Let’s talk about concealers tonight.  I never used them in the past, but now?  Now I’m thinking I’m going to start.  I have some spots on the back of my cheeks I want to, well, conceal.  They aren’t scars or anything so much as left over sun damage from my years of growing up on one of my family’s farms.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a tight knit family who farmed, on both my mother’s and my father’s side.  I thought nothing of being outside chasing chickens around while my Uncle John shoed the horses.  I loved picked strawberries and making myself sick eating them on Aunt Babe’s farm.  It was just normal.

Now I’m left with the tell tale signs of a life in the sun.  Most of my body is still pale pale pale.  My cheeks, though, those show the years of my childhood shamelessly.  They were fine up until maybe a year ago when all of a sudden the pigmentation in my body radically started to move against me and a few little spots became persistent troublemakers.

  1. What is your major area of concern in regards to concealment?
  2. What kind of concealer do you use?
  3. Have you tried anything else?
  4. Are you planning on trying something new?

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  1. I’ve always had a small spattering of freckles, but I did notice some hyperpigmentation in the past year or two,which is why I upped my daily moisturizer with SPF 15 to SPF 30. I’ve tried various products to lighten the pigmentation and nothing has worked. There’s a spot near my chin from a bad zit that darkened, and like 2 spots on my cheek. I’ve tried using the Boots concealer and it works pretty well. Most of the time though, I don’t bother to conceal them.

  2. 1. Redness. My skin is sensitive, and breaks out easily if I mistreat it. Even if I’m careful it tends to get irritated and well, red.

    2. A basic cream concealer with a slight green tint to properly get at the red areas.

    3. I have. I’ve been recommended several concealers from different makeup stores, but I’ve never really been very happy with them.

    4. Not really… my current concealer is running low, so maybe in the near future I’ll start looking around for something new. If I find nothing really tempting I’ll just go with the usual. xD

  3. So far the only concealer I have is for my undereyes.
    Mac Select Moisturecover in NW20 and then I plop on some AL coquille Nectarine powder to lighten my eyes up some more. I want to find a good all over concealer to hide the redness from my fading zits, my foundation doesn’t hide it good enough and the Moisturecover doesn’t match 100% so I notice it.

  4. I have terrible undereye circles and have since I was a kid. My mom always said they were because of my allergies, but I don’t know. I also have a few dark spots on my face from old pimples that healed poorly.

    Right now I use Meow’s concealer (frisky chartreux). I’ve previously used Bare Minerals bisque concealer. Both work fine on the dark spots, but I have to really layer it on to do damage on my undereye circles.

    I think I probably need to explore color corrective powders for the undereye but I’m really intimidated by trying that out. I guess I should suck it up and get a consult at Sephora or something.

  5. Dark circles and some redness on my cheeks. I got the Lumiere Sunflower loose powder for concealing my redness and It’s good for dullness too. But I haven’t tried it.
    For the Dark circles, I’m using the Lumiere 3D eye as concealer, I think It works well with me; It’s good as undereyes concealer.

  6. 1. Redness and old acne scars. Most of the redness is from meds, but I find the acne scars harder to conceal.

    2. I usually prefer yellow tinted concealers, mineral or cream. They work best with my skin tone and neutralize redness more naturally for me.

    3. I feel like I’ve tried way too many concealers. I found decent one recently that covers well and is pale enough, but it’s from Maybelline, and I really don’t want to use Maybelline 😦 I’ve tried Bobbi Brown, MAC, too many drugstore ones to count…

    4. I am really interested in trying the Hard Candy concealer as well as CoverFX or Dermablend to see if they deal with pitted acne scars a bit better.

  7. 1) My area of concern is mainly my dark circles. I have really dark ones, both genetics and lack of sleep.
    2) I use powder mineral concealer, by meow. Still, it doesn’t come close to concealing my dark circles. I am waiting for SoBe’s cream one to arrive to test it.
    3) I’ve tried a few cream concealers from drugstore brands from here, but they felt oily and yucky.
    4)Yup, SoBe’s concealer, I guess… ^^’

  8. 1. It’s a tie between to areas. I use concealer for my acne and the marks left behind once it has healed. Also, my undereye circles are another concern. The skin is pretty translucent so I have shades of purple I need to conceal.

    2. Right now I’m using Almay Bright Eyes concealer. It does a pretty good job of concealing the purple under my eyes, but it sinks into lines I didn’t know I had. Therefore, I’m looking for a new concealer as well as one for my acne. I have yet to find a cream concealer that is pale enough for my skin.

    3. I’ve tried a mineral makeup concealer that did a pretty good job of covering my acne. I’d add a bit of water to make it more like a paste and apply it. Now, I use it as a foundation since it matches my skin perfectly and does a better job of hiding redness and evening my skintone than my MM foundation.

    4. Yes. Definitely. I need to find something that covers the purple under my eyes without looking chalky or sinking and exaggerating any lines.

  9. 1. Icepick acne scars, deep pitted acne scarring, post-acne pigmentation and dark circles.

    2. I’ve liked using the Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector first to help smooth out my pores and scarring but there’s not much help I can really do for it. For my dark circles I love using Benefit’s Erase Paste and for pigmentation I use MAC Studio Sculpt in NC30

    3. I have tried a bunch of other different concealers but it’s still a hassle to try to conceal/blur

    4. I’m using the Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer to prevent my foundation from sinking into my skin and I really like it.

  10. 1. Under my eyes, and I often get marks around my chin. I scar very easily and have a terrible habit of poking at any whiteheads I get and making everything worse!
    2. It’s a cream, Bobbi Brown’s corrector.
    3. Yeah, loads, but they’re always too dark or thin or mess up the rest of my make-up. I can use the BB one over powder or foundation, or under, it blends easily, and it’s paler than my foundation, as a concealer should be.
    4. Nope! I already have my HG! I just wish it was cheaper, it’s £18ish which is a loooot!

  11. I have lentigo and vitiligo. My skin is quite pale now, but the mix of these two things can end up giving me a very mottled patchy complexion. So my main concern is trying to get an even natural look. I also need any ‘base’ products to be light weight, and not cause any skin issues, as I wear foundation every day.

    I actually don’t normally use concealer. I just find it more practical to use a cream-to-powder foundation which allows me to build coverage more easily where I need it and less where I don’t.

    I’ve tried a number of different concealers, but when it came down to it, I found it too finicky and time consuming for the issues I’m trying to conceal.

    I have been concealers again recently, as with the progression of my skin issues I’ve ended up developing some other issues which I think might be better covered by a nice cream concealer.

  12. 1. What is your major area of concern in regards to
    – Under eye circles, redness around my nose and pimples!!!

    2. What kind of concealer do you use? Right now I’m using Cover FX camouflage(for BIG yucky pimples), Tarte concealer pen (for wee pimples) and Dior Skinflash for the dark circles and nose redness (IT IS AMAZING!!!)
    3. Have you tried anything else?
    Yes, I’ve used MAC, Sephora, Cover Girl,Revlon,Rimmel,Hauschka, Desert Essence, etc..
    4. Are you planning on trying something new?
    I’m interested in trying the YSL Touche Eclat

  13. 1. My major area of concern is definitely my undereye circles. Combination of nasty allergies & genetics have me outnumbered. I’ve noticed the skin has gotten a bit crepy as I’ve been getting older.. I’m to the point where I’d rather hide them a little and not look cakey under my eyes. I also have either a really big freckle or a sunspot, that I swear has popped up in the last few years. I need to be more diligent about SPF, but I traditionally HATE the way SPF moisturizers feel on my face.

    2. If I wear liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, I’ll use MAC’s Select Sheer Cover-Up (I think that’s what it’s called). If not, it’s usually Everyday Minerals multi-tasking concealer. I’ve tried Bare Escentuals Summer Bisque, and I don’t feel like it does enough.

    3. Oh, I’ve tried lots of things over the years. Everyone always says use salmon for certain color circles, but honestly, I can’t tell if they’re purple-blue or green-blue. It’s not super obvious.

    4. I would love to. I’m definitely not 100% happy with what I’ve been using. I’m always looking forward to other people’s suggestions, or even techniques. Do you use a brush, your fingers, what kind of brush? Have you tried wetting powder concealer, etc.?

  14. I have some serious undereye circles going the last few years. They’re not too bad when I wear my glasses, as I do most days, but when I wear contacts, I feel like I have bruises under my eyes. I also still have some acne, despite the fact that I’m 26 (I just hope my oily skin means less wrinkles down the road). I’ve been using MAC concealer, the one in the pot. It’s decent, but it’s not my HG. It’s fairly heavy duty, which is nice, but sometimes it feels a little too heavy. It’s not ideal for everyday wear for me because it’s fairly thick.

    I plan on trying other products down the road, but I’d like to use up some of my current stash before I experiment.

  15. 1) my under eye circles, random zits and red splotches. I have pretty crazy allergies to very common things (dust, dander, feathers etc) sometimes when they act up I get a mild version of hives on my face and neck that causes red splotches that sometimes itch.
    2) right now I use Benefit Erase Paste under my eyes and set it with Aromaleighs Nectarine powder. Erase Paste is already peach tinted but the powder keeps in on without settleing. On blemishes and red spots I use Benefit Boi-ing and set with Aromaleigh yellow powder. So far I’m very pleased with the under eye method, but I think I could use a little more yellow toned concealer for my other issues
    3) I’ve used Dermablend and Almay. I found the Almay too thin, and Dermablend too thick, although if you need *serious* coverage, Dermablend is the stuff to use. It’s theater quality and bulletproof! A friend of mine with a port wine stain on her face used it for years and Dermablend covered so well most people didn’t know she had it!
    4) Phyrra has me sold on the Boots concealer. I think that may be my next once Benefit Boi-ing runs out

  16. 1. I have two, actually; I have bad acne scarring, because I seem to have issues with my skin healing and scars fading slowly, and I also have very dark raccoon eyes from having worn glasses for nearly 20 years.

    2. For the scarring, I usually flip back and forth between a couple. Right now I’m using a liquid concealer by CoverGirl, because it doesn’t have petroleum in it. The best one I’ve found for my undereye is Meow’s undereye concealer; you can vary the coverage a little bit, and it doesn’t look caked on around my eyes, nor does it settle into my creases and wrinkles (which has happened with pretty much everything else I’ve tried).

    3. MAC concealers are useless on me, and I generally have problems with MMU concealers as well. When I get tired of liquid concealer, I usually try a stick; I found a Physician’s Formula one that works OK. There was a mark cream concealer that I actually liked, but they discontinued it.

    I’ve also tried to lighten my undereye circles with treatments, which turned out to be a waste of time and money.

    4. At the moment no, because I haven’t heard of anything that sounds like it will work for me.

  17. I get some major dark circles. Unfortunately, at age 37, I naturally am also developing lines around my eyes, and my biggest problem is trying to find a concealer that works with my skin tone AND doesn’t creep into the lines too noticeably. The best one I’ve found is Make Up For Ever’s Lift Concealer. It’s a liquid/cream which gives good coverage, and while it does creep a little, it’s not too noticeable and can be thwarted with really vigilant blending.

  18. 1. Main concerns: dark undereye circles and some redness in my cheeks and chin.
    2. I use Meow’s undereye concealer on all areas – I often use my foundation brush to brush a light coat of concealer on the red areas before applying foundation over it. That way I only get heavier coverage right where I need it. It seems to last longer that way, too.
    3. I also have some Avon concealer in a thin lipstick-like tube that does an okay job under my eyes and around my nose when I have sniffles, but it gets very shiny and I have to touch up with powder during the day (which I dislike doing), so I don’t use it very often. Since it’s a fairly wet-feeling cream, it doesn’t seem to stick well on my oily skin, even with primer and setting powder.
    4. If I could find something that did a better job on my undereye circles, that would be one my all-time Holy Grail finds. Alas, nothing that works well….yet…

  19. 1.What is your major area of concern in regards to concealment? My cheeks. I have old acne scars and a touch of hyperpigmentation. The hyperpigmentation is light though.
    2.What kind of concealer do you use? I use a full coverage foundation as my skin is dry. I use La Prairie Caviar Foundation and Concealer, but I just use the concealer under my eyes to hide the dark circles. The foundation covers pretty well.
    3.Have you tried anything else? Yes, I’ve tried all kinds of concealers. Some work better than others. It is tricky to get a concealer that doesn’t look mask-like and cakey.
    4.Are you planning on trying something new? I’m actually pretty happy with my makeup right now. The foundation is not for oily ladies at all. It really doesn’t dry down on my skin and set for a long time, so I can’t use powders over the top. I have to use cream blush, which is fine.

  20. 1. I have some acne scars on my cheeks. I’ve been treating them with a dermatologist and they’ve been getting better, but are stil visible enough to bother me.

    2. Right now I’m using Meow’s mineral concealer.

    3. I’ve tried cream concealers but I never seem to find a match for my skin. The one I’m suing right now is not perfect, but at least matches my foundation.

    4. If I ever find a match, yes.

    Hey, just a heads up, I started blogging again on psychopixie and would be really happy if you stopped by.

    Have you tried anything else?
    Are you planning on trying something new?

  21. *waves* Hi Grey!! I’m finally settling in (in So. CA) and have time to catch up on everything. I miss being active in blog world!

    Anyways, I really like Ben Nye’s concealers. 1, they’re super cheap. $7-$9 for a really good size. I’ve picked up the tattoo wheel, blue neutralizer, and some special orange highlight for darker skin. They all work beautifully!!!

  22. Oh, I kinda didn’t answer the rest of this, huh? lol. Well I think the Ben Nye concealers just may be my HG item. I’ve tried various MAC concealers, as well as the NARS concealer, and no DS ones worth mentioning. My main concern is old scarring from acne, and undereye circles. I’ve found though that the tattoo wheel concealer was AWESOME for hiding red spots on fairer skinned women.

  23. 1. Undereyes, it’s a losing battle though, it runs in my family to not have fat on a part of your cheekbones which means I have a less pronounced “apple” and it makes the light hit my face in a way that casts MORE shadow there. Thank you genetics.
    2. Physician’s Formula Rx concealer which conceals great, but I wish had better color options..
    3. I’ve tried, but never go the hang of the different colored concealers. Too afraid I guess. But basic concealer I’ve used a few brands with bad results. Staying power people, concealing for 3 hours doesn’t help me all day.
    4. When this one runs out, I want to find something that matches my skintone a bit better. This one isn’t bad, but it’s a bit yellower than I am, I’m a pretty solid peachy white color.

  24. Redness around my nose and temples. I get pretty bad eye bags occasionally too. I used to use a Sally Hansen color wheel, but I hated how thick it felt by the time I had successfully covered all my problem areas. Now I use a couple of MUFE concealers in two slightly differing tones. One better matches my skin in the spring and summer (I tan really easily, but also burn easily too), the other matches me the other 7 months of the year. I also use Benefit’s Eye Bright pencil under my eyes. Sometimes I forget and I look like death warmed over. I also always have bangs because my forehead tends to get darker than the rest of my face.

  25. I always cover my undereye circles and some redness around the nose (whereever that is coming from). I have nothing major to cover, though.
    I usually use mineral concealer with kaolin clay as it sticks really well to my skin without making it look dry. This stuff also works as a matte primer for my eyeshadows btw!
    I have never tried anything else since the mineral concealer (small German company – Chrimaluxe) has always done a great job for me.

  26. I don’t use concealer everyday…. I use Nude by nature mineral foundation and that usually covers any excess redness and some of my dark under eye……. darkness?

    But when I do want extra cover I use Inglot correctors rather than concealers, I use the AMC Corrective Illuminator for my dark under eye areas, which aren’t puffy bags, but more like slightly sunken holes… and the Inglot cream concealer in the green colour (36) for the redness on my cheeks (which is always there) and also over red pimples…

    If I want a lot of coverage, I use the clinique line smoothing concealer, which I bought for my under eye area, but use it for (and works for) everything…

    I’d be interested in seeing what you decide on or try though, though my products work amazingly, I’m not adverse to trying something else, you never know if it will work better or not… I can’t recommend both of the inglot products enough though, they’re truely amazing, to the point that it completley changes the shape of my eye just by taking the emphasis off the dark areas…

    • Oh, I wanted to add, (I thought about this last night) I’ve used a lot of concealers that are available in brick and mortar stores, because since I’ve become interested in indie makeup I’ve also become more accepting of my skin how it is, not worried about covering every freckle or spot like I used to….

      Also, the green tinged concealer/corrector from Inglot works amazingly, you only need a small amount, and it doesn’t turn you green, it actually neutralises the red like it’s meant to and like many other products can’t.

  27. I have a port wine stain birthmark so I have plenty of concealing to do. I’m currently using Physician’s Formula ConcealRX. It says “maximum coverage” but…either I am not applying enough light layers or they are liars. It is one of the better ones I have tried though – not cakey for me. I’m always up for trying something new but I have tried just about everything. Stupid freaking genetics.

  28. 1. Darkness under my eyes (I wouldn’t call them circles, it’s like a whole area with a different shape depending on the day) and redness on and around my nose and the rest of my face that appear due to the sensitivity of my skin combined with the horrible weather conditions here.
    2. I use liquid concealer, I find that’s what works better for me. I’ve been using the Biotherm Forget It liquid concealer during 2 years (and there’s still a bit on the tube!) and it works great for me because you only need a tiny bit and you can layer it until you cover everything you need. I’ve also been using Clinique’s Airbrush concealer for a couple of months (was given to me for free last time I bought my foundation) and will purchase it once I run out. It works great under my eyes since it does reflect light a bit and does a nice work covering spots. I prefer Biotherm’s for the rest of the face and for my redness though.
    3. I bought a pen concealer by Biotherm that I loved, it was the perfect match for my skin and the texture is wonderful, but the Forget it one is the same price and has lasted me two years while the pen only lasted 2 months. Bourjois used to carry a very similar one they discontinued (as they do with everything I like ¬¬) and I’ve also tried some drugstore brand’s which I didn’t like at all.
    4. I’d love to try Laura Mercier’s cream duos, but I can only get those online without trying the color before so it’s a big No right now.

  29. 1. Blemishes and dark spots

    2. I switch up and back between Amazing Concealer and Boi-ing

    3. Not besides those two

    4. I would like to if I read a good recommendation or something like that.

  30. Jules Noctambule January 16, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    1. What is your major area of concern in regards to concealment?

    -The super-dark circles under my eyes that have had complete strangers asking me if I’m sick/need medical attention. They’re genetic, and while my mother’s darker skin makes them less obvious, on Casper the Friendly Ghost here, they’ve been present since I was a baby.

    2. What kind of concealer do you use?

    -Any kind that might work. None succeed completely.

    3. Have you tried anything else?

    -Almost everything that’s affordable and accessible (i.e, not La Prairie!).

    4. Are you planning on trying something new?

    -I’m not looking for anything at the moment, but if I read a review where someone with the same issue (and same skin tone) found a product that worked, I’d definitely be interested in checking it out.

  31. 1. The 2 things I try to conceal are my under eye circles, and my blemishes.

    2. I’ve been really using the colour wheel theory in trying to conceal these areas. Because they are very different colour wise (blue/purple under eye, and red blemishes) I can’t just use the same product for both. For the undereye I’ve just purchased Sobe’s undereye concealer and so far it’s going alright. I also use Silk Naturals foundation sample mix as an undereye concealer.
    For the blemishes I use a greenish tinged mineral make up, it neutralizes the redness and then I apply a bit of foundation and perfecting powder over top. Really helps.

    3. I’ve tried using yellowish types of concealers for both areas, and while Lise Watier undercover creme concealer was my HG, I switched to MM and decided to stop using it.

    4. I’ve ordered a sample of Silk naturals peach toned undereye cream concealer, so we’ll see how that goes. I want to try it because Sobe’s concealer is far more grey toned than I thought it would be (as per picture) so I would like to compare the two.

  32. 1. I have very dark undereye half moons, redness and broken veins on my cheeks close to my nose (from exposure to intense cold one night years ago; there is also a little roughness from that), and some dark spots forming now from age and from past sun exposure (So Cal childhood).
    2. Right now I’m using some of my regular foundation that I’ve allowed to dry out and thicken. Works better than anything I’ve tried so far.
    3. I’ve tried several. I’ve tried green tinted ones for the red spots and it didn’t work- it almost turned fluorescent.
    4. I suspect my future holds endless trials of concealer!

  33. 1. Mainly the red around my nose/corners of my mouth and under-eye circles.

    2. I wasn’t using anything for a long time. Right now I’m using Maybeline dream mousse concealer. It was on sale at CVS and it’s pretty amazing so far.

    3. I’ve used Benefits Erase Paste and wasn’t too crazy about it – it was way too thick. The only other concealer I’ve use was a Neutrogena one that came in a stick with a sponge-type applicator.

    4. I think I’ll be sticking with the dream mousse for awhile.. I really love it.

  34. 1. Hyperpigmentation from acne, current acne bumps, and light circles under my eyes. My skin has a tendency to get beauty marks rather than freckles, but I love them and refuse to cover them up at all.

    2. Mineral concealers with a lot of zinc oxide for current acne. For the rest, I rely on my foundation.

    3. Yup–I’ve also tried Hard Candy’s concealer, and it is REALLY good. I just can’t be bothered to dab and blend it every morning.

    4. At the moment, no. Personally I don’t believe in covering up all of my “flaws.”

  35. I used to use a lot of concealer for weird discoloration (from sun damage I think) around my nose and lips, but lately I’ve been wearing foundation instead. I still use concealer for spots and under my eyes.

    I haven’t liked any of the liquid concealers I’ve tried, but especially for around the eyes the best one I’ve found is actually a heavy foundation, Covergirl’s Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup, which they tout as a powder, liquid, and concealer in one. It’s a cream type consistency in a compact, and I haven’t noticed it settling into fine lines the way some others have.

  36. I am always worried about using concealers on spots because they almost ALWAYS break me out, worse than what I’m covering! Most of the time, I just use it for my under eye circles. My favorite so far is the Mary Kay facial highlighting pen. It adds just the right amount of brightness under the eye to compensate for the dark spots.

  37. I have similar faint sun spots from also being outside a lot as a child and dark circles (but I have a heart condition & meds so that is moot point for me) Currently, I use Time Balm tea tree concealer by The Balm ( and I have had nothing but a positive experience thus far. I recommend it for spots.

  38. Under-eye circles and acne scars. Unfortunately, I have yet to find something that completely covers up my dark circles so that I cannot see them. Apparently, no one sees them except me.

    I use Estee Lauder double wear concealer most of the time. I like it best. Sometimes I use my POP stick concealer (for reason other than I feel like it), but I often end up using the double wear on top of it, particularly over my black vein from when I got hit with a soccer ball in 8th grade.

    I have tried A LOT of concealers. I used to use Dermablend, and I’ve tried Laura Geller’s Real Deal Concealer. I also used to use several different drugstore brands. I do like using YSL touche eclat over concealer to brighten a bit.

    I am really curious as to how well Benefit’s stay don’t stray concealer primer works. Part of my problem is that the concealer breaks down and disappears throughout the day. I wonder if the primer will help any, or if it’s just another way of separating me from my money. I have yet to shell out the plus twenty bucks for it.

  39. I have dark circles of doom! They’d be prominent even if I had a darker skin tone, but I’m super-pale, so they *really* show up. I usually look like I haven’t slept in days – and when I actually haven’t slept in days, I look like I’ve been punched in the face…

    The two concealers I’ve found that I love are TheBalm’s Time Balm concealer, and MAC Pro Longwear concealer. Both of them have a nice texture, blend well, and last for ages once you set them with a touch of powder. And they’re both pretty reasonably priced – Time Balm, especially! You get a ton of product in that little pot.

    • Oh, yeah – I also conceal redness around my nose, and occasional zits. Both the aforementioned concealers are great for all my concealing needs, though I think I generally like Time Balm better. Its creamier texture tends to look more natural.

  40. 1. Old acne scars.
    2. Alverde cream concealer (good, not great)
    3. Mostly all natural cream concealers (Silk Naturals, The All Natural Face, Lavera) which I like but don’t love and a few drugstore concealers which I hated.
    4. Darling Girl cream concealer (after I use up the 4 concealers I have now) and if I don’t love this one, I’ll try some high end brand.

  41. I have the dark circle curse. Massive dark circles under my eyes, dragging down my face and totally dulling my eyes.
    I use The Make Up Store mix it up concealer to cover them and MAC studio Fix powder to set the concealer. It makes such a difference!

  42. 1. DARK CIRCLES!
    2. I switch around a lot. Now I am using Neutrogena 3 in 1 concealer it has eye cream, spf, and concealer (I guess?). It seems to be working pretty well.
    3. I also switched between Bobby Brown’s concealer in the little pot, Maybelline SuperStay, and Meow under eye concealers.
    4. I would love to try theBalm concealer but I think it might be like the Neutrogena since it has eye cream in it. I have also heard great things about Amazing Cosmetics concealer.

  43. 1. I try to hide my pimples…
    2. i don’t use makeup on bad areas.

  44. 1. I work with a bunch of guys on machinery so most days I just wash my face and apply a moisturizer but on the nights I go out. I focus on evening out the natural red in my otherwise Really fair skin.

    2. I use Physician’s Formula Concealer ,foundation and powder. I love them..except I throw away the stupid brush they come with.