Brazen Cosmetics – A Review


I have become so disenchanted with the MM you can find on Etsy these days.  Browsing I see so many repacks or half-done things from companies obviously hoping to just jump on the bandwagon.  I see a lot of these shops with so many sales and I feel bad because I wonder exactly how much about MM the people paying for this stuff actually understand and if they know what they are buying.

I was on the Facebook page of a notoriously horrid MM company (lurking) reading about their latest escapades with the FDA when I caught a post of someone suggesting a few OTHER companies with similar feels.  One of which I’ve already reviewed and was frankly disgusted with.  The other, I discovered, was in the same local area as the ‘hMMc’.  I followed a few links and found myself on their Etsy site and actually excited.

Brazen Cosmetics is on both Etsy and ArtFire.  I ordered from the Etsy shop during a recent sale.  The listings are not lacking, they contain all the information I like to see.  They have nice macros of the shades, swatches, shade descriptions, and the product sizes.  Ingredients are listed in the ‘materials’ section and to be honest, I completely missed them the first time I browsed, but it sort of makes sense to have them listed there, so yeah.  The only thing that seems to be missing is info about the company itself, which is something I am growing to need to know more of.  There is a link to their Facebook page, though, and you can head over there to research a little more, which I think everyone always should.  Not visit Facebook pages, research.  If you’re looking to purchase from a company new to you, I urge you all to goggle : ‘company name’ + review.

I like the whole concept of the shop, they are sort of edgy but not to the point that they go too far and name things after something I wouldn’t ever want on my face or ‘push the envelope’ to the point they are vulgar.  It’s a fine line and I think they do a fair job of keeping on this side of tasteful. There is some mild use of sticky caps, but not to the point my eyes were crossing.

I ended up ordering:

Orange You Glad…Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
Sugar and Glitter Perfume
Perfect 10…Peachy Pink Blush with Gold Shimmer Loose Mineral BLUSH
SuPeR SaLE… Wrapped Gift Packs of 3 products from BRAZEN COSMETICS.
BuRLeSQuE…Hot Pink Sexy Sticky Lipgloss Pot in 5g size.
DeFiANt…Coffee Brown with Gold Sparkles and Green Duo Chrome PRESSED Mineral Eye Shadow
BLaCk LiSTeD..Black Sparkle Glitterati Gel from the Twisted Rainbow Collection. Eye Safe and Multi Use.
Mystery Grab Bag…3 products in 5g size.


I ended up placing two orders, just about back to back.  I ordered the first time and then the owner contacted me because I’d made a mistake in checking out, I’d asked for a color option when one wasn’t needed.  Oops.  She informed me she’d be having a sale, did I want to wait, and I said sure.  So my orders were combined and my shipping overages refunded.  I paid a total of about $5 for shipping.  It was sent via USPS priority and arrived just a few days after I ordered the second time.


My order was well wrapped and carefully packaged in a small Flat Rate box.  My items were grouped inside and then wrapped in tissue paper.  Also included were several samples, my invoice, as well as a hand written thank you.


I think what I was struck by most when I opened my package was that everything was sealed.  More and more I’m growing to appreciate this little step that Etsy sellers are taking.  To me that along with professional and complete labeling shows me that they take their product seriously as well as respect me as their customer in giving me a safer product.  Safe in the aspect that it’s more sanitary and well as complete with a full list of ingredients.

The products I ordered were sealed and labeled with the product name, shade, the company information, the size, and the ingredients.

Burlesque Hot Pink Sexy Sticky Lipgloss

You right away know why I got this.  Of course it’s a lovely pink shade that’s pretty amazing.  I will say the formula is pretty familiar.  I’ve made my own lip glosses enough to recognize that this is made on the versagel base.  It doesn’t mean it’s a bad lip gloss, though.  It’s obviously been custom blended into a unique color.  It’s on par with a MAC Dazzleglass in terms of wear, so it’s still a very great buy.

Sugar and Glitter Perfume

I realize this is a dupe scent, but honestly I don’t think I’ve smelled the original before.  They also make another perfume, a vanilla scent, which I was also sent a sample of.  They do scent samples the way Ana suggested people do, by soaking a little motif in the scent and sealing it in a plastic bag.  It’s fairly effective!

Back to Sugar and Glitter.

A fun youthful blend of bubblegum, sugar, vanilla and cotton candy. Totally girly! This is our take on Lush’s “Rock Star”.

It’s very delicious.  I’m actually quite crazy about it.  I don’t typically think of it as one of my kind of scents, it’s actually a little cloying.  I’ve kept it on my desk and I’ve used it a few times and I’ve always got compliment that it’s ‘familiar’.  The scent lasted a few hours, although nothing remarkable.  I really want to try to find a lotion scented like this now, though.

Orange You Glad Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

Ok, so I make my own lip scrub from coconut butter and raw sugar.  Still, I use one everyday so I like to try them out whenever I see them sold.  This scrub came in a small sealed black tub.  It was closed carefully and didn’t leak.  When I opened it and smelled it, ok yes, I licked it.  It smelled amazingly of sweet oranges.  A problem a lot of people who make lip scrubs have is that they make them too greasy and oily.  This was dry enough that the sugar was still scrubby and still emollient enough it didn’t completely strip my lips.

I love this stuff.

Defiant Pressed Powder Eyeshadow

When I first unwrapped and opened this I was sort of upset to discover that it had a strong smell.  It smelled a little like enamel paint.  I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I think it might be the adhesive used to glue the pan into the little jar.  After opening I left it with the lid off overnight and the scent had pretty much dissipated.

The formula is nice and it’s well pressed. I actually dropped it and it didn’t crack or shatter.  I really like the color, it’s a bit of a crazy neutral, that is it’s almost just brown, but it’s shot through with a bit of khaki.  It looks great in my crease with just  touch of a lid color.

Black Listed Black Sparkle Glitterati Gel

I have a fascination with glitter.  I’ve grown my collection recently, snatching my favorite Aromaleigh shades up before they closed and picking some up from Morgana Cryptoria.  I’ve even gone so far as to order from Eye Kandy (review coming soonish).  I wondered how close this would be to the glitter gels I like from HiFi and I was pleased to find this was similar.

It comes in a large clear 10 gram jar filled enough that it’s not a mess.  The glitter is fine and cosmetic and eye safe and suspended in a goo like stuff.  I’m not sure technically what it is.  It applies like a gel, it’s fairly thin and the glitter in it is enough to be substantial and not sparse.  You can wear it all over the place, although because this is black I’m going to stick with it closer to my eye area.  Once applied it seemed stuck like glue and didn’t fall off into my face.

Perfect 10 Blush

When I see an Orgasm dupe, I get it.  However this isn’t exactly listed as a dupe.  In fact it’s a bit more peach.  I do like the color, it’s a bit brighter I think and maybe not so serious as Orgasm.  Where Orgasm does work with everything it’s one of those ubernatural blushes, Perfect 10 gives you enough color you can tell it’s there.  I’m really pleased that even as fair as I am, and I am, that it’s not too dark or too bright. It did have a bit more sparkle then I’m used to, though.  For some reason I’m more uncomfortable with sparkly cheeks that deep red eye shadow.

The formula is nice, it wore well and applied evenly and didn’t streak as it wore.  It faded a bit after a few hours, but nothing that bad.  I really liked the way it looked on my cheeks, I want to say that the rice powder in it helped to keep my blush looking smoother over my foundation.

Mystery Packs

I ended up getting two of these, because they were a great price.  I have had really bad experience in the past buying a ‘mystery’ product and then not getting anything.  In this case, though, I ended up with a great selection! I received shadows in Coy, Iced, Dazed, Headstrong, and Paradox as well as a Glitterati glitter in Shiver.  Together they are a great compliment of cool purples, teals, and blues.

The shades are well blended and the formula is nice.  It was long wearing and didn’t crease.  Of course I wore them over primer, in this case SoBe’s Primed and Proper.  The glitter, Shiver, is a mix of several shades of glitter and I really like it.  The colors are a great selection that all work with each other.  I really like that when someone offers a grab bag they take the time to match things for you so you can wear them together.  There is a company ::coughFyrinnaecough:: that always sends a few samples and the samples ALWAYS compliment the shades you actually ordered and I’ve always loved the care and thoughtfulness put into touches like that.

From top to bottom, left to right: Headstrong, Dazed, Paradox, Shiver, Coy, Iced, Defiant, Perfect 10, and Black Listed

The samples sent also coordinated.  I actually mentioned I was interested in the combo of Incognito, Headstrong, and Jinx, because it seemed very well put together and it was.  She also sent a sample of Submission, which is an amazing rich navy that I’ve used on my eyebrows since my hair is a black/blue.  I also tried the highlighter in Poetic, but it was pilfered over the weekend.

From left to right : Jinx, Incognito, and Headstrong

Of course I sat down with my box of mica to see if I could match things.  Maybe it makes me cynical, but it’s something I always do.  I’m happy to report that nothing matched!  The shades I have are all unique.  I found the swatches and the descriptions on the site accurate.


Would I order from Brazen again?  Yes.

  • The customer service was thorough and quick.  Whenever I convoed with a question about something it was quickly answered.
  • The products I got where well made.
  • The company’s branding is very professional and everything looks very clean and tidy.
  • I really didn’t spend all that much (and yes I managed to purchase during a sale) but I really got a lot for my money.

Overall:  /5


35 Responses to “Brazen Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. Headstrong is just sooo pretty *___*

  2. I’m so happy that you liked them! I bought samples from them some time ago and really need to buy full sizes of my favorites. I love this company and think they are going to do great!

  3. These look awesome! I’ve been eyeballing them for awhile now, and they’re very high up on my list of places to shop with once my no/low buy is done. Glad to hear you had an awesome all-around experience with them!

  4. Love the review! I don’t think there’s a brazen shade I’ve tried that I didn’t like. I have some glitterati gels on their way to me, i’m even more excited to try them now! 😀

  5. Those mystery packs really sound nice and I love Iced.
    Great review! *heads over to Etsy*

  6. Jules Noctambule January 10, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Nice! I’ve taken a look at their shop before, but was waiting for a review from a trustworthy source. Now the hard part will be deciding on colours!

  7. I’m glad that you reviewed them. I have seen their shop but i’ve been a bit hesitant with buying. May actually have to try them out now.

  8. I have to admit the StIcY cAPs is a turnoff to me, but I was checking out their shades yesterday during some down time while helping a friend through an FFXI fight, and I really liked quite a few of their colors.

    I look forward to giving them a try based on this review. Thank you!

  9. Unfortunately one of my huge pet peeve of sticky caps… I’m border line occ against it for some reason. I guess imo It’s just horribly unprofessional. So I won’t be getting anything from them.

    As edgy as they may be edgy just seems to be a trend for companies. I’ve noticed that more and more companies are popping up with “edgy” names and concepts, and mainstream companies are doing the same. I miss when edgy wasn’t “in” it was just a way of life.

    They don’t have anything I couldn’t make myself, or that I don’t own already. I’m glad you had a pleasant experience with them. It’s always great to find new indie mmc.

    Thanks for the review!

  10. Yesss! I love to see that there are still companies out there striving to be unique and not just jumping the bandwagon. Thank you again, Grey, for putting yourself in the line of fire, so to speak and writing another wonderful review. ^_^

  11. Heheheh I am in talks with that company for a little custom set of samples to reviews. They are soooo nice. I can’t wait till I get mine!

  12. That bright blue (Coy?) is so. pretty! Also, when I read the line “escapades with the FDA,” for some reason I got a mental image of people in 3-piece suits waterskiing and laughing, while angry customers stood on a dock shaking their fists.

  13. Incognito is so pretty!

  14. I am loving incognito and paradox. The mystery grab bag really appeals to me. I wont lie its probably the 8 year old in me that used to go to Claire’s and get the mystery bag waiting to see what cute trinkets awaited me. This is like the grown up version of that mystery bag. If they would just change the sticky caps, I know its a minor issue, it just makes me feel like I am ordering from a 12 year old. With that aside, they are lovely colors.

  15. Excellent review.

    I have to agree with others, sticky caps and all caps are an extreme put off for me. Though my reasoning is that I’m dyslexic. I read by word shape, and the use of caps in this manner can make it extremely difficult (sometimes impossible, and other times simply a migraine) for me to read anything because it distorts the word shape.

  16. Ooh, Headstrong looks gorgeous! I agree with you and everyone about the tacky, immature-looking sticky caps. But aside from that … looks like a good company!

  17. Everything is so pretty! I wish I had a bigger make-up budget so I could try out more companies. Jinx, Incognito, and Headstrong are sooo beautiful and those glitters look amazing!

  18. Thank you for reviewing my shop, Grey. I am happy you enjoyed your goodies & am thrilled to share my love (aka obsession) of makeup to your readers.
    Sandi 🙂

  19. I’m going to check Brazen out the colours you chose are really gorgeous! I think I might go with a mystery bag! 🙂

  20. Great review! I am now lemming their Candy Hearts eye shadow collection.

  21. I love Swoon, Headstrong, and Incognito. Such pretty colors! It really does give me a minor panic attack when I see randomly capitalized letters though. Maybe everyone’s advice will get them to change that. 🙂

  22. Wow, that packaging is super cute! I think “Shiver” looks like a great glitter for layering. Thanks for the review!

    Just curious Grey, but what is your favorite glitter eye shadow brand? I’m looking for a loose one preferably; a holographic one would be amazing too!

    • I’m actually still looking around, but they are all going to be the same. There isn’t a great diverse range out there, but color wise people blend them into different mixes. I loved Aromaleigh’s color blends, though. Morgana Cryptoria has a great selection too, if she’s still selling them.

  23. Paradox looks gorgeous! I understand why you would look through your mica to try and match them…I just read your blog and Phyrra’s if I’m interested in an indie company.

  24. I’m a sucker for bright teal like blues, and coy looks amazing! Perfect 10 also caught my attention, although what you said about the glitter in it makes me hesitate. I’m a huge fan of glitter…but not so much on my cheeks. Although I still would probably try it out. Thanks for the great review!

  25. I’m really surprised this review is so positive! I was looking at Brazen but put off from ordering by their claims that they’re THE BEST THING OMFGEVER.

    This part:
    “What makes our eye shadow rock so much harder than other brands you’ll find on here? It’s crafted by a professional makeup artist, ya, a picky chick who KNOWS MAKEUP and demands it to perform!”

    Really annoys me. There are some seriously great make-up companies on Etsy; Shiro and Hi Fi to name two, and none of those have to declare how much better they are than the competition in every listing.

    • Like I’ve said before, I’ve started to ignore this sort of stuff. So many people do it and I chalk it up to newbie enthusiasm.

    • I overlooked it too, but it’s a good point, Ana. Trashing the competition isn’t the way to succeed long term.

  26. Interesting point, Anastasia. I didn’t realize it came off any more than really confident in my product. I meant it more to convey that the formulas and products are created by a professional who has been working with cosmetics (both application and production) for over 10 years, and sort of a response to all the repackaging out there…not trashing anyone. I have nothing but love for the other awesome sellers out there (esp the ones you mentioned)!

    Guess I need to tweak the phrasing a bit. I appreciate feedback, for sure. 🙂

  27. Headstrong is a gorgeous color. Great find and so glad to hear that everything performed well and was professionally wrapped to boot.

  28. This is exciting and I’m happy to hear that you liked everything… but the list of companies I want to order from is getting way too long! ;D

  29. Just bought a grab bag for $5. Super excited! Thanks for the review!

  30. Wow! It sounds like a great company! Dazed is SUCH a cute baby blue!!!

  31. I’m so glad that the review was positive.
    You’ve sparked my interest for this company with your Window Shopping and this just adds to it 🙂 .

  32. Thanks for the review. I was curious about this company and now will eventually try them out. Their Glitterati Gels look amazing, and it’s great it can be used near the eyes.