M & M’s

That’s an odd title for a post, especially considering I’m not a fan of chocolate.  It’s perfect for the battle I’m waging today between Morgana Cyrptoria and MAC.  Yes, I’m finally bringing you all the epic lipstick battle, only it’s not all that epic.  It’s actually pretty cut and dry.



Each MAC lipstick costs $14.50 for the typical 3g bullet.  That works out to about $4.83 a gram.

Formula / Wear

The MAC formula is typically considered one of the best.  It comes in a wide range of formulas (matte, satin, sheer, etc etc) and are fairly long wearing.  Some shades are a little drying and need a good balm under them.

One of the most frequently noted problems is that the Amplified Cremes contain gluten, which makes them unwearable by anyone with an intolerance.


MAC has a staggering amount of lipstick shades and is constantly adding and retiring new shades.  There are quite a few shades that, IMO, are very similar to me.  They also release and retire several dozen shades a year, however it’s been noted that they are typically all very similar to what they’ve already released or what is already out.

Value: 4/5

Formula / Wear : 4/5

Variety:  5/5

Overall: 4.33/5

Morgana Cryptoria


Each lipstick costs $10 for the typical 3g sized bullet.  That works out to about $3.33 a gram.

Formula / Wear

Morgana’s formula is my personal favorite.  It’s creamy and opaque and never drying.  I find it to be one of the longer wearing lipsticks I’ve found.  It is vegan and glutton free.


Although there are under 50 shades, they are always adding new ones and improving the ones they have.  There are a range of subtle and every day shades as well as their amazing variety of alternative, brights, and deep rich shades.  Recently a collection of soft pastels was introduced.  Shades are only discontinued if they don’t sell, not just to promote hype.

Value: 5/5

Formula / Wear : 5/5

Variety:  4/5

Overall: 4.66/5

The winner of the Lipstick Battle Royale? Morgana Cyptoria Vegan Lipsticks!


31 Responses to “M & M’s”

  1. “glutton free” made me cackle.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try Morgana’s lipsticks, was planning on ordering today actually lol.

  3. MAC lipsticks are really hit and miss for me. I love Blankety for giving my lips a slightly less pink lip-colour and a really smooth canvas to work on, and I tend to use that as a base before I then use any other lipstick. Morgana’s formula is incredible though.

  4. It’s so nice to see that, for the most part, the indie companies are trampling the big corporations 🙂

  5. Just checked out the site and the colors looking amazing. Great comparison. I really like this style review. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Thought as much, I adore Morgana’s lipsticks.
    I personally would rate them above Urban Decay lipsticks also, more opaque, longer lasting and they don’t come with that bitter taste all my UD lipsticks seem to have :-/

  7. The formula of MAC lippies are my faves, so this just makes me want to buy some Morgana lipsticks even more!

  8. I really like both MAC and Morgana lipsticks but I do tend to find that Morgana lipsticks have a better formula and seem to wear longer. Azalea blue never ceases to amaze me! It sticks around for forever! Love your battle 🙂

  9. Great comparison review!

  10. Yay for Morgana! I only have 1 Mac lipstick mommy gave me, so I can’t compare, but I adore Morgana’s. Fire Coral stole my heart recently! 😀

  11. Oh, great review! I adore Morgana’s lipsticks. Love Lies Bleeding has been on my lips since I got it in the mail the other day.

    • I just got that one, too. And WOW, I wore it the other day and everyone was trying to guess with MAC shade it was. Boy was I giggling.

      • Pleaaase Grey, can you post a lip swatch of Love Lies Bleeding? On Morgana’s site it looks like a redder version of Mistress and both of them remind me of Mac’s new kissable lip colour in Love Peck.

  12. Every time I see a glowing review of Morgana’s lipsticks, they get bumped up my must-buy list … and they’re now hovering above the top, I’ve seen that many rave reviews! Next time I have a little extra, I’m going for it. What shades would you recommend as must haves for pasty people with pink undertones like myself, who love color? 🙂

  13. I don’t wear a lot of lipsticks, I just can’t be bothered with all the reapplying I have to do to keep them looking nice, I simply talk too much for them to work, but I keep buying them… I only have one MAC lipstick, which I don’t like the colour or formula, I generally lean towards either my Inglot lipsticks (which are amazing) or OCC lip tars.

    I may have to check out Morgana once my 3 month no-buy is up, they do have some great colours and I’ve never seen a bad review of them..

    Also… $14.50 for a MAC lipstick!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! They’re $35 here in Australia, $20.50 more? WHAT THE HECK, it can’t cost that much to ship over here… BS. Lucky I don’t buy MAC then.

  14. I am definitely going to have to try out some Morgana lipsticks. I was at the MAC counter at MACY’s today, and while usually I’m drooling over a lot of their products, nothing i picked up was worth burning a whole in my wallet. I think i am going to try out some of the Morgana ones and see how it is.

    -ambi, you’re paying 35 dollars for a lipstick?! I hope you’re not, and thats just the price you’ve seen. OMG, I think I would cry.

    • I haven’t bought a MAC lipstick full price, but that is what they cost… I’ve only ever bought a MAC powder full price, and have since found better (and cheaper) Indie products, but I’d hate to see the price comparison on that.!

      We have massive mark-ups on all cosmetics it’s rediculous.

  15. What a great comparison! I personally love Morgana’s lipsticks and I think it’s great when people expand their horizons and realize that MAC isn’t the be-all and end-all. I spent $20/each on two MAC lippies and I found that the quality didn’t live up to the hype IMO.

  16. I’ve never tried MAC lipsticks but I love Morgana’s lippies. They have an excellent balance of moisturizing properties and long lasting wear. Plus the one-coat opacity of Morgana Cryptoria’s rainbow of fantasy colors puts similar colors by corporate companies to shame (ahem*Illamasqua*cough!). I bought some shades on Black Friday specifically for wearing throughout the day when the spring semester starts.

  17. I’ve never tried MAC lipsticks but I love Morgana’s lippies. They have an excellent balance of moisturizing properties and long lasting wear. Plus the one-coat opacity of Morgana Cryptoria’s rainbow of fantasy colors puts similar colors by corporate companies to shame (ahem*Illamasqua*cough!). I bought some shades on Black Friday specifically for staying put throughout the day when the spring semester starts.

  18. I love Morganas lipsticks. They’re the lip product that taught me that wearing lipstick needn’t be a complete pain in the ass, and I love her for it. I intend on owning a full collection asap. Even the shades I won’t use, I want. XD

  19. i have never worn mac, too expensive. i do love morgana’s lipsticks. i own several shades.

  20. This comparison is wonderful. MAC is borderline affordable, but Morgana is $10 and has awesome formula?!?!?! I have decided that the next haul of lipsticks I will be getting will be Morgana! I’d have a hard time choosing what colors to get though =[. First, I need to save up lots of money! Are the swatches on Morgana’s store accurate?

  21. So I’m not the only one who thinks that MAC lipstick containers look like massive black tampons, right? 😐

    (Serious response – just ordered Azalea and Very Cherry. My FIRST morganas! Heres hoping they don’t end up sitting out the front for a whole day and melt in the Australian summer 😦 😦 )

  22. Oh – and yes, MAC lipsticks cost almost 40 bucks here. But it pales in comparison to stuff like Nars – 110 bucks for finishing powder O_O

    I cry when I read american bloggers complaining about how a body cream cost them fifteen bucks(Not you).

  23. For folks who are interested, I found some MAC-to-Morgana dupes, mostly among the Hello Kitty colors. I was kind of amused to find so many dupes because I only own one other MAC lipstick (Pervette).

    MAC’s Big Bow is similar to Morgana’s Cotton Candy. Big Bow is more sheer, and a warmer base color.
    MAC’s Most Popular is nearly exactly the same as Morgana’s Rose Plum.
    MAC’s Viva Glam Cyndi is a match for Morgana’s Coraline’s Kiss.
    I initially wondered, on Twitter, if Morgana’s Azalea Blue might be similar to MAC’s Strayin’. It is only similar in that they’re both cooler reds. 😀 I think Azalea might be a better match. (And of course, Morgana’s color is much more pigmented.)

  24. I’ve tried Mistress, Coraline’s Kiss, and Raspberry of Morgana’s lipsticks, and you’re right, the formula is fabulous. Unfortunately, most of her colors look like they’ll be way way way too strong for me: I’ve been able to wear Raspberry a little as a stain and Coraline’s Kiss, but Mistress is reserved for vamp nights out. (Ironically, I suspect the pastels will be too pale. Sigh.) I don’t want to ask her to make more boring lipstick colors, but alas, that’s kind of what I need.