It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Had a horrible allergic reaction yesterday and so I took the day off and will probably take tomorrow off, too.  I didn’t realize it was a holiday weekend!  Bonus for me, I guess.  Or not since I’ll be that much more behind.  Maybe I’ll go to Disneyland.  Oh, or Sea World!


A few packages went out Monday.  A few will go out next week.  I’m slowly working through things and getting things labeled and packaged.

What Next?

I have a ton of reviews in the works.  Seriously, it’s out of control.  What do you want to see next?  These are the few that are closest to being done with another 50 or so behind them.  You can pick two.

The Links

Chloe is starting a hair blog.  I’m excited.

Ready for this?  Panda bread.

Great, now I want THIS.

Still loving Black Cards.  I wish I actually liked Pete Wentz, I can’t actually name a FOB song, I fail at emo,

I’m loving this channel.

This book was amazing.

Your Turn

Got any plans for the weekend?

If you had $100 you had to spend on makeup, what would you do with it?


41 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. My plans for the weekend are so exciting for me! We are going out to see my mother in law (I got lucky, she’s incredible) and were going to look at a house out by her. Its on 3 acres of land & has a fully stocked pond. I’m really excited if you can’t tell!

    With $100 I would probably make a huge TKB order. I want to try out some different bases & finish getting all of the colors I don’t have. I’d also love to try out all of their nail polish things as well as getting some palettes so I can play around with pressing my own.

    I hope you have a good holiday weekend!

  2. I would totally buy the new Urban Decay Anniversary eyeliner set that comes out tomorrow!! I’m actually going to the casino tomorrow with my finace, and I told him if I win $100 then that’s what I’m going to do with it 🙂

  3. Weekend plans for me are to go see “Black Swan” and “127 Hours”. Then go to a great diner in the city.

    If I had $100 specifically for makeup, I would probably just go crazy on all the indie sites I love, trying out new ones too. Perhaps some lipsticks from Morgana (Which I have only heard good things about!).

  4. OH MY GOSH. PANDA BREAD! That looks way too cute.

    If I had $100, I would spend half of it catching up on Etsy recommendations and the other half on something very luxe…like…the Hourglass eyeshadow duos, which have been getting great reviews recently. …And probably something Illamasqua. Ore pigment. So expensive, though!

  5. The weekend consists of work and WoW for me. The bf is going to a The Beatles cover band show at Pechanga Casino, so I’m left at home with nothing to do but work work work. *sigh* I love seaworld! It’s always nice and sunny in San Diego, can’t go wrong with that!

    Hmm, if I had 100$.. what would I do? I would probably go and get some more eyeshadows from geekchic. I am finally using some of the things I ordered and it;s so awesome! I would probably also buy a few new eyelashes. I’m not sure if its makeup, but i have really tiny eyelashes, and with them my eyes pop out more! :]

  6. Weekend plans…Nothing I am afraid! Catching up on a stack of books i’ve been neglecting and enjoying a free weekend. my singer is laid out from knee surgery, so I get a weekend to myself where I’m not required to perform or please anyone but myself! yayyyy

    $100 strictly on Makeup! That’s easy…I’d order every one of OHWTO lip tints, and then blow the rest at Sobe Botanicals. Every time I go to the site I end up not buying anything because THERE IS JUST SO MUCH THAT I WANT!!!! I can’t make up my mind,nor can I afford to spend the amount i’ve accumulated, so I end up just giving up.

  7. I hope the reaction clears up soon! *hugs*
    Disneyland is special but Sea World has a special place in my heart, though I couldn’t tell you why.

    This weekend is more organizing and cleaning, broken up with writing yet even more cover letters. I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing!

    Oh, I wish someone would make the Panda Bread and tell people how it tastes! (I can’t because I’ve cut wheat out of my diet for at least a couple of months.)
    And the PES video of old tools in the ocean was fascinating; thank you for the link!

    Oh man, $100 seems like so much and yet so little! There are so many companies I want to check out, but I’m been banned from buying any more eyeshadow. ;_; So I’d probably get the Urban Decay eyeliner set as well. I’ve heard so many good reviews!

  8. My weekend is kinda stuffed, I have a huge amount of clean up to do thanks to my state in Australia going for a swim this weekend. I have to get the mould off the ceiling and help my flatmates who lost their house in the floods move in.

    $100 would go to me either getting OCC liptars or Hakuhodo brushes – Squee! Though right now if I got free money I would probably donate a heap to the relief. Maybe buy makeup/toiletries and donate them to the relief as so many people lost everything and that includes their basic makeup they might need for job interviews or to feel a little pretty again.

  9. Weekend means moving back to school! Blech, packing. But if I had $100, I think I’d blow it all at Fyrinnae and Shiro Cosmetics. And buy that Black Honey lip thing from Clinique. So pretty.

  10. Thanks for linking my blog Grey! I’ve had so much support of so many people and I haven’t even done much! I hope I can live up to all your expectations :))

    As for me, my plans involve a lot more work! I’ve some freelance to do this weekend, but I’ll also take some time to catch up on my Prison Break boxset that was gifted to me last week, yay!

    I’m so happy my IMS package will be with me soon. Weeeeeeeee!!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  11. No especial plans for the weekend yet, I’ll probably just hang out with my parents on Saturday and then church on Sunday. Although, this sunday the Golden Globes are happening and that makes me extra happy. I’m probably the only person that still gets excited by an awards show, but what can I do, I’m a huge pop culture geek and I can’t help it.

    And If I had a $100 dollars to expend on make-up I probably would buy the new brush kit by Sigma. I’m totally in love with the blue ones but there’s no way I can afford that anytime soon.

  12. I caught a cold and actualy have to work on Saturday, after that I’m going to try to recover as much as possible.

    If I had to spend it on makeup, I spend it on a bunch of Indie eyeshadow samples like Meow, Fyrinae, Shiro, etc… I’d buy as many different items as possible, get my money’s worth you know.

  13. Panda bread. /faints
    This is so so so awesome c:

    Got any plans for the weekend?
    My plans for the weekend; going to my favourite gothic club on Saturday and on Sunday I’ll catch up with my room in terms of cleaning and tidying up. Rest of the time will be spend sleeping, haha. :3

    If you had $100 you had to spend on makeup, what would you do with it?
    Ooh, I’d get some things from Illamasqua and Benefit and probably some cute items from Japanese brands c:

  14. My plan for the weekend is to deny that I have school coming up in 10 days. I wish I could be celebrating my anniversary with the bf but he be working.

    If I had $100 to spend on makeup I think I’d get some Josie Maran cosmetics. I got some of their items for free from a giveaway and now it’s made me rather curious about the brand

  15. It is my sisters birthday, so we are probably going to go out to lunch. She wants a new tattoo, I was thinking of getting something pierced while I was there, but I’m not sure. I would either spend the money on Inglot, or all indie companies particularly Fyrinnae and Shiro.

  16. This weekend? Well, now I’m going to make Panda bead over the weekend, if only to try some green tea bread, that sounds intriguing and delicious! Besides, I have a set of panda tea cups and saucers so I don’t need more to throw myself a tiny panda themed tea party!

    If I had $100 to spend on makeup? I would completely overhaul my brushes and splurge on every brush I have ever compromised over because of the price. Then if I had anything left over I would find myself a perfect silent film era dark dark red lipstick and be content…

  17. $100 would probably buy me the rest of the items in Fyrinnae’s shop, so that’s what I’d spend it on 😀

  18. OMG, panda bread. Last night I made Chocolate Key Lime pie, om nom nom.

    This weekend is going to be a buttload of drama, so I’m going to try to get through it as quickly as possible :(.

    If I had $100 to spend on makeup, I would like to buy some essentials that I always forget (brushes, primer, blush, etc.).

  19. lol… I am playing hookie from work and came across your post, love it great idea. I will subscribe, can’t wait for the next one 🙂 ~SW

  20. The only plan so far for the weekend is re-visiting some condos and a seeing a house with my Realtor. I have Monday off of work so I need to make better plans to do something fun.

    If I had to spend $100 on makeup I would probably look into picking some stuff from sugarpill. I’m curious about the pressed shadows and I definitely don’t have anything that colorful in my collection.

  21. My weekend plans include a burial, a dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile, and a day of trying to get through all the junk in my room. I have too many books and clothes, I think.

    If I had $100 to spend on makeup, I’d spend it on a couple of high-end foundations. Base makeup is something I’d really love to invest in if I just had the cash!

  22. If I had 100 dollars I had to spend on makeup I would look through your indie reviews and find a way to spend it pretty quickly! I would also purchase some sort of nail polish stuff or maybe even Inque.

  23. This weekend I have to pick up a game. Not electronic, something Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne-y. I guess board game? But with tiles, tileboardgame? 😀
    Not sure what yet, I think I want it to involve zombies though.

    If I had $100 I had to spend on makeup, I’d by some more Hi-Fi cosmetics. I only have 2 jars of pretty from them and I love the samples, but everytime I want to buy, I can’t decide. There are just too many awesome looking choices and not enough moola in the bank! $100 would make that a cinch lol

  24. I’d paypal them to Dominique and get her to pick up some Urban Decay and perhaps Too Faced for me… Hm.

  25. I really hope someone posts how that panda bread tastes!
    This is my last weekend before spring semester starts for me so I will be studying and trying to schedule enough posts on my blog to make up for my slothfulness this past week! I’m jealous everyone sounds like they have some great stuff planned this weekend!

    If I had $100 to spend on make up I would also buy all the brushes I need so I can stop using the top half of my brushes that had broken 🙂 and then probably splurge on the new Brazen Valentine eye shadows because they will make my single valentines day so much better! With all the extra money I would probably try out some of the smaller brands you’ve reviewed that I otherwise could never justify buying.

  26. Panda bread is too cute to eat!!

    This week-end I will be doing some shopping maybe. I’m not sure.
    If I had $100 dollars to spend on cosmetics… I would probably go to Shopper’s Drugmart and buy myself a bundle of Urban Decay and Anna Sui products! Or buy a really luxurious, rich and over priced eye cream…

  27. That panda bread is CUTE.

    I’m working this weekend. 😦 And next weekend too. Sigh.

    I know it’s not makeup, but I’d buy so much epically epic stuff with 100$. Roll-on perfume and solid lotion in every scent. Haha! And definitely their new mango lychee lip balm. Yummm. I guess if it had to be “makeup” though, I’d get the Urban Decay anniversary 24/7 pencils. Asphyxia looks so pretty. Hope you have a great weekend!

  28. I have the impression that if I had $100 to spend on makeup, after I read your Inglot review, that’s what I’d blow it on.

  29. Gosh is indeed available in Canada, you don’t even have to go to sephora, its in the shoppers drug mart closest to you…

    With 100 dollars on cosmetics I would:
    Try out

    Try out size my nails at inque. I love low maintenance things.

    Try out a scrub or a masque from Bella Lucce.

    And try out that ‘Angel’ fragrance people been going on about. And some of the 100% natural foodie perfumes from possets.

  30. Personally, I vote Disneyland; I have a moral disagreement with SeaWorld’s practices.

    If I had $100 allocated to makeup, I’d be doing a big haul over at Madame Madeline, and then hitting Fyrinnae for a few shadows once they reopen.

    • On another note, I hadn’t come across this shop yet, but I’m suddenly running into big giveaways and whatnot (recent too, as in only last month). Anywho, it’s screaming fishy to me, but I trust your judgment more than mine.

      Shortlinked, ’cause I don’t want to trigger Alerts.

  31. I’m going to a birthday party for my boyfriends niece this weekend. Looking forward to hanging out with his family. If I had a hundred dollars to spend on make-up, I would finally buy pixie epoxy (and probably some other Fyrinnae stuff). I would also probably buy a Sugarpill compact and loose shadow. Also, I would probably buy some TKB and have some fun making my own make-up. =)

  32. Oh my god panda bread! lol So cute! That video was so creatively awesome! I have no big plans for the weekend, as my husband an I are usually quiet homebodies whenever we get a chance. If I had $100 cosmetics dollars I would want to get the Shiro Cosmetics Kawaii shadow set, Fyrinnae stuff(including PE since I haven’t been able to afford it yet) and some OCC Lip Tars.

  33. I can’t wait to see a story on glitters! I’ve really been getting into them lately and I can’t wait to see what you have to say.

  34. I have no plans over this weekend.

    If I had $100 to spend on makeup, I would spend it on Arcane Eyeshadows from Fyrinnae and stuff from SobeBotanicals. And also, lipsticks from Morgana’s Cryptoria.

  35. If I had $100, I’d probably go nuts on Sephora and Etsy. Stila has new stuff coming out, and I really heart Stila. I’m also waiting (impatiently) to see what new stuff Shiro Cosmetics is coming out with!

  36. I love Pandas! I’ve been ridiculously into nails lately, so I’d probably spend a hypothetical $100 on nail polish (or the coveted YSL lipsticks, but those are soo expensive). I’ve been enjoying glitters and am currently on the hunt for a good metallic dark silver.

  37. I had plans to catch up on TV shows and go shopping. The first didn’t happen as I got distracted.

    With $100 for makeup, I’d head to Sephora, Etsy, Geek Chic, Fyrinnae, among other indie brands and try the stuff I’ve always wanted. Someday I will. 🙂

  38. Aw, I miss your blog… and it looks like I’ll be missing it some more – Internetless and LeGothiqueless for the next 3 weeks 😮 !

    Panda bread 😀 !

    100 $ on makeup? Palettes for all my friends 🙂 .

  39. This is the first weekend my boyfriend and I have off together since we started dating. (2 months now). Not sure what all we do. Probably go on a real date. (I work nights so the regular diner and a movie is out of the question. He works the days I don’t. Looking forward to the free time.

    100 dollars on make up? I’d sink some cash into all these indie companies I want to try. I’ve only boughten from Shiro, Geek Chic, Fyrinnae, and Meow (just brushes from them) so far.