Window Shopping


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  2. The bat necklace is gorgeous.

  3. i wish i was able to pull off that bat necklace!! 🙂 its gorge!

  4. I love the arm warmers, that whole shop is just eye candy and dangerous to my bank account

  5. Oh! This is the most beautiful one yet. You have such an incredible eye for style, Grey. I’m totally clueless with stuff like that; I just wear jeans and long socks and big nerdy t-shirts.

  6. Also, I’m very excited because I finally ordered from Latherati a little bit ago, based on your review from ages ago.

    I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaait to try them! They seem to have so many lovely fresh notes.

  7. Oh man…I’ve been drooling over FableandFury’s necklaces for a while now. I LOVE the Tooth pendants and the mutant two headed deer.

  8. I LOVE that bat! So gorgeous!

  9. I hinted at (ok, demanded) a Fable and Fury necklace for Valentine’s. They’re jewelry is inexpensive to start with, but they also have good Facebook sales. That’s one of the only reasons I even have a Facebook anymore. My only problem with them is that I can never choose if I want my pieces in red, black, or silver. If I had it my way I’d have every design in every color!

  10. oooh, darkness surrounding.

  11. Bought some thick black print tights yesterday. .thought of you!

  12. BAT!!!! ^^..^^

  13. That necklace is incredible. So are all of the other necklaces from that shop! Very elegantly goth.

  14. Wow, there’s a lot of gorgeous stuff at Fable and Fury, I’m saving the shop because I want to purchase some of them 🙂 Most are too big/gothy for my style, but still they’re lovely.

    I feel honored to have my Volta featured ^___^

  15. Wow, I’m in love with the bat necklace!