Inque – A Follow Up

Just after I wrote my review I ordered a few of the designs from my set.  I picked:




Pink Delight

Night Out

I completely intend on getting the rest of them, but for now I picked up the 5 for $30 special to get free shipping.  As usual my order was printed and shipped quickly.  This time a really nice file was included in my order, I really like how it finishes the edges of my nails.  I was completely impressed about how the designs I’d chosen worked out when they were printed on the vinyl material.

They are amazingly true to life and detailed.  Ornate, which is the Gothique background, is still detailed although it’s been scaled down.  The swiss dots of Grey and Pink Delight (meant to represent stockings) have the fine detail of the netting, as does the lace in Yesterday.  The sequin details of Night Out is still very obvious, I worried about that one since I wasn’t sure how well it would print.  I also have Flight on it’s way to me.  I picked a series of feather prints, the two pink to represent boas and the grey and pastel print to represent the fan dance.

Way back… three weeks ago now I sat and did my toes in one of the Hello Kitty prints I got.  My toes STILL look amazing, they haven’t worn off or peeled or anything, which is amazing.  I know how much some people pay to have a pedicure and their toenails painted almost every week!  I am going to pull them off today, though, my actual nail has grown enough it’s time for a change.

I’m still just amazed.  I’ve also been trying out the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nails as well as a set I got at Rite Aid from a company called Broadway (which lasted all of four hours before the tips were peeling).  I plan on sitting down this weekend and redoing my nails each with a different companies product, to see which wears best.

In the meantime, the winner of my Inque giveaway is:

Email me at contact  [dot] gothique [at] gmail [dot] com!


13 Responses to “Inque – A Follow Up”

  1. Yes, the few times I’ve gotten a pro manicure, whenever I’ve picked out a design they never got it to look the way the example did! And my nails always wound up smudging before I left the parlor. This seems like such a great idea for people that would love to be more fancy with their nails, but are super impatient like me :).

  2. I am seriously itching to try these!!

  3. They look so nice and it’s great that they work so well on toes too. I may have to try it. Can’t wait to see the comparisons with other brands.

  4. I’m so glad to hear these babies last so long. I am ALWAYS chipping at my nails. Of course,you can’t expect your nails to stay nice when you take care of a lot of animals, but I don’t even give a second glance to stuff I know ain’t gonna last. Your designs look lovely…I’m sure I’ll eventually break down and splurge on some.

    Oh, and the fan dance…sigh. I want a pair of giant feather fans for myself. Maybe somday…

  5. THREE WEEKS?! :O OK, I’m sold! Next time I have $30 I’m getting some goodies 🙂

  6. These look amazing! I love that you can put them on your own nails, which is great for people in health professions that can’t get their nails done professionally. If the price ever goes down I will definitely try these!

  7. these look great!

  8. Wow, the designs are amazing!

  9. I really do love the designs, but maybe I am just tired but I cant see where on the website it says 5 for 30$ special… =/

    My biggest fear is that I don’t know how to put them on, I think I’ll fudge up cutting the width.

  10. Whee, I can’t believe I won! Thank you so much. Yay 😀

  11. thebirdofparadise January 14, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    Congratulations, Beautyfap! enjoy your gift. 🙂

  12. Ah, so glad to see everything’s great 😀 !