The Curious Cupcake

My pea pod necklace arrived the other day.  I had requested a custom made one for my Mom for Valentine’s Day.  It has a pearl for each of her grandchildren (two grandsons and a granddaughter).

I love it, it’s even more adorable then I expected since I wasn’t sure how it would look with the mix of pearls.  It’s very well made, it was well packaged and shipped quickly.  I’m glad I discovered The Curious Cupcake, I’m definatly going to order from them again soon!

Have you made any exciting Etsy discoveries lately?


17 Responses to “The Curious Cupcake”

  1. This is totally cute and your mom will love it.
    I ordered from Darling Clandestine per your suggestion and I love her scents. Especially Big Top Train.

  2. This is a great necklace. LOVE it! I’m sure your mom will too.

  3. I love the little curled wire tendril on your pendant!

  4. What a thoughtful gift for your momma. I’m sure she’ll love it!!

  5. I agree with everyone! this i very cute i love it! 🙂

  6. I am not a usual user of mineral make-up so I don’t have much to compare to, but I tried a number of eye shadows from NoellaBeautyWorks on Etsy and I love them! Her colors (and photography) are awesome – -holy holy. Her pictures are so pretty, too.

    Thought I’d give it a mention, being that you love mineral make-up and all.

  7. It turned out really cute!

  8. Oh cute! Must learn how to make that, I love wire wrapping.

  9. Eep, so so cute! And that price is a steal. I want one even more now.

  10. How cute!!!

  11. In terms of finds, I got turned onto the BrinandNohl shop by anna at Bought this coffee sack type thing which I feel a bit smug about whenever I look at it. Although it’s full of large plush squid :\

    (I dont know if urls are going to work?)

  12. What a cute necklace! I think I’d want one with purple pearls now =) I’ve only bought some jewelry from Whimsy Beading so far.

  13. What a great idea for a present! As far as Etsy finds, I finally checked out my friend’s Etsy page ( and she has a special $2 sale! Which is practically unbeatable so I had to buy a super cute headband!

  14. Oh my this is so adorable! I hope your mother loves it!

  15. That is so pretty and cute. It will make a lovely gift!