Etude House

As if conceived out of a fairy tale, Etude House resembled a princess’s private room; a romantic interior full of ornate trinkets imagined and inspired by her dreams. Everything about this space, including the cosmetics, embodies the beauty and youth described in a romantic fairy tale.

Etude House is ridiculously adorable.  It’s a Korean brand that is very popular all over Asia with boutique style shops in several major cities.  It was founded in 1995 as a specialty cosmetics brand and it’s focus is on four main concepts:

  • High Quality
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Simple Design
  • Wide Variety of Colors

They say they are a ‘sweet brand’ with a commitment to the desires and dreams of every young woman to be beautiful. During this review I’ll warn you, I can neither tell you the price of items or in many cases the ingredients in products (because I fail at reading Korean).

Moistfull Essence-In Primer

This primer comes in a 100ml spray bottle that resembles a perfume spritzer or something similar. It’s a blend of and emollient and a base (like oil and water) that you have to mix (shake) before you spray it on.

I’m not exactly sure what my expectations were for this.  When I read primer for some reason I expected something that would have a touch of silicone or something along that nature in it.  This is really more of a setting spray, however the directions do say to spray it on your face before your foundation.  It’s HEAVILY perfumed and the scent lingers and lingers and lingers.

While I honestly don’t think it does much for my makeup applying it under my foundation, it works really well as a setting spray on top, sort of like Fix+.  After I powder I shake this up and mist it on and it removes the little bit of ‘powdery’ look that’s left making my makeup look much more natural.

Kissful Tint Choue in 55 Red

This cute little tube of tint sort of disappointed me.  Instead of a doe foot or slanted applicator, the top of the tube is just… nothing really.  You have to squeeze the product out onto your finger to apply or the back of your hand if you use a brush.

Aside from that, I LOVE this.  It’s like a red ‘jelly’ that smooths on my lips leaving them perfectly red in a hard to describe naturally sheer way that’s still FULL of color.  It lasts a little while (although nothing groundbreakingly long) and has a nice flavor to it as well that is not overwhelming.  It’s really nice to wear on it’s own, I’ve found that it doesn’t seem to layer well, the color is so nice on it’s own.

Petite Darling Nails Matte in Beige

This polish comes in a really cute little frosted bottle.  The lid is the color of the polish, which I think is pretty nifty, although I’m not sure if that’s just a coincidence.  You get very little polish in comparison to a standard US sized bottle of polish (7g compared to 14g).

I love this nail polish and I am going to covet it and baby it forever.  It’s a matte, yes, but it’s not one of those dull mattes.  It’s more like the texture of your natural nail, rather then anything ‘polished’ or shiny.  Combined with the beige shade I picked it makes my hands look oddly long and elegant.

It’s not like the polishes I’m used to.  While it applies opaque it’s not thick and doesn’t seem to want to chip, rather then just ‘wear’ off.  Two coats is all I need for good coverage that lasts about five days before I need to retouch the tips.

Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in 01 Dark Brown

This pencil comes in a nifty little tube that twists up the product on one end and on the other is a mascara wand spoolie dealie.  The product inside the pencil itself is triangular, which honestly I think is pretty dang nifty.

It’s a nice neutral shade of brown, not too cool and not too warm.  It leaves a very thin line if you use the edge of the pencil and lightly fills in my brows well.  It’s much more subtle then I’m used to, I usually do my brows black or dark navy.  All in all I really like this pencil for every day and plan on adding it to my makeup bag.

Once I applied it it lasted most of the day without fading or melting away, which is a problem some pencils I have have had, which is why in general I like to set my brows with powder.

Missing You Lip Balm in Pink Dolphin

Ok, I only got this because it was the cutest thing.  The tin is pink and has the cutest little face on it, which doesn’t really look like a dolphin, but still, it adorable.  The tin actually closes, in fact it’s a little tricky to open but I like that it’s not just going to randomly open on me in my bag.

It’s cherry flavored, as you could probably guess, however it’s not a sweet cherry like I’m used to.  It’s not the longest wearing or most moisturizing balm.  I guess I’m glad that the ton was as cute as it was, otherwise this would be completely unremarkable.

Eye Secret Eye Shadow in Mysterious Pink

The shadow comes in a little plastic palate that snaps shut neatly, although it feels a little cheap.  The shadow itself is embossed with a 3D diamond pattern that enhances the sparkles in the shadow, making them catch the light.

This shade is a soft pink with a pearl finish and is sadly pretty generic and actually doesn’t appear to HAVE glitter in it.  It’s really soft, although not chalky, and feels creamy.  It’s opaque and wears alright over a base, otherwise it fades and creases mercilessly.

While I had been curious to try out Etude House, I think the curiosity has been abated.  While the products I tried were nice, they certainly didn’t bowl me over.  I would compare the quality someplace in the drugstore brand range (think WnW/Cover Girl/Revlon) although I’m sure somethings are hit and miss.

Have you tried Etude House?  What did you think?


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  1. I remember seeing Etude House back in Singapore – in fact, I think I was there when the store first opened. The store was swamped with shoppers while girls in cute store uniforms were handing out flyers outside. I took a look around a couple weeks later when it wasn’t as crowded, but wasn’t really drawn to any of the products. I loved the decor and presentation though – very pink and cute.

  2. Were you able to buy this at a Korean store in your area or did you get it online? I’ll be in the LA area at the end of the week and might hunt for Asian cosmetics while I’m there!

  3. Oh neat! The only other triangular shaped eyebrow pencil I’ve seen has been from Laura Mercier. I’ve seen the brand mentioned on Izzy’s blog (Musings of a Muse) but never tried it.

  4. Those are all very adorable. Thanks for sharing!I’d never have heard of them if you hadn’t of posted.


  5. The tint sounds interesting! ^^ I’ve never seen this brand before!

  6. Very cute products! The polish bottle is adorable! Thanks for the review!

  7. I wasn’t really impressed by the cosmetics, and a lot of the skincare items were heavily scented, which I hate and avoid.

    • I was all over it when their store opened here (in Manila), but after satisfying my curiosity, I haven’t come back. My fave item is their Dark Circle Eye Patch- I find it quite soothing. 🙂

  8. We have that in canada in that asian mall I forgot the name of. I didnt try it out, but maybe I should go back take a look at the ingridients since their english website is very unhelpfull that way. I am interested in that nail polish though.

    Here’s a website with vegan products that I heard has good reviews, you might like as well –

  9. It is quite cute, but kind of reminds me of like lipsmackers and what not. D: like, if i was a bit younger i would DIE for this kinda cute things.

  10. I’ve purchased a few things from the Etude House website (and locally in Toronto) and so far have been very pleased with the quality of the items (nail varnishes, lipsticks and blushes) what I don’t care for is the fact that the website only offers very small photographs of the items, so it’s hard to figure out the colours and textures sometimes.

  11. Yay, I was hoping you’d review them! I’m intrigued by the tint but the lack of an easy applicator bothers me.

  12. Hi Grey, I live in Malaysia and Etude House is easily found here at very affordable prices. I have Kissful Tint Chou too and it retails for around USD6-7 (depending on the fluctuating exchange rate). Just a quick tip, you’re supposed to spread the lip tint with the slanted edge of the applicator’s nozzle . It’s been made a little longer with this purpose in mind. I was skeptical at first, but it works!

  13. I voted for this to be reviewed in your other post. I have never tried them before but I would love to try some of their polishes. Everything does seem sooo cute!!
    Thanks for the review!

  14. the packaging on that lip balm is indeed super cute. Wish the products were a bit more exciting though. thanks for the review.

  15. I like the review. I never heard of the Etude House (which is weird because I love Korea haha), but googling it & ending up on the USA shopping page, it really does seem they’re more focused on the cuteness and the aesthetics of the products rather than the ingredients and such.

    (And the pages are a bit off for me anyway haha)
    But that lip balm case totally is adorable 🙂

  16. Yeah, the makeup products seem pretty basic and the kind I would go to the drugstore for. However, some of their skincare products are interesting and I’m curious to try a couple of them out. I like that they have a decently priced bottle cleansing oil.

  17. I’ve been hearing about this company and wondered what you might think of them. Thanks for your review!

  18. I was curious about this brand and I’m glad you posted this, because I can use my money on something else.
    I wanted to let you know that I got my giveaway package yesterday- thank you so much! I’m excited to put them on. I thought the fact that they came with a nail file was a nice touch.

  19. Have you tried any of Etude House’s BB creams? I’ve heard good reviews about the Magic ones so I was kind of interested if you knew of them.
    The lip balm pot is very cute! I can see why people would buy it even it was not a great balm.

  20. Never tried Etude House, but the products do seem to be very, very cute. And I love their packaging!

  21. nice reviews. i read somewhere that some Etude products use natural or organic ingredients, like the cute lip balm, not sure about the other products.

  22. I just wanted to know where you bought your products since you said you bought them locally too in Toronto and I live in Toronto and I wanna buy some too. 🙂