and I’ll spend the few extra dollars on lipsticks from Makeup Forever instead. Glad there are others who see the light too haha.

    I love love love congee! I lived on that while recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery…

  26. Many years ago (I think I was about ten), my grandmother stuck a bowl of rice under the running faucet and called it xi fan. That memory has scarred me forever (at least we were in Singapore, so the water was clean), but xi fan/jook/congee is still the best thing to eat when you’re sick ❤

    I've been watching my spending lately, so there aren't many new products I'm particularly excited for (or aware of, actually). But I have to admit that despite being unable to stand Katy Perry, I really love the collection she did with OPI.

    Ahhh…Angry Birds became available on my phone (Palm Pixi) a few months ago, but I don't know if I want to buy it…I really don't need any more soul-sucking activities in my life 😛

  27. Those brownies look to die for! Thanks for sharing! Regarding your MAC boycott, more power to you! I buy very little from them anymore because almost everything is so mediocre and equivalent products can be found elsewhere nowadays.
    I ordered my Zoya polishes yesterday! I got Sloane, Jo, Tangy and Shawn:-) So excited to get them in the mail!

  28. Yay for nail polish – I love polish right now and just got my collection over a hundred. I love Australia’s Ozotic polishes and I really liked Opi’s Katy Perry Collection Especially not like the movies. I have also gone Nfu Oh crazy!! Opal collection and holographic FTW and konading!

    Also yay for IMS. I hope people like the Inglot. I would love to see a post of all the different stuff from each person (ie the ones you kept for postage) to see what was around.

  29. Whoa…
    what exactly is “scene”? I’m confused now….

    The jello shots sound fun!

  30. I’m really looking forward to the sale. This could be a way for me to try MAC. I’m overwhelmed by their collection.

    Angry Birds: haven’t played it before (my phone isn’t compatible) but it looks supercute.

    I’m looking forward to see what the new Shiro Cosmetics collection will be.

  31. IMS package! YEEEEEEEEEEY.

    I don’t have the chance to buy MAC here, so for me it’s a geo-boycott. 😛

    I’ve played Angry Birds for the first time last week. It’s so freaking addictive. I justify it by saying that you have to apply your physics knowledge to bring those pigs down.

    Thanks so much for the jelly site. We’ve been planning to bring our youth years back for a night and these shots are what we need.

    PS: I don’t know what scene is either.

  32. I think your obsession with Angry Birds might get worse once the board game version is available for sale!